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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Vaughan Prachniak

Also known as "The Nasty One". I'm an average guy living in Baltimore, MD. I'm a huge fan of Survivor and have watched it since it first aired back in 1999. I hope one day to play the game and see how I'd fair. I'm also a huge fan of Weezer and Yellowcard. I also love playing baseball and video games. My favorite teams are the Baltimore Orioles and Tampa Bay Rays. My favorite games are the MLB 2K franchise, MLB Road to the Show franchise, Call of Duty Franchise, XCOM: Enemy Unknown and the Trouble in Terrorist Town gamemode on Garry's Mod.

Skype: praknasty24

Group Games Hosted:
I & N's Survivor: Brazil (Season 1) co-hosted with islandsurvivor (Bob): Winner Tim (lionsden121) in a 7-2 vote over Red (RedWing91).
I & N's Survivor: Egypt (Season 2) co-hosted with islandsurvivor (Bob): Winner Brandon (brandonrichie) in a 4-2-1 vote over Mikey (MikeyKR91) and Megan (Tucker_David)
I & N's Survivor: Vanua Levu (Season 3) co-hosted with islandsurvivor (Bob): Winner KC (KCObedencio) in a 5-4 vote over Hufus (Hufus).
I & N's Survivor: India Fans Vs. Failures (Season 4) co-hosted with islandsurvivor (Bob) and lionsden121 (Tim): Winner Tiffany (Jaesus123) in a 3-3-1, 1-0 vote over Nick (snick427) and Renny (Renny10).
I & N's Survivor: All Stars (Season 5) co-hosted with islandsurvivor (Bob): Winner Pika (pikaplayer) in a 5-4 vote over Josh (Joshbb17).

Group Game Placements (Excludes Cancelled Games):
=== 2015 ===
IslandSurvivor's Survivor: New Zealand (Season 2): 8/18 - 4th Jury Member, Hero of the Season, Favorite Tribal Elimination of the Season
Luis' Survivor: Andes (Season 3): 1/18 - Sole Survivor (4 of 7 votes to win), Immunity Beast
Swagger's Survivor: Honolulu (Season 1): 2/18 - (1 of 5 Votes to Win)
IslandSurvivor's Quick Stars Season 1: 2/14 (33.3% votes to win)
Aceman's Survivor: Jamaica (Season 1): 6/16 - 4th Jury Member
BC'S Survivor: Hawaii (Season 1): 5/20 - 8th Jury Member
Jaybird's Survivor: The Amazon (Season 3): 6/15 - 6th Jury Member, Best Confessionals, Host Favorite
Libanz00's The Voice (Season 1, Yellowcard, Team Carl): Lost in Battle Round to Bjork. No judges chose to steal.
=== 2016 ===
carlyjordan14's Stardom! (Season 10, Matt McAndrew): 5th Place (lost in Semis)
Jaybird's Survivor: All Stars (Season 4): 1/17 - Sole Survivor (4 of 7 votes to win), Hero of the Season, Best Confessionals
carlyjordan14's Stardom! (Season 11, Jake Worthington, Guys): 6th Place (Lost in Semis)
Kaseyhope101's American Idol (Vaughan P.): 11th Place
BENLINUS' Survivor: Hong Kong (Season 10): 3/18 - 8th Jury Member, Hero of the Season
Bennett's Survivor: Yangudi Rassa (Season 5): 7/18 - 5th Jury Member
carlyjordan14's Stardom! (Season 12, Matt McAndrew, Guys): 3rd Place (Lost in Finals to Taylor Swift and Madilyn Bailey)
WANJ's The Voice 1 (Matt McAndrew): 9th Place, Lost in Live Quarterfinals
carlyjordan14's Stardom! (Season 13, Che Chesterman, Guys) : 3rd Place (Eliminated in Finale Pt. 1)
BENLINUS' Survivor: Melanesia (Fans v. Favorites, Favorite, Season 12): 6/20 - 6th Jury Member
carlyjordan14's Stardom! (Season 14, David Cook, American Idol Tribute Edition): 4th Place (Lost in Finals)
carlyjordan14's Stardom! (Season 14, Chris Daughtry, American Idol Tribute Edition): Eliminated Hollywood Week Round 2.
Kaseyhope101's The Voice: ("Nasty" P., Team Haley/Team Ellie): Lost in Battle round to Ben & Tommy stolen by Ellie Goulding
Lost in Knockout Round to Jordan Knowles-Carter
carlyjordan14's Stardom! (Season 15, Che Chesterman, Team Carrie): Lost in Battle Round to Michael Buble (Not Stolen)
carlyjordan14's Stardom! (Season 15, Ben Haenow, Team Adam/Team Shawn): Lost in Knockout Round to Taylor Swift, Stolen by Shawn Mendes
Eliminated in Live Show 1 (11th Place)
carlyjordan14's Stardom! (Season 15, Weezer, Team Shawn): Eliminated in Live Playoffs (Night 1)
carlyjordan14's Stardom! (Season 16, Matt McAndrew, Team Adam): 2nd Place, Lost in Finals to India Carney
carlyjordan14's Stardom! (Season 16, Ben Haenow, Team Celine): 6th Place, Eliminated in Semi-Finals
carlyjordan14's Stardom! (Season 16, Juan Carlos Cano, Team Kelly): Eliminated in The War Room vs. Destiny's Child
Carly Jay's Big Brother: Virtual Meets Reality (Season 10, Vaughan "Nasty P." Prachniak): 4/10, 6th Person Evicted (Jake's Choice to Evict), 4th Jury Member
carlyjordan14's Stardom! (Season 17, James Arthur, Team Adam): 9th Place, Eliminated in Live Show 5 with One Republic
carlyjordan14's Stardom! (Season 18, James Arthur, Team Adam): Eliminated in Knockout Round vs. Our Last Night, No Judges Chose to Steal
carlyjordan14's Stardom! (Season 18, Ben Haenow, Team Celine): 4th Place, Eliminated Finals Night 1
carlyjordan14's Stardom! (Season 18, Sum 41, Team Olly): Eliminated in Battle Round vs. The Dustbowl Revival, No Judges Chose to Steal
=== 2017 ===
M & N's Survivor: Taiwan (Season 6): 6/18 - 6th Jury Member, Hero of the Season
M & N's Survivor: The Caribbean/All-Stars (Season 7): 18/24, 8th Voted Out, Lost Duel #6 to David M. (DavidM7)
BENLINUS' Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains (Hero, Season 15): 11/20 - 3rd Jury Member, Hero of the Season
L & J's Survivor: Khao Sok (Season 5): 1/18 - Sole Survivor (7 of 9 Votes to Win), Hero of the Season
L & J's Survivor: All Stars (Season 7): 10/20 - 4th Jury Member, Host's Favorite (Josh)
Tengaged: Total Drama Revenge of the Island (hosted by Jacko308): ?/13 (Played as Sam)
RP Groups Played in:
=== 2017 ===
C.O.P. (Season 1) hosted by Magicalbaby as Clay "Loner" Levandowski - Cancelled
One Last Haunting (Season 4) hosted by zachboy967 as Clay "Loner" Levandowski - Survived

My Games 37 games played

8 May, 17
15 Jan, 17
30 Jul, 15
29 May, 15
16 May, 15
15 May, 15
11 May, 15

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