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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Clair LOVES Garrett (Garrett5). ❤️

Bold, confident, independent, and strong woman

I'm here to play, to meet new friends, and to have fun! :)


Mail me if you added me as a friend. I will add you back. <3

Don't hesitate to send me spam messages. I'm willing to help. :-)

Skype: emeraldjadefortalejo

Discord: haycsclair


AB Psychology Graduate




October, 2009 - Joined Tengaged.
November 25, 2009 - Became yellow level.
December 20, 2009 - Became orange level.
December 29, 2009 - Left Tengaged to focus on my studies.
May, 2010 - Came back to Tengaged to play again.
June 02, 2010 - Left Tengaged again to focus on my 5th semester in College.
April, 2011 - Came back to Tengaged to relieve some stress.
April 11, 2011 - Left Tengaged for the 3rd time to focus on my last 2 semesters in College.
January 13, 2014 - Came back to Tengaged to stay for a longer period of time.
May 06, 2016 - Became light green level.
April 02, 2020 - Garrett and I became an official boyfriend-girlfriend.




I'm a God-fearing person. Though sometimes I forget to attend to my Sunday obligations.

I love my parents so much. They are the ones who nurtured, reared, and molded me for what and who I am right now. I offer all of the things I have achieved and attained to them, and I know that there will be so much more I'm going to give them as long as I pursue my dreams.

I'm not the type of person who put the blame to other people.

I'm conservative in my views about sex and I'm a quiet person, but others do not believe in that.

I love to read love stories and I'm not fond of reading science-fiction books.

I do not want to use my hands when I'm eating because I think it shows lack of proper hygiene.

I'm 'choosy' when it comes to deciding who to be with.

I love shopping.

I love Britney Spears. She is my number one idol and I will be her avid fan forever who always supports her whatever road she takes and whatever career she chooses. Her song "Everytime" is my most favorite song.

I usually sleep late at night.

I believe in the cliche: Time is gold.

I like those people who love their families and friends for who and what they are.

I like those people who are frank because they tell you what they really feel inside about you and they won't have second thoughts to tell it to your face.

I like those people who are not pretentious, those people who do not want to change the way they get dressed, the way they speak, the way they move, the way they think just to make themselves popular.

I do not like those people who are 'Great Liars'.

I'm not easy-to-get.

I love people who love themselves just the way they are.

I love singing and dancing when I'm alone.

I'm stingy.

I'm scared of cats.

I want to be the best all the time.

I'm selfish with things I know just for me.

I want to become a professional psychologist someday.

Many people don't like me but I do not care because I know I can't please everybody. As long as my family and friends love me, I can survive.

I love gifts especially stuffed toys.

Being happy is the most important thing in my life. So in every choice I make, in every chance I gain, and every path I choose to take, I make sure that I'm happy and contented.




Clair, in a game filled with backstab and lying you were the hero. The good guy that people root for. You are a kind person and you use that in the survivor group games. It's not a quality that most tengagers have but you do. I find that so amazing. Also always being honest helps you cause people know they can trust you. In my group game it just didn't work out for you but you are still an amazing player.


Clair is a lot like me, very passionate about the game she is playing. Whether or not she wins, she fights. She is a fighter and a winner, even if she doesn't have the title.


Clair F. is genuinely a kind person. But during her stay in Cocos Islands, she had to make crucial decisions that rubbed certain Jurors the wrong way. She really did her best for not only her own game, but for those who she was allied with. She was a huge character, obtaining a few Black Pearls from Jurors leaving the game. But she ultimately made to the end despite the target she had on her back throughout her stay in Cocos Islands. She was able to earn her spot in the Final Tribal Council by winning the Final Immunity Challenge. And she claimed the Title for Season 9 Survivor Cocos Islands in a 5-3 vote against SirNiceGuy/Lukas.


In WPF's Survivor, Clair was the textbook definition of a Hero. Amongst rampant betrayals and general nastiness in both of her seasons, Clair stood above as a pure and loyal soul. Her wholesome attitude allowed her to play an excellent social game in each of her seasons and gain the trust of many. In WPF Survivor lore, Clair will be remembered as an excellent player, but an even better person.


Clair, if I was being perfectly honest, you were tied for my winner pick up until your elimination. You were the definition of tribe swapped screwed and if I ever hosted another season to feature returning players, you would be on the top of that list. Even when you were on the total outs of the new tribe, you never stopped fighting, and you never stooped to low levels. All in all, you are one of the best players I have played with, and had compete for me. Thanks.


Clair, you have always said you play these games with honor, which was one of the reasons I picked you to play in this season which was all about trust. This last Trial of Trust tested your trust in your opponents, and unfortunately for you, they could not be trusted, but you have once again shown, that despite accusations that you might not be, you ARE an honorable player, and it was great to have you back in Socotra.


Clair is a passionate and lovely person. She is nice to everyone but she also plays the game aggressively somehow. She is loyal, strategic, and overall a beautiful contestant and person to talk to and work with. She is a threat because if she ever gets to the end she probably gets a landslide of votes for her! The social goddess of Tengaged. :-)


Clair is such an amazing player. Her social game maybe one of the best on the site, and the only reason she got 3rd was because she would have been a jury threat.


Lady Clair. Clair and I have had a rocky relationship in the past but I don't what I was doing before I met her. I learned to become more strategic minded from her but I think that she has a perfect balance between calm understanding and hardcore playing. She will help a lot of people but you won't realize when she leaves that she has left because she is a quiet person who likes to put the needs of many before her own.


Clair was by far one of the best social players this series had seen in our three seasons. She not only knew how to make friends, but she was one of the nicer cast members of the season. However, this eventually caught up to her as her allies turned on her due to her friendliness and they sent her out as the third member of the jury in ninth place by a 7-2-1 vote. Her social gameplay and overall friendliness also led her to be crowned the Hero of the Season by the hosts, as well as a co-Fan Favorite by the viewer lounge.


Clair, you're a true goddess most high! You slayed Egypt, you dominated Heroes vs. Villains, and you slayed Solomon Islands. Always making the merge, always making the jury, always working a killer social and strategic game every time you play. A true delight in the group game community, and I can't wait to see you play again!


CLAIR - Love and respect. That's all I have for you. You are a breath of fresh air and I want you to literally be in every game I ever play in ever again. In fact I'm going to stalk group game applications and apply to any games you apply to.


Clair was a hardworking player who managed to remain in control in an ever shifting game, surviving votes I didn't expect her to be able to survive and I'm confident she could have won had she not been idoled out.


Clair is the Rob Cesternino, Cirie Fields, Malcolm Freberg, Cydney Gillard, the fallen angel of my series. She is that player that you know more times than not is probably going to outwit, outplay, and outlast you and you will probably sit back and watch her do her magic. If I am blessed enough to get to a 20th season, even though she played on the first season and didn't win, she will probably be looked upon as one of the greats probably top 20 if not top 10 players ever in my series.



Jerard's Next Top Model: Cycle 8 (Back to Basics) - [2/16] 1st Runner-up/3 First Call Outs/4 Challenge Wins

Became a Judge of Jerard's Next Top Model (Cycle 9, Cycle 11-15)

Dimitra's Next Top Model: Cycle 4 - [3/13] 3rd Placer

Dara's Star Academy - Still at Final 5/2 Best Photo of the Week/1 Challenge Win/Had been a Star Model for 2 Weeks - Cancelled



NoBow's Big Brother: Season 2 (Death Row) - [1/17] WINNER (4-3 vote)/Best Social Game (Host Pick)/The Week 4 "Psycho"

MJF's Big Brother: Season 2 (Temptations) - [8/15] 4th Jury Member (Jury of 9)/Moment of the Season Award Holder

NoBow's Big Brother: Season 4 (Coaches) - [13/17] Returned as one of the Coaches/Best Coach/Chose not to be a Houseguest



The RAWR Games 1 Survivor: Australia - [1/18] SOLE SURVIVOR (5-1-0 vote)/Player of the Season/Villain of the Season/Best Strategist/Most Entertaining Player

Swagger's Survivor: Galapagos Island - [1/16] SOLE SURVIVOR (6-1 vote)/Player of the Season/Hero of the Season

KCO's Survivor: Tahiti (Idol Trios) - [1/18] SOLE SURVIVOR (5-2-2 vote)/Player of the Season/Move of the Season Award Holder/Most Conversationalist/X Voter

ItsOfficial's Survivor: Cocos Islands - [1/16] SOLE SURVIVOR (5-3 vote)/Fan Favorite

Winner and Prez's Survivor: Bali - [2/18] 1st Runner-up (6-2-0 vote)

NJ's Generation 1 Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains - [2 or 3/18] Runner-up (3-2-2 vote)/Returned as one of the Villains

WANJ's Survivor: Argentina (Fans vs. Favorites) - [2 or 3/18] Runner-up (3-2-2 vote)/Returned as one of the Favorites

Will's Generation 1 Survivor: Arabia - [3/16] 7th Jury Member (Jury of 7)/Villain of the Season

Leli's Survivor: Kiribati - [3/16] 7th Jury Member (Jury of 7)

Max's Survivor: Turkey - [3/16] 7th Jury Member (Jury of 7)/Biggest Hero, alongside Alex (ghrocky100)/Host's Favorite

WANJ's Survivor: Estonia - [3/18] 6th Jury Member (Jury of 6)/Player of the Season/2nd Place on the Fan Favorite Poll

Bigben's Generation 2 Survivor: Mongolia - [3/16] 6th Jury Member (Jury of 6)/Player of the Season

Will's Generation 2 Survivor: New Guinea - [3/16] 7th Jury Member (Jury of 7)

Matt's Survivor: Blood vs Water - [4/18] 8th Jury Member (Jury of 8)/Best Blindside conducted by me, Dara (Dara4ever), and Violet (Violetx) against Glen (Glen5544)/Jury Potential Winner

Mariah's Survivor: Guatemala - [5/18] 5th Jury Member (Jury of 7)/Won a spot back into the game/Underdog of the Season/Fan Favorite

Ramanik's Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains - [5/20] 8th Jury Member (Jury of 9)/Voted back into the game once voted out as part of the season's twist/Hero of the Season/Fan Favorite

Chip's Survivor: Tocantins - [5/16] 5th Jury Member (Jury of 7)/Player of the Season via Public Vote

Drago's Survivor: Palau - [5/20] 8th Jury Member (Jury of 9)/Hero of the Season/Fan Favorite

DVMP's Survivor: Tuvalu - [5/18] 7th Jury Member (Jury of 8)/Biggest Underdog of the Season

TTJ's Survivor: Aruba - [5/16] 6th Jury Member due to an iconic Cirie Moment where everyone but me was immuned (Jury of 7)/Hero of the Season/Entertainment Awardee, alongside Brendan (brenelle1120)/Ms. Survivor/Zach's Favorite Player

Wiley's Survivor: Shuffle Up - [5/20] 8th Jury Member (Jury of 9)/Player of the Season

Leli's Survivor: Socotra (Trial of Trust) - [5/20] 8th Jury Member after the Third Trial of Trust where I was eliminated in a challenge against my opponent, Ollie (MrPokeguy9) (Jury of 9)/Returning Player/Fan Favorite

Cmack's 3rd Generation Survivor: Palau - [5/16] 5th Jury Member (Jury of 7)/Dumbest Move of the Season Award Holder

Kolby's Survivor: Malaysia - [6/18] 6th Jury Member (Jury of 8)/Returning Player/Walked out from Jury

NJ's Generation 1 Survivor: Egypt - [7/16] 3rd Jury Member (Jury of 7)/Best Hero/Best Villain/Best Jury Member/Fan Favorite

Harrywasnak's Survivor: Hawaii - [7/19] 5th Jury Member (Jury of 8)

NJ's Generation 2 Survivor: Solomon Islands - [7/16] 3rd Jury Member (Jury of 7)/3rd Place on the Fan Favorite Poll

Gumball's Survivor: Borneo - [7/16] 3rd Jury Member (Jury of 7)/Host's Favorite/Part of Alliance of the Season, Trio Alliance, alongside Garrett (Garrett5) and Liam (lliiaamm)

Mac & Liam's Survivor: Mariana Islands - [7/18] 5th Jury Member (Jury of 7)/Liam's Favorite

DC's Survivor: Fiji - [8/18] - 5th Jury Member (Jury of 9)/Walked out from Jury

Justdont's Survivor: Africa - [9/16] 1st Jury Member (Jury of 7)

Jimbo's Survivor: Navarre - [9/22] 4th Jury Member (Jury of 9)/Returning Player

Kolby's Survivor: Kenya - [9/15] 2nd Jury Member (Jury of 7)/Untapped Potential Awardee/One of the Top 3 on the Fan Favorite Poll

I&N's Survivor: Vanua Levu - [9/18] 3rd Jury Member (Jury of 9)/Hero of the Season/Fan Favorite alongside Josh (Joshbb17)

Logan's Survivor: Galapagos - [10/18] 3rd Jury Member (Jury of 8)

Zach's Survivor: Peru - [11/16] 2nd Jury Member (Jury of 10)

Toppei's Survivor: Palau - [11/21] Claimed as #RobbedGoddess by the host

Jimbo's Survivor: Machu Picchu - [11/16] 1st Jury Member (Jury of 9), but didn't vote on time/One of the Top 3 on the Fan Favorite Poll

Bigben's Generation 2 Survivor: Philippines (All Stars II) - [11/20] 2nd Jury Member (Jury of 9)

Mariah's Survivor: Texas - [12/26] Returning Player/Fan Favorite

Winner, Prez, and Fobby's Survivor: Pakistan (Fans vs. Favorites) - [12/20] Returned as one of the Favorites/Voted out with idol in pocket

Will's Generation 1 Survivor: All Stars - [13/18] Rocked Out

Food's Survivor: Borneo - [14/16]

M&N's Survivor: India (Blood vs Water) - [14/20] Rocked Out/Hero of the Season

Bigben's Generation 2 Survivor: Caribbean (Last Chances) - [15/32] 1st Jury Member (Jury of 11)

Will's Generation 2 Survivor: All Stars - [16/22] Rocked Out - Cancelled

Cmack's 3rd Generation Survivor: Indonesia (Missed Opportunities) - [17/24]/Returning Player

Ian's Survivor: Seven Seas - [17/20]

Dono's Survivor: Libya - Cancelled

Tot's Survivor: Nicaragua - Cancelled

Parvati & Kaushal's Survivor: Fiji - Cancelled



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5th - *
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3rd - **
2nd - **
1st - ****



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Favorite people on Tengaged:

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Favorite Quotations:

"Our love is like the wind... I can’t see it, but I can feel it." - from the movie "A Walk To Remember"

"All seasons are beautiful for the person who carries happiness within." - Horace Friess

"Whoever loves and understands a garden will find contentment within." - Chinese Proverb

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