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Im going to be on TV tomorrowvote Aug 21, 2019
Going on Good morning Britain as my school is getting featured for results day and i am one of the clever ones that they asked to go on to open my results.

j2999 if only the exam boards could see me now


If you watch Good morning Britain, watch around 6am then look for a ginger kid. Thats me
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Cast of RPDR UK (Ranked)vote Aug 21, 2019
Looking at the cast already its going to be a good season with a few robberies along the way.

I am ranking them on their look for the cast photo not on what i think they will place

1st: The Vivienne: This will be unpopular i just know it but honestly you look the best out of all the queens and are giving me a really high fashion queen. In your photo you look very much like ariel Versace which can be a good thing but also a bad thing if you keep basing it off of her
2nd: Cheryl Hole: I really like how you present yourself and by just looking at your outfit you can tell you will be a front runner for the season. You are really good at makeup as i feel you have a subtle talent to you which makes you really stand out from the rest. When we have a snatch game i cant wait for you.
3rd: Gothy Kendoll; Ok i definately think you and Crystal get along together as i feel that you both will have the same kind of style. How you have presented yourself i feel that you are a really good make-up artist and also your giving me Alexis Michelle vibes with a smidge of Nina Flowers.
4th: Crystal: With your look your giving me Adore Delano vibes from the ball in her season and i feel that outfit is amazing. I feel that you will go far in the competition but she may find it hard to break through a design like that.
5th: Scaredy Cat: Now i had to read your bio or you as i know you are the special one. I kind of like you as you give me Valentina vibes as you have been only doing drag for a year but with your look, i feel that you have pushed the boat out with how you look as its rwally eye catching.
6th: Blu Hydrangea: I like how eccentric you are with your makeup as it really complements your outfit but there is something that reminds me of Blair st clair from RPDR Season 10 but not in a good way.
7th: Divina De Campo: I like the name and your makeup skills but the dress looks quite cheap. I feel that you could be getting an early boot and i feel that you wont be very remembered.
8th: Sum Ting Wong: Your a meh and honestly it looks like you over pad yourself to make yourself abnormally large. Also your acting too show girly as it looks like you could pin it back a bit
9th: Baga Chipz: By looking at her cast photo look, her makeup is bland and plain. I wished she had something that is not immediately in your face as i feel that how she has done her makeup is too defining 
10th: Vinegar Strokes: Sorry but her name is disgusting to start with and in her cast photo she is blantly ugly in it and honestly i dont like her makeup skills AT ALL.

Now what i think for placements:
1st: Cheryl Hole
2nd: Crystal
3rd: Baga Chipz
4th: The Vivienne
5th: Gothy Kendoll
6th: Blu Hydrangea
7th: Vinegar Strokes
8th: Scaredy Cat
9th: Divina De Campo
10th: Sum Ting Wong


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Ricochet Season 2 Ep 2: Torn Relations Aug 20, 2019
Main Characters:
1. Kimmy Mcfallen 34 aria_grande
2. Olivia Newton 19 saskiarae
3. Billy bvance1212
4. Summer Whitner 23 tizian
5. Keizo Toru 36 foxy_piplup
6. Michael Yelps 56 [UNASSIGNED]
7. Carlie Pollux 22 calebdaboss
8. Topaz Dier 59 [UNASSIGNED]
9. Jay Chase 19 macda27
10. Alexandra Bell 45 katherinee_
11. Rosie Jordan 36 [UNASSIGNED]

Supporting Characters:
1. Matthew Barnish 29 mbarnish1
2. Rose-Maria Ortiz 43 rosemaria
3. Nox Abernathy colincoco
4. Saskia Newton 19 saskiarae
5. Michelle so 22 tizian
6. Autumn Winters 34 captainzacsparrow
7. Chance Pollux 5 mudkipzftw
8. Charlie Chase 18 UNASSIGNED
9. Noah Laous, 16 novamax243

Guest stars: (Only in flashback):
1. Annabelle Ramsey
2. Xavier "Munchies" Much
3. Eli Ortiz

*Interactive question: 65% voted for Noah to stay with Alexandra and Rosie

Episode 2: Torn relations

::::Scene 1::::
Noah walks behind Rosie and Alexandra with his backpack slung over one shoulder. The other two dont really notice him as they whisper to each other.

Noah: So you want me to stay with you guys? Or not
Alexandra: Yea if you want to. Strength in numbers if you know what i mean.
Rosie: I agree you seem a strong asset and well you saved me so yea.
Noah: Where we off to then?
Alexandra: I feel we need to find a bigger group to survive in.
Rosie: Yes i agree with you as we may be able to survive better. But we need to remember we put each other first and not anyone else.
Noah: Your right. Us 3 are first and thats that.

Noah walks beside Alexandra as they carry on walking through a park. Noah sees the zombie ahead looking at Rosie.

Noah: Rosie, go kill that zombie.
Alexandra: Yeah do it. You need the training sorry.

Alexandra hands her knife as Rosie looks extremely cautious about it with her hands trembling.

Rosie: You really think i can do it?
Noah: Yes you can. I assure you We are here if you need us
Rosie: Ok

Rosie looks scared as the zombie heads towards her. She looks at the zombie dead on into her eyes seeing nothing. No emotion. No feeling. Nothing but just an eyeball which makes her want to kill more as she tears a knife straight through the zombies head.

Rosie: I did it.

Rosie takes the knife out as the zombie falls to the ground.

Alexandra: Lets go.

:::::Scene 2:::::

Olivia and Saskia are in their house making some food that they collected earlier from the morning. Olivia is cooking food while Saskia stays back

Olivia: The food is nearly ready.
Saskia: Okay cool

Saskia disappears going to her bedroom fixing the sheets back onto her bed and straightens her room out. Olivia notices Saskia going off to clean up.

Olivia: Can you make my bed as well please?
Saskia: Do it yourself?
Olivia: Please i am making you breakfast.
Saskia: Fine

Saskia stomps into Olivia's room fixing her sheets but with less effort than she did in hers.

Saskia: There now is the food ready.

Olivia turns around seeing Saskia leaning against the door way as she gets even more impatient. Olivia gets annoyed at her impatient behaviours turning around and placing the food onto a plate then shoving it onto her.

Olivia: There now. Can you please be grateful for once in your life. You always do this.
Saskia: Do what? I am hungry cant i be hungry now?
Olivia: Oh just shut up and eat it before it gets cold. I have to go out.

Olivia doesnt even bother to look at Saskia as she goes out of the door leaving Saskia to eat her food in peace.

:::::Scene 3:::::

Kimmy reads her plans knowing that she will need to start going out to find where the others are that they left. She grabs out a map from the cabinet laying it out on the table. She examines it closely trying to find where that they could be. Her fingers draw a small area that they could be.

Kimmy: Please god. Did they listen to me. Did they listen to where the meetup was.

Kimmy looks up to the celing holding her hands together hoping for her wishes to come true.

:::::Scene 4:::::

*FLASHBACK to prior episode 1 of the first season*

Kimmy and the group are discovering what they would do if they ever got split up. Kimmy and Annabelle set up a map on a car bonnet pointing at where they are.

Annabelle: Where you thinking then?
Kimmy: I dont know. Some where that wont be totally exposed to zombies
Annabelle: The school down south?
Eli: That was my old primary school

The group nod closing the map up hoping that there plan will be successful in the end if anything ever happened. Kimmy puts the map in her back pocket eltting the others lead infront of her.

:::::Scene 5:::::

Topaz looks at the group that are in the apartment as they all seem bored. Carlie continuously looks out at the window wondering if the zombies will ever go away. Topaz watches her knowing that its going to be hard with her due to the circumstances of raising a child in the world. She then looks at Michael who has a bottle of gin in his hand getting quite drunk

Topaz: Your an actual joke, you know that?

Michael starts to slur his words at Topaz making her realise the extent to his behaviour.

Michael: I love you Topaz!
Topaz: There is a child here. You really want to show this example to him.
Michael: He'll die soon, i assure you. All of us will

Topaz walks to the man grabbing his hair.

Topaz: Fuck you.

Topaz throws the man to the ground hoping that everyone didnt see. Carlie notices her as she watches in disgrace.

Carlie: Really? Topaz your talking about an influence. Luckily my boy wasnt here to watch that or i would have killed you. Now thats not a threat that would have been a promise.
Topaz: I am trying to protect him.
Carlie: Yea and i might from you. Now stop being such a bitch all the time.

The two girls dont notice Jay sneak out of the apartment block.

:::::Scene 6:::::

Nox is walking near the pharmacy as he gets increasingly annoyed at the people around him. He looks around seeing that everyone is getting food from the cafeteria so he decides to make his move. He sneaks into the pharmacy.

Nox: What to do first?

Nox looks around seeing the supplies all merticulously placed in certain posistions. He then gets an idea to create havoc for the group. He grabs onto one of the cabinets flinging it down onto the floor. As it falls all the supplies go crashing to the floor, spreading across all the floor.

Nox: A little bit of chaos doesnt hurt anyone.

Nox then carries on the mayhem bringing down another cabinet onto the floor. He then smiles at his madness but then gets another idea. He walks out of the pharmacy and sneaks away from the safe zone. He then looks at a straggler zombie grabbing it and leading it towards the pharmacy.


Olivia walks around the safe zone walking into the pharmacy. She notices that its a mess. She looks at the pharmacy in a disgrace knowing one of the boys must have done it. She looks around knowing that she needs to get it in order quickly.

Olivia: Where should i start?

Olivia looks around seeing that there is a few cabinets that have fallen down. She walks over trying not to step on any of the valuable supplies which are strewn across the ground. She lifts the cabinet putting it back to the original place and she starts to place the medical supplies back where they need to be.

Olivia: Its looking better already.

Olivia then goes to the back of the pharmacy going to see if there is anyone or anything at the back of the store to try and see if anything is there. She goes to the back heading into the small storage place at the back. She sneaks into their quietly but as she is in there she is ambushed by a zombie which grabs onto her left shoulder.

Olivia: AHHH

Olivia turns round noticing the zombie is inches away from her shoulder. She tries to get her knife from her front pocket but as she gets it she feels the zombie tear into her lower arm as she swung around . The other arm slashes the zombie in the face making it fall into a box knocking it out cold.

Olivia screams and alerts Billy who is just outside.

Billy: Shit! Shit! Shit! Olivia

Billy grabs onto olivia swinging round and putting her on the pharmacy counter. Billy starts to get flustered as Olivia tries to look at him in the eye

Billy: Ive got you. PLEASE SOME ONE HELP. KIMMY!!!1

Kimmy hears the commotion looking in seeing Olivia bleeding out.

-Cut to-

Kimmy sees the blood loss knowing that she needs to help Olivia or she will die.

Kimmy: Grab me the bandages. We need to stop the bleeding.

Billy looks around grabbing a set of bandages chucking it over to Kimmy. Kimmy then turns back to Olivia who is drifting into unconciousness.

Kimmy: We need to decide now.
Billy: What do you mean? Shes going to die. We know that.
Kimmy: Theres another way. But it may affect her for the rest of her life.

Billy questions what Kimmy has said standing back from the bleeding Olivia. He looks at the girl seeing the pain in her face as she is unresponsive. He then looks at a flustered Kimmy who is trying to stop the bleeding.

Kimmy: Just help me, please. I cant do it alone.

Billy snaps out of his lapse and rushes over to Kimmy applying pressure to Olivia's wound. He looks at Kimmy in distress wondering what she is going to do.

Billy: Do something. We need to save her.
Kimmy: I dont know...

:::::END OF EPISODE:::::

Question form:

If you would like to claim an unassigned character please just comment who and they are yours

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Ricochet Season 2 Ep 1: Life After Death Aug 16, 2019
Main Characters:
1. Kimmy Mcfallen 34 aria_grande
2. Olivia Newton 19 saskiarae
3. Billy bvance1212
4. Summer Whitner 23 tizian
5. Keizo Toru 36 foxy_piplup
6. Michael Yelps 56 [UNASSIGNED]
7. Carlie Pollux 22 calebdaboss
8. Topaz Dier 59 [UNASSIGNED]
9. Jay Chase 19 macda27
10. Alexandra Bell 45 katherinee_
11. Rosie Jordan 36 [UNASSIGNED]

Supporting Characters:
1. Matthew Barnish 29 mbarnish1
2. Rose-Maria Ortiz 43 rosemaria
3. Nox Abernathy colincoco
4. Saskia Newton 19 saskiarae
5. Michelle so 22 tizian
6. Autumn Winters 34 captainzacsparrow
7. Chance Pollux 5 mudkipzftw
8. Charlie Chase 18 UNASSIGNED
9. Noah Laous, 16 novamax243

Episode 1: Life after death

:::::Scene 1:::::

As the sun starts to set on Seattle several people are running around with 5 people out in the front and then a young girl dragging her son across trying to hurry him up. The others look at the young woman in annoyance as they know shes slowing them down.

Michael: Just pick him and go. Please
Topaz: Please, Carlie. Listen to Michael, pick up Chance and come on. They are catching onto us.

The group look back seeing the large horde gathering behind them. They stop for a second as Carlie grabs a hold of Chance picking him up. Even though shes not happy she gives the sign to Michael telling him to go. Michael replies with a nod starting to run around the corner away from the approaching walkers.

Topaz: The safe house should be up here. I would say about 2 blocks from here.

Jay rolls his eyes running away with the rest of the group as he brings the rear of the group up. While at the front Topaz stabs a few zombies trying to get through them.

Topaz: Michael help me

Seeing that Topaz is struggling, Chase also helps stabbing a few zombies in the head while they travel forward. Topaz, Chase and Michael keep stabbing the zombies letting Carlie and Chance travel through getting to the apartment block that they will be staying in for the next couple of days.

:::::Scene 2:::::

Autumn wakes up realising shes somewhere that she has never been before. She tries to adjust her self but still doesnt recognise her surroundings or the people around her. She looks in confusion as Keizo walks upto her.

Keizo: You ok?
Autumn: What happened?
Keizo: We found you short while from here. You was about to be killed while you had passed out.
Autumn: Where are they? Wheres those things?
Keizo: Walkers? We are safe, You are safe. You dont have to worry about them. Your in an elementary school, on the outside of the city.
Autumn: Ok.

Autumn adjusts herself as she feels very uncomfortable with her surroundings, sitting up smiling at the others that are in the room with her. Michelle looks back at her stumbling over to her.

Michelle: Hey, I'm Michelle.
Autumn: Autumn. What you in here for?
Michelle: Tripped and sprained my ankle. Hurts a little but it should be fine.
Autumn: Unlucky. I was just found on the street about to be killed. But i kind of wish i was there still. I wish i was dead in some way. To be with my family if you get what i mean.

Michelle nods heading back towards her bed questioning why Autumn just said that. Michelle looks back at an uneasy Autumn, sliding her cubicle curtain across to give her some privacy.

:::::Scene 3:::::

Rose watches Nox and Billy grafting away trying not to snigger as Billy isnt used to the work. Billy turns to Rose scrowling at her giving her a dirty look while Nox carries on fixing a fence. Rose offers to give a hand to the efforts but is rejected sharply by Billy.

Billy: You dont need to! Me and Nox, have this under control
Rose: Sexist! Your saying that because i am a woman. Because you think i am weak.
Billy: If you was weak you would be dead. I am just saying, me and Nox have this. You go inside. I think Kimmy wants to talk to us soon about something. I dont know what though.

Rose shrugs her shoulders, keeping the dislike she has about Billy to a minimum as she walks back inside away from the blistering heat. Nox then turns around shaking his head at Billy.

Nox: Really?
Billy: What. We are fine arent we?
Nox: Hmm. I am, but you. I dont know you look like a lobster. And not in a good way.
Billy: Oh fuck you Nox. Get back to work. Your only here because your a shit leader. Not because your good at this shit.
Nox: Bitch how your speaking your fucking going to get a knife through the throat in a second so i would just watch this shit or your gone.
Billy: Twisted fucker.

The two separate apart working on two separate parts of the fence going alone with them not even sharing an emotion with each other.

:::::Scene 4:::::

Rosie and Alexandra lie up a tree in exhaustion knowing that they cant keep up the intense walking for much longer. Alexandra is less out of breathe than Rosie but still takes the time to admire Rosie.

Alexandra: We should get going! They will start to catch up to us.
Rosie: We need to rest though. If we carry on, i may collapse and we are fucked then.
Alexandra: Just a little bit more. We need to find shelter. Either we fight or run.
Rosie: Guessing we are fighting then.

Rosie and Alexandra stay by the tree for a second as the snarling gets more pesistent. They look at each other knowing that its do or die time and that the time for running is over.

Rosie: You want to or shall i?
Alexandra: 3..2..1. Go

The two spring into action facing the zombies head on. They look at the numbers seeing its around 15 which makes them worry for a second but is stopped by Alexandra springing into action stabbing a zombie that gets near her.

Alexandra: Come on Rosie. Wake up.

Rosie is still in a trance as Alexandra tries to protect Rosie from any upcoming zombies. Alexandra keeps hacking away with her knife but she is too slow as a zombie grapples onto Rosie's leg. Alexandra knows she cant get to her in time as she watches the zombie get closer and closer.

Rosie: Please Help!

The cries of Rosie attract more of them near her. She goes to embrace the teeth into her leg but as she waits, nothing comes. She looks down to her feet seeing a young man stabbing the zombie through the head.

???: Your welcome.

The man keeps attacking the zombies, helping Alexandra finish off the last few. Alexandra turns around snapping at Rosie.

Alexandra: What the fuck Rosie.
Rosie: Im sorry. But one of those, was my friend, Amber. She died a couple months back..

Alexandra looks down then to the man who is still with them. Rosie then looks at him also questioning why he helped her.

???: Your welcome once again
Rosie: Thanks! But who should i thank?
Noah: The names Noah, i saw you was in trouble. Thought i should have helped.

Rosie nods at him smiling at him straight after. Alexandra mocks Rosie's gratitude shrugging her shoulders at the boy.

Noah: Problem? Because i thought i just saved your ass then.
Alexandra: Not really. Just why? Why did you help
Noah: You really asking me that? Really? Around 2% of the population is left in the whole world and your saying shit like that. We need to stick together in this cruel world. Just please let me travel with you guys, its tough being alone for so long. I have tried to fit in to larger places but well that was hard i must say.
Rosie: You can stay. You have much on you?

Noah shakes his head showing the contents of his rucksack to the girls: 2 bottles of water, a bloodied knife, some rope and a single bandage. Rosie then shows him her bag with around the same amount of supplies in it.

Noah: Guessing we need to go for some supplies?

The girls nod their heads even though Alexandra is still not sure about Noah tagging along.

:::::Scene 5:::::

Olivia and Kimmy are busy working out something in the office while the others wait outside. From the outside you can here small mutters comeing from the girls inside but its hard to tell due to the wall seperating them. Saskia is nudged by Matthew as they wait.

Saskia: Can you stop please? Its kind of annoying.
Billy: Sorry, i just wanted to know if you have any part of it.

Nox rolls his eyes at Matthew at his stupidity

Nox: Really dude, if she did she wouldnt be here but in there
Billy: I asked ok? Stop being such a dick all the time.
Nox: I was just saying stop being such a cry baby about it
Billy: No wonder we lost our faith in you.

Nox tries to hold his emotions in knowing if he does anything he will kill Billy. Rose notices this and sits in between the two people.

Rose: Please guys just stop for one moment. You are both alive you dont have to like each other but please work each other.

Rose interuptted by the turning of the door handle. They all look alert as Olivia and Kimmy exit looking serious.

Kimmy: Guys myself and Olivia have been thinking about and well we will need to start going exploring. As obviously there is a lack or any news in the world meaning that we will have to find it ourselves meaning that we will send a search party out for anything or anyone and they will bring them back as we hope to accomidate the empty houses that are in the safe zone. We are also trying to find Eli's group as we feel that they are still this side of the city due to the mass amount of zombies in the north. Is that understood?

The rest of the group as they are all relieved of the meeting as one by one the group go back to their routines.

:::::Scene 6:::::

The group stand on the ground floor of the apartment block waiting for their instructions. Michael looks around for any straggling zombies. Jay notices the snarling of zombies from outside getting louder and louder.

Jay: We need to baracade us in some how.

The group looks around noticing there is only a heavy dressing table by the door that would be able to stop anything from getting in

Topaz: I guess we are using that. Michael, Jay get it against the wall, me and Charlie will lead Carlie upstairs with Chance.

The group nod as they leave each other with Michael trying to push the dresser with Jay and the other 4 heading upstairs. While reaching the first floor they realise there is 4 zombies there on the landing.

Topaz: Get your knife out Charlie. Carlie cover his eyes.

Topaz and Charlie start to stab two of the zombies correspondingly sending them to the floor and waiting for the next two. Topaz finishes hers but as she tries to help Charlie, she trips making one of the last zombies trip onto her. Topaz gets pinned on the floor by the zombie but as it goes to bite her chest she feels the splatter of cold blood on her face. She rolls the zombie off of her and notices that Chance is on the ground with Carlie standing above her with a knife in hand. Carlie smiles as Charlie sees Topaz on the floor, reaching for Topaz's hand which she accepts.

Topaz: Good work. Quick thinking. The apartment is on this floor.

The group start to scout for the number that they need finally finding it not far down the corridor.

Chance: Auntie topaz is this where we are staying? Will those nasty monsters hurt me?

Topaz shakes her head smiling at Chance as she is called Auntie.

Topaz: No they wont now come on, lets get inside.

Chance goes in first seeing the fully furnished room with little to no blood. Topaz and Charlie follow him with Carlie waiting for the other two.

Carlie: Guys come on.

Carlie waves at the boys who are running towards Carlie with Jay infront of Michael as michael has a slower run to his stride.

Carlie: Every thing ok?
Jay: Yeah its fine. We are safe for a bit.

Carlie invites the boys in closing the door behind her as they walk into their living quaters.

:::::Scene 7:::::

Summer watches the surrounding area of the school noticing the lack of zombies about. She smiles at the news climbing down from her watch post walking away from the perimeter of the school. She goes inside to see Keizo carrying around aload of junk. Summer looks confused grabbing some of the stuff off of him as he struggles to carry all of it.

Summer: An explanation?
Keizo: First of all, thanks. Second of all, i just found it in one of the classrooms. We havent searched the whole place yet so i wanted to check some stuff out and found this.
Summer: What even are they?
Keizo: I dont know but we could possibly use them.
Summer: In what way. How are we going to use a maths text book?
Keizo: I dont know we could just... Umm. I dont know.
Summer: Exactly so lets bin this and try to find something useful. Some weapons of some sort. Maybe we find some secrets about this place that we can use if anything happens around here.

Keizo nods putting the junk down near a wall. Summer follows him as they walk down a corridor towards the staff room hoping to find some weapons in there.

Keizo: We seriously havent explored this place really have we?
Summer: No unless any one else has but hey we can now.

Summer and Keizo walk into the staff room seeing a warm yellow invites them in. They look around trying to find something that would help. Summer searches to the left and then Keizo to the right.

Summer: Tell me if you find anything. Ok?

Keizo nods and carries on searching for anything that they can use while Summer still questions herself about what Keizo was doing moments before and thought it was kinda of odd.

:::::Scene 8:::::

Under the school there is little growls coming from an unknown location. By second glance these noises was coming from a secret basement underneath the head teachers office. The camera then goes into the basement seeing that there is a human down there. A man.

???: Im sorry. I cant let you out.

Their words are cut short by the sounds of growling coming from the zombies that is infront of him. He looks at the zombies examining them. His mother, his sister, grandmother and so on... He watches as they try to grasp their hands onto him but he stands further away enough that they cant touch him. He just watches them, knowing that he wants to keep them there so he can protect them and let them be cured when there is a cure avaliable.

???: They will find a cure and they will help all of you.

The man looks at all 6 zombies with him catching eyes on one of them. A female zombie with ashen skin and dark brunette hair. The man just stands there looking at the zombie as if it had a deeper connection with it.

:::End of episode::::



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Ricochet Season 2 Cast Reveal Aug 13, 2019
Now before everyone jumps at me: There was no applications because i am running this a little different as i have a set story atm and characters with it. All i want you guys to do is claim who you want. You can have only 1 character except those who already have characters alive.

First of all i am bringing back all the alive group from last season.

----Group A----

Kimmy Mcfallen: aria_grande [SEASON 1-]
Kimmy is a 34 year old child-minder who has taken charge of the safe zone after she felt Nox wasnt taking much responsibility of the safe zone after the deaths of several people who was in his care

Olivia Newton: saskiarae [SEASON 1-]
Olivia is a 19 year old clerk who is the twin sister of Saskia. While the outbreak she has discovered her feelings for Billy who is another member of the safe zone. She tries to speak her mind but is always overshadowed by her loudmouth sister, Saskia.

Billy: bvance1212 [SEASON 1-]
Billy is the dark shadow of the group after he was found off the streets by the group. He tries to keep secretive as his feelings for Olivia are making it hard for him not to blab about who he is and his personal information.

Rose-Maria Ortiz: rosemaria [SEASON 1-]
Rose is a 43 year old fire fighter who is trying to find her way in the world as she has lost her husband of 6 years making her into a lonely cold-hearted woman.

Nox Abernathy: Colincoco [SEASON 1-]
Nox has little known about him since he has kept himself on the down low with the rest of the survivors. He tries to help but doesnt know what a true leader of a team is and therefore let several die from the safe zone making him unstable.

Saskia Newton: saskiarae [Season 1-]
Saskia is a 19 year old business-owner who is the twin sister of Olivia. Out of the two saskia is the more of a loud mouth as she tries to overpower people with her way with words making her seem very arrogant.

----Group B----

Summer Whitner: tizian [SEASON 1-]
Summer is a 23 year old trainee teacher, who hasnt really connected with anyone throughout the course of the apocalypse as she has a lot of wit about her knowing how to react in several situations.

Keizo Toru: foxy_piplup [SEASON 1-]
Keizo is a 36 year old nurse who has just became the leader of the group at the school. He is a very bright person knowing how to put others first and how to fight the zombies with ease.

Michelle so: Tizian [SEASON 1-]
Michelle is a 22 year old costa worker, who is quite close with Summer sticking to her side very closely. Being scared of the outside, Michelle avoids conflict and is very much of a healer than a fighter being able to do complex first aid.

Matthew Barnish: mbarnish1 [SEASON 1-]
Matthew is a 29 year old injured service personnel. He tries to avoid the conflict that he was injured in trying to avoid any talk about his pre apocalypse life which makes him quite untrustworthy in people's eyes

Autumn Winters: [UNASSIGNED] [SEASON 2-]
Autumn is a 34 year old stripper who lost her family early on in the outbreak. She tries to adjust to life without a family hoping she can find a new sort of family.

----Group C----

Michael Yelps: [UNASSIGNED] [SEASON 2-]
Michael is a 56 year old professional cyclist who leads a small group trying to find refuge in the zombie ridden world. He tries to protect his group helping them find their way through the streets of Seattle.

Carlie Pollux: [UNASSIGNED] [SEASON 2-]
Carlie is a 24 year old gym trainer who is trying to protect her little boy, Chance from the world that he has came into. She trains him to be safe making sure that he is always near her and never in danger.

Chance Pollux: [UNASSIGNED] [SEASON 2-]
Chance is a 5 year old school boy who has had to watch several of his family killed before his eyes. He is waited on by Carlie who tries to protect him whatever it takes but Chance doesnt know why she is so protective over him.

Topaz Dier: [UNASSIGNED] [SEASON 2-]
Topaz is a 59 year old state-owner who is Michael's right hand woman helping him find their way. She watches over two teenagers who was caught up between a zombie horde and gunfire causing one of them to get shot in the arm.

Jay is a 19 year old College student who ran away from home at the age of 17 with his little brother. Jay was saved by Topaz when he and his brother was caught up in a shoot out between a group and some zombies.

Charlie Chase: [UNASSIGNED] [SEASON 2-]
Charlie is a 18 year old college drop out who is the younger brother of Jay. Charlie is the quieter one out of the two letting him lead between the two of them knowing that he is the stronger one out of the two.

----Group D----

Alexandra Bell: [UNASSIGNED] [SEASON 2-]
Alexandra is a 45 year old accountant who has deep feelings with her travelling partner, Rosie after she saved her from a burning building. Alexandra is an emotionless woman with only one soft spot which is Rosie.

Rosie Jordan: [UNASSIGNED] [SEASON 2-]
Rosie is a 36 year old learning support who saved Alexandra from a near death experience. Rosie protects anyone she can making her seem very vulnerable to people who can manipulate this.

Here is the cast for the season. If you would like to claim a character please just mention in the comments and they are urs

Just to be clear the ones that you can have are:

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Aria's Drag Race 5 Results Aug 11, 2019
TWIST: All lip sync songs will have been from previous seasons

Episode 1:
Twist: In groups of 3 you will create a look that shows off a family resembalance. The 3 that has the worst is cut. TRIPLE ELIMINATION
Winners: Silky, Yohanna, Ariana
High: Pinky, Latrice, Mac-Kiwi
Safe: (Plastique,Scarlet, Emma), (Alyx,Kameryn,Ginger)
Eliminated: Amanduh, Alotta, Lissandrah (This has fucked up the game completely lol as i feel you three may have been better on your own)

Episode 2:
Maxi Challenge: In teams of 6, sell the most baked produce
Runway: Straight from the oven
Winner: Ginger, Kameryn
High: Yohanna, Plastique, Emma, Alyx
BTM2: Ariana Grenade and Pinky Clit
Lip sync song: "Edge of glory" By Lady Gaga
Eliminated: Pinky Clit (Sorry but it wasnt your time)

Episode 3:
Maxi challenge: The depsy awards
Runway: Greenery mania
Winner: Plastique, Mac-Kiwi
High: Yohanna, Ginger
BTM2: Latrice and Scarlet
Lip sync song: "Work from home" By 5th Harmony
Eliminated: Latrice Royale

Episode 4:
Maxi Challenge: Bitch Perfect
Runway: Flower Power
Winner: Ginger, Plastique
High: Silky, Ariana
BTM2: Kameryn and Emma
Lip sync song: "Break free" By Ariana Grande
Eliminated: Emma Versace (Wished you had got further)

Episode 5:
Maxi challenge: Design a frock out of Cardboard
Winner: Ariana
High: Kameryn, Alyx
BTM2: Ginger and Silky
Lip sync song: "Nasty" By Janet Jackson
Eliminated: Ginger Snap (Honestly this was robbery of the season where we had a person with a win go home a week after and we had a high go to the btm2 as well)

Episode 6:
Maxi Challenge: Snatch Game
Runway: Revival runway (Recreate of past seasons runway)
Winner: Yohanna
High: Plastique, Silky
BTM2: Kameryn and Scarlet
Lip sync song: "Roar" By Katy Perry
Eliminated: Scarlet Envy (You didnt really do much in this season)

Episode 7:
Maxi challenge: Star in a pet Adopt-a-thon
Runway: Faux-Fur Realness
Winner: Ariana
High: Plastique, Kameryn
BTM2: Alyx and Silky
Lip sync song: "Jolene" By Dolly Parton
Eliminated: Silky Nutmeg Ganache


All 6 queens will compete in two songs. The first a 6 way lip sync to find out the 2 queens going through to the final and then a 4 way lip sync to find the next 2

Lip sync song 1: "You dont own me" By Grace
Through to the final: Mac-Kiwi Monroe and Ariana Grenade

Lip sync song 2: "Castles" By Freya Ridings
Through to the final: Plastique Tiara and Yohanna Tulio

Eliminated: Kameryn X (Lip sync god of the season)
AlyX (Sorry but i didnt notice you much)

TWIST: The final 4 will not be competeing in a lip sync smackdown and instead we will look at their running records


So in 4th place is:
Mac Kiwi Monroe (I am sorry but this time wasnt your time)

In 3rd place:
Yohanna Tulio (Thought u could go all the way but well sadly you couldnt

And in 2nd place is:

Plastique Tiara (That episode 8 had a huge crumble to your winning)

This means Ariana Grenade is season 5's champion who will recieve too much to read out.

1st: Ariana Grenade jennavalentina (4 Wins,1 High)
2nd: Plastique Tiara Shanua34 (2 Wins,4 Highs)
3rd: Yohanna Tulio newnightmare7 (2 Wins,3 Highs)
4th: Mac Kiwi Monroe macda27 (2 Wins,1 High)
5th: ALyX jameslu (2 Highs)
6th: Kameryn X akeriachanel (1 Win,2 Highs)
7th: Silky Nutmeg Ganache sharonmaitems (1 Win,2 Highs)
8th: Scarlet Envy thickyvicky456
9th: Ginger Snap g1ng4 (2 Wins,1 High)
10th: Emma Versace eaurea (1 High)
11th Latrice Royale (1 High)
12th: Pinky Clit kisa (1 High)
13th-15th: Lissandrah May calebdaboss
13th-15th: Amanduh lawhore captainzacsparrow
13th-15th: Alotta Caffeine bbmegannicole


ANNOUNCEMENT: Season 6 will feature a huge twist that will only be welcoming back a small group of drag queens
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