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Random Hunger gamesvote Oct 20, 2018

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Hunger games: 2vote Oct 20, 2018

Applicants still accepted

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Hunger games 2 pynvote Oct 20, 2018
Hello tributes the districts are ready for the hunger games but are you.

Tori Watson 18 years old kelly2722 (5) District 7

Name: (must be realistic and need a full name)
age (12-18)

also this isn't interactive

District 1
Male: Patrick Van-deer 17 y/o patricenka9
Female: Adelaide Hopkins 17 y/o adeleadele

district 2:
Male: Neptune Bledsoe 16 y/o knowyourself
Female: Honey Bunch 13 y/o honeybunch1 (sorry babes)

district 3:
Male: (TAKEN)
Female: (TAKEN)

district 4:
Male: James X 16 y/o j2999
Female: Madi Vandergrif 17 y/o maddog16

district 5:
Male: Zach Pine 18 years old tommy123
Female: Vivian Scorch 13 y/o tizian

district 6:
Male: Rock star 18 y/o yandereboy12
Female: Light Boo 16 y/o thelightiscoming

district 7:
Female: Brenda Lowe 18 y/o tester

district 8:
Male: Alton Haeger 16 y/o brainjak
Female: Katherine Orians 17 y/o top20fan33

district 9:
Male: M Karter Mahay 15 y/o brainjak
Female: Xenia-Rae Knightly 16 y/o aria_grande

district 10:
Male: Grea Noo 12 y/o c00ldude1000 had to make realisic
Female: F Ayesha Suljic 18 y/o purplebb4

district 11:
Male: Oregon Lyson 15 y/o konohavillage1
Female:Evelyn Grainer 16 y/o purplebb4

district 12:
Male: Mikie shaw 13 y/o top20fan33
Female: praskovya murayova 16 y/o hellocat

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Concerning my new blog seriesvote Oct 20, 2018
So before every goes on Campfire is not happening as I think many who applied will not be reading now due to the long time between the episodes and cast reveal.

So I am trying to come up with some ideas but I want you guys to pick as you will be reading so here are my ideas.

1. Hunger games 2.0 Will be doing a second lot of this after the first games.

2. Rebellion: An orginal story about a group of rebels trying to overthrow the tyrant that rules over a dystopian town of Awertu.

3. The walking dead: Done this several times with 1 successful season and several successful half seasons

4. Commitments of below: Sinners village. This would be an anthology of stories with sinners village being the first.

So in comments choose which you would like me to do. As I like all but cant decide also if you want me to tag you for the applications say so I can do so.

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Drag race 1 PYN Sep 22, 2018
I think I done like 2 seasons before but I want to do it again .

So 10 queens will compete in the first season and I will have one of those queens if u want to be in it just pyn your drag name

Bob the Walmart clerk
Cocoa Butera sharonmaitems
Helena handbasket zuelke
Aurora Belarachy rubes
Diamond Dancer lhooper902976
Lydia Crotch cornacia
Mrz sassy qweer patricenka9
Macda avery cox macda27
Rain lady_gaga_

Inspired by macda27
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What type of person am I Sep 9, 2018
I really know because I have heard two differ t ways they call me but I want to know

Points: 30 3 comments