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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

6th Hunger Games Day 1/Bloodbath

7thDec 21, 2019 by aria_grande
District 1:
Female Topaz Hemshire, 12 maryjane420
Male Lux Vinelle, 15 cadden

District 2:
Female Cressida Moale, 16 melindamrskk
Male Amazon Toor, 17 yonaka

District 3:
Female Pachess Mega, 13 kalypsoblack
Male Linux Dafe, 12 aria_grande

District 4:
Female Zandier Marvin, 17 turkeylover
Male Calamari Wies, 18 nateclove *Volunteer*

District 5:
Female Laymit Jinetac, 14 tinkerbelll
Male Porter Michaels, 15 reyians

District 6:
Female Raven Benet, 13 cocovanderbilt
Male Otto Urt, 16 tester

District 7:
Female Willow Hawthorne, 18 kindred7 *Volunteer*
Male Terran Jayla, 18 ricardogv

District 8:
Female Twyla Cealia , 17 adamgrant
Male Tecida Worn, 12 galore

District 9:
Female Grist Plawee, 13 girllover101
Male Kerne Williem, 14 gumball221520

District 10:
Female Viscera Holstaine, 14 Absol
Male Cleaver Abernathy, 18 novamax243 *Volunteer*

District 11:
Female: Clementine Kernel, 17 minie
Male: Thorn Kernel, 15 mbarnish1

District 12:
Female Terra Lortor, 17 righttocensor
Male: Corey Knight 14 myiel

The 24 tributes rise up into the arena first noticing the large palace like structure in the middle of them. All the tributes are in a semi-circle, in front of a set of columns are surrounded by supplies. The palace stands on rocky plains around 40m away from the tributes as they look around to see small houses that are covered with vines, growing all over the houses. Many of the vines seem very large for what they actually are, making them seem man made.

"Let the 6th Annual Hunger Games Begin"

The announcement snaps most of the tributes out of their daze.

Clementine and Thorn who agreed to align with Cleaver from 10, stand next to each other on their pedestals smiling at each other as Clementine points at a pair of backpacks that are around one of the columns. Thorn smiles at her looking around seeing Cleaver a couple of pedestals down from them both.


The 5 careers, scattered around the semi circle smile at each other knowing that they need to make their mark on the game.


Cressida looks around trying to find her district partner, Amazon. Due to her being at the end of the semi circle she suggests to herself that he is the other side but she tries to stay focused, looking on the backpack and knife that she wants to get.


The gong goes off and the tributes leap off of the pedestals.

Topaz looks at everyone running towards the cornucopia and she decides to run off the opposite way running past several houses as she distances herself from the other tributes.

Terra bolts for the bounty of supplies inching closer and closer to the weapons that she seems to be too far away. She goes to grab a knife but is knocked straight over by Zandier who knocks Terra into a crate causing a small bleed from her forehead. Zandier rolls to standing, sending her foot straight into Terra's ankle several times. Terra screams in pain as she kicks at Zandier who ignored Terra grabbing Terra's injured leg slamming it down on the stone ground over and over, breaking her leg severely. Terra starts to scream out for Corey but he doesnt come. Terra tries to crawl away but Zandier laughs bringing her foot down several times on Terra's chest damaging her lungs completely.
Zandier looks around as Calamari walks over to her smiling at her as the two of them start to collect their weapons. Zandier grabs a trident and Calamari grabs a few knives. Calamari looks at Zandier as they two of them enter more into the cornucopia.


Cleaver reaches the cornucopia grabbing a samurai sword smiling at it since he has never really saw one before. He starts to swing around the sword as he feels the lightness of the sword. Several metres away Raven is gathering some supplies. Cleaver walks over to Raven grabbing her hair. The large stature of Cleaver towers over Raven as she screams for help. Cleaver throws Raven against a column making her bleed from her chin. Raven looks at Cleaver but as he goes to slam her again he doesn't see Otto behind him wielding an axe.

Clementine is right in the middle of the palace looking around seeing if she can find Cleaver or her district partner. Clementine grabs a hold of a bow and sees Otto who is about to attack Cleaver. clementine starts to worry but she shoots an arrow straight into Otto's neck sending him falling onto Cleaver pushing him and Raven onto the floor sending the sword away from Cleaver. Clementine runs over to the three of them helping Cleaver up
Clementine: Finish her and we need to go

Cleaver grabs Raven who is about to run away and snaps her neck killing her instantly

"Lets go"


Nearly all of the tributes have reached the cornucopia/palace and alot of them have gotten weapons. One of these is Amazon who has been cornered by Tecida and Laymit. He has got his spear in hand but the others are edging closer to him. Amazon makes the first move ducking past the two of them slashing at Tecida's ankles sending him to the ground instantly. Amazon looks at the other one, Laymit slamming straight into her, swinging his spear out of Tecida and straight into Laymit's side. Amazon kicks laymit to the ground as she holds her side.
"Please no. Dont kill me. PORTER...PORTER"
Amazon ignores her grabbing a knife that is near them planting it straight into her chest. Ending her suffering.

Amazon doesnt realise Tecida has left running for the suburban area that is around the palace. Amazon grabs the spear from Laymit's side and throws it at the fleeing boy. The spear goes into his knee sending him plummeting to the floor. Amazon decides to leave him though as he is now weaponless and he hasnt gotten any supplies which he runs off to get, bumping into his district partner Cressida who has just thrown a knife straight into Tecida's back.


With a machete in hand, Terran strolls around the palace looking for his victims seeing the boy from 9 who is trying to hide within the middle. Terran laughs as Kerne doesn't notice him walk up near the boy. Terran with all his confidence, kicks the crates from the boy leaving him exposed. Kerne starts to scream trying to trip up Terran. Terran just laughs stamping on his leg several times then creating a huge gash at his knee, immobilising him. Terran grabs his machete out planting it into his chest.


Many of the tributes have fled the bloodbath leaving those who want the extra supplies or those searching for some kills. Those left includes the 5 careers, Lux, Pachess, Linux, Porter and Grist.

Pachess, Linux and Porter have seemed to make a pact for the cornucopia running off together. Lux looks at the three of them with his knives in hand getting really annoyed at them teaming up. Lux runs after them throwing a knife straight at them which edges near Pachess who doesnt realise Lux is behind them. Whereas Porter sees the knife and ducks behind a house leaving the two. Lux follows the duo wondering where Porter is.

Porter sees Lux incoming, grabbing the scythe she has swinging at his legs making Lux trip and get small cuts on his legs. Lux lets go of his knives letting them fly but Porter is ready grabbing one and slitting Lux's throat.


Grist watches the careers circle her all of them with their weapons. She screams as each of the careers stab her at once with their knives leaving several stab wounds in her neck and chest.


The anthem starts to go:
District 1 Male
District 5 Female
District 6 Female
District 6 Male
District 8 Male
District 9 Female
District 9 Male
District 12 Female




Killing me off first. Thanks! LOL
Sent by RightToCensor,Dec 21, 2019
righttocensor moan at
Sent by aria_grande,Dec 21, 2019
Sent by mbarnish1,Dec 21, 2019
Wow. I am dead
Sent by galore,Dec 21, 2019
Omg we actually some psychopaths turkeylover 馃槶
Sent by nateclove,Dec 21, 2019
++ loving this so far

viscera being completely inv is a bit sad but mostly really iconic <3

rooting for cleaver as my district partner and clementine for being loyal <3
Sent by Absol,Dec 21, 2019
nateclove we're a power duo who are unstoppable
Sent by turkeylover,Dec 21, 2019
Omfg topaz run girl
Sent by MaryJane420,Dec 27, 2019

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