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Hello, my name is James Smith

Joined August 28th, 2014. I love Big Brother, Survivor and sports. I am a big Fan of Dr Will Kirby. I also like to meet new people so just message me anytime you want. I also love Group games, It's the best thing about this website. I love to plus Spam or help others in some way.

Group Game History (Winner)

BENLINUS Survivor Series (Competed Once)
The Gambia Season 3: 8th place (Sparks)
- I was not into this game that much just had an idol in my pocket when I got voted off. Won dumbest move of the season.

Big Ben's Survivor Series (Competed Twice)
India Season 5: 8th place (Joe Harrin)
- I played a leadership role throughout the game with my allies but then I lost because of a purple rock or else I had a chance to win.
Philippines Season 6 All stars: 18th place (FireDragon)
- My tribe was full of enemies which meant I would be first gone.

Bingo's Survivor Series
Poland season 33: 11th place (Milkshakes)
- Had a tough season and just barely missed the merge and jury stage of the game.

Cmack's Survivor Series/BB Series (Competed 8 times)
Cagayan Season 31 Generation 3: Runner-Up 2-6 Votes
(Lost to Andrew Weltner)
- Played a solid game but went up against some tough opponents and in the end would not have enough support on the jury to pull out a win.
Philippines Season 33 Generation 3 FvF's: 20th place (Cam)
- Overplayed it way too quick in the game which I will never do again.
Cambodia Season 34 Generation 3 Second Chances: 4th place (Dana)
- I played one of the best games in this season and would have won had I made it to the end but made a great alliance that made it all the way to the end. Had alliance of the season with Dana, Steve and Tico which was called Fantastic Four. I received player of the season for my great gameplay.
Morocco Season 35 Generation 3 All Stars: Runner-Up 4-7 Votes (Lost to Missy)
- Played a very hardcore game in which was full of blindsides and it worked for me but unfortunately I made the whole jury mad at me in which cost me the game once again.
Won alliance of the season with Brandan Maladus which was called Ben's Brigade. I got strategic player and player of the season for the second consecutive season. Other cool achievements received was that I became the longest lasting survivor in the third generation. I also got something no one else did which was getting all the way through the whole game without getting any votes cast against me.
Last man Standing: 37th place (manalord)
- Big target and just couldn't make it past the survivor stage.
Indonesia Season 43 Generation 3 Missed Opportunities: *Winner* 10-1 Votes over Brandon
- This was a crazy and controversial season and I came out with the win finally because of a finalist being caught cheating. Had alliance of the season once again with Brandon, Jared, Kevin and Mud which was called the Deceptive Five. Got strategic player of the season. Also received Player of the season for the third time in generation 3 and the only player to do so. The biggest improvement was my confessionals which is why I got Confessionals of the season as well. This was really my time.
Big Brother season 7: 12th place (Jonas)
- Well I got targeted and that was it.
The Polynesian Islands Season 43 Generations: 3rd place 0-6-3 (Erik)
- I played a pretty solid game and had a good loyal game with a good alliance but at the end the jury didn't respect it enough. I got best confessional and best alliance of the season. Also my 4th Final tribal council in Cmack's history.

Cool's Big Brother Series (Competed Once)
Season 1: Winner 6-1 Votes over Martha Speaks
- This season was the greatest comeback ever because I went from the bottom all the way fighting through everyone and winning the whole season. I couldn't have been any happier. This was truly a legendary season. Nominated 4 times, I won HOH 3 times and was the POV King with 4 victories in that part of the game.

Flamergamer8's Survivor Series (Competed Once)
Croatia Season 1: 6th place (Steve)
- Played a good game but came up short because of a twist and being aligned with a certain person.

Gaia's Survivor Series (Competed Once)
Cuba Season 43: Runner-Up 0-4 Votes (Lost to Brandon Richie)
- I literally did nothing in this game because I just didn't know how this game would go because it started with a merge. I am glad to get second. I risked my whole game in the first immunity challenge and had barely any shots of doing anything after that point.

Habsfan's Big Brother Series (Competed Once)
Season 1: 5th place (James B)
- I won 5 HOH with 4 Veto's along with it. I was the competition beast this season but that is what made me a target and when the time came when I lost some challenges is when I lost this game.

Julian's Survivor Series (Competed Once)
Côte d'Azur season 7: Runner-Up 2-1-5 Votes (Lost to Terrence)
- I played a great game with lot's of moves I made but my rivalry with Terrence was one of the best but I did take him out but after a controversial return from Redemption Island he went on to win the game. Even though that occurred I still loved the way I played the game.

Mongo's Survivor Series (Competed Once)
Canada season 1: 10th place (Jae)
- The last person left on my tribe and I tried to overcome the obstacles but it was to hard to overcome.

M&M's Survivor Series (Competed Twice)
Greece season 4: 5th place (Marto)
- This was one of the toughest and great players that I have ever played with. I played an amazing game with finding 2 idols and made some great moves which made me a huge threat to win this game but that is why people voted me out. I won Strategic player of the season.
All Stars season 6: 22nd place (Jabbar)
- I tried my best but I just wasn't the person people wanted to work with

M&N's Survivor Series (Competed Once)
Hong Kong Season 3: 11th place (Sydney)
- I was playing a loyal game and going with the whole tribe thing but I got turned on by my own tribe mates right before the merge which costed me and it shows don't be too loyal.

Sam's Big Brother Series (Competed Once)
Season 1: Winner 5-0 Votes over Colin Sullinger
- This was an amazing season for me because everything went right for me. I made some amazing moves at final 5 where I tricked everyone to take me to the end and ended up winning this game with a perfect vote. I won 2 HOH and POV. I won strategic and player of the seasons. I couldn't have done it without the help of my Chilltown alliance member Colin.

Wangifold's Big Brother Series (Competed Once)
Power Trip Season 1: 6th place (Thresh)
- This was an interesting season because I didn't do much but I would have if I stayed but the players I went against were to much to handle. Won one POV.

Placements (AVG: 8th place)
1st: 3 times
2nd: 4 times
3rd: 1 time
4th: 1 time
5th: 2 times
6th: 2 times
8th: 2 times
10th: 1 time
11th: 2 times
12th: 1 time
20th: 1 time
22th: 1 time
37th: 1 time

Player of the season: 4 times
Strategic Player of the season: 4 times
Alliance of the season: 4 times
Immunity Wins: 15 times
HOH's: 10 times
POV's: 11 times
Idols found: 6 times
Confessionals of the season: 2 times
Dumbest move of the season: 1 time
Getting to the End with zero votes cast against: 2 times
Purple Rocked: 1 time
Winning Unanimously: 1 time

My Games 118 games played

6 Nov, 16
6 Sep, 16
2 Sep, 16
17 Aug, 16
15 Aug, 16
5 Jul, 16
4 Jul, 16

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