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3rdSep 15, 2020 by Aquamarine
and I'll tell you my biggest [honest] issue with you
im tired of nice PYNs!!!

Washed_Ravioli - I don't understand your popularity or how do so well in games, unsure if its because you integrated with bamolds friend group or what, but I didn't think you were particularly good at the game in stars.

Maxi1234 - Instagay who relies more on looks than personality.

salmaan - While I thank you for your support in me complaining about Franzel getting "canceled" I think you stick too hard to the line of "cancel culture is bad and ruining things" when that's not always the case as some people need to have consequences for their actions.

CruelSummer - I literally have no idea how you made it so far in my 100 person survivor and feel like you have to be a multi of someone??

Survivor8 - Jake sheep, quick to come to his defense, maybe pick your friends better?

lmaobrit2214 - I don't particularly know you, but sometimes your blogs come off strange to me.

Christian_ - I said honesty and the thing that honestly annoys me the most about you is entering your stupid username in TG mail because the "_" registers as a wildcard and all the other Christians come up before your name and it truly drives me insane every time i have to send you a mailer.

s73100 - I've never really had any complaints about you, but to me personally you seem a bit clique-y with the people youre friends with?

SemNome - I remember being in a stars with you and it was virtually impossible to get a response from you and it was really annoying to play with.

austino15fffan - You're one of those people I'm friendly with but wary of whenever I'd play games with you because I felt like I could never gauge your true intent.

Admir - I dunno but I recently read some blog where you, as a med student, said Covid wouldn't be a big deal. Hmmm...

Typhlosion37 - Urgh another person I'm friendly with and don't know well enough to make a good complaint about. My copout answer is Typhlosion isnt even a good pokemon!!

jwbrine - I literally dont even know you but I evicted you in stars for that hateful avatar

hwest14 - You know I always say you're too nice to everyone and if you're nice to everyone it's almost like you're nice to no one because how can you even gauge who you like or dislike then!!!

Darbe - You absolutely know I'm going to drag you for your music taste here and sending basic as fuck nonsense to TSC. Spend more than 30 seconds looking for a song!

cococolin122 - I feel like you were an absolute nightmare years ago on Tengaged but there's a 50% chance I'm definitely mixing you up with someone else.

Olympia - Your friends. Full stop.

splozojames50 - I don't really know how to phrase somehow come off as timid or lacking confidence despite being a good gameplayer slash all around fairly smart guy? It's weird.

J2999 - I'm not gonna lie when we went on call for that group game I had never heard your voice before and I was shaken and my American ass was struggling to understand some things you said.

Letal -
Upon exit from V&S BB: "my vote isn't decided!"
Jury voting: *no question or statement, votes for Jojo*
Sure it wasnt.

Lemjam6 - You refuse to see anything any way other than your own and you will argue with someone and try to make them feel wrong until the death.

BB5lover - I feel like you have little trust in people (sometimes with good reason) and make game moves that don't entirely make sense / ignore the social aspect of games completely.

kesha - WHO?!

Timberlie - I feel like you make fun of that Julie girl on her blogs and probably in chats, at least it seems that way.

ghrocky100 - I don't know if it was just my game or games in general you seem very apathetic towards and unmotivated to do much of anything.

sjsoccer88 - you're way too much of a psychological puzzle to even get into but also short tempered

Matte - I don't know you well enough to do one of these!! 馃槗

jacksonjoseph99 - you already know the things I take issue with when it comes to you... your exclusively #FFFFFF friend group though is something.

lexeyjane - refer to Timberlie's comment, I think I've seen something on the blogs page about you doing the same thing recently.

Norris - Literal biggest dumbass I've ever had the misfortune of playing a stars with and everything about you screams faggot trump supporter to me

#Batya - I feel like you're very unmotivated, at least in games, and will always pick anyone else over me even if I try to work with you, so bleh.

#KingGeek - I could never say anything bad about Ashanti, but I miss your learn a language blogs 馃ズ

#DrPepsi - Werent you like a RasCity multi slash friend slash something? If so...ew.

#NotNicky333 - Which one of your leaders told you to post on this blog?

#Eoin - Refer to Jackson's kinda, but the fact that you choose to stay friends with people who are equivalent to walking through a minefield where one wrong step could make them blow up is just...ew.

#dansterdan - youre so pretty and you took so long to post ONE blog about it? id be milking those top blog points and getting people to simp for me. thats how you get gifts!!!

#ianfitz0012 - your god awful employer you know this

#Judi - You have to act like an edgelord 100% of the time and be a contrarian about literally everything.

#MmabatlokoaMolefe - I feel like you play a character as opposed to being your actual self but also feel like this has been toned down as youve moved more towards playing orgs

#XRyn0618 - i want to see you fight someone and speak above 30 decibels

#LornaHollas - Lorna I don't really know you well enough and have no complaints from TSC to hurl at you so sorry idk!!

#iYBF - Those stupid ass blogs about your cheating boyfriend that you kept taking back. That.

#GiGi10 - I said someone had a cliquey friend group above but I feel like theirs pales in comparison to you and your friends. It's impossible to know any of you because you all just join games in groups of 9.

#Funnehliner - YOU ARE A SEASON RUINER!!!!!

#MichelleObama - I feel like you can refer to Olympia's comment but also that I literally feel like I've rolled 500 of your wishes in the waifu chat and none of mine ever get rolled and its really starting to rustle my jimmies.

#Kelly0412 - You never hosted IWTWFO and I'm growing restless.

#FromAWindow - You and Bogmire sit atop the list of tengagers who I have absolutely zero read on at any point in time and it consistently feels like you're ready to fuck over anyone who's working with you, thus making it impossible to ever truly work with or trust you.

#DarkTyphoon23 - You're always distantly present...if that makes sense...

#CharlieBibi - literally every single aspect of your entire existence

#Jujubee - You've been around FOREVER and I know nothing about you except we tend to work together in games. I don't know if you've had other accounts or who you are, but your existence sometimes puzzles me!

#Natepresnell - Wow I take back what I said about FromAWindow and would like to add you to that statement as well. Intolerable in games.

#CocoaBean - I feel like you get caught up in a lot of things that don't really matter in life...

#EmzThorne - I literally know nothing about you except this fake-esque tengaged personality you put on and you seem kinda DUMB.

#Chic - I find it hard to be friends with people who clearly care more about popularity or fame than anything else and you seem to fit that bill.

#Zeptis - You literally alter your personality to fit whatever female you go on calls with the most.

#Singsongers - Your blogs are always just really inappropriate...

#Carvalho - WHO?

#Jenii_Valenta - I know literally nothing about you except the people you're friends with and I feel like you all think you're above everyone else somehow.

#jojo7784 - Like a lot of CYA and company, I think you're over-competitive and care more about winning than people.

#KingB24 - You're too affiliated with Tyler and at this point it feels like you don't have your own personality or friends.

#brookie_cookie - Get your life together sweetheart.

#turkeylover - Honestly all ive seen from you is being iconic and i dont know you well enough to say otherwise so gold star.

#iAyeEye - You already know I think you aren't strong at being social and sort of treat games (and maybe life, who knows) like a logic puzzle that needs solving when people aren't that simple.

#temponeptune - I feel like you're on here enough to vaguely like, but not on enough for anyone to actually know you, and maybe that's why you dont win stars because you aren't polarizing enough one way or the other?

#IAmPaxton - I feel like I've told you this before but I feel like you judge me (and maybe others?) in a negative way for their pop culture opinions.

#mastropola - aside from being super needy about this PYN I judge people a lot by the people they surround themselves with and your taste in that department is questionable...also I dont know if its a good thing that you've consistently felt about 15 years old to me!!!

#MarieTori - Does it really matter? No.

#peterya - You and tycoon both will always be cemented as bamold sheep in my head with no other personality traits other than blog page filler...although the blogs page drinking game blog you made was good.

#rohanprabhu - i think you being young and excitable can come off as needy

#top20fan33 - fuck you not even throwing me a pity vote to not make it 7-0 i HATE you and youre ON NOTICE!!

#bunnycat - genuinely mad we didnt know each other during the hayday of neopets so that we couldn't have created some guild scheme to rob 10 year olds of millions of neopoints

#johnny5599 - real life 5 whos a 7 on tengaged and thinks hes a 9


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Oh it annoys me too, it鈥檚 even WORSE now because there is a Christian__ which fucks it up x5 :)))(
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although the blogs page drinking game blog you made was good.

I鈥檒l take it
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