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M&N's Survivor (2016-2020)

Hosted by OldNewz (Newz) and Pieguy555 (Mike) from July 15th, 2016 to July 20th, 2020.

S1: Uruguay → me2013
S2: Maui → Osiris/DavidM7
S3: Hong Kong → Guigi
S4: Zimbabwe → robulusjgreisonne
S5: Mongolia → BENLINUS
S6: Taiwan → Hufus
S7: The Caribbean - All Stars → Kelly0412
S8: Saipan → GiGi10
S9: Nicaragua → Rabbaj
S10: Greenland - Fans vs Favorites vs Failures → konohavillage1
S11: Galápagos Islands → awwsum11
S12: Egypt → GentlemanG
S13: Kyushu → tundrahenry101
S14: Greece - Second Chances → cole225
S15: Ethiopia → Iceey
S16: India - Blood vs Water → Brittney
S17: Tasmania → DBWs
S18: San Marino - Battle of the Bloodlines → Christian_
S19: Brazil → Ethan000
S20: Madagascar - Heroes vs Villains → k4r4k
S21: Sweden - Dynamic Duos → Lemjam6
S22: Easter Island → MrBird
S23: China - Clash of Clans → GentlemanG
S24: Guatemala - Last Chances → bigben1996
S25: Ghost Island → BritishRomeo17
S26: Fiji → Kelly2722
S27: Monte Carlo → Saftronbtr999
S28: Turkey - Unfinished Business → benp428
S29: Siberia - The Last Dance → brandonrichie
S30: Maldives - All Winners → Osiris/DavidM7

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History (M&N'S Survivor)
31 postsCreated by OldNewz on 2312 days 18 hours ago
Last post by OldNewz
871 days 15 hours ago
Reunion [Maldives]
261 postsCreated by OldNewz on 872 days 1 hour ago
Last post by BritishRomeo17
871 days 17 hours ago
Final Tribal Council [Maldives]
44 postsCreated by OldNewz on 873 days 17 hours ago
Last post by OldNewz
871 days 19 hours ago
Finale (Maldives)
213 postsCreated by OldNewz on 873 days 18 hours ago
Last post by Guigi
873 days 17 hours ago
Tribal Council #16 (Marto)
13 postsCreated by OldNewz on 875 days 1 hour ago
Last post by DBWs
874 days 20 hours ago

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M&N's Survivor (2016-2020)

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