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Hello, my name is King of 7th Place

Joined September 1st, 2015

I'm a very friendly person, just say hi! I'm willing to talk and make friends with just about anybody. If you add me, just tell me and I'll add you back!

I hate making enemies on this site, and I have very few of them. If I make someone mad in a game don't take it personal, we can be friends afterwards! I'm a forgive and forget type person, so just talk to me and we can deal with it from then on :)

Currently taking a break from group games, so don't bother spamming me unless I already played in your series and am returning.

I host survivor group games:
Borneo: virgie88
Babylon: ThePug
France: ZforZombie
Greece: cole225
Pearl Islands: Robinhood99
All Stars: rabbaj
Blood vs Water: Emotion
Cagayan: wheels26
Cambodia: CoachWade
Germany: Lemjam6
Morocco: BluJay112
Tasmania: BrainJak
Arctic Circle: IceBeast
Season 14: TBD

Group Games played in (w/ winners):
-Cmack's Survivor Blood vs Water: 11th/22 (Lemjam6)
-Will's Survivor South Atlantic: 12th/17 (Mearl)
-Cmack's 50th: Last Man Standing: 41st/50 (manalord)
-Aaron's Survivor Madagascar: 14th/20 (Jaybirdnifty)
-A&M's Survivor Anarchy Island: 7th/17 (mistiksaint)
-Bennett's Survivor Khao Sok: 13th/18 (lionsden121)
-Ninja's Survivor Nicaragua: WINNER (Perfect game!!!) Against MichaelM099 and mistiksaint
-Cmack's Survivor Indonesia: Missed Opportunities: 7th/24 (jamessmith5)
-Blatastic's Big Brother: Host vs Host: 3rd/16 (NoBow)
-Cmack's Big Brother 7: 9th/13 (mistiksaint)
-Zombieflick's Survivor: Bay of Islands: 7th/16 (alanb1)
-K&G's Survivor Bali: Blood Trust: 8th/18 (KimGIb)
-K&G's Survivor England: Kingdom Royale All Stars: 4th/22 (Hufus)
-Cmack's Survivor Panama: 8th/18 (Craeola)
-Blatastic's Big Brother: Heroes vs Villains: WINNER (5-2) against JarBearFTW
-Cmack's Survivor: Last Chances: 23rd/40 (bradyspaulding16)
-Zombie's Survivor: Jamaica: 7th/17 (Logan_Smith)
-Zach's Survivor: Japan: WINNER (3-3, 4-2 revote) against terose
-NJ's Survivor: Greece: 10th/18 (ZforZombie)
-M&N's Survivor: Saipan: 2nd/18 (4-2-1 against GiGi10 and Oysterman11)
-WANJ Survivor: Guyana: 15th/18 (dawson905)
-NJ's Survivor: Eleventh Hour: 9th/24 (Iceey)
-WANJ Survivor: All Stars: 8th/20 (lionsden121)
-Zach's Survivor: Icons: 7th/13 (ZforZombie)
-Zombie’s Survivor: Zombie Island : WINNER (7-6-3) against Joshbb17 and Path
-L&J’s Survivor: Grenada: 17th/18 (Was competing against ZforZombie to see who would get voted out first, I won but self-voted so kinda cheated?)
-M&N's Survivor: Greece: Second Chances: 5th/24 (cole225)

Total Games Played: 28
Average Placement: 7th (Excluding seasons with a large cast or didn’t care)
Most Common Placement: 7th
Total Wins: 4
Total Jury Votes Received: 27
Jury Success Rate: 4/5
Idols Received: 8
Idols Played Correctly: 3
Times Idoled Out: 5

My Games 210 games played

28 Mar, 18
19 Mar, 18
17 Mar, 18
27 Feb, 18
23 Feb, 18
17 Feb, 18
29 Jan, 18

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