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[S2] Survivor: Monaco Results

Oct 19, 2019 by aria_grande
Waetu tribe (Turquoise buffs):
Liam guigi
James j2999
Michael stuartlittle16
Julian thesexiestdude990
Livia jameslu
Parvati Parvatis
Anne lawyeranne
Kamui colincoco

Hama Suki tribe (Sunkist orange buffs)
Jlacka jasoi
Vinci corsi
Mac macda27
Akshay galore
Morgan paigescavo
Reko Majority
Alana novamax243
Tina purplebb4

Episode 1:

Both tribes find a surprise in store as they arrive at the island seeing nothing that they was expecting due to it being Monaco. A desolate island stands with two camps which surprise everyone. *TWIST* The host tells them that this season if there is ever a tie in the vote, both will be sent off of the island straight away. But this will only happen for the first tie of the season.

* Liam, James, Michael, Livia, Parvati
* Kamui, Julian

Hama Suki:
* Vinci, Morgan, Mac, Alana
* Tina, Reko, Mac, Jlacka

Waetu wins tribal immunity

At the Hama Suki tribe:
Everyone is extremely disapointed with the immunity challenge and morale becomes low in the whole group, Mac takes this as an opputunity to talk to Tina, Reko and Jlacka about a possible vote for the first vote off. Mac suggests doing one of the others hoping to turn his back on the others as he knows he is one of the lower people in the whole group. Reko and Tina are up for the idea and both suggest putting Morgan in as the vote but Jlacka is unsure about who to vote for but eventually goes with Morgan like the rest of them. Mac decides that he doesnt like that idea and goes to his other alliance of Vinci, Morgan and Alana and decides to vote out Tina due to her strength in the challenges. While Mac is doing this Akshay walks upto Reko, Tina and Jlacka and tells him about Mac's plans and he convinces them to change their vote to Mac due to him being unloyal to them.

At tribal council:
The fear of a tie is looming over everyone as they all know that it could lead to a double vote off. However several are expecting it so early on in the season due to their being the round 8 in the tribe. Alot of peoples fears come true as it ends up as a tie resulting in both Tina and Mac getting sent home in a 4-4 tie.

Mac: Tina, Reko, Jlacka, Akshay
Tina: Morgan, Mac, Alana, Vinci

16th: Tina (4-4) (1st/2nd voted out) (#Hamasuki)
15th: Mac (4-4) (1st/2nd voted out) (#Hamasuki)

Episode 2:


Hama Suki:
Liam (Waetu)
Kamui (Waetu)
Livia (Waetu)
Parvati (Waetu)
Vinci (Hama Suki)
Jlacka (Hama Suki)
Alana (Hama Suki)

James (Waetu)
Michael (Waetu)
Julian (Waetu)
Anne (Waetu)
Reko (Hama Suki)
Morgan (Hama Suki)
Akshay (Hama Suki)


Hama Suki:
*Liam, Parvati, Livia
*Alana, Vinci
*Jlacka, Kamui
*Parvati, Alana, Vinci, Kamui

* James, Michael, Julian
* Reko, Morgan, Akshay

Hama Suki wins immunity

Back at the Waetu trube:
Many people are talking to each other as they play a small game of 'never have i ever'. They all share their secrets with each other making them get to know each other. Anne is a little quite which makes everyone suspicious of her as they carry on to play the game. Later on after the game Akshay approaches the people that he joined the tribe with from his original tribe: Reko and Morgan. The three of them start to discuss what their best plan is on getting someone out knowing that they are in the minority due to the tribe swap. They all think that Anne will be the best bet to get on side to vote either Michael, Julian or James due to her being on the outs of their group. Reko decides to talk to her and gets her onside to get rid of one of the male trio. While the male trio all discuss that it will go to a tie because its clear to them that Anne will not vote with either of them.

At tribal council: Anne is clearly plotting against her old tribe members as she joins the Hama suki at Waetu alliance knowing its her best bet to go forward. When the votes are read out, it goes to a 4-3 vote sending home Julian in a stunning blindside. The trio of boys are shook at the vote.

Julian: Anne, Reko, Morgan, Akshay
Reko: James, Michael, Julian

14th: Julian (4-3) (3rd voted out) (#Waetu/#Waetu)

Episode 3:

Hama Suki:
*Liam, Parvati, Livia
*Alana, Vinci
*Jlacka, Kamui
*Parvati, Alana, Vinci, Kamui

* James, Michael
* Reko, Morgan, Akshay
* Reko, Morgan, Akshay, Anne

Hama Suki wins for the second time

At the waetu tribe:
Many are annoyed at losing again and the blame starts to be thrown around. The first victim is Anne due to her failing a section of the immunity challenge. Also many feel that she doesnt do anything in the tribe. Due to this arguement Anne goes into a mental breakdown throwing all their water onto the fire as the rest watch their hardwork get ruined. While she is gone the rest of the tribe agree that she has to go and they all start trying to fix the fire and the water storages as they split into two groups to get it fixed up.

At tribal council: Anne has returned but still sits away from the rest of them as she knows she is already gone. Anne is sent home in an expectant 5-1 vote.

Anne: Everyone
Michael: Anne

13th: Anne (5-1) (4th voted out) (#Waetu/#Waetu)

Episode 4:

Hama Suki:
*Liam, Parvati, Livia
*Alana, Vinci
*Jlacka, Kamui
*Parvati, Alana, Vinci, Kamui

* James, Michael
* Reko, Morgan, Akshay

Hama Suki wins immunity for the third time in a row

At the Waetu tribe:
The tribe feel that they are all in a difficult situation because they all worked together to get rid of the witch that is Anne. While Morgan is gone to fill up the water, Reko and Akshay have started to talk about getting rid of Morgan due to her close ties with others on the Hama Suki tribe which makes her dangerous coming into the merging time. Reko and Akshay approach Michael and James and try to get them onside to vote out Morgan due to her social skills. They say that they have to consider it as they feel that it could fuck up the whole tribe.

At tribal council: Many people are unnerved by the current situation as they all feel that it could be make or break time to see if they will keep losing or not. In the end a messy vote happens as two people get majority in a stunning vote 2-1-1-1 sending Morgan packing.

Morgan: Reko, Akshay
Michael: Morgan
Reko: James
Akshay: Michael

12th: Morgan (2-1-1-1) (5th voted out) (#Hamasuki/#Waetu)

Episode 5:

Hama Suki:
*Liam, Parvati, Livia
*Alana, Vinci
*Jlacka, Kamui
*Parvati, Alana, Vinci, Kamui

* James, Michael
* Reko, Akshay


At the Hama Suki tribe:
Everyone feels disapointed in themselves as they wished they could have gotten to merge without being up in tribal council. Alana and Vinci are talking about the reaction that Morgan was voted out and that it was kind of cruel how Jlacka treat it as he wanted her to go so badly. They start to talk about him being a vote for tribal council and that he would be the best option as he has little conversations with only a few people in the tribe. Alana suggests going upto Parvati and Kamui to see if they would be up for the vote which would then mean that they have majority going into the vote. Vinci agrees as the both of them ask Parvati and Kamui about the vote. Parvati is fine about it but Kamui is not but doesnt show it to the others. Parvati also tells Liam and Livia to tell them that is the vote and tries to say that it was Vinci that created the vote.

At tribal council:
While Jlacka is voting everyone agrees that he is the one that needs to go but at tribal council a shock reveal turns as Vinci is voted out by a vote of 4-3 with Kamui,Vinci and Alana on the outside

Vinci: Parvati, Jlacka, Liam, Livia
Jlacka: Vinci, Alana, Kamui

11th: Vinci (4-3) (6th Voted out) (#Hamasuki/#Hamasuki

Episode 6:

Hama Suki:
*Liam, Parvati, Livia
* Jlacka, Kamui
* Alana, Kamui

* James, Michael
* Reko, Akshay

Waetu wins immunity again.

At the Hama Suki Tribe:
Alana and Parvati are having a girls chat about why Parvati voted with Liam and Livia rather than herself and the others. Parvati explains that its best in her interests to vote out Vinci as Vinci was getting too controlling. Parvati also explains that her and Alana are still close and would love to vote out Jlacka now as her main target was gotten rid of she can do Jlacka without a doubt. Kamui hears the conversation and tells Jlacka straight away and says to him that they need to get rid of one of Parvati's allies straight away so that they can merge safely. They mention to do Liam as out of the three of them he is the weakest and most people will vote for him.

At tribal council:
Jlacka explains that he heard all about the last tribal council and is extremely mad about everyone talking behind his back like they all did and he feels that if they should have a problem with him that they should confront him about it rather than be snakey. When the votes are being read out it strangely turns to a 3 way tie with Jlacka, Alana and Liam. At the revote the remaining castaways that are not in the tie start to talk which results in Parvati changing her vote to Liam which send the vote to a 2-1.

Jlacka: Parvati, Alana
Alana: Liam, Livia
Liam: Jlacka, Kamui

Liam: Parvati, Kamui
Alana: Livia

10th: Liam (2-2-2/2-1) (7th voted out) (#Waetu/#Hamasuki)

Episode 7: (MERGE)

Race time (Race around the island)
1st: Alana
2nd: Livia
3rd: James
4th: Reko
5th: Akshay
6th: Kamui
7th: Michael
8th: Parvati
9th: (ELIMINATED) Jlacka

9th: Jlacka (Last in race) (8th voted out/1st jury member) (#Hamasuki/#Hamasuki/#Merged)

* James, Michael, Akshay, Reko
* Livia, Kamui, Alana
* Akshay, Alana, Reko

At the merged tribe:
Everyone is welcomed back to a hog roast with baps, pork and stuffings with some gravy on the side. The group start talking congratulating Alana on her win with Parvati commenting that everyone is really quick and agile but everyone just ignores her as they all know that at the moment Parvati is the ultimate bitch. Later on, Livia, Kamui and Alana discuss about who to vote as they feel that Parvati will be the obvious choice. Parvati is brung into the conversation and they tell her about the boys plans to vote her out. She is disgraced and decides to vote with them for her safety.

At tribal council:
Livia is feeling nervous about whats going to happen as she feels that there will be another nasty vote off like they was when Liam left. In the end the vote is 4-3-1 with Reko throwing his vote to get out himself.

Reko: Livia, Kamui, Alana, Parvati
Parvati: James, Michael, Akshay
Livia: Reko

8th: Reko (4-3-1) (9th Voted out/2nd Jury member)  (#Hamasuki/#Waetu/#Merged)

Episode 8:
* James, Michael, Akshay
* Livia, Kamui, Alana, Parvati

James wins immunity but as James wins immunity Kamui just collapses right infront of everyone. She gets taken away and she is medically evacuated. BUT STILL WILL BE PART OF JURY.

7th: Kamui (MEDICALLY EVACUATED) (10th voted out/3rd jury member) (#Waetu/#Hamasaki/#Merged)

Episode 9:

* James, Michael, Akshay
* Livia, Alana, Parvati

James wins immunity for the second time

At the merged tribe:
Many people are worrying about Kamui as her recovery hasnt been mentioned to the cast at all. They all pray for her as they all dig into rice and beans which they eat quite quickly. The group starts to split up as the girls all head down to the creek to fetch watch for the camp. The girls discuss which of the boys to get rid of next as they know the boys will be plotting against them. Livia suggests doing Michael as he is extremely close to James and has been each others ride or dies since the beginning they all agree going back to camp. While the girls have decided on Livia for their target.

At the tribal council: In a shock turn of events Livia is voted out by a 4-2 vote with Alana and herself being outnumbered

Livia: Parvati, Michael, Akshay, James
Michael: Livia, Alana

6th: Livia (4-2) (11th voted out/4th jury member)  (#Waetu/#Hamasaki/#Merged)

Episode 10:

* James, Michael, Akshay
* Alana, Parvati

Alana wins immunity

At the merged tribe:
It is definite who the target is of the boys alliance but the girls decide to target Akshay as he is on the outside of the alliance due to James and Michael being extremely close.

At tribal council: Parvati gets ready to be voted out knowing that she is gone. By a vote of 4-1 Parvati is voted by everyone including Alana.

Parvati: Everyone
Akshay: Parvati

5th: Parvati (4-1) (12th voted out/ 5th jury member) (#Waetu/#Hamasaki/#Merged)

Episode 11 (FINALE)

James win final immunity and gets to choose who he takes the final with him.

He choose Michael. Giving Alana 3rd and Akshay 4th

4th: Akshay (13th voted out/6th jury member) (#Hamasuki/#Waetu/#Merged)
3rd: Alana (14th voted out/7th jury member) (#hamasaki/#Hamasaki/#Merged)

Jury vote:
Jlacka Michael
Reko Michael
Kamui: James
Livia: Michael
Parvati: Michael
Akshay: Michael
Alana: James

By a vote of 5-2 Michael is the winner of Survivor Monaco

Best hero: Alana
Best villain: Parvati
Best Gameplay: Liam's vote out
Smartest Player:Kamui
Robbed pre juror: Julian
Robbed Juror: Livia




good ssn overall good f2 based off story ,,
Sent by J2999,Oct 19, 2019
Sent by Jasoi,Oct 19, 2019
Ok Alana was actually such an icon this season.
Sent by Novamax243,Oct 19, 2019
Sent by Macda27,Oct 19, 2019
Sent by stuartlittle16,Oct 19, 2019
Haha Im de smartest
Sent by ColinCoco,Oct 19, 2019
Alana queen!!! We need her coming back!!!
Sent by PaigeScavo,Oct 19, 2019
So close
Sent by galore,Oct 20, 2019

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