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Hey Jul 16, 2023
Anyone still here lol
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Back for now Apr 29, 2020
Any group game apps open
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Goodbye PYN pt.2 Sep 16, 2018
So I can tag everybody lol:

cole225 - I first met you when you played all the way back in Greece, and I had no idea why you won that season LMAO. But honestly you have perfected your style of gameplay and nobody ever sees you as a dangerous player when really you're a sneaky little shit. You got me good in M&N's but we're still amazing friends :)

Gaiaphagee - Chris, you voted me out three times in a row which was downright humiliating but I still made a good friend through those games lol. You are definitely my biggest rival in recent games and it was stressful to play with you all three times. But I know that we don't need to work together to be good friends, you're a great guy to talk to outside the game but inside the game you'll leak everything I say in the tribe chat. It was a pleasure meeting you.

piesyumyyumypies - You're a living breathing legend and you've been nothing but friendly to me. I'm glad you played in my series twice and I hope you continue with the hosting because you'll improve with time. I'm not sure if you knew but I had to dress up as you for a game and I never felt as iconic!

Nostalgic - I had fun hosting you although you willingly played the floater game, I knew you were busy with RvR lol. But I wish we could've played in that game and I wish we didn't get robbed :/ I've heard a lot of good things about you and wish we could've gotten closer.

Garrett5 - I've hosted you a few times and played with you a few times and I can tell that you're a dedicated and smart player. I got to know you best when we played in zombie island where we ended up turning on each other, but I'm glad I got to meet you.

Willdabeast22 - We go wayy back, I'm glad I got you to play in France although you made that move at f5 RIP. I wish you could've played in Mud Island, I think you were the next person to come back if someone quit :x. But you're a really nice person and a loyal friend, I'm glad I got to write you your HOH letter haha. Anyways I'm happy I met you on this site :)

BernieBudd - Dude we first met and played together in Zombie Island and it was sooo stressful LOL. You were a worthy opponent and you had a good chance of winning the season if I didn't have another idol. Regardless, outside of games you're a really fun person to talk to and you're not worried about what other people think about you.

FireX - Sadly you quit from my game so that sucked :/. But I never really got to know you until YouTube Survivor where we got close and I'm glad you stayed loyal when others didn't. I really trusted you a lot in that game and I wish we made it to the end. Also I wish you weren't the first one out in stars, I was looking forward to playing with you again.

_JB_ - I met you through working with you closely in M&N's Survivor for two seasons, as well as Kolby's Survivor. You're definitely a very smart and dedicated player which is why I voted you to win, although we're twinning with the second places! But I also got to know you on a personal level during those games which I'm glad I did because you helped me out when the game got really stressful.

sihz - My favorite hobby is rigging for you in my spare time!!! Lmao jk but I guess you played good enough in Arctic Circle to make someone think that. Besides your gameplay, I had some conversations with you even though we never actually played together, and I'm happy that I got to know you.

jwbrine - I don't know you too well, all I remember is that we played a game a while back and I voted you out early haha... but yeah thank you for making my time on tengaged complete.

Christian_ - I've heard a lot about you before I played with you in BOTB but never actually got to know you until then. I could tell that you try to play an honest and heroic game which, although I don't play like that, I respect your ability to show everyone that nice guys can finish first. You played a good game and I'm glad I got to play a game with you before I left!
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Goodbye PYN Sep 16, 2018
If I didn't write something about you in my goodbye blog, and we're somewhat close, post your name here so I can write something nice about you :). I only did my first page of friends on my Goodbye Blog and I want to acknowledge more than just that.

*Also I'll write one for whoever wrote a message for me in my thank you blog so be ready :)

Blujay112 -  I know we were both in Midnight Crew a looong time ago, but I never really got to know you until you played in my Survivor. You're a great person, and are very mature for someone on tengaged lol. I hope the best for you and I'm really glad I got to know you.

Birks4444 - When I was in stars, I really appreciated that you supported me through thick and thin. Even though I didn't know you TOO much outside of that, you picked me up with your blog and constant support. Thank you!!

Jaybirdnifty - check the blog bitch I already wrote about you

J2999 - James, I never actually played with you until YouTube Survivor, but you are one hell of a player. One thing I appreciate about you is that you separate games from friendships completely. I got really close to you through that game and you still backstabbed my ass. Additionally, you wouldn't end a friendship over somebody voting you out of a game. I guess it just shows how real of a friend you are, and I enjoyed our conversations during and after the game.

Pokepat - Although we never played together until BOTB, I loved watching you as a player in my series. You definitely give it your all, even in Mud Island when you weren't on the cast (if you actually made someone quit I don't know what I would have done LOL). Besides that, I like just talking to you about group games or whatever.

TheSexiestDude990 - Robbed from being on my other blog tbh. We've known each other for a while, but have had a rivalry in group games starting from Ninja's and Cmack's. Since then, we learned that it is POSSIBLE that we can work together even though I voted you out of YouTube lmao. Besides that, you're a super chill guy, and even if we don't exactly see eye-to-eye in games all the time I'm glad I got to know you outside of group games through all the different group chats we're in.

peace123 - Even though I just know you from the Nerd Herd, you're super approachable and easy to have a conversation with. Sometimes just going to that chat and starting a conversation with you and others can make my day a little better.

ghrocky100 - You put so much time and effort into hosting YouTube Survivor, I just hosted normal group games and that's a huge commitment, I can imagine how much time you have to spend on that. I didn't know you too well before that game, but I got to know you even though I was a player and you were a host. I always enjoy hosts that will have full-on conversations with their players and get to know them, and it makes it more fun when I can vent to you about everything crazy going on in the Mon tribe and in the game as a whole. Besides that, we have a good friendship outside of any sort of game, and I'm glad I got to know you.

dwipeouts - Dan, what a guy. I first met you through hosting you and I was able to see your unique personality through your confessionals and interactions with other players. After that, some of the conversations in the VL turned very interesting very quickly when you got involved lmao. You're not afraid to put yourself out there and be yourself, which is what I appreciate about you. You're not afraid what others think and that's a great thing for people to have.

BrainJak - I know you may have been mad at me a number of times throughout the time on the site, but hopefully I didn't make your life hell haha. I think you're a great friend and someone I like talking to, and I felt bad during WANJ's but that's besides the point. I really admire your spirit and energy towards just about anything, and you're not afraid to call a bitch out when you have to. I just hope you know that I appreciate you as a friend :)

VegasBoy94 - Sorry for making your fast game series boring by winning like every single one I'm in LOL. I've never really played with you besides like Icons, I've mostly just interacted with you through you hosting me in fast games and the amazing race. Even though the amazing race was super hectic and crazy during a hectic and crazy time in my life, I enjoyed sneaking my phone at work so I could put together a puzzle of different Chinese monuments LOL. But thank you for being a good host and a good friend, if I check in on Skype while you're hosting a fast game I might play who knows.

Novamax243 - We've played a few times, but I've mostly just hosted you. You're a good player, and I enjoy watching you play. I think I predicted you to go far for Heroes vs Villains and looks like I was right haha. Also I got to see your perspective through updates you gave me and we would talk in between those. You're a driven person and a good group game player, as well as a good friend. Hope you win stars :)

TMAN54445 - It's sad that we never got to play together, I would've really enjoyed that :( although it was fun hosting you, and I could tell you were very dedicated to the game. After you played for the first time, we would talk a lot on Skype and you would tell me how you wanted a second chance. But seems like you also got a third and fourth chance! You're a fun person to watch play games, but also to talk to in PMs about whatever.

C_Shizz96 - Hey Anastasia, it's your baby daddy ;) lmfaoooo jkjk. I never really knew you until we played stars, and even though we were both super shady it was really fun getting to know you and having conversations with you. I'm really glad we were both able to make f3 in stars on our first try, and even though I really wanted to win I knew you deserved it.

NicoleF - The final 2 gone wrong lmao. Kolby's premerge was a riot because I knew you were trying to play exactly how I played, which is what made me afraid of you. Besides that, you were fun to have conversations with during and after Kolby's, and although I was obviously trying to work my social game by talking with you, every conversation I had with you about non-strategy things was genuine and I enjoyed that about the game.

SammySosaTV - Lilly, we go way back to early Mud's Survivor, and my series is the main reason we've become friends. You were so determined in every single game of mine you've played, but I also got to know you outside of them and I'm glad I did. You've shown to be an amazing friend by making logos and buffs for my series, but we would also just chat about other things too.

Emotion - Blood vs Water was my the first season after my hiatus, and I was really happy that you played. Every time you played, it was fun watching you. It's great how you can be so heartless in games but so kind out of them. Outside of games, you've been nothing but genuine and a good friend to me.

doubledarefan01 - Nels, I really appreciate you as a person because you will go to bat for anybody you care about. Although loyalty is sometimes seen as a weakness in games, it is one of the best things to have in real life. And I have seen you defend your friends about things not relating to the game, and I admire that about you.

Peterparker16 - You're a smart, loyal player, but you're not afraid to call someone out when you need to. Although we hit a rough patch in M&N's, besides that we've been great friends and I've enjoyed our conversations. You were always a friend to me despite what might have happened in games.

Lemjam6 - The winner of my first ever group game and a winner from my series, you are definitely a great player. I remember you playing was a fun experience for me but also a stressful one - constantly coming at me and threatening to quit definitely got on my nerves lmfao but it's fine. However, we also talked a lot during the season and I enjoyed whenever you weren't coming for me or someone else lol.

Amnesia_ - I don't know you LOL but the use of an underscore at the end of your username really captures the human experience.

jflora18 - I was really confused as to why I've never heard of you before Swaziland, everyone was calling you an icon when I was like huh? LOL. But I can definitely see why people say that, you go hard in games but are also a really approachable and friendly person outside of games. In my season I definitely saw that determination and I appreciated when you helped me look for the idol for M&N's lol.

M_Davis1998 - You are definitely a really good and loyal friend to anyone that is close with you, and I really appreciated the stars support when I needed it. You're one person that I wish I got closer too because the few experiences I've had with you have been good. Also someone said we look alike lol.

tashi - Lol I remember the time where we were playing in 2 games together at the same time PLUS I was hosting you. Through Kolby's and M&N's, I was really able to get to know you, especially when our alliance got completely decimated until it was just us two. The jackhammer alliance was iconic and we really had a shot to win it all but sadly that didn't happen :(. But I did really appreciate having you to rely on as my #1 ally in that game and I'm happy I made a friend out of it.

rabbaj - BITCHHH we hate each other in games but love each other outside of them. I think I've just noticed that you're a great player, hence me giving you 3rd place almost every single time we play. People gravitate towards you because of your personality, and even though you're super sarcastic like 99% of the time I'm glad I met you on the site.

hellomynameis347 - I wish we legitimately played in a survivor game together because we could've done really well. Also, I wish you could have played in Mud's Survivor at least once. Oh wait, you did? My bad. But our lack of interaction in games shows that we are friends strictly outside of playing/hosting, and those are the realest friendships on this site. I enjoyed the conversations we've had in various group chats and I wish you the best.

Sameed27 - You're definitely a really nice person, which is why I always plus your spam whenever you send it to me. I've had a few conversations with you through different group chats or tengaged mails, and I got nothing but good vibes.

Absol - I know we only played one game together, and we didn't really connect until later in the game. We could've done a lot but sadly it was kinda too late and I already had my path paved in that game. However, you were really easy to have a conversation with and I wish we could've actually worked together in a game.

RedsKanto - I never really got close with you until you played in my Survivor. But while you were playing, I was THRILLED to find out you were an IB student AS IB exams were going on!!! I would go to you when I was stressed about the math test coming up, or whatever test was the next day, and it made me happy to know that somebody else on tengaged was going through the same shit as I was with school. You definitely have success ahead of you and I wish you luck in whatever you pursue.

kgamer2218 - We met in Zach's Icons season where I voted you out because I thought you ignored me but apparently you didn't :(. But anyways I never really played a long term game with you besides that but we have played in multiple fast games where we either made f2 or gave each other like 1st boot lol. But you've always been real with me and everyone else, and you're not afraid to be yourself. I always enjoyed your WTF Survivor seasons because I've never seen someone put so much effort into hosting a Brantsteele. I'm really glad I got to meet you and you're a good friend.
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Goodbye Blog Sep 16, 2018
Hey Tengaged,

It has been a great three years on the site, it's crazy to think that I spent that much time on here! I have had so much fun playing in games, hosting games, and getting to meet so many new friends. Sadly, that time has to come to an end as I move on with life, as I sometimes feel tied down by constant strategizing and hosting that gets in the way of real life. I am also going into my first year of college this year, and I figured that this would be the easiest time for me to leave.

I came onto this site because I wanted to play online Survivor. Not for the shops, not for blogging on the daily, and certainly not to make new friends. That's the one thing that shocked me on this site; although there are bullies, multis, etc, I didn't expect the community that came with it. There have been so many people that I have had the pleasure of meeting throughout the last three years that I never would have met if it wasn't for this site. So this blog is for those people, and for appreciating those friendships that I have made. On a site where the games are full of lying and deceit, it's more difficult to make long-lasting friendships. Which means I must have some pretty kickass friends.

ZforZombie - My best friend on the site, we met all the way back when you played in France, but we didn't get close until All Stars. That's when we started just having late night conversations about whatever and helped me realize how close of a bond I can make with someone online. We haven't played too many games together, and for good reason, but you have been a great friend to me and I'm glad I met you.

TJ2807 - Our friendship started in Icons, where you backstabbed me LOL. However, we played in plenty of other games after that and became close friends. My favorite moment with you was when we played in that Amazing Race group game, when I drove to all the locations while you carried me to the airports. Even though we didn't win, I'm glad we played together and got closer through that.

IceMakeRampart - Also meeting through Icons, I ended up voting you out lmfao. But afterwards, we had plenty of long conversations about things either meaningful or meaningless, and we got closer from the Revolution. I really enjoyed a lot of the moments we had together, whether on call or off, and was one of the few people I thought I could tell anything to.

Maddog16 - I really do enjoy all the conversations on Skype we have through various group chats, and you just saying “Hi” can brighten anyone’s day. There are plenty of people around you that care for you so much, including me, and you’ve definitely been an important part of my tengaged experience.

Hufus - My loved one, one of my best friends on the site. Your first group game was M&M’s Survivor: Borneo, which was also my first time hosting, and you were robbed honestly. But I saw you grow as a group gamer throughout my time on the site. Besides that, you’re an amazing person that I love talking to and just venting about games I’m in, as well as listening to you vent about games you’re in LOL. Although my favorite moment was definitely when we slayed that challenge together during the loved one visit!!

lionsden121 - Damn, we go way back. Started out as rivals in a group game, then became really close friends, then WANJ’s happened, but to this day we have been great friends. You’re definitely my longest friendship on this site, and I am glad it has lasted this long. I hope you’re happy I finally revealed my identity. :P

Path - We go back to when we would just have long conversations about games and such for no reason, and we played in Cmack’s together. After that, we rocked Zombie Island together and made it all the way to the final 3. It was amazing to have someone I could rely on so much in a game, and we showed that we can make anything happen if we put our minds to it!

Silver09 - In comparison to a lot of other people, I haven’t known you for too long. However, you’re really easy to get along with and hold a conversation with, you’re in like almost every single Viewer’s Lounge along with me. I also enjoyed our fake hatred for each other and rivalries in fast games. I wish I knew you for longer because we would’ve had even greater memories.

zorbo678 - THE OG HOSTMAN! Even though we weren’t really that close when you hosted me, since then we’ve gotten so much closer and I’m glad we did. You’re such a straight-up person and I appreciate you a lot. Just keep doing what you’re doing.

RainbowKing - Another person I didn’t get too close with until recently through the Revolution and YouTube Survivor. Although playing a game with you can be quite stressful sometimes (sorry lol), I’m glad I’ve gotten to know you outside of the game, and have always been energetic and easy to get along with.

Jaybirdnifty - I refuse to write anything about you because you are a liar and a manipulator. Lol jk, your overly sarcastic personality has always been uplifting to me and others around you. Even though I wasn’t too close with you until recently, I enjoyed all the late night calls in the Revolution and such.

oreo270 - It was really fun connecting with you through YouTube Survivor recently, and I’m glad I met you in there and the group chat. Your genuine personality makes it easy to have a conversation with you about pretty much anything.

ClumsyConnor - I met you all the way back in the “Fun 5 person games” chat, and have gotten closer with you through the Revolution. We have definitely shared plenty of laughs on call along with the others and it has been a great experience. I just wish we could’ve played a game together, that would’ve been fun.

tuter32 - I met you through Blatastic’s Big Brother, and also played in your Survivor game twice. I’m glad I have friends like you who I can just have a random conversation with whenever, even though it’s through the internet. Even though you’re not on tengaged much anymore, I still figured I’d write this.

ThePug - One of the first winners in my Survivor series, I got to get to know you through hosting you. Since then, whenever we’ve played together or hosted each other, we always had that mutual connection despite what we would do to each other in games (throwback to K&G’s :)). But you are always joking around or trolling or doing something of the sort, which is why so many people gravitate towards you.

jamessmith5 - My OG APEX alliance member, I’m glad I had someone who I could trust 100% in any game I played, as well as a very loyal friend. We would go on talking for hours about whatever in-game or out of game, and have made the games I play with you much more enjoyable. Although we have never made final 2, we were the final 2 on our tribe in M&Ns, and that’s because I knew you were a dependable person that I could lean on if I needed help.

I just did my first page of friends, I have met so many amazing people on this site so I wish I could do more. I will be doing a PYN where I will be writing things about whoever wants one so stay tuned for that :)

Thank you to everyone for making my time on the site such a fun experience, including all my friends, some of which are above. Also, thank you to the hosts for allowing me to play all these games ( cmack311, Blatastic1234, TwentyOnePilots, ZforZombie, tuter32, NJKoda1998, Pieguy555, OldNewz, WANJ, ThePug, and ghrocky100 to name a few).

Other than that, it’s been such a fun time on this site, and I can’t believe it’s coming to an end. I hope to keep in touch with some people, but for most people I’m afraid this will be a wrap. So goodbye everyone, and wish me luck :)

-Ben (Mud)
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Stars 511 Support Aug 26, 2018
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