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Scream [S1] Episode 3: Life's given away Dec 14, 2019
The cast:

Main characters:
1. Miley Chandler = Aria_grande = Mila Kunis
2. Paisley Johnson = Glinda = Maya Jama
3. Tyler Seeg = Tylerseeg = Alfred Enoch
4. Sara Chandler = Aria_grande = Sarah Hyland
5. James Chen = nateclove = Zach Villa
6. Heather Row = Aria_grande = Camilla Luddington
7. Cordelia Huntington = Aria_grande = Lana Parrilla
8. Alex Dare = Lhooper902976 = Darren Criss
9. Lina Evans = Jameslu = Lisa Kundrow
10. Mariyam Corrona = Purplebb4 = Amber Riley

Recurring Characters:
1. Brooke Thomas = kalypsoblack = Briar Nolet
2. JJ Huntington = Aria_grande = Channing Tatum
3. Diamond Sanders = ajathekween = Elizabeth Banks
4. Rocky Ophelia = Aria_grande = Troy Baker
5. Paige Scavo = paigescavo = Perrie Edwards
6. Iris Blue = turkeylover = Sofia Carson
7. Michael Stellato = stuartlittle16 = Alex Lawther
8. Mike Vitscott = wolven6974 = Colin Petierre
9. Allison Huntington-Payne = Aria_grande = Alex Polizzi
10. Laila Potts = 13bam = Jacqueline Jossa
11. Myles Dilton = systrix = Louis Tomlinson

Guest Stars:
1. Tony Huntington = Aria_grande = Joshua Rush
2. Topaz Tyler = (UNASSIGNED) = Letitia Wright
3. Robbie Tyler = (UNASSIGNED) = Michael Ward
4. Chloe Francis = (UNASSIGNED) = Liliana Ketchman
5. Frankie Shea = (UNASSIGNED) = Sage Rosen
6. Melissa = (NPC) = Susan Bennett
7. Crystal Crum = (UNASSIGNED) = Brooke Smith

===Scene 1===

*August 7th, 2017*

Allison wakes up to her alarm hearing the chimes that go off every second. She hits the alarm shutting it off and then she wakes up. She tries to listen to see if Lewys is up but she hears nothing. She puts her slippers on and then grabs her dressing gown getting worried about him not waking up.

Allison: Lewys. Wake up, you need to get dressed.

JJ hears Allison trying to wake up Lewys getting increasingly annoyed at her. He opens his door seeing her tense about Lewys not getting up. Allison rolls her eyes at JJ knowing he is going to say something annoying to her.

Allison: Just shut up before you start.
JJ: Just go into his room. The worst he could be doing is masturbating.
Allison: JJ shut up you vulgar person.

Allison storms into Lewys' room seeing that hes not in his bed.

Allison: Lewys. Where the heck are you?

Allison doesnt see the blood that is surrounding the closet. JJ strolls behind her not seeing him either.

JJ: Oh ok then. He must have gone some where
Allison: HE CANT OF. We have to go out. NOW

Allison gets stressed at this and walks into his room. She gets an idea to check that if he has run away or something and opens the closet as Lewys' body is slumped into the corner with a knife in his throat. Allison screams as she looks at his body.

JJ: I'm so so sorry.

Allison walks away slowly as tears fall down her face noticing that she has blood on her hands

===CUT TO===

Cordelia grabs her phone, phoneing everyone that is in the secret 5

Cordelia: Its happened. He's back

===Scene 2===

*August 8th, 2017*

Paisley walks into a busy town hall as over 30 have took to the mayor to see what the hell is going on. Lots of shouting goes on as Paisley tries to fight through the crowd. Around 3 or 4 people away from her, Paisley sees alex who is also trying to push to the front. She pushes herself past the people tapping Alex on the shoulder

Paisley: Hiya. Is this about, Lewys. The one that got killed?
Alex: You heard then?
Paisley: Its like wildfire round here. Everyone knows. Its bad. Really bad.

Tyler butts to the pair of them smiling at them also.

Tyler: Third death in a couple of months.
Alex: They dont even know who did it. Thats the worst of it in my opinion.
Paisley: The family i feel bad for. They just waking up to find him dead.

The 3 of them feel an almighty coming from the back of them as they see more and more are trying to get in to get answers about their safety. A large voice starts to boom across the town hall as the whole crowd has gone to a silence. The three of them turn seeing the mayor of Blakelope, Crystal Crum take to the stand.

Crystal: Hello the town of Blakelope. I first of all want to apologise for the events of the past day. I am severely apologetic for the family of Lewys Payne who was murdered yesterday. We are still waiting on the actual death but at the moment i am working with the police unit to try and make this town safe again. But now please. if we have news i will make another press conference. ALL OF YOU GO HOME.

The crowd of people starts to empty the main room of the town hall leaving Paisley, Alex and Tyler with a few others including the receptionist, Melissa. The three of them wait till some more has left. The trio of them walk up to the receptionist smiling at her. She doesn't seem as happy to see them as they do to her.

Melissa: Ugh what do you want?

Melissa goes to leave but Paisley stops her

Paisley: We arent like those. We just want to know. How was Lewys killed?
Melissa: I cant explain that sorry

Melissa leaves, leaving the three of them at the front desk

===Scene 3===

Mariyam returns back to the house that she is living with Brooke shutting the door behind her. She tries to sneak in but Brooke is sitting there looking at her shaking her head.

Brooke: You going to tell me where you was last night?
Mariyam: It was work. They called me in. But i had to go over to Montana to help them out.
Brooke: Your on leave. Your not supposed to do that stuff

Mariyam puts her bag down, walking straight past Brooke ignoring her for a second grabbing herself a drink then sitting on one of the kitchen counters

Brooke: You gonna answer me or not? Because i deserve to know.
Mariyam: It was work. Brooke shut up. I have told you what happened.

Brooke walks out leaving Mariyam on her own. Mariyam jumps off of the kitchen counter looking at the floor knowing that its going to be hard for herself to lie to Brooke for much longer. Brooke slams the door making sure that Mariyam knows she is on her own. Mariyam then walks around into the living room, opening the bag that she threw on the floor emptying the contents into the washing machine.

Mariyam: Im so sorry brooke

The bloody clothes start to spin around in the washing machine as Mariyam just watches it. Knowing that its going to happen today

===Scene 4===

*August 12th, 2017*

Miley, Sara, Cordelia, JJ, Allison and Tony all stare at the coffin with all the girls having tears roll down their face. JJ and Tony just look at it emotionless not knowing how to feel for Lewys. Miley looks up to her family.

Miley: Lets go. We need to for him. I'll get James and Rocky to help.

Miley, Sara and Cordelia are about to walk into the chapel with Allison but she just falls onto her knees in floods of tears.

Allison: I cant. I need him to be with me. My baby.
Cordelia: He will be. In soul.

Allison takes no advice off of her sister and ignores her just starring at the coffin getting worse and worse every second. Her black dress starts to soak up her tears as her eyes are starting to dry up.

JJ: Allison you need to listen to me.

Allison looks up to JJ who is offering her a hand

JJ: I am not emotional. And kind if you say so. But I am. We all are here to help. Now lets all go in there together.

James and Rocky turn up taking a hand upon the coffin.

James: Rest in peace, Lewys *Turns to Allison* I'm so sorry. This should have never happened

The men all lift up Lewys' coffin and walk into the chapel with Miley starting the procession off. All of the women look at the floor with alot who have turned up to pay their respects.

===Scene 5===

*August 13th, 2017*

Its been a day since the funeral and nothing much has happened at the manor of Chandler and Huntington. Rocky has been doing the most for the family but they are all in severe mourning many of them not talking since the funeral, especially Allison. Most of them are at the Chandler Manor but Cordelia is at the Huntington manor trying to calm herself down in Lewys' old bedroom.

Cordelia hears a knock on the door and she goes to answer it. She notices it is Heather and opens it immediately. Heather brings a wreath of flowers, placing it at the bottom of the stairs.

Cordelia: I just dont get this all.
Heather: That they are back?
Cordelia: Hmm. We killed him. How can this all happen?

Heather pulls Cordelia into a tight hug knowing that she needs it.

Heather: Honestly Cordelia, i dont know. But the 5 of us need to be close. No others involved. Not James, Sara, JJ. NO ONE.
Cordelia: But what about the twins?
Heather: They are dead no one knows about them. Its all a suicide to everyone. They have nothing to do with all of this.
Cordelia: No im not being paranoid here. I know they are part of all this mystery. This is all one big piece of the puzzle. You need to believe me.
Heather: You have just lost a family member. You need to seriously calm down.

Cordelia gets out of the hug walking away from Heather knowing that she wont believe her what ever she says. Cordelia turns back to Heather looking at her tearfully.

Cordelia: Im right i know it. Just wait. I will find it and prove it to you.

===Scene 6===

Brooke, Michael and James are around Iris' talking to her about the death. They are sitting in a circle all drinking frozen lemonade that Iris made for them all.

Brooke: It feels like we are around a Ouija board.
Iris: A Ouija board, really. We arent here for that

Iris takes a sip of her lemonade being very loud and annoying with it as her slurping starts to make weird noises.

Michael: Very mature aint it?
James: Come on guys. We need to talk about Heather.
Iris: Heather? What does she have to do with anything?
James: Sorry but what i saw. There's something shady going on. I don't know what, but well i think its about Lewys?
Brooke: You're joking me. Are you telling me they killed him?
Iris: Stop being stupid. Heather is a Police officer she wouldnt kill someone. Especially a child.
James: Well if the shoe fits. But i wasn't saying that but they know something. Maybe from the past. Non of them will tell us. But we can check the library.

James quietens down as the rest of them drink their drinks.

Iris: Your being stupid. But we'll help.

===Scene 7===

Allison is drinking a large shot of vodka, trying to get over her sons death. Its obvious that she hasn't gotten over it. Allison walks over to the kitchen table plonking the drink down onto the table, crying as several tears run down her face and onto the table. She looks up to the light knowing that she cant deal with the stress of losing her own child.

Allison: I cant cope with this. This losing you. I miss you lewys. But i dont know any more

===Cut to===

Allison is in an unknown barn looking up at the supports with some rope and some hay bales. She climbs upto the hay bales throwing the noose and placing her head in it. Kicking the bales away, Allison hangs there while she quickly struggles for breath not noticing ghostface is behind her.

Ghostface: You sad that your little Lewys died. How about this?

Ghostface grabs the scythe that they have slicing at Allison's legs cutting them clean off as her legs just fall to the ground plus a load of blood killing her instantly. Ghostface turns around seeing that Diamond is being them holding a pair of fabric scissors.

Diamond: I cant believe you did this. Who are you.

Diamond goes to lunge for Ghostface but they just place their scythe right in front of them as Diamond runs into the scythe puncturing her lungs as soon as they hit.

Ghostface: Sorry

===Scene 8===

Miley knocks on the door of the Huntington manor waiting outside on the porch. She just looks at the door waiting for someone to answer for her but no one does. She peeks inside one of the front windows and she sees nothing.

Miley: Hello. Anyone on in?

Miley steps back looking at all the front room windows seeing nothing, an empty manor. She looks around getting mysteriously aroused by this mystery. Miley turns back walking to her car not noticing someone hanging around at the back of the building, near some of the bushes. Miley drives off leaving the house untouched and the person behind it.

On closer inspection, there are actually two people there but only one of them is visible. Its unclear who they are but their voices dont seem to be the quietest which anyone nearby could possibly hear.

Woman: Has the plan worked?
Man: 3 dead. The two from this place and then another person.
Woman: Another person? It was only those two. That family ruined our lives. So did the Chandler's and you kill off another person.
Man: They would have told everyone. She was about to attack me with some scissors the crazy cow.

The one person walks away as the other person just stands there extremely quite as it seems that they are trying to blend into the background

===Scene 9===

Sara is on her own in the bar drinking some cider as she seems very upset at something. She notices what she got for herself and looks down at her stomach holding it as if she is in pain. She doesnt notice several of her friends walk in as she clutches her stomach. Miles, Laila, Paige, Brooke and Rocky all come in sitting next to Sara at the same booth she is that.

Laila: Whats up with you not drinking?
Sara: Oh nothing dont worry. Just got stomach pains
Miles: You know what they say, pregnancy

Nothing really happens as they all go extremely quiet


Just give me your thoughts as i really cant be bothered with the google forms
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Music nowadays is SHIT Dec 10, 2019
Since like 2010 music has gone down hill so much. Like every week in 2010-2014 people got excited to see new songs come out but now its just


Points: 128 7 comments
Scream [S1] Episode 2: Behind closed doors Dec 7, 2019
The cast:

Main characters:
1. Miley Chandler = Aria_grande = Mila Kunis
2. Paisley Johnson = Glinda = Maya Jama
3. Tyler Seeg = Tylerseeg = Alfred Enoch
4. Sara Chandler = Aria_grande = Sarah Hyland
5. James Chen = nateclove = Zach Villa
6. Heather Row = Aria_grande = Camilla Luddington
7. Cordelia Huntington = Aria_grande = Lana Parrilla
8. Alex Dare = Lhooper902976 = Darren Criss
9. Lina Evans = Jameslu = Lisa Kundrow
10. Mariyam Corrona = Purplebb4 = Amber Riley

Recurring Characters:
1. Brooke Thomas = kalypsoblack = Briar Nolet
2. JJ Huntington = Aria_grande = Channing Tatum
3. Diamond Sanders = ajathekween = Elizabeth Banks
4. Rocky Ophelia = Aria_grande = Troy Baker
5. Paige Scavo = paigescavo = Perrie Edwards
6. Iris Blue = turkeylover = Sofia Carson
7. Michael Stellato = stuartlittle16 = Alex Lawther
8. Mike Vitscott = wolven6974 = Colin Petierre
9. Allison Huntington-Payne = Aria_grande = Alex Polizzi
10. Laila Potts = 13bam = Jacqueline Jossa
11. Myles Dilton = systrix = Louis Tomlinson

Guest Stars:
1. Lewys Payne = Aria_grande = Mitch Holleman
2. Tony Huntington = Aria_grande = Joshua Rush
3. Topaz Tyler = (UNASSIGNED) = Letitia Wright
4. Robbie Tyler = (UNASSIGNED) = Michael Ward
5. Chloe Francis = (UNASSIGNED) = Liliana Ketchman
6. Frankie Shea = (UNASSIGNED) = Sage Rosen

===Scene 1===

*August 6th, 2019*

Paisley is in the diner drinking a mug of coffee with the glare of her computer screen glaring into her pupils. She looks over to a deserted diner with not even a waitress there. She finds this weird but then goes back to her computer screen starting to type.

Paisley *Laptop*: Its been a few days since the party at Miley's and everything seems so quiet, not meaning the town, or the people but the atmosphere it just doesn't seem right. I see the kids playing in the streets but i turn away and look again. They are gone. Its as if something is coming. THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM.

Paisley closes down her laptop seeing that the place has started to liven up as she sees her good friend Laila serving people. Laila sees her walking over smiling at Paisley.

Laila: I needed the job haha and they was hiring.
Paisley: I guess you do but hey hows you. I havent saw you for a couple of days.
Laila: Keeping myself busy. I work some of the night shifts here. On the weekends obviously anything to pay the bills i guess.
Paisley: I guess

Paisley drinks the rest of her drink as Laila takes the mug away. Packing her stuff away, Paisley gets an alert from her phone reminding her of her teenage dance class that she has all day which makes her jump out of her seat taking her laptop with her.

===Scene 2===

Paisley arrives at her dance studio seeing that several students are waiting at the door for her. Paisley grabs her dance laptop out opening the studio to her students as they walk in. Paisley stands behind them following them in, turning the lights on for the whole place.

Paisley: Guys come into Studio 1 when you are all ready. Topaz will get you warmed up and stretched.
Chloe: Coolio

The students enter the dressing room as Paisley walks into Studio 1 setting up the music and taking her jumper off revealing a dance top under it.

Paisley: We need to get ready for this as if we dont i dont know what we gonna do if we dont they better be ready to work.

Paisley sees the group all walk up followed by Topaz as she closes the glass door to the studio as Paisley opens her mouth.

Paisley: Okay guys i need Frankie and Chloe to do the trick. The one you was practising with Topaz ok.

Frankie and Chloe go to the other studio to work with Topaz as the others listen to Paisley.

===Scene 3===

Miley is sitting in the office of the manor minding her own business just sorting out some deeds to the property. Miley puts on some music as she empties the filing cabinet on the floor to check all the files that she has and that nothing is missing. She doesnt hear Sara running down the hallway calling her name.

Sara: Mom! Mom. You need to come quick.

Sara bursts through the door hearing the music blasting. She looks at her mother with an expression of worry drawn across her face. She looks at her mom who turns off the boombox.

Sara: You need to come and look at this
Miley: Why whats the matter? Are you ok? Tony ok?

Sara runs out of the room as Miley follows stepping over all the papers that are scattered on the floor. Sara leaps from step to step from the manor into the direction of the gates as Miley catches up to her.

Sara: Its just up here

Sara stops around the gates looking at the wall as Miley sees it in shock as a graffitti mark says
"I am back. And I'm ready to finally kill you"

===Scene 4===

Heather, Cordelia, Lina and Mariyam are all called by Miley with a worry on her face. She looks at her phone as each of the four of them answer within 10 seconds of starting the call.

Heather: What the matter? Whats with the group chat?
Lina: Im about to go work your stopping me from doing my job.

Miley turns the camera round to her face.

Miley: You guys need to look at this.
Cordelia: At what?

Miley shows the group call the tag on the wall of the manor and all their faces turn to a frown.

Mariyam: Is that what i think it is?
Cordelia: Oh god
Miley: You are all gonna have to come to mine tonight. Make sure no one sees you though. This has to be kept a secret. Not just this. The past also

The call is hung up by everyone knowing that all the meetings they have must be kept as secret as possible. Miley then looks around walking to a fountain that is nearby. She just looks at it for a second, sitting on the edge of it just wondering

Miley: How did this get all so messed up?

===Scene 5===

James sees Heather closing up the police station from the background. She is confused at her after she told him to go home early. He examines his partner looking at why she is acting so strange. He has to hide quickly while Heather looks behind her walking to her car.

Heather *Whisper*: i really do not know what to do.

James looks as Heather starts to drive off, away from her house's direction. This starts to make him nervous about what she is about to do as she usually tells him about what ever she does

===Cut to==

Its about an hour later and the 5 of them: Miley, Cordelia, Heather, Mariyam and Lina are all circled around a grave. They all look at each other, with Lina and Mariyam having shovels in hand. Miley looks in worry knowing that what they find could mean anything for not only them but all of their family and friends.

Lina: We really going to do this.
Miley: We have to know if hes dead or not.

Mariyam laughs a little as Miley questions what they did over 15 years ago.

Mariyam: Your stupid right? Hes dead. We all saw it. We all killed Joseph. We all watch him get shot. Now your saying he might have revived himself.
Miley: Well who else would have done that shit on my manor wall.
Heather: Mariyam you do have a point. I get where you are coming from. We know hes dead. And it could have been some sort of silly joke. Sort kids like to play

Miley gets annoyed at her as she points to the grave readying to be dug out. Lina and Mariyam nod but as they do their shovels go straight through it making the both of them fall a little bit into a shallow grave with no body inside.

Mariyam: What the hell? Miley stop trying to scare us.
Miley: I'm.. Not. I have nothing to do with this. We are in trouble. All of us are. We need to go.

Miley slowly walks back slowly scared at the new thing that they have just found. the others look at her in worry.

Lina: Keep your phone on. We need to watch our backs.

The group all split up walking away from the shallow grave all going different directions taking the shovels with them

===Scene 6===

Tyler and Iris are at Tyler's place. Iris is just in the kitchen while Tyler is lying on the sofa. Iris knows that there relationship is very risky since she does the drug dealing espeically with Tony. Tyler sits up for a second turning the corner seeing Iris smiling at him.

Iris: Come on we will get on the couch and snuggle together.
Tyler: Thats not your style haha.

Iris kisses Tyler on the cheek taking his hand leading him onto the couch as they snuggle up.

Tyler: How is work being to you then?
Iris: I need to get out of it. That little bitch. Tony hes being a piss take asking for it all the time. The drugs i mean. I cant deal with his. His. Just him.

Tyler snuggles closer to Iris putting an arm round her side

Tyler: It will be fine. Is he giving you bother?
Iris: Hes just persistent. Hes defo an addict.
Tyler: Give him a dodgy batch. Give him baby powder.

Iris rolls her eyes but laughs at Tylers comment ruffling her fingers through his hair.

Iris: I really do love you.

The two of them start to kiss over and over as they turn the tv off leaving them in complete darkness

===Scene 7===

Allison and Lewys are at the Huntington manor doing their own thing getting ready for bed. They are both upstairs while JJ and Cordelia are both out. They don't take much notice of each other as they enter there rooms.

Lewys: Night mom.

Allison shouts back at him as she starts to creep into bed.

Allison: Night doll. Please go to sleep though. You have to get up early tomorrow. We have that stupid thing to go to.
Lewys: I am mom dont worry

Lewys doesnt hear the steps right outside his door though. Lewys turns over going on his stomach to sleep. Ghostface walks in grabbing a handkerchief putting something on it. then ghostface jumps onto the boy putting the handkerchief on his face making him unconscious

Ghostface: Night night.

Ghostface drags his body into the wardrobe leaving him in there. Ghostface then grabs something out of his pocket, a knife sending it straight into Lewys' throat closing the wardrobe doors on him




Today is a short episode due to me having a VERY busy week and i wont do the google forms thing because i simple have no time. But will do a questionnaire in the blog:

Thoughts on episode
Favourite character
Least favourite
The first death is happened, did you expect it to be Lewys?
Who do you think is next?
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Scream [S1] Episode 1: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall Nov 30, 2019
The cast:

Main characters:
1. Miley Chandler = Aria_grande = Mila Kunis
2. Paisley Johnson = Glinda = Maya Jama
3. Tyler Seeg = Tylerseeg = Alfred Enoch
4. Sara Chandler = Aria_grande = Sarah Hyland
5. James Chen = nateclove = Zach Villa
6. Heather Row = Aria_grande = Camilla Luddington
7. Cordelia Huntington = Aria_grande = Lana Parrilla
8. Alex Dare = Lhooper902976 = Darren Criss
9. Lina Evans = Jameslu = Lisa Kundrow
10. Mariyam Corrona = Purplebb4 = Amber Riley

Recurring Characters:
1. Brooke Thomas = kalypsoblack = Briar Nolet
2. JJ Huntington = Aria_grande = Channing Tatum
3. Diamond Sanders = ajathekween = Elizabeth Banks
4. Rocky Ophelia = Aria_grande = Troy Baker
5. Paige Scavo = paigescavo = Perrie Edwards
6. Iris Blue = turkeylover = Sofia Carson
7. Michael Stellato = stuartlittle16 = Alex Lawther
8. Mike Vitscott = wolven6974 = Colin Petierre
9. Allison Huntington-Payne = Aria_grande = Alex Polizzi
10. Laila Potts = (UNASSIGNED) = Jacqueline Jossa
11. Myles Dilton = (UNASSIGNED) = Louis Tomlinson

Guest Stars:
1. Lewys Payne = Aria_grande = Mitch Holleman
2. Tony Huntington = Aria_grande = Joshua Rush

Episode 1: *Mirror, Mirror on the wall*

===Scene 1===

*August 1st, 2017*

Paisley is in a cafe drinking some coffee while on her laptop, the glare of the screen bouncing off her dark brown eyes. She looks across the cafe seeing only a few in it. She then gets back to writing.

Paisley (The writing):Summer vacation, its finally here! But why do I feel like this. As if I am scared or something. Why can’t I just focus on the hot weather, the beautiful lake when the teenagers have parties, the usual stuff. It’s been months since the murders of the Hazel twins, and I don’t know why I still feel this, but I do, and I can’t get out of my mind that something will happen this summer vacation. It’s a good job I have my girls as if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be able to do this.

Paisley stops writing and looks up seeing Paige and Laila sat down across from her. Paisley then puts the laptop away to the side. She smiles at the both as they all share an awkward silence.

Paige: So what was that?
Paisley: Wait on my laptop? Oh i was just ranting to myself.
Laila: As normal then

Paisley huffs as she buries her head into her hands knowing that she wouldn't be able to live with this if she didn't tell anyone but knows that she has to as she cants scare her friends like that. She just smiles back to them and plants her Laptop in her bag.

Paisley: I have to go anyway. See you guys when i do.
Laila: Umm yea sure see you when we see you.

Laila and Paige turn back to each other

Laila: There is definitely something going on there
Paige: I agree. It looked like she was scared or worried. I don't know but i haven't saw that expression from her ever.

===Scene 2===

Miley, Sara, Rocky, Cordelia and Allison are all at Miley's manor having a little cocktail party. Rocky doesn't seem very impressed being surrounded by women as he doesn't have many friends of his own.

Cordelia: Thanks for inviting us Miley. It has been ages since we've had something like this.
Allison: I guess we all needed it. For some more than others.

Miley is seen sipping several cocktails at the same time obviously drunk. The others try not to snigger at her but cant help it as she falls onto a chair.

Sara: Mom your supposed to be the older one here and look at me. Always helping you out all the time. You seriously have some sort of problem.
Miley: Me, Problem. Excuse me young lady. I don't have a problem OK. Now leave me alone and get a drink.

Sara rolls her eyes walking over to Rocky who hasn't touched any alcohol all night. He looks quite gloomy looking down quite a lot. Sara sits next to him smiling at him.

Rocky: Go enjoy yourself. I am fine here.
Sara: Your not though. You look bored as hell and you haven't had one drink yet. What is seriously the matter?
Rocky: I swear nothing.

Rocky shifts away from Sara moving over to the edge of the couch. Rocky tries to avoid eye contact with Sara as she makes it hard to say nothing to her.

Sara: Come on. Tell me
Rocky: No i swear. I am fine. This is your cocktail party not mine now stop talking to me. I dont feel like drinking OK

Rocky storms out leaving Sara on the couch alone as he walks out of the living room leaving the rest enjoying themselves

===Scene 3===

Heather and James are in their offices in the police station working on some small antisocial behaviour’s cases. Heather is more productive than James keeping herself to her typing and taking a drink every so often. James looks tired as he turns off his computer walking over to Heather’s office. He opens the door smiling at her.

James: Quiet night tonight aint it?
Heather: Sure is. But I think that’s a good thing isn’t it.
James: Yea it gives us time to file the rest of the cases. You done your cases anyways? I was thinking us two go home now. It doesn’t seem much is happening.

Heather starts to turn off her computer smiling back at James.

Heather: I guess it is. I'm done as well. Lets go.

Heather grabs her coat walking out her office bringing out some keys locking up both hers and James' office. She grabs the keys following James into the lobby.

James: What you going to do when you get back?
Heather: I dont know. Maybe you want for a drink. At the Mill?
James: You know what, thats what i was fancying. Ask Cordelia and Miley to come down?
Heather: They are having there cocktail party so we should leave them.

Both James and Heather exit the police station locking the place up for the night walking to their cars.

James: You know what. Come in mine. Leave your car here for the night you live round the corner and i will just drop you off later.

Heather nods as she gets in with James as they leave the police station.

===Scene 4===

Alex is in the bar watching all of his customers just casually drinking their drinks without taking a notice of anything else. He looks at the fridge grabbing himself a drink and gulping it down very quickly.

Alex: That is so much better, seriously needed it.

Alex turns around seeing Heather and James standing at the bar smiling at him.

James: Its been that busy hmm?

Alex nods putting a tea-towel on his shoulder walking to the front of the bar.

Alex: Yea it sure has. Its quietening down now anyways. What do you guys want anyways?
James: Ill just have a beer
Heather: Its been a stressful night for me so gimme a double vodka and coke.
Alex: Going for the strong stuff i see.

Heather nods as Alex turns his back to get the vodka for Heather's drink. Heather waits patiently as James goes to sit down at one of the booths across from the bar.

Heather: So how you keepin?
Alex: Yea good. Hasn't been easy. After the shooting of those twins. Not many customers in but i would say this has been the most busy night for weeks maybe even since the shooting.
Heather: I have to agree, its been quiet at the station also. Its gave me some time to not only think about now but the past as well. Don't tell James but i have been searching for some stuff. You know about the massacre 10 years ago. I would like to find the main shit about it if you get what i mean.

Alex nods passing Heather the drinks that she ordered. Alex doesn't let her pay telling her its on the house. Heather smiles at him walking away placing the drinks on the booth where James is sitting.

===Scene 5===

Mariyam and Brooke are at the pharmacy carrying on the stock take for the pharmacy seeing if they need to order anything in. They are both in the warehouse with their clipboards smiling at each other every so often.

Mariyam: How you doing over there? Do we need to be getting anything for this place.
Brooke: I dont think so.I think we have enough of everything.
Mariyam: Good. At least we can finish up early tonight. Even though i dont actually work here i know what your boss is like and i know hes a twat.
Brooke: Yep he is. Like i am 20 he doesnt need to speak to me as i am 2 years old.

Brooke stops for a second looking down feeling that its useless her working there if hes going to treat her like crap. Mariyam walks over hugging her.

Mariyam: Its going to be ok. I will talk to him if you want. He deserves to get something that i have waited for, for a long long time.
Brooke: Wait huh. Do you mean you have worked for him too?
Mariyam: Ye i have. A while back though. What about we go back to mine and we have a movie marathon because you need it by the sounds of you. Maybe invite some others round.

Brooke nods slowly hugging Mariyam again pulling the hug in tighter than it was before. Mariyam just embraces it knowing Brooke needs the support from her friends and people around her.

===Scene 6===

Tony stumbles into the manor home from where the hell he's been.

Tony: Mom, I'm home

Tony ignores everything falling up the stairs several times. Miley walks round seeing Tony stumbling up the stairs getting increasingly annoyed at him

Miley: Really, Tony. Really. You are not responsible at all. You cannot expect me to be fine with this. This is all the fucking time with you
Tony: Oh shut up mom. Im 18 and can do what the fuck i want. By the way Lewys is outside. Puking.

Miley looks at him cursing at him under her breath then walks outside to see a 15 year old Lewys puking.

Miley: Cordelia get here.
Cordelia: Whats happened? Has Tony been giving you shit.

Lewys looks up with some vomit still around his mouth.

Lewys: Yes i'm sorry mom and im am sorry auntie Miley. For encouraging him and all.
Miley: We dont worry about that just get inside and lets get you cleaned up. I will sort him out for you. Dont worry.
Cordelia: I know Tony is a dick head but i didnt think he could get this bad. Getting his cousin drunk like this. I feel like killing him literally all the fucking time. How do you keep him in this place?
Miley: I honestly dont know. Really i dont. Lets just get your son back in and cleaned up.

Miley and Cordelia grab an arm leading him into the dining room while Sara gets some stuff to clean him up with.

===Scene 7===

Rocky is walking around town minding his own buisness. Rocky sits down on a bench in the park just looking at the night sky as the clouds pass by. Michael is in his car seeing Rocky just sitting there.

Michael: Hey Rocky, you ok?
Rocky: Yea i just dont know. I cant be bothered with a lot of this.

Michael gets out of his car walking over to Rocky

Michael: With what? Living with the Chandler's?
Rocky: No its not that i just wish i could go back to the beginning. When i was just Miley's assistant.

Michael sits next to Rocky putting his hand round his shoulders

Michael:It will be ok. I assure you. But why do you want to go back to that. Being an assistant.
Rocky: It was simple then. Everything was. Now its not i have to go out on dinners with them and all. Thats not me.
Michael: Just enjoy it while you can i say. You only live once and well you need to just live life to the full.

Rocky stands up brushing himself off from the leaves that landed on him. Rocky walks away knowing he has to make some decisions about what to do with his life in general.

===Scene 8===

Brooke and Mariyam has set up the dvd player putting in The inbetweeners. Mariyam is in the kitchen sorting out some of the snacks for the movie bringing in popcorn, sweets and drinks. Brooke is at the door welcoming in Tyler, Diamond, Iris and Mike

Mike: Hi guys. How is everyone
Mariyam: Good good thanks.
Tyler: Annoyed. The shops been really quiet recently so me and Mike havent been at work at all this week.

Iris: Oh god it does seem bad then. At least we have a good film to watch tonight. Havent had something like this for ages.
Diamond: Me neither

The 6 of them all sit round the flat screen tv as Mariyam turns the tv on for the film.

Iris: Any of you watched this film before? Cause i think i have a while ago.
Mike: Haha. I dont think i ever have but yea.

==CUT TO==

*August 2nd, 2o17*

Brooke: That has cheered me up so so much. Now i feel like drinking.
Iris: No thanks. Unless you want something stronger?
Brooke: I am not asking for drugs ok?
Iris: I was joking.
Diamond: So what shall we do then

Diamond stands up going around the couch as the others look at her. Iris also stands up grabbing her coat.

Iris: Im going to go anyway. Its been a blast everyone but i seriously do have to go

Iris goes through the front door as does the rest of them but Mariyam and Brooke.

Brooke: Thanks for this. I really did need this. Now i just need to sort out my boss now. Dont i?
Mariyam: Yep we do. I am off work now because of my 'mental health' so i have all the time to help you.

Brooke goes in for a hug as Mariyam hugs her back.

Mariyam: Lets pack all this up and you can stop here tonight.

Brooke smiles as she takes the snacks into the kitchen as does Mariyam

===Scene 9===

Miley, Cordelia, Sara, Allison and Lewys are all in the bathroom. Allison is cleaning the mess from the puke and the rest of cleaning off Lewys.

Allison: So where have you actually been? I thought you was at home?
Lewys: It was Tony he dragged me out saying that he needed help with something.
Sara: And you let him? Lewys you should know this by now. He cannot be trusted and you shouldnt tell you what to say.

Sara takes Lewys' shirt off placing it on the side giving him a new one to wear.

Sara: Put it on.

Lewys puts the shirt on smiling at Sara. He yawns just as he puts his head through the t shirt as he holds his head.

Lewys: Thanks all of you. But i do need to go to sleep my head is banging.
Miley: We understand. You and your mom can have the twin room down the corridor if you would like.
Allison: If you wouldnt mind? It would save us the trip home and Lewys to be even more sicker.

Lewys stands up taking Sara's hand as he leaves everyone else as Sara takes him to his room.

Sara: You really need to be more careful. You do understand dont you?
Lewys: I know but you know what my mom is like.Way too controlling for her own good. She never lets me do anything.
Sara: What do you mean anything? What if she didnt know?
Lewys: About what?
Sara: This.

Sara kisses Lewys on the cheek taking her blouse off. She walks to the door locking it.

Lewys: What the heck are you doing.
Sara: Not really.

Lewys gives in, kissing Sara back as they start to make out.

Sara: Dont worry i have condoms

Several sounds start to come from the room where Sara and Lewys are as they start to have sex without anyone else knowing.

===Scene 10===

JJ is outside waiting for Lina to hurry up so that they can talk buisness. He waits out in the freezing tempertures as he watches Lina drive up the road with intent to cause chaos. They exchange a slight smile between themselves as Lina parks up.

Lina: Punctual as always.
JJ: Always am.

Lina steps out the car with a young man with her also.

JJ: Whos this?
Lina: My collegue, Myles we can trust him and if he tells his job is over.
Myles: Hiya.

Myles seems to be quite scared of Lina as she speaks to him with alot of disapline.

Lina: She out? Cordelia i mean. And the sister and the kid?
JJ: All gone. I dont know when till though. Havent heard anything off of them.

JJ walks into the lounge sitting down getting his folder out as does the other two.

Myles: So i have been looking at the recent property ladder and i found something for you guys to look at. Quite cheap. On the outskirts of town.

Myles shows JJ and Lina a picture and some description about the place all laminated neatly. Myles smiles to himself knowing that he has found a good deal.

Lina: Good find this is. I can tell you that. It looks like its at the warehouse district. A small garage. Could get a little cent from it?
Myles: More than a little. The price is tiny but well if you look at it the numbers are there and its success is amazing.The only problem is that there is a little history with it.
Lina: History?
Myles: Disapearances.
JJ: Haha dont make me laugh. Disapearances. We are having it i dont care about that stuff. Probably just left town or some crap like that. You dont have to be silly like that. Theres no such thing as just disapearances.

JJ throw the laminated sheet back at Myles laughing as he sits back in his chair. Lina looks quite unsure about this discovery letting JJ go into it more.

JJ: Where do i start?


This is the short form that i like people to fill out to see how the audience is reacting to it


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Scream [S1] Trailer Nov 27, 2019
The cast:

Main characters:
1. Miley Chandler = Aria_grande = Mila Kunis
2. Paisley Johnson = Glinda = Maya Jama
3. Tyler Seeg = Tylerseeg = Alfred Enoch
4. Sara Chandler = Aria_grande = Sarah Hyland
5. James Chen = nateclove = Zach Villa
6. Heather Row = Aria_grande = Camilla Luddington
7. Cordelia Huntington = Aria_grande = Lana Parrilla
8. Alex Dare = Lhooper902976 = Darren Criss
9. Lina Evans = Jameslu = Lisa Kundrow
10. Mariyam Corrona = Purplebb4 = Amber Riley

Recurring Characters:
1. Brooke Thomas = kalypsoblack = Briar Nolet
2. JJ Huntington = Aria_grande = Channing Tatum
3. Diamond Sanders = ajathekween = Elizabeth Banks
4. Rocky Ophelia = Aria_grande = Troy Baker
5. Paige Scavo = paigescavo = Perrie Edwards
6. Iris Blue = turkeylover = Sofia Carson
7. Michael Stellato = stuartlittle16 = Alex Lawther
8. Mike Vitscott = wolven6974 = Colin Petierre
9. Allison Huntington-Payne = Aria_grande = Alex Polizzi
10. Laila Potts = 13bam = Jacqueline Jossa
11. Myles Dilton = systrix = Louis Tomlinson

Guest Stars:
1. Lewys Payne = Aria_grande = Mitch Holleman
2. Tony Huntington = Aria_grande = Joshua Rush

===Scene 1===
Miley runs through the forest screaming as she runs dodging each tree she comes across.

Ghostface: Dont run. I want to talk

Miley stumbles into an unknown person dragging her away somewhere

===CUT TO==

Alex is behind his bar with a knife raised. Loud bangs and crashes are heard every other second. He looks above the bar for a second seeing the windows smash as Iris comes through the back of the bar

Iris: Come on. We have to get out of here. NOW!

===CUT TO===

Michael: I know who is behind the murders.
Paige; Who?

Ghostface appears behind Paige, Michael and Sara laughing in a deep voice. Ghostface slashes at the group as blood is splattered against the wall. Its not known who is attacked though. Several screams carry on happening as a three sets of footsteps seem to run.

===CUT TO===

Heather and James are on a call out. They have Miley and Tony in the back but as they pass a cross roads a large crash happens sending the car spiralling out of control as cries are heard.

===CUT TO===

Mike and Tyler run into the back of the shop hearing looters in the front. Tyler realises who it is but as he turns the corner he isnt seeing who he was expecting and someone completely different to who he imagined

===CUT TO===

Mariyam and Brooke rush to the scene of the crash looking at the car.

Mariyam: It dont look good. Theres major trauma to the head due to the air bag

===CUT TO===

A trickle of blood comes out of a closet. The person sleeping in the room doesnt see it as the blood carries on to spread across the ground as it seeps under the doors of the closet.


Hope you ready bitches



DISCLAIMER: Unassigned characters can be claimed if you would like. You just have to PM me and they are urs. People who already ave characters cant claim them. More characters like Laila and Myles will be included in the series
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Scream [S1] Cast reveal Nov 15, 2019
The bios:

Miley Chandler 45 = aria_grande = Portrayed by Mila Kunis
Miley Chandler is one of the legacy home owners in Blakelope and has lived in the same house since her parents died over 10 years ago. Miley has always been determined to make sure that her family succeed in life. She tries to strive for Sara and Tony to be the best that they can be but Tony usually ignores her.

Sara Chandler 24 = aria_grande = Portrayed by Sarah Hyland
Sara follows in her mother footsteps hoping to inherit the house soon. Sara has just came back to Blakelope from university and has started to work with Paige in the pharmacy who are working together amazingly well. Sara also has feelings for Noah but doesnt know if he feels the same about her and is too nervous to ask.

Tony Chandler 18 = Aria_grande = Portrayed by Mitch Holleman
Tony is a sarcastic teenager who is slightly going off of the rails. Tony completely ignores everyone else and has a group of friends that he smokes weed with. Tony has had several running ins with Heather and James causing him to be in trouble alot with not only them but his mother as well.

JJ Huntington 43 = Aria_grande = Portrayed by Channing Tatum
JJ is an abusive person who doesnt agree with Cordelia being friends with the Chandler family. He tries to take control over Cordelia's life and she cannot do anything without being checked upon on by him. He works as a busy, property tycoon and usually is in contact with Lina the real estate agent.

Cordelia Huntington 42 = Aria_grande = Portrayed by Lana Parrilla
Cordelia has became very introvert over the past few weeks after JJ has became more and more abusive to her after he punched her in the rib after a huge argument between the both. Cordelia in herself is a bubbly house wife who wasnt able to have children from a very young age due to a medical condition. She is a very extroverted person who will help whenever she can.

Allison Huntington-Payne 38 = Aria_grande = Portrayed by Alex Polizzi
Allison is the half sister of Cordelia and they have a really close relationship. The only flaw is that Allison is not aware of Cordelia's abusive relationship even though the two of them are so close. Allison in herself is a tattoo artist and designs her own designs. She isnt really popular in the town but some of the teens do.

Lewys Payne 15 = Aria_grande = Portrayed by Joshua Rush
Lewys is a closeted bi-sexual who hasnt came out to his mother or half-aunt. Lewys is very hard to please and is never happy. He has never really enjoyed school as he has been bullied for being 'different'.

Rocky Ophelia 34 = Aria_grande = Potrayed by Troy Baker
Rocky is the Chandler maid and he is always a very hard worker. He has worked for the family for over 3 years and have experienced everything with them. They treat him more like family as he goes on holidays and he dines with them all the time.

Heather Row 41 = Aria_grande = Portrayed by Camilla Luddington
Heather is the lead officer at the Blakelope police station and has tried to keep crime at an all time low. Heather has always wanted to be a police officer since what happened over 30 years ago when 13 was killed by the infamous Ghostface. Heather is very close to James and she thinks that he likes her but she doesnt have the same feelings.

Lina Evans 42 = jameslu = Portrayed by Lisa Kundrow
Lina is a very forward thinking woman who is usually found in her small estate agency on the outside of Blacklope. Lina works closely with JJ as he is always looking for places to renovate and then sell back to Lina. However, Lina can be very stuck up in the fact that she likes to talk down to people

Mariyam Corrona 36 = purplebb4 = Portrayed by Amber Riley
Mariyam is a very observative person and nothing gets past her. Since she was little Mariyam has been extremely clever having an above average IQ throughout her life and therefore became an ER nurse. Since shes had some mental health problems she has had to take some times off of work to try to get her head in the right state.

Brooke Thomas 20 = kalypsoblack = Portrayed by Briar Nolet
Brooke is a confident young woman who knows where she wants to go in the world. he has always been the best she can be. She works with Mariyam but due to her going off sick Brooke has had to learn quickly but she is very cautious when it comes down to things including covering her tracks.

Tyler Seeg 26 = tylerseeg = Portrayed by Alfred Enoch
Tyler is very much in competition with the Huntington's and is trying to buy the whole city with his schemes. All legal he is trying to make the whole town as best as it could be as he knows that there is corruption in the whole town. Tyler in himself is a determined man who comes across as the most friendly guy many will know. But due to him just moving into town its hard for him to talk to the people who have been in the town a while.

James Chen 29 = nateclove = Portrayed by Zach Villa
James is a right old goofball when it comes to his social life and he could be said as the town's clown as he is always joking around. However when he gets to work he is the most focused anyone could be. Working in the small office, him and Heather have had some moments but he's unsure about her feelings towards him.

Alex Dare 25 = lhooper902976 = Portrayed by Darren Criss
Alex could be called as the little serial romantic as he is always flirting with someone while at his job as a bartender. He loves his job and also likes the gossip he gets to hear due to the job that he is in which means he is very much of a 'social butterfly'.

Diamond Sanders 34 = ajathekween = Portrayed by Elizabeth Banks
Diamond is an extravagant women who is a very lavish woman who is a designer tailor in the town of Blakelope. Diamond lives and dreams about designing and her work is amazing. However if you pass her territory she can be like a cat and pounce on you and she will do anything to make herself on top.

Michael Stellato 17 = stuartlittle16 = Portrayed by Alex Lawther
Michael is a confident 17 year old who has gave up being a student to live in the REAL world. He started as a part time uber driver as soon as he passed his driving test. In himself, Michael hopes to get further in life than just an uber driver and hopes to get in more of a profession.

Paige Scavo 24 = paigescavo = Portrayed by Perrie Edwards
Paige is a very willing girl who will also go beyond her expectations with anything she does. Some times however, she can lose herself in her own mind as she is very dreamy and  daydreams alot of the time. Paige doesnt have many connections within the whole town but has a few friends here and there.

Mike Vitscott 17 = wolven6974 = Portrayed by Colin Petierre
Mike is a warm hearted convenience worker who has a very big personality. Mike is a type of person who is always there to cheer someone up as they come into the shop. He doesn't get on well with Tyler and they dont talk much except for when hes getting paid which isnt often.

Iris Blue 17 = turkeylover = Portrayed by Sofia Carson
Iris is a fully fledged drug dealer who lives in a basic apartment outside of town. Iris doesnt make many appearances in public and keeps herself to herself and she only talks to a small amount of people in town. Even though she is a big drug dealer, she is witty enough to evade the police.

Paisley Johnson 24 = glinda = Portrayed by Maya Jama
Paisley is the traditional broadway dancer and has just moved to Blakelope to open up her own dance studio. From the age of 16 she was in the musical Cats and was in 2 others until the age of 22 where she left to settle down and teach others. She loves her children that she teaches and watches out for them when ever.

That is the full cast and i am so sorry to the following who didnt get through but if there is any spaces this season i will choose you to join the cast but IDK yet.:

Please answer the questions in the forms as if you do it will increase your chances of surviving:


Also there will be TEN EPISODES this season so 10 episodes for your characters to die off.
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