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Dawn Arising (Short Bios)

11thJan 8, 2020 by aria_grande
Below is the 21 characters that made the main cast and the 4 guest stars that have made the cast. All of your characters was amazing but i had to make cuts and changes to your characters to make them fit.

I hope you like the season. I am considering a cast video so please bare with me

: : :Group A: : :

Quinn Vasquez Hellocat Played by Amy Acker
A 39 year old nurse who lost her two daughters during the early days of the outbreak. She leads a group of survivors to try and get them the best life that they can salvage.

Corey Travis Aria_grande Played by Kevin Fletcher
A 28 year old law student who takes care of his incapable mother. Corey isnt very bothered around the people around him as he battles to be alone from the group that he has ended up to be with.

Joannah Bell TurkeyLover Played by Dionne Bromfield
A 24 year old flight attendant who was seperated from her younger sister in the earlier days of the outbreak. She is can be very stubborn about her thoughts but she comes out as caring.

Rover Pearson Novamax243 Played by Martin Kemp
A 37 year old gym instructor who was able to escape with his older brother Wolf after many of the people he loved died right in-front of him. Even though this happened he is a hard working survivor who tries his best for his new found family.

David Brooks #Paul028 Played by Henry Cavill
A 33 year old military personnel. David doesnt know much about this new found world as just arriving back from service. David has became a very depressed person taking himself upon drinking to try and fill the void that he has from his wife and unborn child.

Wolf Pearson #Novamax243 Played By Hugh Dancy
A 53 year old antique shop owner who doesnt believe that the whole epidemic is real. Wolf is determined to show the people round him that the people who have died still have human in there even when they have turned to a zombie.

Clarissa Franc #Aria_Grande Played by Leah Mcfall
A 34 year old barista for a major coffee house in the city. She was seperated by most of her family in the early stages of the epidemic ending up with Poppy and Corey. Poppy and Clarissa are extremely close as she takes Clarissa as one of her own.

: : :GROUP B: : :

Greg Leigh Spikedcurley Played by Olly Alexander
A 21 year old free spirit who quit his job several days before the epidemic. He has been stuck in a school block with a couple of students from the same college that he graduated from. He's very pioneering and will do anything for him to get more power.

Alvaro Ocana Varlto Played by Arnau Marin
A 16 year old international student trying to find out his way around a new area. Alvaro is very scared at the moment since he couldnt get back to his family back in spain. Alvaro has been very distant with the people around him, as he tries to adjust himself.

Keisha Shaz maryjane420 Played by Ashanti
A 38 year old fast food worker who has always struggled through her life to try make ends meet. She has been left alone as her family has abandoned her as they made it inside a safe zone where she was rejected.

Cindi Oh Cinzi_Lov Played by Dee Nguyen
A 21 year old student who hasnt always been the best academically. She has tried her best but her home background hasnt been the best making her very alone. She waited for something like this to happen so that she could escape her life with just her and her boyfriend Carl who is several years younger.

Carl Rodgers christian37 Played by Payton Moormeier
A 17 year old student who is dating Cindy. The two of them met as Cindi was moved down due to her failing her class. The two of them was the original memebers of the group as they barricaded part of the school so that they was safe.

Lynn Su-Yung Nateclove Played by Guan Xiaotong
A 22 year old medical student who lost her family in the early days of the epidemic. Her parents was one of he first known cases as they travelled back from China. Lynn has not been back to college since very family was held. She was able to go but her family was unlucky as they died while getting interrogated.

: : :GROUP C: : :

Laura Lopez Carlyjordan14 Played by Becky G
A 20 year old pharmacist who has had to survive on the streets with her group that she formed herself. She was lucky enough to be able to get herself and her friends out but they have to roam the streets in search of a place to stay.

Penelope Crawford Tizian Played by Hayden Panettiere
A 24 year old school nurse who was saved by Laura after Penelope had a close call with a group of zombies which Laura saved her. Penenlope has always been in touch with her caring side as she has tried to save anyone that she could.

Donna Bell #Turkeylover Played by Normani
A 19 year old waitress who was separated from her sister, Joannah in the early days of the outbreak. Donna is very clumsy but is usually seen as the life of the party. While travelling she has tried to keep her spirits up even in the darkest of moments.

Nevra James Pennytrationstan Played by Danielle Cohn
A 19 year old student who hasnt been in the best situation since the outbreak started. She lost both of her adopted parents leaving her alone to go against the world.

Lilia Willows #Novamax243 Played by Raffey Cassidy
A 16 year old student who has adapted to the world around her very quickly joining the group with Laura and the others. Lilia is very smart as she tries to figure out about the whole epidemic.

: : :GROUP D: : :

Chase Lewis Lifeiscool Played by Martin Henderson
A 46 year old real-estate owner who is very skeptical of accepting help from anyone. His girlfriend Tana is very much different from him and they usually argue about accepting help from others.

Tana Regis Amnesia_ Played by Chandra Wilson
A 44 year old housewife who has to compensate for her boyfriend while a part of the epidemic. She is very decisive when it comes to the safety of the two of them and she is very much the decision maker out the two of them.

: : :GROUP E: : :

Heather Johnson Paul028 Played by Hailee Steinfield
A 29 year old ex military personelle who was seperated from her husband, Paul. Heather is a devoted wife but has stuck it out on her own as she was not there when the current military was brought back to hep with the crisis.

: : :GUEST STARS: : :
- Alexa Rose 22 ( Kelly2722)
- Samuel Handson 23 ( Dylangover1)
- Judith Ward 70 ( Glinda)
- Poppy Travis 59 (Aria_grande)

- Early Pre-Season faves?:
- Who do you think will die first?:
- Who do you think will take the dominant character role?:
- Who do you think will survive the longest?:
- Ideas for possible storylines, relationships ETC.
- What do you hope for the series?:



This is not if your character is main or recurring yet. That will be revealed in the next couple of days
Sent by aria_grande,Jan 8, 2020
- Early Pre-Season faves?: Donna & Carl, they both seem so relatable dfsdkjf
- Who do you think will die first?: Keisha
- Who do you think will take the dominant character role?: Rover gives off rick grime vibes!
- Who do you think will survive the longest?: Best be Heather the girl is preggos!
- Ideas for possible storylines, relationships ETC. Idk who, but like a character who likes working alone developes a mother/father bond with a young person and struggles leaving them
- What do you hope for the series?: DEATHSSSSS
Sent by paul028,Jan 8, 2020
I'm getting major villain vibes from my character 馃槶
Sent by spikedcurley,Jan 8, 2020
- Early Pre-Season faves?: Laura < 3 Quinn, Alvaro, Heather
- Who do you think will die first?: Carl
- Who do you think will take the dominant character role?: Quinn
- Who do you think will survive the longest?: Heather
- Ideas for possible storylines, relationships ETC.: Weather situations (tornado, hurricane, etc.), affairs, May-December romance, self sacrifice
- What do you hope for the series?: Lots of twists and turns!
Sent by carlyjordan14,Jan 8, 2020
I mean not originally what I was intending for Wolf's character to be, but interested in see how he'll play out in the series. Also yay at you not cutting Lilia like you said you would (Even though I bet she'll be a side character).
Sent by Novamax243,Jan 9, 2020
novamax243 don鈥檛 I was really indecisive with your character as for if they should be in this or not
Sent by aria_grande,Jan 9, 2020
Wow thats as far from my appliction as possible :/
Sent by Christian37,Jan 9, 2020
- Early Pre-Season faves?: Group C kinda slays
- Who do you think will die first?: any other group, peace
- Who do you think will take the dominant character role?: Cindi or Carl teehee
- Who do you think will survive the longest?: Group C slayin me rn
- Ideas for possible storylines, relationships ETC?: not rlly, you go hun
- What do you hope for the series?: entertainment & development.
Sent by Tizian,Jan 9, 2020
*DISCLAIMER* Sorry guys i have made ALOT of mistakes with casting pics
Sent by aria_grande,Jan 9, 2020

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