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Dawn Arising Season 1: Episode 1 "The End's Beginning"

8thJan 10, 2020 by aria_grande
imageThe cast:

- Heather Johnson 29 - Paul028
- Corey Travis 28 - Aria_grande
- Joannah Bell 24 - Turkeylover
- Greg Leigh 21 - Spikedcurley
- Quinn Vasquez 39 - Hellocat
- Rover Pearson 37 - Novamax243
- Alvaro Ocana 16 - Varlto
- David Brooks 33 - #Paul028
- Laura Lopez 20 - Carlyjordan14

- Wolf Pearson 43 - #Novamax243
- Penelope Crawford 24 - Tizian
- Donna Bell 19 - #Turkeylover
- Keisha Shaz 38 - Maryjane420
- Clarissa Franc 34 - #Aria_grande
- Cindi Oh 21 - Cinzi_Lov
- Carl Rodgers 17 - Christian37
- Nevra James 19 - Pennytrationstan
- Lynn Su-Yung 22 - Nateclove
- Lilia Willows 16 - #Novamax243
- Tana Regis 44 - Amnesia_
- Chase Lewis 46 - Lifeiscool

: : :GUEST STARS: : :
- Alexa Rose 22 - Kelly2722
- Samuel Handson 23 - Dylangover1
- Judith Ward 70 - Glinda
- Poppy Travis 59 - #Aria_grande

Episode 1: "The End's Beginning"

: :Scene 1: :

(January, 23rd, 2019)

Heather sits in a small room as the light from a lantern slowly gets dimmer. She puts her hands in her lap as she tries to think about what has happened. Heather decides to leave the lantern, standing up running her fingers through her hair that is caked with mud and blood. In the distance she hears the growls that are coming from the door opposite to her. She looks in worry turning to the door.

Heather stops touching her hair as she sees the blood, disgusting her by not only the sight but the smell of her hands. Heather starts to walk around leaving the room she was initially in going into another. From afar, Heather sees someone leaving into the next room where a light comes from.

Heather keeps her knife in her hand walking faster and faster towards the light until she is nearly in a run.

HEATHER: Wait up!

The person stops for a second seeing Heather. As soon as they see Heather they bolt the other way which makes Heather speed up a lot more, catching up to the person that is in front of her. At closer inspection she sees someone realising the person she is following is a older man. Middle-aged even.

Heather stops as the man turns around offering a hand.

HEATHER: Do you know a person called Paul Brooks?
MAN: Yes i do. But who's you?

Heather shakes the man's hand as she smiles back to him.

HEATHER: I'm Heather. His wife.
MAN: I'll take you to him. I'm Rover Pearson by the way.
HEATHER: Thank you. And hello Rover.
ROVER: Hi, but we need to hurry up. I have a car outside but they are catching up. The things.
HEATHER: You talking about zombies? They have been following me for days. Lets go.

Rover turns as he starts to run through the poorly-lit rooms as the sounds of growls are heard not far away from the two. Heather follows Rover as the rooms start to get lighter and lighter until she sees a small door to the side of them.

ROVER: This is it. Come on lets go. Before they come for us. I'll take you to a place. There's a couple of us there but its safe. Warm. There's food. Water. Everything you could ask for.
HEATHER: I've already said yes.

The two of them get into the vehicle as Rover speeds off. The two of them watch as zombies start to sprawl out of the door the both of them came through which makes Heather slightly unnerved by it.

: :Scene 2: :

---Several weeks before--- (December 22nd, 2018)

Walking off the plane, Joannah is relieved by the sight of her home. Many of her colleagues get off the plane also following Joannah as she turns to the terminal to grab her bags from the plane that she was on. Initially she doesn't hear her phone ringing but the sensation of the vibration makes her get her phone out seeing that it's her sister, Donna.

DONNA (Phone): I'm guessing you got off the plane then
JOANNAH (Phone): Yes. Just this second, i'll be home soon. Safe i mean.
DONNA (Phone): They hasnt been any cases yet dont worry about it.
JOANNAH (Phone): Yea in the US but in 13 countries there have been cases. We need to be careful. I will be quick i swear.

Joannah hangs up grabbing her bag from the conveyor belt walking off.

--CUT TO--

The bell of the door of Wolf's antique shop rings making him look up from the book that he's reading. He looks up to see Quinn looking around the shop.

WOLF: Are you ok miss?
QUINN: Just looking for something for my friend. A necklace.
WOLF: What we have is over there. There isnt much but i think all of them are really beautiful. Just ask if you want any advice on them.

Quinn nods walking over to the counter seeing the antique jewellery in a glass case

--CUT TO--

Alvaro is in the school canteen listening to his music. He tries to get his food not seeing another boy waling towards him on his phone. The two of them bang into each other. Alvaro looks up furiously as Carl gets furious at him

CARL: Watch it!
ALVARO: It was you on your phone. Just look where you are going.

Carl ignores Alvaro walking past him nudging past his shoulders. Alvaro looks back until he hears his earphones change from his music to an urgent news report.

NEWSREPORTER: (Earphones) The recent outbreak of Sofur is said to have been controlled. Those who have the virus have been contained and a world wide emergency has been declared to report any cases that occur. Only 13 countries have confirmed cases but it is feared there may be more as more is discovered. The sofur virus targets the brain and after 2-6 hours of death in the host, the body will reanimate into a zombie like form. People are told not to worry as its getting controlled.

The news report turns off suddenly and goes back to Alvaro's music, weirding out Alvaro a little, keeping him on edge.

--CUT TO--

Corey watches over his mother as he walks up to the barista who is waiting for him to make his decision. While making his decision Corey is heavily thinking about that he may not be able to look after his mother much longer. Corey walks up to the barista not realising it's his friend Clarissa.

Corey: Just a black coffee and a flat white.
Clarissa: That will be $4.10 Corey.

Corey smiles at Clarissa as he hands over a $5 note winking at her.

Corey: Keep the change.

Clarissa pockets the 90 cents knowing thats what Corey meant. She smiles at him as she hands over his drinks.

Clarissa: Your mother is going to be ok. I will help if she gets worse.

Corey walks away nodding as he comes back to reality.

: :Scene 3: :

---Present Day---

The camera pans onto a small group. The group all look quite battered with some of them with bloodied clothes. In the background, screams are heard which unsettle the whole group. Greg looks at the group getting worried about them knowing that the screams are scaring several people around them, mainly Alvaro who hasnt been right since the start of the outbreak.

GREG: Alvaro its going to be fine. They cant get in. No one can. Everything is going to be fine.

Alvaro looks up to Greg with tears in his eyes.

ALVARO: My parents could be dead. My sister. Everyone i know and i'm stuck here. I dont even know where they are. I cant get to them nothing.
GREG: What do you mean, that you cant get to them?
ALVARO: No planes are going at all, its an epidemic they want to stop anyone and everyone moving country to country. Try to contain the spread of the virus.
GREG: I didnt realise im sorry.

The shouting of Greg and Alvaro alert several zombies to start walking towards the barracade that Cindi and Carl made. Cindi hears the growls getting louder pulling a look straight to Greg making him alert to shut up.

GREG: Sorry.
CINDI: We are going to have to go out one day. We can't stay here all the time seriously. We will have to find some supplies.
ALVARO: We know but seriously you and him the knob. Who made you two in charge.
CINDI: Calm down dude. Your emotional and you cant deal with this stress.

Alvaro sits back down looking at Cindi and Carl who are both watching the hall ways that surround the canteen that they are in, checking on if there are anymore zombies in the area nearby.

LYNN: Alvaro come on. I know what you mean. I was detained at the border. Getting searched for infection. I got out but my family...

Lynn stops looking down as she pulls the blanket she has back over her turning away from the group trying to fall asleep from all of the drama of the epidemic. The rest of the group don't do much knowing that there is very little that they can do. Carl walks around to the kitchen turning towards the taps, so he can clean himself off. He looks around as he is secluded from the group using the water that is still remaining to wash his arms and face off. Carl hears someone approach from behind him.

CINDI: Its annoying isnt it.

Carl whips around smiling at Cindi who kisses him on the cheek. Carl leans onto the sink sighs deeply.

CARL: I guess so its just i want to get out there. Find somewhere better. There is definitely somewhere better. We just need to look.
CINDI: Let's wait it out. We have supplies here. We are safe. It doesn't mean we cant have our secret rendezvous.

Carl smiles hugging Cindi round the waist forgetting that his hands and arms are wet. Carl puts his head on Cindi's shoulder as Carl tries to think about everything that's happening.

: : :END OF EPISODE: : :

After each episode there is a google form that i would like you all to fill out. Please fill it out as it gives me a chance to hear your thoughts. There is also an interactive question that will give you guys a chance to impact the series.

: : :


Hope you like it


I wasn't expecting so quick 馃槶
Sent by spikedcurley,Jan 10, 2020
spikedcurley The first episode came to me VERY quickly
Sent by aria_grande,Jan 10, 2020
King, love your writing
Sent by paul028,Jan 10, 2020

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