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Goodbye PYN pt.2

Sep 16, 2018 by mudndawilderness
So I can tag everybody lol:

cole225 - I first met you when you played all the way back in Greece, and I had no idea why you won that season LMAO. But honestly you have perfected your style of gameplay and nobody ever sees you as a dangerous player when really you're a sneaky little shit. You got me good in M&N's but we're still amazing friends :)

Gaiaphagee - Chris, you voted me out three times in a row which was downright humiliating but I still made a good friend through those games lol. You are definitely my biggest rival in recent games and it was stressful to play with you all three times. But I know that we don't need to work together to be good friends, you're a great guy to talk to outside the game but inside the game you'll leak everything I say in the tribe chat. It was a pleasure meeting you.

piesyumyyumypies - You're a living breathing legend and you've been nothing but friendly to me. I'm glad you played in my series twice and I hope you continue with the hosting because you'll improve with time. I'm not sure if you knew but I had to dress up as you for a game and I never felt as iconic!

Nostalgic - I had fun hosting you although you willingly played the floater game, I knew you were busy with RvR lol. But I wish we could've played in that game and I wish we didn't get robbed :/ I've heard a lot of good things about you and wish we could've gotten closer.

Garrett5 - I've hosted you a few times and played with you a few times and I can tell that you're a dedicated and smart player. I got to know you best when we played in zombie island where we ended up turning on each other, but I'm glad I got to meet you.

Willdabeast22 - We go wayy back, I'm glad I got you to play in France although you made that move at f5 RIP. I wish you could've played in Mud Island, I think you were the next person to come back if someone quit :x. But you're a really nice person and a loyal friend, I'm glad I got to write you your HOH letter haha. Anyways I'm happy I met you on this site :)

BernieBudd - Dude we first met and played together in Zombie Island and it was sooo stressful LOL. You were a worthy opponent and you had a good chance of winning the season if I didn't have another idol. Regardless, outside of games you're a really fun person to talk to and you're not worried about what other people think about you.

FireX - Sadly you quit from my game so that sucked :/. But I never really got to know you until YouTube Survivor where we got close and I'm glad you stayed loyal when others didn't. I really trusted you a lot in that game and I wish we made it to the end. Also I wish you weren't the first one out in stars, I was looking forward to playing with you again.

_JB_ - I met you through working with you closely in M&N's Survivor for two seasons, as well as Kolby's Survivor. You're definitely a very smart and dedicated player which is why I voted you to win, although we're twinning with the second places! But I also got to know you on a personal level during those games which I'm glad I did because you helped me out when the game got really stressful.

sihz - My favorite hobby is rigging for you in my spare time!!! Lmao jk but I guess you played good enough in Arctic Circle to make someone think that. Besides your gameplay, I had some conversations with you even though we never actually played together, and I'm happy that I got to know you.

jwbrine - I don't know you too well, all I remember is that we played a game a while back and I voted you out early haha... but yeah thank you for making my time on tengaged complete.

Christian_ - I've heard a lot about you before I played with you in BOTB but never actually got to know you until then. I could tell that you try to play an honest and heroic game which, although I don't play like that, I respect your ability to show everyone that nice guys can finish first. You played a good game and I'm glad I got to play a game with you before I left!


mudndawilderness do me
Sent by FireX,Sep 16, 2018
Also friend me plz
Sent by FireX,Sep 16, 2018
Sent by Garrett5,Sep 17, 2018
you had to dress up as me for a game hugs mud il keep hosting and i feel so lucky to have had you as a friend
Sent by piesyumyyumypies,Dec 21, 2018
Sent by Brittney,Jun 16, 2019

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