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[S1] Survivor: Alaska Results

Oct 16, 2019 by aria_grande
1. Jasoi Jasoi
2. Tristin baseball03
3. Dylan dylangover1
4. Guigi guigi
5. Drew tester
6. Chad majority
7. Billy Bvance1212
8. Pye piesyumyyumypies

1. Maelyn jameslu
2. Aimee Amnesia_
3. Shavreska calebdaboss
4. Paige paigescavo
5. Sandra thyartisgrin
6. Corn cornacia
7. Fianna pennytrationstan
8. Bailey vermills3737

Episode 1:

Tribes are revealed as:

Aaylor Tribe (Marine Blue buffs)
Paige (PaigeScavo)
Guigi (Guigi)
Drew (Tester)
Bailey (Vermills3737)
Chad (majority)
Aimee (Amnesia_)
Sandra (thyartisgrin)
Billy (bvance1212)

Yaho Tribe (Crimson Red buffs)
Jasoi (jasoi)
Tristin (Baseball03)
Dylan (dylangover1)
Pye (piesyumyyumypies)
Maelyn (Jameslu)
Shavreska (calebdaboss)
Corn (cornacia)
Fianna (Pennytrationstan)

* Paige, Sandra, Aimee, Bailey
* Drew, Guigi
* Billy, Chad

* Tristin, Corn, Fianna, Pye and Dylan
* Maelyn and Shavreska

Immunity goes to the Yaho Tribe

At the Aaylor tribe:
Tensions are high after the first loss of the season and immediately people go quiet and start talking to little groups that have formed. Paige summons her all girl alliance and informs them that the 4 boys have split up into their respective pairs. The girls get excited to hear the news but immediately the conversation goes onto who should be voted out. Both Sandra and Aimee decide on Drew however Paige takes the power into her hands announces that they will be voting Guigi who they feel is stronger. Bailey tries to back away from the scoffle but is drawn into it by Paige.

Billy confronts Chad and Drew who informs them that it will be best to vote Bailey as he heard about her actually throwing the challenge to let the other tribe win. Also Chad joins in saying that it will hurt Paige if Bailey is voted out and they both agree to vote out Bailey.

At tribal council: Alot of bickering is done between the tribe and the vote ends up very disorientated as the girls are split up letting the boys take over. Bailey is voted out by a vote of 3-2-2-1

Bailey: Chad, Drew, Billy
Drew: Sandra, Aimee
Guigi: Paige, Bailey
Sandra: Guigi

16th: Bailey (3-2-2-1) (1st voted out)

Episode 2:

* Paige, Sandra, Aimee
* Billy, Chad, Drew
* Guigi, Sandra, Aimee

* Tristin, Corn, Fianna, Pye and Dylan
* Maelyn and Shavreska

Immunity goes to Aaylor

Back at the Yaho tribe:
Mixed emotions go across the tribe as the unexpected loss has gotten to all the tribe members. Alot of flurry of votes occur as Tristin, Maelyn, Pye and Jasoi are mentioned in the votes. The majority alliance discuss their possibilities in the game but as they mention other tribe members Pye and Dylan start to doubt that they could carry on in the game with their alliance.

At tribal council:
Tristin, Corn and Fianna are feeling quite confident in the vote whereas both Pye and Dylan are remorseful. In the end the vote comes to a 5-2-1 vote with Jasoi leaving the tribe.

Jasoi: Tristin, Corn, Fianna, Pye, Dylan
Tristin: Maelyn, Shavreska
Fianna: Jasoi

15th: Jasoi (5-2-1) (2nd Voted out)

Episode 3:

* Paige, Sandra, Aimee
* Billy, Chad, Drew
* Guigi, Sandra, Aimee

* Tristin, Corn, Fianna, Pye and Dylan
* Maelyn and Shavreska
*Pye and Dylan

No one wins immunity and everyone is going to tribal TOGETHER + Double vote off. One after another

At the temproary merged tribe:
Waves are created as no one is safe from the double tribal and several people get extremely scared due to the both tribes voting together. Tristin, Corn, Fianna, Pye and Dylan start to talk about how its best to get two out from the other tribe ready for when they merge with them permanently. Many are in agreement except Fianna who storms off to the others.

Fianna starts to talk to Paige, Sandra, Aimee and Guigi start to talk about a temporary alliance and they all agree. Guigi tells the group that Billy, Chad and Drew are dangerous together and they need to get them out. Paige takes it upon board knowing that it will be stronger to have more in the group. She invities Maelyn and Shavreska into the alliance making it a 7 man alliance hoping to get anyone that isnt in the alliance out.

At tribal council:
The large tribe of 14 are all nervous knowing that there are two getting voted out. The 7 man alliance are confident as they know the rest wont vote together as their has been very little discussion between any of them. At the voting ceremony, Billy is sent packing by a 7-4-3 vote leaving: Pye, Dylan, Tristin, Corn, Billy, Chad and Drew on the outside. After the departure of Billy another voting ceremony occurs but is much different for some reason and Fianna is sent home in a stunning 12-1 vote as the rest of them was getting annoyed at her persistent bossiness.

Votes Part 1:
Billy: Fianna, Paige, Sandra, Aimee, Guigi, Maelyn, Shavreska
Chad: Tristin, Corn, Pye, Dylan
Corn: Billy, Chad, Drew

Votes Part 2:
Fianna: Everyone
Chad: Fianna

14th: Billy (7-4-3) (3rd voted out)
13th: Fianna (12-1) (4th voted out)

Episode 4:

* Paige, Sandra, Aimee
* Chad, Drew
* Guigi, Sandra, Aimee

* Tristin, Corn, Pye and Dylan
* Maelyn and Shavreska
*Pye and Dylan

Immunity goes to Aaylor

At the Yaho tribe: After the shocking vote off of Fianna the group are shook as they all voted together but now they have to go against each other. Tristin, Corn, Pye and Dylan try to go after Shavreska however Maelyn hears about this and Shavreska is told who confronts them immediately causing a huge row. After the fight, Pye stops Maelyn to see who the vote is which he is told tristin which they agree on.

At tribal council: Pye and Dylan are quite nervous knowing that their votes are the swing votes in the vote off tonight but a shocking reveal shows us that, a tie has occured between Tristin and Shavreska. A revote is called upon with Tristin and Shavreska not voting but in another shock of events Tristin is voted out as the vote turns to a 3-1 vote after the revote.

Tristin: Dylan, Shavreska, Maelyn
Shavreska: Pye(Changes to Tristin) , Tristin, Corn

12th: Tristin (3-3,3-1) (5th voted out)

Episode 5:

* Paige, Sandra, Aimee
* Chad, Drew
* Guigi, Sandra, Aimee

* Maelyn and Shavreska
*Pye, Dylan, Shavreska, Maelyn

Immunity goes to Aaylor again

At the Yaho tribe:
Strings are starting to fray between the tribe mates after they lose for the second time. All the 5 of them left try to plead their case on why they should stay but most of them know who will be going. While lounging about Maelyn notices something that Shavreska has written down. "Hah these suckers, they dont even realise they are getting played". Maelyn shows the others and they know what to do.

At tribal council: Many people are nervous due to the lack of votes that have been flurrying around. Shavreska starts to notice that her time has came up as she sees Corn and Maelyn talking. At the voting ceremony Shavreska is voted out by a stunning 4-1

Shavreska: Everyone
Corn: Shavreska

11th: Shavreska (4-1) (6th voted out)

Episode 6:

* Paige, Sandra, Aimee
* Chad, Drew
* Guigi, Sandra, Aimee

*Pye, Dylan, Maelyn

Immunity is won by Aaylor for the third time in a row which sends Corn into a meltdown and start to be extremely abusive to the other cast members making her be removed.

10th: Corn (REMOVED) (7th Voted out *sort of)

Episode 7: (MERGE)

For the immunity challenge it is a dreaded race around the island. First back gets immunity last one back is voted out straight away.

1st: Guigi
2nd: Pye
3rd: Maelyn
4th: Aimee
5th: Drew
6th: Chad
7th: Sandra
8th: Paige
9th: Dylan (eliminated)

9th: Dylan (Last in race) (8th Voted out/1st jury member)

Immunity goes to Guigi

Merged tribe:
* Paige, Sandra, Aimee
* Chad, Drew
* Guigi, Sandra, Aimee
* Pye, Maelyn
* Paige, Sandra, Aimee, Guigi, Maelyn
* Chad, Drew, Pye, Guigi

At the merged tribe: The group is welcomed to some coffee, brownies and pasteries for their success to make it to merge and jury. After the luxeries, Maelyn gets to work recruiting her tribe of 5 to vote out one of the boys that arent in the alliance. They all agree but Guigi is nervous due to him being in an alliance with the rest of them. He uses his knowledge and feeds it back to the boys telling them that Drew is on the target list for the first merge tribe. They all agree that Maelyn has to go but they dont know how.

At tribal council: The tribal council goes smoothly, with Maelyn getting control of the whole game voting Drew straight out of the game.

Drew: Paige, Sandra, Aimee, Guigi, Maelyn
Maelyn: Chad, Drew, Pye

8th: Drew (5-3) (9th voted out/2nd jury member)

Episode 8:

Merged tribe:
* Paige, Sandra, Aimee
* Guigi, Sandra, Aimee
* Pye, Maelyn
* Paige, Sandra, Aimee, Guigi, Maelyn
* Chad, Pye, Guigi

Immunity goes to Paige

At the merged tribe: Maelyn and Pye are talking about Paige winning immunity. They both dont agree with it and try to find a way og getting one of them gone. Pye mentions the boys alliance and Maelyn seems interested and asks Pye who he would be ok with voting. He mentions that Sandra could be a good chance of voting out as she is an associate of Paige. Maelyn agrees to vote with them knowing that she will be on the outside of the girls alliance.

At tribal council: Many people are secure about the vote with Maelyn teaming up with the boys. Going Maelyn's way the vote goes 4-3 with Sandra getting sent home.

Sandra: Pye, Guigi, Chad, Maelyn
Chad: Sandra, Aimee, Paige

7th: Sandra (4-3) (10th Voted out/3rd jury member)

Episode 9:

Merged tribe:
* Paige, Aimee
* Guigi,  Aimee
* Pye, Maelyn
* Paige, Aimee, Guigi, Maelyn
* Chad, Pye, Guigi

Immunity goes to Maelyn

At the merged tribe: Aimee and Paige are annoyed at Maelyn for voting with the boys explains that now they are in the minority. A rowing match goes on between Maelyn and Paige who brings Guigi into the conversation saying that Guigi is a massive snake to everyone and is playing both sides. Guigi tries to explain his actions and says it just because of the game. Chad and Pye try to calm down the situation but is just shouted at by the girls which makes chad and Pye go quiet and decide to just go with the girls and go with the majority vote.

At tribal council: Guigi starts to feel nervous due to the amount of arguement. Many start to go with the easy option and in the end the vote goes 5-1 getting rid of Guigi.

Guigi: Everyone
Chad: Guigi

6th: Guigi (5-1) (11th voted out/4th Jury Member)
Episode 10:

Merged tribe:
* Paige, Aimee
* Pye, Maelyn
* Paige, Aimee, Maelyn
* Chad, Pye

Chad wins immunity

At the merged tribe: Chad starts to talk with Pye, Paige and Aimee talking about voting out Maelyn as she is a strong contender for the final tribal council. Pye is agreed with Chad but Aimee is unsure about it and doesnt agree with the voting however Paige agrees with the boys as she is getting stronger by the second. Straight after the conversation, Aimee goes back to Maelyn and she tells them to vote Pye due to Chad being immune from the vote. Paige is unsure about how she is going to vote.

At tribal council: Several people are getting nervous about rhe vote due to their being only 5 of them left. In the end Pye is voted out by a 3-2 vote.

Pye: Maelyn, Paige, Aimee
Maelyn: Chad, Pye

5th: Pye (3-2) (12th voted out/5th jury member)

Episode 11:

Merged tribe:
* Paige, Aimee
* Paige, Aimee, Maelyn

Chad wins immunity

Due to it being final 4, Chad gets to choose who joins him in the final 2. Chad tries to talk to all 3 of them but ultimately picks Paige.

4th: Maelyn (1-0) (13th voted out/6th jury member)
3rd: Aimee (1-0) (14th voted out/7th jury member)

Jury Voting:
Dylan: Chad
Drew: Chad
Sandra: Paige
Guigi: Paige
Pye: Chad
Maelyn: Paige
Aimee: Paige

By a vote of 4-3, Paige is the winner of Survivor Alaska

Best hero: Pye
Best Villain: Maelyn
Best Gameplay: Fianna's vote off
Smartest player: Paige
Robbed Pre juror: Fianna
Robbed Juror: Guigi



Damn it second member of the jury
Sent by Tester,Oct 16, 2019
Sent by Jasoi,Oct 16, 2019
WOOOO 4th and Aimee and I got eliminated together <3
And yay at Paige winning!
Sent by Jameslu,Oct 16, 2019
OMG what a player am I??? I snapped!!!
Sent by PaigeScavo,Oct 16, 2019

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