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M&N's Survivor (2016-2020)

Hosted by OldNewz (Newz) and Pieguy555 (Mike) from July 15th, 2016 to July 20th, 2020.

S1: Uruguay → me2013
S2: Maui → Osiris/DavidM7
S3: Hong Kong → Guigi
S4: Zimbabwe → robulusjgreisonne
S5: Mongolia → BENLINUS
S6: Taiwan → Hufus
S7: The Caribbean - All Stars → Kelly0412
S8: Saipan → GiGi10
S9: Nicaragua → Rabbaj
S10: Greenland - Fans vs Favorites vs Failures → konohavillage1
S11: Galápagos Islands → awwsum11
S12: Egypt → GentlemanG
S13: Kyushu → tundrahenry101
S14: Greece - Second Chances → cole225
S15: Ethiopia → Iceey
S16: India - Blood vs Water → Brittney
S17: Tasmania → DBWs
S18: San Marino - Battle of the Bloodlines → Christian_
S19: Brazil → Ethan000
S20: Madagascar - Heroes vs Villains → k4r4k
S21: Sweden - Dynamic Duos → Lemjam6
S22: Easter Island → MrBird
S23: China - Clash of Clans → GentlemanG
S24: Guatemala - Last Chances → bigben1996
S25: Ghost Island → BritishRomeo17
S26: Fiji → Kelly2722
S27: Monte Carlo → Saftronbtr999
S28: Turkey - Unfinished Business → benp428
S29: Siberia - The Last Dance → brandonrichie
S30: Maldives - All Winners → Osiris/DavidM7

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History (M&N'S Survivor)
31 postsCreated by OldNewz on 2814 days 1 hour ago
Last post by OldNewz
1372 days 22 hours ago
Reunion [Maldives]
261 postsCreated by OldNewz on 1373 days 8 hours ago
Last post by BritishRomeo17
1373 days ago
Final Tribal Council [Maldives]
44 postsCreated by OldNewz on 1375 days ago
Last post by OldNewz
1373 days 2 hours ago
Finale (Maldives)
213 postsCreated by OldNewz on 1375 days 1 hour ago
Last post by Guigi
1375 days ago
Tribal Council #16 (Marto)
13 postsCreated by OldNewz on 1376 days 9 hours ago
Last post by DBWs
1376 days 3 hours ago

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M&N's Survivor (2016-2020)

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