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Aria's drag Race AS2 RESULTS

Sep 23, 2019 by aria_grande
Episode 1:
Maxi challenge: All stars Variety performance.
Runway: Back in the spotlight
Top 2: Plastique Tiara and Yohanna Tulio
High: Tiffani, Ginger
Low: Emma
BTM2: Aryannah and Kia
Lip sync song: "Carry on" Martha Walsh
Rating: 5/10
Eliminated: Aryannah (You proved yourself once but smashed it to pieces)

Episode 2:
Maxi challenge: Design a look based off of the film, The maze runner
Runway: String and rope eleganza
Top 2: Ginger, Gloria
High: Emma, Brittany
Low: Plastique
BTM2: Aimee, Kia
Lip sync song: "Lovergirl" Teena Marie
Rating: 7/10
Winner: Ginger Snap
Eliminated: Kia (Version of Farrah Moan)

Episode 3:

As the queens walk back into the workroom the girls see two lip stick messages. One off Kia and another one. Saying
TWIST TIME: Look behind you.

Ariel Versace and Saphire stand behind them announcing they will be competeing in the weeks challenge for a chance to join the cast. If we get better than low or btm2 we join the cast. ALL STARS RULES STILL APPLY

Maxi challenge: Jersey justice. in three groups
Ginger's group: Haute, Brittany, Tiffani
Ariel's group: Cruton, Gloria, Plastique
Saphire's group: Emma, Aimee, Yohanna
Runway: Woof woof realness
Top 2: Plastique, Gloria
High: Cruton
Low: Emma
BTM3: Tiffani, Ginger, Brittany
Lip sync song: "Baby im burnin" Dolly Parton
Rating: 9/10
Winner: Plastique
Eliminated: Tiffani (Meaning Ariel and Saphire are in the race)

Episode 4:
Maxi challenge: Form a cheerleading group and create different personas for your characters
Runway: Black and Yellow Show down
Top 2: Gloria, Aimee
High: Ginger
BTM3: Plastique, Cruton, Emma
Lip sync song: "Come rain or shine" Judy Garland
Rating: 8/10
Winner: Aimee Bee
Eliminated: Plastique Tiara (Now if this aint a robbery i dont know what is)

Episode 5:
Maxi challenge: In two groups, make your own movie trailer, concept, characters everything
Runway: Lights, Camera, Action
Cruton's group: Haute, Brittany, Ginger, Ariel
Emma's group: Yohanna, Gloria, Saphire, Aimee
Top 2: Emma, Saphire
High: Gloria
Low: Ariel
BTM3: Cruton, Haute, Ginger
Lip sync song: "When i think of you" Janet Jackson
Winners: Emma and Saphire both win and both get to eliminate a queen
10th: Cruton
9th: Haute

Episode 6:
Maxi Challenge: SNATCH GAME
Runway: Night of a thousand Ariana Grande's
Top 2: Gloria (Joan Crawford), Ginger (Dolly Parton)
High: Brittany (Nene Leakes)
Low: Saphire (Rosa Parks)
BTM2: Aimee (Rachel Green/JA), Yohanna (Megan Markle)
Lip sync song: "Sucker Punch" Sigrid
Rating: 7/10
Winner: Gloria (FINALLY BITCH)
Eliminated: Yohanna

Episode 7:
Maxi challenge: Makeover a soon to be wedded couple into opposite drag
Top 2: Saphire, Ariel
Safe: Brittany, Ginger, Gloria
BTM2: Emma, Aimee
Lip sync song: "No scrubs" TLC
Rating: 2/10
Winner: Ariel
Eliminated: Aimee (Guessing the battle of season 1 wasnt in your favour)

Episode 8: (i love it, icona pop0
Maxi challenge: Create a verse and perform a parody of the cell block tango each of you taking on a role
Top 2: Gloria(UH UH), Brittany (SQUISH)
BTM4: Ginger(SIX), Emma(POP), Ariel(LIPSHITZ), Saphire (CICERO)
Lip sync song: "I love it" Icona Pop
Rating: 9/10
Winner: Gloria and Brittany. Girls you must choose one each to save then whoever you save will join you in the final 4 the other two represent 5th and 6th.
6th: Saphire
5th: Emma



Lip sync song: "Aint no other man" Christina Aguliera

In 4th:
Ariel Versace

In 3rd:

And the winner of AS2 is:
Gloria Norgles. Now prance my queen

1st: Gloria Norgles Absol (2 WINS)(3 Top 2)(1 High)
2nd: Brittany Quinn 13bam (1 WIN)(2 Highs)
3rd: Ginger Snap g1ng4 (1 WIN)(1 Top 2)(2 Highs)
4th: Ariel Versace adamslater19 (1 WIN)
5th: Emma Rhoydes whoa (1 WIN)(1 High)
6th: Saphire glinda (1 WIN)(1 Top 2)
7th: Aimee Bee amnesia_ (1 WIN)
8th: Yohanna Tulio Newnightmare7 (1 WIN)
9th: Haute Pockette joobix
10th: Cruton coreyants (1 High)
11th: Plastique Tiara shanua34 (1 Top 2)(1 WIN)
12th: Tiffani Lee Patricenka9 (1 High)
13th: Kia Versace devinb
14th: Aryannah Grand jameslu

This was a great season with a deserving top 3/4



That was an amazing season!!! Ginger SERVEDDDD
Sent by g1ng4,Sep 23, 2019
Wow I did terrible lol
Sent by Jameslu,Sep 23, 2019
wow i flopped
Sent by Joobix,Sep 23, 2019
I'll take second place, But I'm always a winner baby!
Sent by 13bam,Sep 24, 2019

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