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Ninja's Survivor: Nicaragua

Welcome to Ninja's Survivor: Nicaragua! 20 castaways have gathered here to battle it out in order to win the title of sole survivor! Who can outwit, outplay and outlast the others in this grueling fight?

----------Finishing order----------
20th - moondancer63 (9*-1)
19th - disneygeek (quit)
18th - ricorivera (6*-1*-1)
17th - Mattarous (4*-2-1*)
16th - AdamRuinsEverything (4-2-1*-1)
15th - JPTM1994 (6*-2*)
14th - Spicoli (7*-0)
13th - SurvivorFreak13 (4-2)
12th - Coyle14 (8-4*)
11th - JTthePrince (12**-0)
10th - 2388 (5*-0)
9th - Gaiaphagee (3*-2)
8th - islandsurvivor (6-1-1)
7th - Clarkkent6969 (4-2*-1)
6th - Bulldozer24 (5-1)
5th - TheSexiestDude990 (3-2)

*indicates self-vote
**An extra ballot was used in this tribal against JT. He also self-voted


Mud (mudndawilderness)
Michael (MichaelM099)
Cedric (teamjacz)
Jonas (mistiksaint)

Cole (Coyle14)
JT (JTthePrince)
Scott (2388)
Chris (Gaiaphagee)
Bob (islandsurvivor)
Clark (Clarkkent6969)
Jamie (Bulldozer24)
Julian (TheSexiestDude990)

Featured Players 6 playing

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Ninja's Survivor: Nicaragua

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