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Aria's Drag Race AS2 Cast Reveal

Sep 21, 2019 by aria_grande
Here is the cast for the second season of my drag race ALL STAR EDITION

This cast was hard to choose as i had 26 to choose from and all had uniqueness to them but i feel this is what needed to happen

1. Aimee Bee amnesia_  (S1-8th)
2. Aryannah Grand jameslu (S6-4th)
3. Brittany Quinn 13bam (S2-RU)
4. Cruton coreyants (S7- 9th/8th)
5. Emma Rhoydes whoa (S1-3rd)
6. Ginger Snap g1ng4 (S5-9th)
7. Gloria Norgles Absol (S4-11th)
8. Haute Pockette Joobix (S6-RU)
9. Kia Versace devinb (S7-7th)
10. Plastique Tiara shanua34 (S5-RU)
11. Tiffani Lee patricenka9 (S3-RU)
12.  Yohanna Tulio newnightmare7 (S5-3rd)



Sent by Jameslu,Sep 21, 2019
OMG I made All Stars 2, Thank you for choosing me! I will not disappoint. Brittany Quinn is here to Slay
Sent by 13bam,Sep 21, 2019
Sent by Macda27,Sep 21, 2019
Wow, Ariel was Robbed AF
Sent by adamslater19,Sep 21, 2019
haute pockette winner
Sent by Joobix,Sep 21, 2019
Get it ginger!!!!
Sent by g1ng4,Sep 22, 2019
Aimee Bee FTW!
Sent by Amnesia_,Sep 22, 2019
adamslater19 i know i originally had her in until i realised i would have five runner ups in one season
Sent by aria_grande,Sep 22, 2019
YES emmarhoydes!
Sent by Whoa,Sep 22, 2019

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