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Dawn Arising (Applications OPEN)

16thJan 5, 2020 by aria_grande
A group of survivors must work together in order to survive the ever-changing world around them. Between the weather, zombies, limited resources and primal instincts, no one is safe because danger is always chasing.

*My goal is to make this a long-running series that lasts a few seasons*

: : : : APPLICATION : : : :

I am still working on a series logo sort of thing. But I really want to do this since this is my thing in some sence


(Applications close @9pm GMT TOMORROW)


Could I make characters like not use the avatar profiles but like a face you manga .com type characters
Sent by cinzi_lov,Jan 5, 2020
cinzi_lov must be a celeb lookalike sorry
Sent by aria_grande,Jan 5, 2020
Sent by cinzi_lov,Jan 5, 2020
See from “The Challenge”
Sent by cinzi_lov,Jan 5, 2020
Sent by cinzi_lov,Jan 5, 2020
Sent by Amnesia_,Jan 5, 2020

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