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Survivor Swaziland Immunity Challenge #9 Jul 12, 2018
The player to receive the most tags on this blog wins individual immunity! No multis are allowed. Here are the players:


Good luck!
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Survivor Heroes vs Villains Immunity Challenge #9 Jun 10, 2018
Get as many people to tag you as possible! White levels/multis will not count! One tag per person.


Good luck!
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Mud’s Survivor Season 14 Apps Open Mar 18, 2018
There will only be a few more seasons featuring new players, so apply when you can!!

I am looking for new players to play in the 14th season of my group game. There will be a mixture of live and non-live challenges, and will start early April.

If you wish to apply, fill out an application here:

Thank you for applying, I promise you will not regret it!

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Also Mar 17, 2018
Re: No title
Mar 17, 2018 01:27:54
Re: No title

Now you have really done it. You blog about me you cunt andI hadn't blogged about you. I'll give you 14 mins to delete your blog and I'll delete mine and won't spam everyone otherwise your skype, facebook, tengaged will go through the roof.
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I'm not gonna sit here Mar 17, 2018
and wait for obey_me to write a blog about me for me to retaliate. I'm not gonna make this unprofessional and personal like you have. I've been as patient as I possibly can, but calling me and my friends "stupid dogs" after I have been professional about your outbursts crosses the line. Holly, you are an ungrateful, uncredible, close-minded, nasty, delusional, and overall terrible person. After 13 seasons of hosting Survivor games, I have never had the displeasure of hosting anybody on this entire site. And here's why:

-You will not stop claiming that I rigged the game for sihz. Basically, someone asked me in PMs if all the statements made in the challenge were correct, when LITERALLY in the rules it said "They must answer honestly, and I will confirm that it is honest". I was verifying that they were all correct, and was completely legal under the rules. You could've asked me to do the same. I was just making sure the answers in the challenge weren't incorrect, I didn't know that was known as rigging or favoring other players.
-You spread lies about me to others. For a non-live challenge, you got pissed at me because you claimed that "I told you it was live". Then you told other people in the game about these false claims.
-You leaked information from the jury house to players in the game, which is why I kicked you from the jury.
-You called me a stupid dog, and thepug a scumbag when he tried to defend me. Real mature.
-You have always thought you were completely right, and no amount of explaining would convince you otherwise.

And yes, I do acknowledge that I make mistakes. Me changing the times for tribal councils was because I had things going on in real life, which were unavoidable. Nobody is perfect. But everything else is just you being delusional.

And here's why you are

Ungrateful: Hosts go through so much work in order to make their games perfect. I don't know why anybody would ever rig their game for someone, defeating the entire purpose of all their hard work just to give it to someone. All hosts would agree with me in this statement. However, I needed to ask other hosts what they would do with a player like you, since I have never had someone like you play my series before. A large majority of them told me to remove you from the game after you started complaining, but guess what? I didn't. I endured all your complaining the entire season until this point. You're welcome. Also, who helped you when you needed your time zone converted to EST? I was supportive of you playing in my game throughout, and you always focused on the negative, most times you're claims didn't even exist. I feel insulted as a host that I sacrifice so much of my time and energy to make a fun game experience for everyone, and you yell at me in return.

Uncredible: You have threatened to write a blog about me since near the beginning of the season. You kept threatening the quit, but never did it. You went from saying that my season was rigged, to saying it was well put-together and apologizing, to saying it was rigged. I wouldn't trust a word that comes out of your mouth because I'm not even sure if you understand what you're saying. Whenever I confronted you about providing evidence or giving examples, you would shy away. One time, you said you would show me screenshots of where I told you it was a live auction, and you never sent me anything because you knew you were wrong. You lied about me in the game before, why not do it again?

Close-minded: I provide explanations for EVERYTHING that you have complained about, but you keep on complaining, saying that I rigged, saying that I lied, saying that I'm the worst host ever. I'm done giving you reasons why, because I've explained everything to you at least 5 times. You never learn, even when it's obvious that you're wrong.

Nasty: You have cussed me out a few times in PMs throughout my Survivor game, and recently thrown out insults such as "Stupid dog" and "scumbag". You keep threatening me with "Information :)" but I'm not afraid of you. Let's put it all out on the table.

Delusional: You make up messages that I have sent you in your head. I never told you the challenge was live. My game is most definitely not rigged. You're either believing in false events, or you're lying through your teeth.

I do not know how I have put up with you throughout the entire season with all your antics, and I'm glad I can finally speak out about it because you've been pissing me off for a while now. All hosts, I beg you never to cast obey_me, literally the worst casting decision I've ever made. Holly, I hope you think about your actions and you learn from them, but until then, I hope I never talk to you again. You're claiming that you're "exposing" me, but who's really being exposed?

Edit: I'm really glad Holly filtered me so I can't defend myself. I literally explain this on this blog.
The challenge was basically "Guess Who", and I was moderating if all the answers were honest by all players. So Sergio asked me to confirm if everything was honest, and I said yes!
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Breddegrad Tribe Mar 1, 2018
Comment "Breddegrad" on this blog to help out the Breddegrad tribe!

Spelling does not count, but it should be close. You must be a yellow level or above for it to count. I will delete posts if I have suspicion of multis. Good luck!
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