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[S5] Survivor: Greenland (Blood vs Water I) PYN

6thOct 30, 2019 by aria_grande
We have had 4 seasons and 4 different countries: USA (Alaska), Monaco, Vanatu, Saudi Arabia (Red sea) but not we are going back to the North, Greenland!

Also this season we have a twist in play. The famous Blood vs water twist. Where you will apply in duos but also heres another twist whoever you PYN as your partner mustnt have played any season yet. Completely fresh to the franchise.

Blod: (Brick Red buffs)
Ethan varlto (Jed)
Guillaume guigi (Jadine)
Danny paigescavo (Lincoln)
Robert lhooper902976 (Tristyn)
Max novamax243 (Courtney)
Jo'Hanisha Popular (Kandyce)
Taylor tswiftlover13 (Dan)
Agathe purplebb4 (Henrietta)
Amelia amnesia_ (Chrissie)

Vand: (Aqua Marine buffs) (Must have never played the game )
Jed iamremedy (Ethan)
Lincoln physics (Danny)
Tristyn tman54445 (Robert)
Dan bbsuper92 (Taylor)
Jadine sawchuk55 (Guillaume)
Kandyce kandyce (Jo'Hanisha)
Henrietta harrywasnak (Agathe)
Chrissie christian_ (Amelia)
Courtney spiderboom (Max)

All i need from you this season is

Partners name

As usual you cant use any used names that you have previously used :



Guillaume and Jadine Sawchuk55
Sent by Guigi,Oct 30, 2019
Jo'hanisha (me) & Kandyce , both females x
Sent by popular,Oct 30, 2019
Me: Danny, male
Physics : Lincoln, male
Sent by PaigeScavo,Oct 30, 2019
Me Robert male
tman54445 Tristyn male
Sent by lhooper902976,Oct 30, 2019
Me Taylor Feamle.
bbsuper92 Dan Male
Sent by tswiftlover13,Oct 30, 2019
Me: Max Male
SpiderBoom Courtney Female
Sent by Novamax243,Oct 30, 2019
me - agathe - female
harrywasnak - harry - male
Sent by purplebb4,Oct 30, 2019
Me - Amelia - Female
Christian_ - Christian - Male
Sent by Amnesia_,Oct 30, 2019
Jemelin- Female
@lafiercebrittanh- Female
Sent by hellocat,Oct 30, 2019
Me: Erika - Female
HaliFord Hali - Female
Sent by Tizian,Oct 30, 2019
Umm ok Closed but Erika, Hali, Jemelin and Brittany will join season 6
Sent by aria_grande,Oct 31, 2019
purplebb4 amnesia_ I need two female names for Christian and Harry as there are no more male spots
Sent by aria_grande,Oct 31, 2019
aria_grande Christina and Harriette?
Sent by Novamax243,Oct 31, 2019
aria_grande Agathe and Henrietta!
Sent by purplebb4,Oct 31, 2019

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