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Hello, my name is Brian And I LEIK MUDKIPZ

Started: May 23rd of 2016

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Brian King

Tip the scales in the other person's favor, so that when you are victorious, they cannot say you cheated.

I'm Obsessed, I can't stand to see people getting unfair advantages and not getting called out on it. If I see it, bitch it is on.

Remember those who have passed on:

brittyxx (Car Crash - March 2012)
Carlena aka LadyLizard (Comitted Suicide - January 2016)
Silas aka Silas86 (UK - 2016)
ggjamesgg (Car Crash - November 2017)
Moneybags1015 (Surgery following Skiing Accident - January 4 2018)


Courtesy of Noah_Kondon:





My High Scores Are:
Fasting: 1st (not in a long time)
Casting: 1st (Multi owner owed me XD)
Frookies: 2nd (Charity owner liked me)
Rookies: 1st (Black-Level Charity)
Survivor: 1st (merge streak: 1)
Hunger Games: 16th

HG Kill List -
Hash was killed in a fight with BrainJak
diogojsgomes was shot dead by BrainJak
Most points for:
Design: 161 (Mockingjay Tee)
Blog: 872 ( )
Group Games History:

Wins -
D&B's Survivor: Philippines(5-3)
Adele's Survivor: Big Brother(2-2)
Aria's Series One: Stars
Papa's Survivor: Belize(3-1)
Celebrity Big Brother
The Power Struggle 16: Brain Brawn Beauty II (4-4-0)

Others -
(2nd) Magic's Big Brother Season 1
(2nd) ~ Cromatic's Random Stars ~
(2nd/3rd) Big Brother: Awakening Stars (tied)
(3rd) Pokepat's Survivor: All-Stars
(3rd) Adele's Big Brother (UK)
(4th) Liam's Survivor: Malaysia
(4th) Blatastic's 2nd Annual Hunger Games
(4th) DC's Survivor: Fiji
(5th) ~Stun's 42nd Annual Hunger Games~
(5th) Zombie's Survivor Jamaica
(5th) BSS: Survivor: Cuba - Factions
(7th) ~Stun's 41st Annual Hunger Games~
(7th) Novamax243's 1st Hunger Games
(7th) WANJ's Survivor: Argentina
(7th) Vegas and Kondons' Survivor: Morocco
(8th) Blatastic's 1st Annual Hunger Games
(8th) Gaia's 3rd Hunger Games
(8th) WANJ's Survivor Vanuatu
(8th) Noah's Idiotic Game: 1 Jury Survivor
(9th) Liam's Survivor: Arabia
(9th) Pokepat's Survivor: Galapagos
(9th) Renny's Big Brother: Old School
(12th) Mikey's Survivor 1:Borneo
(12th) L&J's Survivor: Uganda
(13th) D&B's Fans Vs Favorites: Micronesia
(13th) Pokepat's Survivor: Hawaii
(14th) ~Stun's 40th Annual Hunger Games~
(14th) WANJ'S Survivor: All-Stars
(15th) M&N's Survivor: Nicaragua
(16th) Mud's Survivor: (S7)Blood vs Water
(16th) Big Brother: Icons
(17th) The Power Struggle: 18 (Final Season)
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My Games 305 games played

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13 Jan, 18
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11 Jan, 18
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