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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Brian or Jayson

I joined this site on May 23rd of 2016 :P


Ben (mudndawilderness) - I know you may have been mad at me a number of times throughout the time on the site, but hopefully I didn't make your life hell haha. I think you're a great friend and someone I like talking to, and I felt bad during WANJ's but that's besides the point. I really admire your spirit and energy towards just about anything, and you're not afraid to call a bitch out when you have to. I just hope you know that I appreciate you as a friend :)

RedFabFoxy - - Tbh we've had our ups and down, and even if sometimes you may say some things that I don't necessarily agree with, you're actually someone with a good heart and definitely someone I've had history with LOL. I deff have much appreciation for you

WANJ - Brian you are good casting. Always active/good player/not boring to watch

Anonymous - Brian is definitely one of the people I think are cool on tengaged. I've been in his Hunger Games group game before, and it's also funny how easily he can get annoyed xD Not much else to say about him really. He is an icon though

Alanb1 - UR A RLY NICE GUY UR VERY UNDERRATED AND SOMETIMES ABUSED ON THIS SITE WHICH MAKES ME SAD. u were lovely to talk to on call those few times for that group game and thanks for being such a weird person it’s pretty refreshing xo stay fresh boo boo

Purplebb4 - Least consistent person I have ever met. Very irrational sometimes. A penchant for making enemies. But the pros: Good Humor/Great Imagination/Talented Writer/Good Opinions and Judgement/Iconic Interactivity/Inclusive/Generous and Forgiving/Keeps it real/Has good grammar

PoohSnap - Jayson's a strategic mastermind and competitor, and he knows it. He doesn't always dial this down, and it makes some target him relentlessly, while others follow under his guidance. Like Wes, he has hilarious, savage confessionals, and he also has burning rivalries, and is known for his ability to persuade others.

My Games 397 games played

20 May, 21
17 May, 21
16 Feb, 21
13 Feb, 21
13 Feb, 21
14 Jun, 20
1 Apr, 19

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