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1st Dawn Arising Awards

Mar 17, 2020 by aria_grande
imageWelcome to the 1st Seasonal Awards of Dawn Arising. There are 9 awards to be given out and the public voted for their favourites. Lets start with the first award:

: : : : :SADDEST DEATH: : : : :

There has been several deaths over the 9 episodes of this season but the public has chosen their winner

With 50% of the vote, the winner of Saddest Death is QUINN VASQUEZ

: : : : :BEST DUO/COUPLE: : : : :

We have saw some amazing duo's formed and the few romances. However the public had their favourite:

With 50% of the vote, the winners of Best Duo/Couple are HEATHER JOHNSON/ QUINN VASQUEZ

: : : : :FAVOURITE HERO: : : : :

Throughout the season, we have saw the emergents of those who will go out their way to help others.

With 42.9% of the vote, there was a tie and the two winners are QUINN VASQUEZ and LAURA LOPEZ

: : : : :FAVOURITE VILLAIN: : : : :

The groups have been battling not only zombies but those who want to kill each other.

With 50% of the vote, the winner of best villain is ALEXA ROSE

: : : : :FAVOURITE MALE: : : : :

With a landslide of 64.3% of the vote, the winner of favourite male is ALVARO OCANA

: : : : :FAVOURITE FEMALE: : : : :

Now with a shocking vote, 35.7% voted for the winner, who is QUINN VASQUEZ

: : : : :BEST GUEST STAR: : : : :

Now even though we didn't see them much. Several made an impact on several people in the show.

With a huge vote of 71.4%, the winner of Guest star is ALEXA ROSE


These characters really showed themselves this season and it was a close one to see who would win.

With a vote of 35.7%, the winner of this award is PENELOPE CRAWFORD

: : : : :BEST MAIN CHARACTER: : : : :

Now this is the one we have been looking forward to the most. These characters have had to face the most but with a really close vote it was anyone's game.

With 50% of the vote, the winner of the award of the night is HEATHER JOHNSON

This concludes the awards for season 1. I hope you all enjoyed it


Thanks for everyone's cooperation


congrats people!!
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