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4th Hunger games Bloodbath

Dec 7, 2018 by aria_grande

District 1
Female Milan Wreath 13 nicolef (5) -
Male Sterling Palace 16 wyatt2001 (5) -

District 2
Female Victoria Ynx 16 foxy_piplup (8) -
Male Brighton Pearce 18 macda27 (7) -

District 3
Female Cassidy Bishop 17 pikaplayer (4) -
Male Vulcan Bunder 18 novamax243 (6)

District 4
Female Brooke Hudson 16 avstractiv (9) -
Male Caspian Cascade 17 stunzer (8) -

District 5
Female Claudia Pollux 16 slipperynoodle (6)
Male Quinton spark 14 naegi_makoto (3) -

District 6
Female: Merecedes Anderson 18 latisha0987 (5) -
Male Jackson hearse 14 c00ldude1000 (3)

District 7
Female Juniper Spruce 17 jameslu (7) -
Male Bradack Lindell 13 tester (2)

District 8
Female Angora Polka 18 shadowman (7)
Male Rouche Wheel 16 tommyd (6)

District 9
Female Magnolia Barric 13 aria_grande (4)
Male Bretid Omri 12 atom1cevan (4)

District 10
female Sierra Timmons 18 purplebb4 (6)
Male Marshall Falc 14 etitanic12 (3) -

District 11
Female Robyn Fowl 12 brainjak (6) -
Male Saigon Fowl 17 kuririn (6)

District 12
Female Raven Flint 18 fireblade (8) -
Male Axel Pick 14  tcold312 (3) -


The tributes rise up into the arena to see a wonderful arena full of waterfalls and singing birds. The tributes look in amazement seeing the waterfalls glisten in the sunlight as they all flow into a small river across the middle of the arena leaving the cornucopia on a small island in the middle with a large bounty of supplies.


The district 4 tributes and Raven reach the cornucopia first with Raven getting her hands on a bow with some arrows she also gathers some nuts and a katana. Raven looks around with her Katana raised, looking for her first victim. She watches as a small Marshall tries to swim to the cornucopia but is cut off due to the current she rushes to him and swings her katana at the boy slashing into his face letting him float and bleed to death.


Robyn reaches the cornucopia taking an axe and a canteen on water and a carving knife then rushes off with Raven. The two start to swim away but knocks into Axel, Raven's district partner but decides to leave him.
"Come on lets go". Robyn catches Raven and they start to swim away and run into the dense jungle that hides the waterfalls.

The district 4 tributes both have backpacks and starts to search through them with Brooke getting her favourite weapon a trident and Caspian gets a two bladed spear. Caspian and Brooke circle the cornucopia stumbling into Mercedes who is unarmed to eye.

Caspian launches himself onto her handling his spear while pinning her down. He tries to stab her several times but is unable to meet the blade with skin. Then Mercedes punches Caspian but he is much too quick jumping back and slamming his spear into her chest. She screams in pain then frantically throws her knives catching Cassidy straight into her chest as Caspian sends the spear into her face


The district 2 tributes join the district 4's and goes to swim away but unknowing to the rest Brighton is caught off guard with quinton's knife straight into his back. Brighton squeals in pain as he ushers off the others in his alliance.


Milan, Sterling and Axel start to gather with their weapons and start to swim away from the rest of the tributes who are fighting.

Quinton carries on gathering some more knives but as he gets his hands on another knife a tributes dive on him and sends a knife into his back and repeatedly sending it his back. The tributes turns to reveal Juniper who sends a knife into the back of Quinton's skull then runs with only a selection of knives.


The rest of the tributes flee from the bloodbath with the varying degree of supplies they have.


The anthem goes:

District 2 Male

District 3 Female

District 5 Male

District 6 Female

District 10 Male

Sorry only a section of tributes was featured



Sent by BrainJak,Dec 7, 2018
Yay I didn't die first :D
Sent by Tester,Dec 7, 2018
Hell yeah Victoria is still alive >:3
Sent by Foxy_Piplup,Dec 7, 2018
Haha i just fucking destroyed Marshall
Sent by Fireblade,Dec 7, 2018
Well, let's see how Vulcan does here, interested to see how well he does solo.
Sent by Novamax243,Dec 7, 2018
Sent by SlipperyNoodle,Dec 7, 2018
i survived, but didnt show up, are the other girl from my district my sister or something like that?
Sent by Kuririn,Dec 7, 2018
I survived blood bath (:
Sent by Wyatt2001,Dec 7, 2018
Died in BB again?! Jesus, I'm having it rough
Sent by pikaplayer,Dec 7, 2018
oh yes Brooke is slaying
Sent by Avstractiv,Dec 8, 2018

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