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Dawn Arising Season 1: Episode 3: "Saviour"

19thJan 27, 2020 by aria_grande
imageThe cast:

- Heather Johnson 29 - Paul028
- Corey Travis 28 - Aria_grande
- Joannah Bell 24 - Turkeylover
- Greg Leigh 21 - Spikedcurley
- Quinn Vasquez 39 - Hellocat
- Rover Pearson 37 - Novamax243
- Alvaro Ocana 16 - Varlto
- David Brooks 33 - #Paul028
- Laura Lopez 20 - Carlyjordan14

- Wolf Pearson 43 - #Novamax243
- Penelope Crawford 24 - Tizian
- Donna Bell 19 - #Turkeylover
- Keisha Shaz 38 - Maryjane420
- Clarissa Franc 34 - #Aria_grande
- Cindi Oh 21 - Cinzi_Lov
- Carl Rodgers 17 - Christian37
- Nevra James 19 - Pennytrationstan
- Lynn Su-Yung 22 - Nateclove
- Lilia Willows 16 - #Novamax243
- Tana Regis 44 - Amnesia_
- Chase Lewis 46 - Lifeiscool

: : :GUEST STARS: : :
- Alexa Rose 22 - Kelly2722
- Samuel Handson 23 - Dylangover1
- Judith Ward 70 - Glinda
- Poppy Travis 59 - #Aria_grande

Episode 3: "Saviour"

: : :SCENE 1: : :

*The majority said that Quinn should go on the supply run*

(January, 29th 2019)

Joannah folds her arms as the three of them watch upon the shop trying to look if there are any dangers within. Joannah looks at the others who hold the backpacks in their hands, jumping out onto the road looking around then back to the others.

JOANNAH: Its now or never.

Quinn looks down getting out, unnerved by this new experience of living in this type of life. Heather grabs her hand smiling at her, giving her some reassurance.

HEATHER: Your going to be fine. I am experienced with this, lets go.

Heather grabs Quinns hand leading her into the deserted shop. The three of them look around at the shelves that are only half full and then Joannah starts to grab some of the cans off the shelf looking at the two of them.

JOANNAH: Heather you grab the water and Quinn you help her.
QUINN: The quicker we do this the quicker we are gone and the less chance we are dead.
HEATHER: Just stop quinn your going to be fine. I've told you think before.
JOANNAH: Yea, Quinn trust us.

The three of them start to quickly pack the bags full of the stuff they need hoping that they can do it quickly. Quinn seems to be slowly as she takes a granola bar eating it while the other two keep their heads down.

: : :SCENE 2: : :

Greg, Alvaro, Lynn and Keisha wake up to notice that there is a group of dead zombie bodies around them. Lynn doesnt realise this and starts to run back to the war in sheer terror of them. Greg walks over trying to calm down Lynn placing a hand on her shoulder.

GREG: They are dead, Lynn. You are fine!

Greg looks at Keisha and Alvaro who are baffled about what's happened to them with Keisha looking unerved at the amount of bodies which total to around 10.

ALEXA: They are awake then. The ones we saved.
SAMUEL: Oh shut up Alexa.

Judith, Alexa and Samuel walk around the corner with Alexa rolling her eyes at the foursome. Greg and Alvaro step in front of the girls covering them from whatever they are about to do. The two of them look scared as they make eye contact with the three that stand across from them.

ALVARO: Who are you and what the heck is this
ALEXA: The kids that saved your lives.

Samuel rolls his eyes remembering that Alexa didn't do anything to help but just moan. While Judith and Samuel actually helped.

SAMUEL: Hi! I'm samuel, then this is Alexa and Judith who despite her age can kick ass.
JUDITH: Oh yes baby. Surprised i haven't kicked that cows ass yet.

Judith looks at Alexa who just scowls back to her. The four of them seem to welcome Judith, Samuel and Alexa, as they offer them to join them in a small camp they made.

ALVARO: I'm guessing we are a group now.
JUDITH: I guess we are. The 7 of us. I just want to get back to my mansion.

The 7 of them start to clear out the zombies chucking them out the back of the shop that they are in. Alexa doesn't do much while the others clear up the mess

: : :SCENE 3: : :

Corey and Clarissa are in Corey's mothers room tucking her in and changing her bed. The two of them don't talk much but they do exchange to the frail woman who lies their helpless. Corey looks down quite a lot knowing he cant face the actual fact of her not making it.

COREY: I wish it wasn't like this at all. Non of this. Not you getting ill. This virus with the zombies. I just wish everything would go back to how it was before, i cant face this all.
POPPY: I am sorry, i'm a hindrance to you i know i am. I wish i could help. I really do.
COREY: I know you do.
CLARISSA: You can get better though cant you?

Corey shakes his head looking down once more stroking his mothers leg from above the covers.

COREY: Its not going to help. Nothing will. Its incurable and no medicine will help it.
POPPY: Stop thinking like that, Corey! I am a fighter.

Poppy seems to be tiring trying to move herself to a much more comfortable position so that she can sleep. Corey and Clarissa get the hint as they exit the room leaving his mother on her own. Clarissa shuts the door before the two of them look at each other in worry.

COREY: How long do you think?
CLARISSA: I don't know. I couldn't say. It won't be long though, i know it. I'm sorry!
COREY: Its fine, i need to hear it. It will be hard when she is gone but the one thing for definate is that its soon.

Corey turns from Clarissa facing the opposite. Clarissa walks over putting her arm around his side. Corey is forced to face her as the two of them look at each other. Both of them putting trust into each other while they look at each other.

: : :SCENE 4: : :

(February 1st 2019)

Standing outside the cabin, on the porch, Penelope and Donna face Laura, Nevra and Lilia.

LAURA: I guess this is it? Can't we convince you to stay?
DONNA: I have to find my family. Up to now, this has been about being able to survive.
LILIA: But now you need closure. I respect that.
DONNA: Thank you.

After a moment, Laura moves forward and pulls Donna into a tight hug. Stepping back, Laura wipes away a tear before hugging Penelope and heading back inside. Lilia stands in front of Penelope.

LILIA: You saved my life. Thank you. I cant thank you enough after that day.
PENELOPE: Just don’t get yourself killed, ok?
LILIA: I’ll try.

She smirks and the two share a nod of respect before he heads inside. Nevra watches as she reenters the cabin and for turning back to Donna and Penelope.
Nevra stretches out her hand and Penelope shakes it.

NEVRA: Maybe we’ll meet up again someday.
PENELOPE: Maybe. Until then, stay safe, Nevra James.
NEVRA You too, Crawford.

Penelope turns and heads down the porch steps. Donna turns to Nevra and smiles.

DONNA: Hard to believe we’ve made it this long.
NEVRA: If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t have.
DONNA: I appreciate that, but you trained me well. Before all this, I’d never even shot a gun.
NEVRA: Now you’re almost as good of a shot as me. Almost.

The two women share a chuckle before Donna pulls Nevra into an embrace. After a few moments, they step back with slight smiles.

DONNA: Just north of the city is where my family’s home is. Going to try and make it there.
NEVRA: The city could be tough to get through.
DONNA: It’s the only thing between me and answers. I have to do this.
NEVRA: I know. Just be alert. Remember your training. If things get too crazy we’ll head for the city too.

Donna nods and heads down the porch steps. Standing next to Penelope, she turns and looks up at Nevra, who is struggling to hold back tears.

DONNA: Goodbye, Nevra.
NEVRA: Goodbye, Donna.

After a final wave, Donna and Penelope turn to make their way into the woods. Laura and Lilia step outside, stand next to Nevra and watch the two women leave.

LAURA: And then there were three.
LILIA: The silver lining I suppose is that we’re breaking up not by death.

After a few moments of silence as Penelope and Donna disappear beyond the woods the three of them stand their trying to take it all in.


I am so sorry this episode is so short, i have had surprise mokh exams spring up on me and if i dont do this episode now it wont have been done, There is also no questions due to the fact that its a short episode. I am sorry i am just VERY unorganised atm.


Just post thoughts about the episode down below


My characters got screentime so I'm happy! :)
Sent by turkeylover,Jan 27, 2020
yes I am now in cant wait to hopefully see more of my character
Sent by Dylangover1,Jan 27, 2020
yess nevra get those lines
Sent by PennyTrationStan,Jan 27, 2020
Sent by Tizian,Jan 27, 2020
Love that all Lynn did this episode was cry, tbh me
Sent by nateclove,Jan 28, 2020
Wow this is good
Sent by YogscastBigbrother21,Jan 28, 2020

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