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6th Hunger Games Day 2

Dec 23, 2019 by aria_grande
District 1:
Female Topaz Hemshire, 12 maryjane420

District 2:
Female Cressida Moale, 16 melindamrskk (1 Kill)
Male Amazon Toor, 17 yonaka (2 Kills)

District 3:
Female Pachess Mega, 13 kalypsoblack
Male Linux Dafe, 12 aria_grande

District 4:
Female Zandier Marvin, 17 turkeylover (2 Kills)
Male Calamari Wies, 18 nateclove *Volunteer* (1 Kill)

District 5:
Male Porter Michaels, 15 reyians (1 Kill)

District 7:
Female Willow Hawthorne, 18 kindred7 *Volunteer* (1 Kill)
Male Terran Jayla, 18 ricardogv (2 Kills)

District 8:
Female Twyla Cealia , 17 adamgrant (1 Kill)

District 10:
Female Viscera Holstaine, 14 Absol
Male Cleaver Abernathy, 18 novamax243 *Volunteer* (1 Kill)

District 11:
Female: Clementine Kernel, 17 minie (1 Kill)
Male: Thorn Kernel, 15 mbarnish1

District 12:
Male: Corey Knight 14 myiel

==Day 2==

Topaz wakes up as she sits against one of the houses on the outside, looking at the forest that surrounds her. She looks at it for a while as she eats some of her berries that she collected through the night. She uses the wall to get up grabbing the vine basket she made to keep water in from a stream that she found. She looks around not seeing anyone but decides to creep into a house to check if there is anything she can use to protect her self.

Topaz walks into a small bungalow, looking around seeing a usual slum like set up seeing nothing much of value or use for her. She puts her basket of water down looking around seeing that the house is pretty run down with several windows broken with vines coming through the windows.

Topaz: This is kinda creepy, better get out of here.

Topaz looks around for a last time seeing nothing walking out of the bungalow, heading back in the forest that she was camping in, the night before. She heads to the spot that she was seeing that nothing has changed and that the stream is still flowing. She puts her stuff down in her spot creeping into the water bathing herself in the cool water. She tries to think about a plan looking at the trees and a couple of rocks near her.

Topaz: Ok, so i am creating some spears for myself then i am guessing.

Topaz grabs the sticks and rocks getting to work trying to make some wooden spears out of the sticks, using the rocks to sharpen one end of it.


Pachess and Linux are in the woods walking further and further away from the cornucopia, knowing that the careers of 4,7 and 8 will likely be there. Pachess looks back at Linux stopping planting her backpack on the ground

Pachess: We was lucky there wasnt we. Two tributes from 3 surviving. What are the chances?

Pachess laughs as she sits against a tree looking through her bag bringing out the knife she has placing it into her belt. She looks at Linux who is also doing the same bringing out a pair of shears getting confused at why he has a pair.

Linux: I guess so, but its going to be hard you know. Surviving and all, we have little to no fighting knowledge. I am just doing it on pure instinct

Pachess shrugs her shoulders but goes in a hushed voice almost immediately after she hears rustling from the left of her, she looks seeing the boy from 5 approaching the both of them, not realising that they are actually there. Pachess ducks behind a tree while Linux doesnt actually realise that Porter is near them. Porter sees Linux sitting against the tree and rushes over grabbing his knife out of his belt slamming it into Linux's chest. Linux looks in shock as Pachess just runs with her backpack seeing Linux's life slip away.

Linux falls to the ground due to the pain from the stab wound. Seeing his shears, Linux looks at Porter who is ready to finish him. Linux launches the shears which slice into Porter's side knocking him down as blood falls from the gash. Linux has to just lie there watching his blood come out more and more until he falls silent.

Porter grabs the blanket he has and starts to apply pressure on the wound, as it starts to sting a little as blood trickles from the wound. He uses his other hand to set himself up near a bush trying to hide. Porter reveals the wound to himself realising its not too deep as he tears away some of the blanket wrapping it up, tying it to him by some rope that he found in Linux's bag, resting for a little.


The careers are chilling at the cornucopia waiting for others to come out. All of their supplies are at the back of the palace. Twyla, the girl from 8 is seeming very agitated and this knowing that they should get out there to fight and not just sitting around. She looks at the others and Willow is the same.

Twyla: You wanna see if we can find anyone?
Willow: We are careers, we are supposed to do that. Kill anyone we find. You others gonna come?

The rest of the group just shrug their shoulders as Twyla and Willow arm up walking away from the rest of careers. Willow is a few paces in front of Twyla as they hear someone near them. The banging of pans and metal clashing against each other. Twyla looks at Willow as they source the sound of the noise, a small house around 20 metres from them.

Willow: Lets get them. We will have the chance while they are messing around with whatever they are doing.

Twyla nods as they run over to the house opening the door seeing someone. A boy who is just smaller than Twyla, messing around, looking for something. Twyla smiles at Willow as she uses her shortsword to slice at the boy.

Corey turns round ducking the shortsword swinging his hammer sending Twyla flying into a couch. Willow is stunned for a second watching Twyla fly through the air. Corey walks forward throwing the hammer at willow which she dodges throwing her axe straight into Corey's chest.

Willow grabs the axe out of Corey's chest looking over at Twyla who is gaining her composure. Willow doesnt see Viscera, the girl from 10 rushing towards her but Twyla does pushing Willow down as Viscera slices into the couch. Viscera rushes back looking at her dead ally and grabbing a hold of her mace which she put a side.

Willow watches as Viscera makes her second attack, swinging at Twyla's side injuring her more and more. Willow watches as Viscera keeps doing it even though Twyla is still alive but very injured. Willow grabs her axe and throws it straight into Viscera knocking her down and into a window smashing her head badly.

Viscera, very prominently injured runs out grabbing her stuff while she can running from Twyla and Willow. Willow sits back looking at Twyla's injuries seeing a deep gash in her side. Willow grabs some cloth that she finds lying on the floor applying all of the pressure she can on the wound trying to make the pain less for Twyla who is in pain from the gash. Willow picks Twyla or walking her back to the career alliance.

The alliance is very nervy about this and start patching it up with an advanced first aid kit they have.


Cressida and Amazon have made a small camp within the south of the arena just on the edge of the forest. They wait upon Viscera and Corey to come back not realising Corey is now dead due to the careers. Viscera comes into the view of the two of them, running to the duo with small cuts and grazes and shards of glass around her head

Viscera: Im sorry, Corey was the cannon. We was ambushed by the two girls from 7 and 8. The careers, they sent an axe into Corey's chest and they nearly killed me. I'm sorry.

Viscera sits next to Cressida and Amazon but they hear weird rustling coming from a house that has vines all over it. Suddenly, a frenzy happens as the Vines burst out grabbing a hold of Amazon who you just hear cracking and breaking. Amazon uses his knife to cut himself out.

Cressida: What the hell is happening?
Viscera: Lets get out of here.

Both Cressida and Viscera run for their lives leaving Amazon getting attacked by the vines until they break every bone in his body. Cressida and Viscera flee into the forest not even looking back at Amazon who is in agony from the game makers traps

Viscera looks at Cressida swinging her mace at the girl which sends Cressida flying forward as Viscera breaks their alliance up.


Cleaver, Clementine and Thorn hear the cannons keep going off laughing a little knowing that its less people for them to come against later on in the games. Clementine looks at Cleaver's back worrying for him.

Cleaver: Hey hows my back doing Clem?
Clementine: Your back, its started to bleed more. Not much but it needs to be stopped.

Clementine looks at Thorn who has already gathered a large amount of leaves creating a natural bandage to apply onto Cleaver's wound. As Clementine looks at the wound, Cleaver winces in pain as its quite soar when she touches it. While Thorn and Clem are helping his wound Cleaver starts to make some conversation between them.

Cleaver: So what it is with you guys? You guys brother and sister?
Thorn: No its just a very popular last name in 11. Its not like theres a wealth of names to choose from.
Cleaver: Thats like 10, but with 10 its starting to change, alot of new names are turning up. Sophie, Alexandria, nothing relating to the district but some of them are cool.
Clementine: It is. Its good that people are coming up with new names. So we probably dont want to talk about this but who do you think has died.

Cleaver looks back at Clem who has to bring down the spirit of the three of them

Cleaver: If i have to say, its definately the girl from 1. She ran straight from the cornucopia so surely shes gone back and been killed by one of them. Then the others i dont know. Best to wait it out till tonight. Then we will see who has


The anthem goes off in the sky:
District 2 Male
District 3 Male
District 12 Male

24th: Terra Lortor 17 Righttocensor - District 12 Female - Killed by Zandier
23rd: Otto Urt 16 tester - District 6 Male - Killed by Clementine
22nd: Raven Benet 13 cocovanderbilt - District 6 Female - Killed by Cleaver
21st: Laymit Jinetac 14 tinkerbelll - District 5 Female - Killed by Amazon
20th: Tecida Worn 12 galore - District 8 Male - Killed by Amazon/Cressida
19th: Kerne Williem 14 gumball221520 - District 9 Male - Killed by Terran
18th: Lux Vinelle 15 cadden - District 1 Male - Killed by Porter
17th: Grist Plawee 13 girllover101 - District 9 Female - Killed by The careers


Questions that i really want answered:
Do you think sponsors should be a thing?
How do you feel the games is getting on?
Who do you think is going to die next
Whos death was the most unexpected?


thanks for the kill in episode 1 minie
Sent by Tester,Dec 23, 2019
Oop tester馃槱
Sent by Minie,Dec 23, 2019
Minie tester would you both do the questions as it will help ALOT
Sent by aria_grande,Dec 23, 2019
Questions that i really want answered:
Do you think sponsors should be a thing? Yeah
How do you feel the games is getting on? Things are getting really interesting
Who do you think is going to die next Viscera
Whos death was the most unexpected? Cressida
Sent by turkeylover,Dec 23, 2019
turkeylover Cressida didnt die
Sent by aria_grande,Dec 23, 2019
aria_grande oh I thought she did
Sent by turkeylover,Dec 23, 2019
Do you think sponsors should be a thing? Just don鈥檛 be sending anyone new Toyota Corollas and we should be fine
How do you feel the games is getting on? I鈥檓 kind of interested to see how this all turns out considering we have so many injured but alive people right now
Who do you think is going to die next Likely Viscera, but I鈥檓 routing for my district partner to pull through
Whos death was the most unexpected? Amazon
Sent by Novamax243,Dec 26, 2019
Omg topaz got this shit everyone loves an underdog
Sent by MaryJane420,Dec 27, 2019

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