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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

6th Hunger Games Day 3

Dec 26, 2019 by aria_grande
District 1:
Female Topaz Hemshire, 12 maryjane420

District 2:
Female Cressida Moale, 16 melindamrskk (1 Kill)

District 3:
Female Pachess Mega, 13 kalypsoblack

District 4:
Female Zandier Marvin, 17 turkeylover (2 Kills)
Male Calamari Wies, 18 nateclove *Volunteer* (1 Kill)

District 5:
Male Porter Michaels, 15 reyians (2 Kills)

District 7:
Female Willow Hawthorne, 18 kindred7 *Volunteer* (2 Kills)
Male Terran Jayla, 18 ricardogv (2 Kills)

District 8:
Female Twyla Cealia , 17 adamgrant (1 Kill)

District 10:
Female Viscera Holstaine, 14 Absol
Male Cleaver Abernathy, 18 novamax243 *Volunteer* (1 Kill)

District 11:
Female: Clementine Kernel, 17 minie (1 Kill)
Male: Thorn Kernel, 15 mbarnish1

==Day 3==

Twyla looks at the rest of the career pack as hunger and thirst starts to kick in. Out of them all, district 4 look worse off as they are starting becoming very restless and dehydrated. Twyla looks over at Willow who looks better off hinting to her to come over to her

Twyla: Willow, will you check my bandages?
Willow: Yea sure.

Willow walks over not realising she has had healing cream all the time in the arena. She grabs the tub looking over at Twyla's gash on her side. Willow sits next to Twyla revealing the wound which has healed a little since the day before. Willow starts to put some of the cream on her wound which makes Twyla gasp as it is very soothing for her

Twyla: Thanks
Willow: No worries. We want you to get better. So we can fight as a group
Twyla: I know. I want one of us to go back home

While those two are talking, the tributes from 4 and Terran are talking about how Willow and Twyla are getting very paly together and that its kind of scary to them.

Zandier: Whats up with those two. It seems like they are always together.
Calamari: I know the first chance they get, its them two on their own. Dont you think Terran, you must be getting nervous of them.
Terran: If you say so.
Zandier: Its not like they are any good or anything. Look at them, careers they are barely tributes. Pfff.

Terran starts to get annoyed at this conversation. He starts to grasp his machete as they carry on talking about them. Suddenly, Terran swings around slashing the whole of Calamari's chest open. Zandier is in shock as she looks at Twyla then at both the tributes from 7 approaching her.

Zandier: Please don't

Suddenly, Terran throws a net at Zandier but she dodges it taking off into the village area leaving Terran, Twyla and Willow with a bleeding out Calamari on the floor. Willow looks down at Zandier who is struggling to live, she grabs her axe sending it straight into Calamari's chest.

The three of them look at him and then they help Twyla away from the body so the hovercraft can come.


Clementine, Thorn and Cleaver are at their camp in the forest. They hear footsteps near them seeing a tribute running around 5 metres away from their camp. Clementine gets up looking to see who it is.

Cleaver: Who is it? You know?

Clementine shakes her head as the tribute is way too fast for her to notice who it is. She looks back at them grabbing her weapons, the hatchet and the bow looking around the area that they are in.

Clementine: I think we should start moving. We have been here ages and i want to go hunting. There is 12 of us left. 9 out there and half of them are the careers i think. We need to attack the careers.
Cleaver: Your crazy aren't you.
Thorn: I agree, we arent strong enough.
Clementine: Doesnt mean its close combat. I could shoot them with my bow.
Thorn: Still if they find us. Come on, i'll go get some water from that stream we saw the other day.

Thorn grab all the bottles that they have walking away through some woods until he reaches a small stream. Thorn leans down letting the water flow into the bottles. He looks up seeing nothing much has been happening in the arena and he starts to come up with some crazy options on what could actually happen in the near future.


Porter looks at his wound seeing that its clearing up. He looks at the trap making kit that he got from the tribute from 3 laying it in front of him. He looks around him trying to find a good spot to lay it down. He sees a bush not far from him and he slowly gets up to set the trap placing it down with the instructions facing him.

He gets to work as he takes small sips of his water knowing he will have to start walking around to find some sort of water source. Porter doesn't feel much from him wound as he ploughs though the work he has to do to make the trap right.

Several minutes later he finishes the trap, looking very pleased with himself. He picks himself up leaving the trap grabbing his water bottle and he goes to search for some water.


Cressida is near the cornucopia watching what the careers are doing. She looks around trying to find where the other careers are since that there is only three remaining in the group. Cressida decides to watch from one of the small houses as if they see her there is another way to run.

She takes few sips of the water she got away with but she starts to realise that there is as much as she thought left making her worry.
"Shit i am gonna have to get some more, some where" Cressida's voice starts to worry.

In the back of her mind Cressida thinks about her rib since it has started to hurt a little from the moving she had to do. She tries to look at it but she cant see it that well due to it being on her back. She starts to relax a little hoping that it may release some of the pain she has. She does this by sitting on a couch in the living room making her self more comfortable and which means less pain for her.

While sitting down, she starts to think about the alliance that she arrived with and that now its all gone even though its only the third day. Both Amazon and Corey dying repeats on her making her feel that there could have been some way of preventing their deaths even though she couldn't have helped it.


Topaz wakes up from her sleep realising that she has been asleep alot of the day. She groans at the lack of food she has had and decides to walk around for a bit, looking around for food. She carries on walking in a straight line walking further and further away from the cornucopia, deeper into the woods.

As she walks she starts to think about what the others could be doing, due to her boredom however she gets tired off that very quickly. She looks around seeing if she can see any sharp rocks around her that she could possibly use to kill an animal if she finds anything.

Out of the blue she sees a small cat. She goes near it stroking it for a second before snapping its neck knowing that she needs to eat the cat for food. She looks at the cat and then starts to gather stuff for a fire leaving the cat on the ground while she gets the stuff.


Pachess is near the cornucopia crying in her hands as she thinks about her district partners death and knowing that she could have helped but didn't because she was too scared to. She watches the careers as she tears up as she thinks more and more about her district partners death.

She grabs a nutrition bar, starting to chew it to try and calm her nerves.


The anthem:
District 4 Male

24th: Terra Lortor 17 Righttocensor - District 12 Female - Killed by Zandier
23rd: Otto Urt 16 tester - District 6 Male - Killed by Clementine
22nd: Raven Benet 13 cocovanderbilt - District 6 Female - Killed by Cleaver
21st: Laymit Jinetac 14 tinkerbelll - District 5 Female - Killed by Amazon
20th: Tecida Worn 12 galore - District 8 Male - Killed by Amazon/Cressida
19th: Kerne Williem 14 gumball221520 - District 9 Male - Killed by Terran
18th: Lux Vinelle 15 cadden - District 1 Male - Killed by Porter
17th: Grist Plawee 13 girllover101 - District 9 Female - Killed by The careers
==Day 2==
16th: Linux Dafe 12 NPC - District 3 Male - Killed by Porter
15th: Corey Knight 14 myiel - District 12 Male - Killed by Willow
14th: Amazon Toor 17 yonaka - District 2 Male - Killed by Vine mutts



We rocking it mbarnish1
Sent by Minie,Dec 26, 2019
Yesssssssssssssss minie <3
Sent by mbarnish1,Dec 26, 2019
Noooo RIP
Sent by nateclove,Dec 26, 2019
Rooting for districts 7 and 8 the most
Sent by Tester,Dec 27, 2019
What happened to my spear!?
Sent by MaryJane420,Dec 27, 2019
Maybe topaz and pachess could link they are close in age and in need of allies
Sent by MaryJane420,Dec 27, 2019

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