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Will we get new color levels? May 1, 2020
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Can you unblock the designs png May 1, 2020
i want to buy ts for a shop, but i do not have any files to post :(
also a lot of designers are inactive randomize
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Wow that is a lot Mar 26, 2020
Novel Coronavirus cases
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China Mainland 81,285 3287  74,051
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1st Dawn Arising Awards Mar 17, 2020
imageWelcome to the 1st Seasonal Awards of Dawn Arising. There are 9 awards to be given out and the public voted for their favourites. Lets start with the first award:

: : : : :SADDEST DEATH: : : : :

There has been several deaths over the 9 episodes of this season but the public has chosen their winner

With 50% of the vote, the winner of Saddest Death is QUINN VASQUEZ

: : : : :BEST DUO/COUPLE: : : : :

We have saw some amazing duo's formed and the few romances. However the public had their favourite:

With 50% of the vote, the winners of Best Duo/Couple are HEATHER JOHNSON/ QUINN VASQUEZ

: : : : :FAVOURITE HERO: : : : :

Throughout the season, we have saw the emergents of those who will go out their way to help others.

With 42.9% of the vote, there was a tie and the two winners are QUINN VASQUEZ and LAURA LOPEZ

: : : : :FAVOURITE VILLAIN: : : : :

The groups have been battling not only zombies but those who want to kill each other.

With 50% of the vote, the winner of best villain is ALEXA ROSE

: : : : :FAVOURITE MALE: : : : :

With a landslide of 64.3% of the vote, the winner of favourite male is ALVARO OCANA

: : : : :FAVOURITE FEMALE: : : : :

Now with a shocking vote, 35.7% voted for the winner, who is QUINN VASQUEZ

: : : : :BEST GUEST STAR: : : : :

Now even though we didn't see them much. Several made an impact on several people in the show.

With a huge vote of 71.4%, the winner of Guest star is ALEXA ROSE


These characters really showed themselves this season and it was a close one to see who would win.

With a vote of 35.7%, the winner of this award is PENELOPE CRAWFORD

: : : : :BEST MAIN CHARACTER: : : : :

Now this is the one we have been looking forward to the most. These characters have had to face the most but with a really close vote it was anyone's game.

With 50% of the vote, the winner of the award of the night is HEATHER JOHNSON

This concludes the awards for season 1. I hope you all enjoyed it


Thanks for everyone's cooperation
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Dawn Arising Season 2 Applications Mar 14, 2020
imageA group of survivors must work together in order to survive the ever-changing world around them. Between the weather, zombies, limited resources and primal instincts, no one is safe because danger is always chasing.

*My goal is to make this a long-running series that lasts a few seasons*


Main things of applications:
1. You can apply upto 4 characters
2. Characters from season 1 will not have to be resubmitted
3. Please don't use cannon names that you use all the time. I want the series to be unique
4. Not everyone will make it
5. Modifications may be made to characters

Character Name (First and Last):
Pre-Apocalypse Occupation:
3 Adjectives:
Suggested Face Claim (may be considered during reader casting):
Bio (optional):

User question:
Will you answer the survey's after each episode or at least plus and comment?

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Dawn Arising Season 1: Episode 9: "The Reason Why" Mar 13, 2020
The cast:

- Heather Johnson 29 - Paul028
- Corey Travis 28 - Aria_grande
- Joannah Bell 24 - Turkeylover
- Greg Leigh 21 - Spikedcurley
- Quinn Vasquez 39 - Hellocat
- Rover Pearson 37 - Novamax243
- Alvaro Ocana 16 - Varlto
- Laura Lopez 20 - Carlyjordan14

- Wolf Pearson 43 - #Novamax243
- Penelope Crawford 24 - Tizian
- Donna Bell 19 - #Turkeylover
- Keisha Shaz 38 - Maryjane420
- Cindi Oh 21 - Cinzi_Lov
- Carl Rodgers 17 - Christian37
- Lynn Su-Yung 22 - Nateclove
- Lilia Willows 16 - #Novamax243
- Tana Regis 44 - Amnesia_
- Chase Lewis 46 - Lifeiscool

: : :GUEST STARS: : :
- Samuel Handson 23 - Dylangover1
- Judith Ward 70 - Glinda
- Emily Gause 23 - Yogscastbigbrother21
- Jamie Joseph 17 - (UNASSIGNED)

: : :DEATH LIST: : :
EP5: Poppy Travis 59 - #Aria_Grande (Guest Star)
EP5: Clarissa Franc 34 - #Aria_grande (Recurring)
EP6: Alexa Rose 22 - #Kelly2722 (Guest Star)
EP8: Garrett Gause 26 - #Yogscastbigbrother21 (Guest star)
EP8: Nevra James 19 - #Pennytrationstan (Recurring)
EP8: Jackson Walsh 62 - NPC (Guest star)
EP8: David Brooks 33 - #Paul028 (Main)

Episode 9: The Reason Why

: : :SCENE 1: : :

(4th March 2019)

Looking up, Emily watches as both Cindi and Jamie walk into the room with a sorrowful look. Emily tries to look for Garrett but she slowly shakes her head putting her hands on her face, covering both her nose and mouth.

EMILY: He's gone... Isn't he?

Jamie and Cindi look at each other trying to break the news in the best possible way they could but knowing that it will end badly.

CINDI: I am sorry, Em. He died quickly.

Emily slowly wipes the tears from her face looking up before gulping, trying to acknowledge it all.

EMILY: Good! I am glad he didn't feel pain. I wish he was still here but.
JAMIE: We are seriously so sorry. We tried but it was too late. It exploded before he could get away. A guy, he killed several people who travelled with us. Those with families.
EMILY: You told them? The families who lost people.
CINDI: We are about to. We wanted to tell you first.

Emily nods slowly trying to digest the information.

EMILY: Go, do it. Before they start to ask questions.
JAMIE: Right away.

The two of them walk out of the room as Emily starts to break down, obviously hurt by it all of her brothers passing.

--CUT TO--

Jamie and Cindi finish telling about the deaths explaining to those who lost their loved ones. Regretting their decision, they look back to see several families crying due to their losses.

JAMIE: U know! I am glad.
CINDI: Your glad that those people died.

Jamie stops shaking his head, with a small snigger.

JAMIE: No. I have no one to lose now. It's just me.
CINDI: Me neither. Since Carl is out of my life.

Jamie looks at Cindi smiling at her, walking up to her kissing her on the cheek.

JAMIE: I guess we have each other.

Cindi blushes as she reaches to kiss Jamie on the lips making him blush. Jamie reciprocates the kiss that lasts a couple a second. As Jamie pulls away, he brings his arm around her shoulders as they walk to their dormitory.

: : :SCENE 2: : :

(12th March 2019)

Sitting on a bed, Judith looks up to Greg who is just waking up. He picks himself up, sitting opposite to Judith as they stare at each other with a smile.

JUDITH: We have found somewhere.
GREG: I know, how did you know about this?
JUDITH: I used to own this place. I recognised Corey from when he was little. He lived nearby and i always used to find him sneaking onto this place. It's funny really.
GREG: It really is. At least we have a bigger group now.

Judith nods as she walks over to Lynn who is messing with something. Judith tries to look but Lynn keeps it private. Judith walks upto her bed, confused at what she is doing. Greg looks over also, intrigued by what she is doing.

LYNN: Can you leave me?
JUDITH: You look, mithered.

Lynn keeps fiddling with the thing under the covers as her emotions start to take over. Looking up, she notices Judith peering under the sheets finding the photo frame. Judith takes the photo frame from the covers bringing it into the open.

JUDITH: Why, Lynn? Why are you hiding this? You don't have to hide this.
LYNN: I do! I need to. Lynn is strong, intelligent. Not soppy, weeping over dead relatives.
JUDITH: It's ok, to be emotional. You are going to lose people throughout this. This is our life now. We are going to lose our loved ones more than we did before. We have the walkers to deal with now.
LYNN: But still. I need to be me. Not this other person trying to be emotional. I AM NOT THAT PERSON.

Judith pulls Lynn into a hug squeezing her tightly. While in the hug, Greg and Judith share eye contact as she shakes her head knowing something isn't right in all of this. Greg nods along knowing that it's not right.

GREG: Hey, why don't we grab something to eat. They have just come back from another run. We should head down. Share our support.
LYNN: I can't i want to stay up here. I need to sort myself out.

Greg nods slowly as Judith stands up walking away from the bed. Judith offers a hand to Greg who takes the hand pulling himself up as they leave.

LYNN: I need to sort myself before i help out properly.

Talking to herself, she lies back on the bed turning away to the door, looking at the photo frame that has her and family members in it. Greg looks back seeing her slumped in her bed shakes his head as he thinks. Judith nudges Greg as she notices him look back at Lynn.

JUDITH: Just leave her. She needs to sort herself out. She will be ok on her own.

Greg nods slowly as they walk away from Lynn who is watching them walk away from the room, putting her arms around the photo frame.

: : :SCENE 3: : :

Holding a rifle in his hands, Chase looks upto a nervous Tana who holds a pistol in her arms. Chase maliciously smiles at Tana as he examines the rifle that he has.

TANA; I don't feel good doing this. We are just going to kill random strangers.
CHASE: YES! They locked us up and now its time for us to get revenge.
TANA: I don't want to do it.

Chase goes to walk out the door but is held back by Tana as she grabs his shoulder trying to stop him.

TANA: Please just listen to me.

Chase shrugs off Tana carrying on to walk out.

CHASE: Tana, listen to me. You either help me or me and you aren't together.
TANA: Your not serious?
CHASE: Haven't been more serious in my life. I can't have you keeping me back all this time. Its pathetic. I hate it. Always having to watch out for you make sure your not in danger. It takes the piss.
TANA: I make sure your safe. Make sure that your tracks are covered. Without me you would be dead right now so don't go on at me as if i am the problem in the situation. You are the problem. YOU HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THE PROBLEM.
CHASE: How dare you?

Chase turns around pointing the gun at her. Tana starts to shake at the gun before gulping to calm herself down.

TANA: Exactly thats what you do. Go to shoot people. Go right ahead. You shoot me. You will have no one.

Tana walks away leaving through the back with Chase just standing their with the rifle in hand. He shakes his head, thinking that he will regret his next decision.

CHASE: I am so sorry Tana.

Tana turns back in confusion for what he is saying sorry for.

TANA: What for?
CHASE: This!

Chase grabs a pistol from the counter shooting Tana straight in the chest below her breasts. Due to the power of the bullet, she is sent backwards into the counter as her body slumps across the counter before falling behind it. Chase shakes as he walks slowly around the counter to see if shes alive.

CHASE: Tana?

Tana lies motionless as blood seeps through her clothing. Chase rushes to her side brushing the face away from her face as he sees her brown eyes.

CHASE: I am so sorry Tana. I shouldn't have.

Chase stands up shooting her again in her head to make sure she doesn't reanimate. Looking down at her body, he walks backwards away from her body trying to get the image out of his head and the thoughts about killing her. Turning his back towards the body, Chase walks out of the shop getting ready for his assault.

: : :SCENE 4: : :

Walking briskly through a forest, Laura watches as her group follows her, trying to pick their pace so that they can catch up with her. Between the sounds of footsteps, growling can be heard coming from behind them.

LAURA: Come on guys. Pick it up.

Laura walks quicker as she goes into a small jog going through the forest. Dodging between the trees, she quickens her ace hoping to get some more pace between her and the zombies. Laura doesn't realise that her group isn't catching up with her as she carries on to leave without them.

Penelope looks on to see that Laura is slipping away from the rest of them.

PENELOPE: Laura, Wait up!

The trio tries to keep up with Laura who is not noticing that she has separated herself from the group as she carries on running. However, when she goes to turn around a tree she is knocked over by a low lying branch. She is knocked on her back, knocking the wind out of her as she falls to the floor.

LAURA: Fuck!

Laura sits up waiting to see where her group has gone. Sitting on the ground, she hears the footsteps coming near her. Breathing slower, she sees Penelope running down to her. Penelope shakes her head slowly as she goes down to the ground to look at Laura.

PENELOPE: What the fuck happened?
LAURA: I hit my head on a branch. It knocked me flying. I am fine though. Help me up.

Laura throws her hand up as both Donna and Lilia help her up.

LILIA: We need to get going. Laura, don't leave us this time ok.
LAURA: I am sorry. I will stay near you. Penelope, take the lead. I will back you all ok.

Penelope nods as they start to run again realising that the walkers are getting closer and that they have lost some ground from the incident.

: : :SCENE 5: : :

(13th March 2019)


Walking across the road with a face of malice, Chase slings his backpack around his neck as it balances on his shoulder. Noticing a few straggling zombies, he walks nearer to the small group of zombies noticing that they are clawing at a car. Grabbing his knife out of his belt, he starts stabbing several of the zombies that are clawing at the car.

Finishing off the zombies, he looks at the car in a clearer sight. Impressed by it, he looks at the front seat, noticing the keys are still in the ignition. Opening the door, he chucks his backpack into the passenger seat as he gets comfortable in the seat.

--CUT TO--

Driving towards the mansion, Chase thinks about something making him drastically turn at an intersection. Driving down the avenue, he slows down as he sees the shop that he killed Tana in. Taking the keys out of the ignition he walks out of it looking inside the window to see if shooting her in the head had stopped it from reanimating.

Noticing there is no movement inside, he slowly walks in noticing the blood stain still on the ground from when Chase killed her. Looking across the counter, he notices that her dead body is still there. Slumped in the manner that it was originally.

Turning back to the car, he rushes back out, hoping not to stay their too long so he could execute his plan.

--CUT TO--

Parked up at the end of the dirt track, Chase looks up the track seeing the mansion once again. Revving his engine, Chase prepares himself as he speeds down the dirt track. Getting closer and closer to the gates, Chase braces himself as the gates come into his view.

CHASE: Shit!


One of the gates flings off its hinges as it gets flung to the side. Chase is taken aback by it as he is flung forward in his seat before getting thrown back. Catching his breath, he parks up the car shutting off the engine and hops out hiding behind the car.

Heather, Corey, Joannah, Quinn, Rover, Wolf, Alvaro and Keisha run out to see Chase's car pull up. The group look at each other in worry with Rover looking extremely nervous.

JOANNAH: Heather get inside. You're pregnant.
HEATHER: I need to stay. Fight with you guys.
ROVER: No. Get inside NOW!

Heather slowly nods as she walks back into the mansion looking at those who are still in their. The rest of the group start to anticipate some firing as they use the pillars as cover.

QUINN: Who the fuck is this person?
WOLF: I don't know. But i think he's someone me and my brother passed before. He's bad trouble.

Rover looks at Wolf who shakes his head trying to shut him up before he says anything that he will regret. The whole group watch as they see Chase fumbling under the car with his gun stash.

: : :SCENE 6: : :

Hearing the commotion outside, Lynn, Judith, Samuel, Heather and Greg sit at the upstairs window looking out into the grassy areas around the mansion. They notice the person staying behind the car but aren't able to see what he's doing

JUDITH: We need to do something. It feels wrong.
GREG: What does? We are safe up here.
JUDITH: That's what i mean. I want to help. Not sit back and just let it happen.

Heather sits down on a small couch holding onto the arm of it looking at the others.

HEATHER: Guys, you need to get back from there. What if he has some type of gun? Like a scoped. I don't know.

The reality of the idea hits the group with all but Judith heading back from the window into the blind spots.

GREG: Heather, your right.
SAMUEL: Non of us realised. I apologize.

Samuel looks at the group with all of them sitting on the floor hiding from the windows.

SAMUEL: What do we do now?
JUDITH: We have to wait till it's over. They will know what to do. I know it.
HEATHER: We don't know though Lynn. He could be heavily armed. Possibly explosives.
GREG: Heather, you need to understand, using explosives they would get themselves killed too. Not only us.
LYNN: I can't do this anymore.

Standing up slowly, Lynn looks at the group as she walks back from the window.

LYNN: I am so sorry for this.

Lynn runs towards the window jumping into making it smash as she falls to the ground. She lands on some guttering but it collapses making her fall on her head.

JUDITH: Oh my god. NO!!!

Judith stands their in disbelief as she sees Lynn's dead body on the ground with several broken bones. A tear flows down her face as those who are at the bottom are astounded by what just happened.

GREG: What the hell did she just do?
SAMUEL: She wanted to get out of this mess.
HEATHER: Someone help me up. We are more in danger here. We need to move to another room.

Greg and Samuel help Heather up to a standing position. The rest of them leave the room with Judith looking back at the window ending up to be the last person to leave the room.

: : :SCENE 7: : :

Breathing heavily, Jamie turns to Cindi in bed smiling at her. Cindi moves over before turning to Jamie kissing him on the forehead.

JAMIE: That was...
CINDI: Amazing
JAMIE: Thanks. I missed having someone that actually wants to have some time with me.

Jamie brushes Cindi's hair out of her face as he looks around the room. Knowing that they will have to get up soon, they share another passionate kiss before sitting up.

CINDI: So what does this mean? For us two...
JAMIE: What do you want it to mean.
CINDI: I don't know. I am not used to it. Not used to being love.

The two of them get up with Jamie slipping on his trousers while Cindi put a dirty top on. Jamie stands up sorting out the bed by putting the sheets properly.

CINDI: Just leave that. We can sort that out later.

Jamie nods as he goes to leave.

CINDI: I hope we can do this more.

Jamie smiles and nods once again before leaving the room. Seconds later, you hear a door slam indicating that he has left.

: : :SCENE 8: : :

Chase holds his gun close to him seeing that several of the group has taken shelter up nearby the pillars. Preparing himself, he crawls under the car starting to shoot at the mansion hitting the pillars.

CHASE: This is why you don't lock me up!

Dodging the bullets, the group look at each other, unsure on what to do. Johannah looks at the rest of them looking at the door.

JOANNAH: Guys. Its best we split up. Half take the front and half the back
KEISHA: NO! Definitely not, you want us to be killed?
JOANNAH: I want us to survive this mother fucker. Listen to me. I know how to do this.
COREY: I agree Joannah.  Rover you come with me and Joannah. The rest of you holding the front up.
KEISHA: Be safe. Please!

Wolf nods along with the others as Corey, Joannah and Rover sneak back into the mansion allowing themselves to go through the back way and do a sneak attack. While travelling Rover seems unsure.

ROVER: You sure this is going to work? This is very risky, splitting up the group and everything.
JOANNAH: This will work. We have no other option. We would be sitting ducks to all stay there. Now come on!

Opening the back doors, they see the an alley way that would bring the group straight round to the front.

: : :SCENE 9: : :

Back at the front, more gunfire occurs between Chase and the group. Wolf looks at the group, unsure that their plan is going to work. Looking at the amount of ammo they have he shakes his head at the group.

WOLF: Guys we need to stop. We haven't got much ammo left and this noise. Its gonna cause walkers to come.
ALVARO: You have a point. We seriously need to calm down. We can't get anywhere at this rate as he is under the car.

The group stop their shooting for several seconds but the ringing in their ears keeps occuring from Chase still shooting at them. Watching her fellow survivors moves, Keisha goes to look to see if Chase has moved.

ALVARO: NOO. Keisha don't

Keisha goes to peek but stays their for several seconds. Taking his chance, Chase shoots at Keisha from under the car. Keisha falls back, feeling two bullets go into her chest and neck.

QUINN: Omg! Keisha!

Quinn rushes to the aid of Keisha, dodging the bullets narrowly going to her side. She notices the gunshot wounds in her chest and neck. Keisha's chest goes still, making Quinn aware of what's happened.

QUINN: She's gone.

Quickly reacting, Quinn stabs Keisha in the head with a knife she had on her. Sobbing, Quinn knows that they have to keep fighting so that everyone else can survive.

Looking up to Chase who has decided to use some of the broken gate as protection she has an idea to get closer to Chase. Looking at Keisha's body, she lifts it up walking slowly down the stairs to Chase's car.

WOLF: What the fuck Quinn. ARE YOU STUPID?

Quinn looks at Wolf, shaking her head in disagreement. Carrying on, Chase notices what Quinn is trying to do and gets an idea.

CHASE: Your not that smart bitch!

Chase crawls to the side of the car getting a side angle of Quinn. Taking his chance, he shoots at her several times. Making her fall to the ground in agony. Alvaro and Wolf are shaken up by this as they fire 10's of bullets at Chase.

WOLF: What the heck is happening?

: : :SCENE 10: : :

Looking from the side, Joannah sees Quinn fall to the ground and is broken. Fury starts to rage as she looks at both Corey and Rover.

JOANNAH: You did this. Rover i know what you did.

Taking out a knife, Joannah turns to Rover stabbing at him. Dodging slightly, Rover trips up over himself making him fall back.

COREY: What the heck Joannah?
JOANNAH: He trapped him. I saw it. They found them and trapped them in the shed. HE IS THE REASON WHY..

Joannah pounces upon Rover shooting him straight in the head without mercy. Joannah shakes her head slowly as she rises up with blood splattered across her face. Looking to Corey, she points at Chase who is know running away knowing what is happening.

JOANNAH: We have to before he gets away.
COREY: I can't believe it. What you have done!

Corey shakes his head as he grabs his rifle. Taking his rifle, he suddenly strikes Joannah around the head with the butt of the rifle knocking her out cold. Looking upto Chase, he is astounded of what he has in his hand.

COREY: A grenade.

Picking up Joannah, he runs toards Rover's body, throwing Joannah's body towards it then throwing himself.


Hiding behind the bodies, he sees two bodies getting flung back. One of them being Chase's bit then another body.

COREY: Alvaro!


AHHHHHHH! This episode was phenominal. Soon i will be sending out the nominations lists and I will be introducing the polls soon.

Favourite character for episode 9
Least Favourite Character for Episode 9
Standout Moments!
How do you feel about the deaths in the episode? Who's death stands out the most.
What do you make of Lynn committing suicide in front of those who was upstairs?
Was it surprising to see Tana being killed by Chase?
Who do you want to see more of next season?
General thoughts of the whole season.



This has been an incredible season. I want to thank everyone
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