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  36. Just so bitches know where they stand:
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  39. Aww you think I should be more positive?
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Happy Fallvote Sep 22, 2018
It may be 90 fucking degrees but it's Fall dammit!!! I'm wearing my mother fucking jacket outside and nobody can stop me!!!
Points: 26 1 comments
Birew34 - "Ew She's Back"vote Sep 22, 2018
What鈥檚 wrong with being black?
Sent by Burgerman2929292,Sep 22, 2018
Points: 55 2 comments
OH MY GODvote Sep 22, 2018
IT IS B-R-A-I-N BRAIN JAK NOT BRIAN JAK LMAOOOOOOOOOO HOW LONG MUST I SUFFER THIS!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I am called BRIAN but that's just because nobody read BRAIN right yet people STILL go to tag me and say @BrianJak LIKE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH WHY
Points: 18 2 comments
Bored with Survivor and BB Group Games?vote Sep 22, 2018

============== FLASH TO THE SEVENTH GAMES ==============

*Aaron tries to approach Amie, intent on cutting off her arms first, however the girl is still agile enough to dodge his strike, grabbing his wrists and throwing him over onto the ground, his sword now next to her and not within safe reach*

*sighing, Aaron walks over to the bush, pulling out a can of gasoline, unscrewing the cap, and tossing it all over her, the liquid falling down her body and coating the ground beneath her*

*seeing what is coming, Amie goes to her last resort...... she begins sawing her own foot off*

*Aaron walks back over to the hedge, pulling out a flamethrower, walking back towards her*

*she screams, crying, cutting the flesh and tendons, her blood spurting out onto the wet ground as Aaron hits the trigger and the flamethrower burns to life, fire shooting out and immediately covering Amie, the ground around her, the bushes, everything*

*she screams, writhing on the ground as the trap melts off of her leg, slowly and painfully dying*

*the cannon sounds after a few minutes, and her body lies still, gazing up into the sky*


You could be doing this instead. Join the Hunger Games and go down in HISTORY!
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LOLvote Sep 22, 2018
@ The black level negging me: When I see that 1 still standing there it makes me feel like I'm better than you XD In one way anyway. (Also: Getting someone else to neg it will in no way erase the smile from my face)
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Please be thinking about me Sep 21, 2018
My family is hurt, and I'm trying to help them but nothing I say or do comforts them. I try to act like it doesn't bother me, like the situation just makes me mad, but I can't lie to myself.

Every night, I have nightmares about my family. Every. Night. It's horrible and sad, I feel like I'm falling apart when I wake up, and fight the urge to go back to sleep. I'm scared to close my damn eyes.

I finally spoke with a friend about what's going on, and I nearly broke down right there in full view of other people. I had to fight back tears just because I was talking about it.

I can't keep doing this. Im driving myself crazy but I don't know what to do. Please be thinking of me this week, in prayers or whatever suits you.
Points: 61 4 comments