Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Tuter the Type 1 Diabetic

My name is Zach!

I host a Skype Survivor ORG named Double Cross add: Zach Brown Double Cross Prod for more immediate information. I only check here when I am recruiting.

I played in a Stars once and got 11th because Multis were INSANE

Group Games Ive done well in and games ive been chosen for based on performance in a previous season:

Winner of Brennel1120's American idol-Season 1. Later chosen as a Judge for Season 2!
Winner of Virtual Survivor Season 3:Vietnam by a vote of 4-3!
Days Played:39
Total Days in Series:39
Big Brother Diamond 7 All Stars 5th Place!

Kantus Survivor One World 3rd Place! Later chosen as a favorite for Survivor Caramoan Fans vs Favorites!
Total Days played in Series: 45

Done Well
Mana's Survivor:
Japan: 8th Place (31)
Invited Back for Blood vs Water: 8th Place (30 Days)
Invited back for All Stars: 4th Place (37 Days)
Invited back for Cagayan: 11th/12th Place (15 Days)
Invited back for Bermuda Triangle:Rivals vs Duos (Rivaled with Brittany) Runner-up 3 votes to win. (39 Days)
Invited back for One World 16th(of 24) (Day 14)
Total Days Played in Series: 166
I currently hold 3 records in Mana's Survivor
First Player to pass 100 days
Played the most times in the series with 6
I have played the most days in the series (166)

BigBen's Survivor:
Macedonia 5th Place

Bingo's Survivor Angolia Runner Up (39 days)
Returned for Togo, Tengaged's Choice:11th Place (20 Days)
Total Days Played in Series: 59

Cmack's Survivor Phillipines Fans vs Favorites (Played as a fan) 11th Place
Returned for Second Chances:5th Place
Returned for All Stars:11th place
Returned for Last Chances (40 person cast):[22]: Zach B(tuter32){18th Voted Out, 4-3}(Rotu/Yasur/Yasur)
*Inductee into Cmack's Hall of Fame*

Wangifolds Survivor (2nd Gen) El Salvador 4th place (37 Days)
Total Days Played in Series:37

Wangifold's New Gen Survivor Cordojas 5th Place
Player of the Season/Hero of the Season

Survivor's Survivor: Jiuzhaigou Valley 5th Place (24 days)
Total Days Played in Series:24

Cole's Survivor Season 3 Bermuda triangle: 5th Place
Total Days Played in Series:?

RedChaos's Survivor Myanmar Fans vs Favorites (Played as a fan) 4th place-37 Days
Total Days played in series:37

Chantra Survivor Guyana: 6th place (30 Days)
Invited back for Heroes vs Villains: 11th Place (Quit due to personal problems at home) ? Days
Total Days Played In Series:?

Ck11's Survivor Season 7(I think) 2nd Place(39 Days)

Trinity Survivor Season 1 Ireland- 9th Place

Vegas and Kondon's Survivor Season 1 Morroco 9th Place (10 Days)

Mud's Survivor Blood vs Water (S7) 15th place
Mud's Survivor Second Chances (S9) 7th Place

My Games 378 games played

24 Nov, 18
11 Jan, 18
5 Jan, 18
4 Jan, 18
31 Dec, 17
26 Nov, 17
12 Oct, 17

My Blog Check my blog!

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