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Aria's Drag Race 7 Results

Sep 20, 2019 by aria_grande
Episode 1:

Twist: Throughout the season bitches will be going left right and centre with an unknown amount of queens going each episode which will be based on lip sync performance rankings
Maxi Challenge: Design a space inspired look
Winner: Kia
Highs: Brittney, Leanne, Killa, Shauna
Lows: Vittles, Ambrosia
BTM3: Baimble, Draga, Mary
Lip sync song: "We break the dawn" Michelle Williams
Rating: 4/10
20th: Baimble
19th: Draga

Episode 2:
Maxi Challenge: In groups of 9, create a comedy TV show based off a real life show.
Friends (Kia's Group): Vittles, Medusa, Emilee, Shauna, Ma'laria, Rebeckuh, The countess Lumann, Kamryn
The brady bunch (Mary's group):Ambrosia, Entebbe, Agatha, Killa, La'maria, Leanne, Brittney, Cruton
Winner: The countess Lumann, Vittles
High: Rebeckuh, Ma'laria, Shauna, Kamryn, Emilee, Medusa, Kia
Low: Cruton, La'maria
BTM3: Ambrosia, Mary, Brittney
Lip sync song: "Break free" Ariana Grande
Rating: 7/10
Eliminated: 18th: Ambrosia Salad

Episode 3:
Maxi Challenge: Regular variety show
Runway: Oprah Extravaganza
Winners: Ma'laria, Shauna
High: Mary, Entebbe
Low: Kia, Kamryn
BTM2: Killa, Rebeckuh
Lip sync song: "Jump" The scissor sisters"
Rating: 1/10
17th: Rebeckuh
16th: Killa

Maxi Challenge: Create an interpretive dance to Rupaul's Life
Runway: Maternal Realness
Winner: Kia, Cruton
High: Agatha, Shauna, Vittles
BTM6: Mary, Leanne, Emilee, Ma'laria, La'maria, Kamryn
Lip sync song: "I really dont care" Demi Lovato
Rating: 0/10
15th: Kamryn
14th: Mary
13th: Emilee
12th: Leanne

Episode 5:
Maxi Challenge: Create a 9021 HOE parody
Ma'laria: Medusa, Shauna, The countess, Vittles, Entebbe
La'maria: Agatha, Kia, Cruton, Bittney
Runway: Soccer specials
Winner: Kia, Cruton
High: Brittney, Agatha, La'maria
Low: Medusa
BTM2: Ma'laria, The countess
Lip sync song: "You better work" Demi Lovato
Rating: 7/10
Eliminated: The countess Lumann

Episode 6:
Maxi challenge: Depsy awards in twos
Runway: Time at the oscars
Winners: Cruton/ Kia
High: Medusa/Brittney
Low: Agatha, Shauna
BTM2: La'Maria/Ma'laria
Lip sync song: "So Am I" Ava Max
Rating: 6/10
Eliminated: Ma'laria

Episode 7:
Maxi challenge: Workout video in two groups
Cruton's group: Vittles, entebbe, La'maria
Kia's group: Agatha, Shauna, Medusa, Brittney
Runway: Neon lines
Winner; Medusa
High: Brittney, Agatha
Low: Vittles
BTM2: Cruton, La'maria
Lip sync song: "work" Rihanna
Rating: 0/10

Episode 8:
Maxi challenge: Snatch game
Runway: Green like envy
Winner: Vittles
High: Entebbe, Medusa
BTM2: Brittney, Kia
Lip sync song: "Joleyn" Dolly Parton
Rating: 7/10
Eliminated: Kia Versace

Episode 9:
Maxi Challenge: Conjoined twins (The duo that does the worst is eliminated)

Win: Medusa/ Brittney
Safe: Agatha/Shauna

Eliminated: Vittles/Entebbe


We are doing thingts a little different and basing it on PPE

Okay so the two queens coming in 3rd/4th are
Brittney the bean and Agatha

In 2nd is

Meaning congratulations Medusa Monroe

1st:  Medusa Monroe macda27 (2 Wins, 3 Highs)
2nd: Shauna Hampsona birks4444 (1 Win, 3 highs)
3rd: Agatha Shaniqua latisha0987 (3 highs)
4th: Brittney the Bean limabean (1 Win,4 highs)
5th: Vittles newnightmare7 (2 Wins)
6th: Entebbe @cmach311 (2 Highs)
7th: Kia Versace devinb (3 wins,1 High)
9th/8th: La'maria O'hara calebdaboss (1 High)
9th/8th: Cruton coreyants (2 Wins)
10th: Ma'laria Mosquito Firex (1 Win,1 High)
11th: The countess Lemann Haykee (1 Win)
12th: Leanne Cuisine Joobix (1 High)
13th: Emilee Karter Jameslu (1 High)
14th: Mary Callendar maturo (1 High)
15th: Kamryn Fentii amnesia_ (1 High)
16th: Killa Queen hellocat (1 High)
17th: Rebeckuh Romanie hellomynameis347 (1 High)
18th: Ambrosia Salad Glinda
19th: Draga Walker chris2pei
20th: Baimble Versace eaurea

The miss congeniality goes to Kia versace


I would also like to announce that cast selections are happening for AS2 and i will post the short list that i will put together


Yass Medusa Monroe!!!
Sent by Macda27,Sep 20, 2019

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