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More i listenvote May 21, 2018
The more toy by netta grows on me

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Aria's big brother episode 2 Day 2vote May 21, 2018
1.Kayla ivix17
2. Nicole cookie_13
3. Danny danyyboy67
4. Brian brainjak
5. Logan lhooper902976
7. Dakota interneterror
8. Alexandria (UNASSIGNED)
9. Ross lorielle
10. Carlos hellomynameis347
11. Aleyah hellocat
12. Sophia foxywinters

#1 Brian, Carly, Aleyah
#2 Ross, Sophia, Kayla, Alexandria, Danny

Episode 2 (Day 2)

After the nomination ceremony brian,Carly and Aleyah try to figure out the meaning of Ross nominating the two girls

BRIAN: What the flying fuck is he trying to do?
CARLY: I don't know but ross needs to win pov then atleast 2 of us are safe then.
ALEYAH: Does that mean we throw for brian?
CARLY: Theoretically yes.
ALEYAH: I am not doing that
BRIAN: Do you want to be safe this week

Brian looks at Aleyah in curiosity. Ater seconds of tense moments she finally gives in

ALEYAH: Oh okay
BRIAN: Now I need breakfast after that early morning nomination ceremony


I don't know how much I can cope with these two girls. The alliances has gone on for a day and already one girl is refusing to help us get safe. If she wants to play that game I need to start separating with Aleyah and try to find alliances with Carly and others.


Why should I throw my comp for Brian? Yes it will keep us all safe but will it really? I bet he saves carly over me if he wins. I will make sure its my neck the power of veto is around.


Carlos, Dakota and logan are in the bedroom sorting out their clothes

LOGAN: Hey guys have you saw all of these houseguests creating alliances?
DAKOTA: Yeah I have. Its making me fee quite inferior.
CARLOS: Yeah I think we should team up. For a couple of weeks at least
LOGAN: Maybe till the end.
DAKOTA: Yeah okay

Nicole walks in unexpectedly.

NICOLE: What are you guys doing in here? Its a nice day.
LOGAN: Close the door. We are creating an alliance. You wanna join us?
NICOLE: Yeah okay. It will get me safe for a couple of weeks
LOGAN: Yeah it will


I have no intention of keeping her around long. She doesn't seem very trust worthy in my opinion and I think we should use her for votes for a couple of weeks then get rid of her.


ROSS: Guys its time for veto pickings gather in the living room.

They all gather in the living room as ross stands up opposite the nomination chairs.

ROSS: Please can you join me up here nominees.

The two walks up and stand next to Ross, the hoh.

ROSS: As hoh I will be able to pick first then do the nominees. I pick Danny
ALEYAH: I pick Brian
CARLY: I think I am going to pick carlos


Its so funny that she thinks I am really going to give her that pov. Fuck that I am wasting it.

Kayla walks to the kitchen to grab an apple and sees Nicole just cooking some food
KAYLA: Hey babes. What you making?
NICOLE: Nothing much just some French toast.
KAYLA: Omg that sounds so nice. Would u teach me how to make it? I am bad at cooking, but I have always wanted to learn.
NICOLE: Yeah sure. I am a home economics support teacher at home.
KAYLA: What grades do you work in?
NICOLE: 7-10. So its quite hard at times.
KAYLA: Tell me about it. I have 4 kids at home. I do love them but its like a holiday for me this experience
Nicole chuckles but then turns to Kayla

NICOLE: How would u feel about creating a final 2?
KAYLA: I don’t mind, Me could use our alliances to target each other in later stages of the game and we could find ourselves in the final 2
NICOLE: That seems like a plan

Nicole puts her hand around Kayla to secure the final 2 deal knowing it’s a keeper.
Now this is a secure alliance. I think I can really trust kayla and our plan to go on the underpass through the game will work I am sure of it. Me and her will be the unstoppable force that no one will be able to see

Brian is on his bed thinking about the position he is in with the girls being nominated and him no longer able to trust aleyah. He looks over to see Logan lying on his bed just looking up to the celling knowing its a chance to get an ally on his side.


Now should I ask Logan to align with him or at least try to know him better or not? I think I really do need to as its going to help me in the game because if its up to me I only have one ally in the house right to this moment and that's myself. I cant trust one bitch in this house. Well maybe one.. Carly. But at this moment she is the only one I have an ounce of trust in. This is why I need to start getting people around me and start to make deals with me to get me to that final.


Brian walks over to Logan looking at him in curiosity.

BRIAN: Hey you okay?

Logan perches up to a sitting position against the back board of his bed.

LOGAN: Huh. Yeah. Yeah I am fine. I am just
BRIAN: Your just what? Missing home?
LOGAN: Exactly. I miss my kids my outside life and we are on the second day.
BRIAN: Hey that's fine to be missing home. But think of this experience your getting.
LOGAN: I know but my family.
BRIAN: Hey your family wants you to be here. They like seeing you on tv. Winning. They want to see you show who you are.
LOGAN: Do you really think so?
BRIAN: Yes.. Yes I do I wouldn't be saying it if I didn't think so would I?
LOGAN: I guess.

Logan shrugs his shoulder and gives a hand to brian

LOGAN: Thank you.
BRIAN: This is what I am here for.


I feel so much better. I know I need to start gaining more power in this house. I want next week's hoh I want to show my family how Me, Logan Car-Michael Jackson operates in this house. Its game time for me now and no one is stopping me


Now many people think I am floating for the moment and guess what I am bitches. Why should I play dirty and have a bigger house target me where I can have a smaller house target my ass.



CONFESSIONAL COUNT (all together/ in order)
logan 4 (+2)
carlos 3 (+1)
Nicole 3 (+1)
Aleyah 3 (+1)
Brian 2 (+2)
Ross 2
Alexandria 1 (+1)
danny 1
kayla 1
Sophia 1
Dakota 0
Carly 0

Just to mention this is more of a drama episode than game episode. The next episode at least has Veto comp and Veto ceremony


Carly and Sophia and Alexandria are still not picked if anyone wants them
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Aria's big brother episode 1 day 1+2 May 19, 2018
1.Kayla ivix17
2. Nicole cookie_13
3. Danny danyyboy67
4. Brian brainjak
5. Logan lhooper902976
7. Dakota (UNASSIGNED) Male
8. Alexandria (UNASSIGNED)
9. Ross lorielle
10. Carlos hellomynameis347
11. Aleyah hellocat
12. Sophia (UNASSIGNED)


ARIA: Hello and welcome to the ABB house where 12 houseguests from all walks of life will endure weeks of strategy and betrayal. As soon as they walk through that door they will have to compete for their lives as the first hoh competition will go underway. How are you feeling houseguests.

Aria turns to all of the housemates to see 12 different face of emotion.

DAKOTA: I cant wait to get in their. I really want to win this.
ALEXANDRIA: I am kinda of scared to see some of the monsters you have cast in this game.

ARIA: Okay then if your ready. Please enter the house.


All 12 houseguests arrive in the house. All but a trio run to the bedrooms to get a bed.

Brian, Aleyah and Carly all stay back and look at each other in a malicious way.

BRIAN: Anyone want to team? We need to be the bad bitches on the block.

The other two smile towards Brian as they walk around the bedroom to see the others scrambling for a bed.

DAKOTA: That's my bed!!!

Kayla sits on Dakota's bed as Dakota screams at her.

KAYLA: Bitch get your own

Dakota moves onto another bed and claims his. As more and more claim bed its Carlos who has to sleep on the floor

CARLOS: I will not moan. I will be a gentleman.

After the 12 of them have sorted themselves out the hoh competition announcement has started
I don't mind this cast at the moment. But I think I might be targeted because of my generosity. I think I might need to get myself some numbers.


Todays competition is called Alarm

Here are 12 buzzers that will need a person to stand behind. At random points of the challenge the alarm will sound and you need to press your button as quick as possible.

Everybody clear.


I like this comp I have really good reaction speeds so I should do good.


I hate you big brother, I am shit at reactions so I am fucked for this week.


ARIA: Time to start houseguests.

Carlos is out

Logan is out


I guess I am not so good at reaction speeds then *chuckles*

Danny and Dakota are out

DAKOTA: Fuck I wanted this hoh badly


Obviously I am annoyed at getting out so quickly but hey, its the first hoh I know its not the best position to be in for my game



KAYLA: Upps, reactions aren't my best
LOGAN: We can tell
KAYLA: Shut up you got out before me.


He is such a dick. Why did big brother cast him if he's such a jerk


Carly and Nicole are eliminated


I actually done better than I thought. I wanted to win it but you cant win them all can you? I hope I am safe from eviction this week


*AFTER 1:23:45 HOURS*
Sophia is eliminated

*AFTER 1:34:01 HOURS*
Alexandria is eliminated

*AFTER 2:38:46 HOURS*
Aleyah is eliminated


I need to make sure that I am safe this week. I don't know where Ross's head will be if he does win hoh. But I need to make sure he trusts me so I can manipulate him into what I want


Aleyah walks up to Ross looking nervous.

ROSS: You okay?
ALEYAH: Yeah but I want to ask if you want to be in an alliance?
ROSS: I think so yeah okay
ALEYAH: Okay so its me, brian, you and Carly.
ROSS: Okay.


Its clear Aleyah is trying to suck up to me but its not working. I am going to make sure that alliance of three is gone but I need hoh to get these out.


*AFTER 4:50:16 HOURS*
Ross congratulations you are the winner of hoh

ROSS: Yes bitches

Ross walks over to Sophia, kayla, danny and Alexandria

ROSS: Can I talk to you guys in my hoh room.
DANNY: Yah sure.

The meet in the hoh room with ross sitting on the bed.

ROSS: Brian, Aleyah and carly are already aligned. I think we should get aleyah and carly out because they are good at comps
SOPHIA: They are all good at comps
ROSS: Yeah but if one wins pov we can get rid of brian
SOPHIA: Alright


I have so much power here, I am aligned with 8 people in total and already making moves now I am an icon. But I am still unsure about who to nominate


I don't know how much I can trust Ross but for this week I shall let him do his thing so that I am safe


ALEYAH: Hey, Sophia right?
SOPHIA: Yeah, do you want to align I don't know if I can trust that ross much
ALEYAH: Me neither. But we need to get him out as soon as possible but let everything go and just hope for this week


Bye babes, Sophia is so dumb she doesn't realise it does she is going to be up for eviction this week. Hehe


I am really scared of this week because I don't really know where people's heads are at and I haven't exactly spoken to Ross this week so I could be up



ROSS: I have the power to nominate two houseguests for eviction my nominees are going to have to be Aleyah and Carly. You basically forced me into an alliance which you should have knew I wouldn't have gone along with it. I hope one of you goes home but good luck

end of episode

With aleyah and carly nominated who will get the pov


Confessional numbers
carlos 2
logan 2
Nicole 2
danny 1
kayla 1
Aleyah 2
Ross 2
Sophia 1

whos your favourite to start with
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donate please May 19, 2018

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Aria's big brother simulation+storyline May 19, 2018
12 needed for a Bransteele simulation!

But i wont be showing the link for the Simulation. Instead Daily i will be making a story, and you will get to decide your characters personality in one word, and i will use that to make there character.

I Just need 2 things from you

1. Name-
2. Single Personality Trait-

Notice- I will be randomizing the relationships + Alliances, also your skill in comps.

1.Kayla ivix17
2. Nicole cookie_13
3. Danny danyyboy67
4. Brian brainjak
5. Logan lhooper902976
7. Dakota (UNASSIGNED) Male
8. Alexandria (UNASSIGNED)
10. Carlos (UNASSIGNED)
11. Aleyah (UNASSIGNED)
12. Sophia (UNASSIGNED)

if this goes well there will be more seasons


I am going to fill all the rest of the spaces in and through out the season till jury you can pick a character in the cast except the ones already cast
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I feel like just giving up May 13, 2018

No one likes me. Everyone who says that they do I will question it cause no one plussed my blogs and no one gives a fuck about me.


Edit: I am not just talking about blogs. It’s all of this site
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