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49 seapoose, Jan 17, 2015

and ill tell u if i like u or not
#peterya yes you're a nice guy
#papibadd i just kinda met you but thanks for joining vivor. :D
#jadennator1 i really dont know you sorry =[
#marwane yes i do
#bamold1999 we always fight but idt i would ever truly hate you. so yes i like you
#sydneywalsh i don't know you that well but you're cool
#starfresh33 i dont know you soz
#jamieandre i literally love you
#padfoot of course i do! i enjoyed playing vivor with you and getting to know you :)
#potatosalad yes ily tanner lmao
#electriccheddar i don't rly know you but you seem cool??
#maxi1234 yes pakipoose i love you to bits bae
#deshonbannedisback habbos in the womb habbos till the tomb bae
#seemlyrough umm i've seen you around but never really got to talk to you. sry
1swampy8 sure? idk you
orlando652 still hurt that you said you like viv more than me on your ask fm =[ but yes
ghrocky100 yes
lamia idk you but arent you hot? :)
thesexiestdude990 yes julian
survivor_season1 yes i do cutie
robertguajardo yessss im still so sorry about that hunger... ily rob
rellizuraddixion sure
skyler1822 yes i do =]
imthtawesom yes bby i love u so much marry me plz
matt64 idk u
temponeptune yes
psulucky ilysm dave one of my best friends here
carriexoxo24xo yesss you're super sweet and a good friend :)
itsaustin i used to not but now i do
delete2544 yes we are sisters
absol sure
smuguy2012 yes smupoose we are soulmates ily
somebodyawesome you seem cool and youre prob hot so i like u
johnster yes habbo bae ily
lemjam6 jakey ur my hero
carlisle ur cute
thumper91 ur lovely and amazing
joshlyn34 yes i was genuinely upset when you were mad at me before
xxlovewakizaxx yes you're sweet
amandabynes oh shut up jay bae
qwertyioup who are u
ashleybabyx3 yessssssss im sorry i didnt have your back in that hunger but i enjoyed getting to know you throughout it and was sad that everything turned out the way it did. talk to me anytime, i miss you


Gift Game S:6 Day 19

1 k4r4k, Dec 20, 2014

winner of this game will be gifted < 3
by a vote of 4 to 6.....#peterya you have been evicted :x
jdempewo (3 noms, 1 hoh, 1 pov)
purplecows (2 noms, 2 hohs)
forest_knight (2 noms, 2 hohs, 1 pov)
1. Carriexoxo24xo (1 nom)
2. dabomb (1 nom)
3. imprincearthur (1 nom)
4. striky (1 nom)
5. PureEssence (1 nom)
6. sparklesara (1 nom)
7. ghrocky100 (1 hoh, 1 nom)
8. @tvdude01 (1 hoh) - banned
9. BrenLa (2 noms) - banned
10. camgillies (1 pov, 1 nom)
11. boots22 (1 pov, 1 nom)
12. roachster10 (1 nom)
13. Rockslide (2 noms, 1 pov)
14. rennac (1 nom)
15. chhsfreshman2009 (1 hoh, 1 pov, 1 nom)
16. kiara_xoxo (2 noms, 1 pov)
17. theblackdog (2 noms)
18. parvatis (1 hoh, 2 noms)
19. @iamtrey (1 nom, 1 pov)
20. jojo7784 (1 nom, 1 hoh)
21. yoshi13 (1 pov, 1 nom, 1 hoh)
22. yoshitomi (1 pov, 1 hoh, 1 nom)
23. cody_ (1 hoh, 2 povs)
24. ados707 (2 noms)
25. #forest_knight (2 noms, 2 hohs) -- returning player
26. haycsclair (1 hoh, 2 noms) - inactive, will be added to next season if currently active
27. nocturnal (2 povs, 1 nom, 1 hoh) - inactive, will be added to next season if currently active
28. peterya (2 povs, 3 noms, 1 hoh)
** Each of the three finalists has a blog with their name as the title (LISTED BELOW). The player that has the most points when the blogs expire will win the final HOH securing their place in final 2. They will then have the power to select the person they face in final 2!


well well well

0 gloss13, Oct 1, 2014

#peterya and #conjow are both banned and 1st best friends :P wow what them boys do this time


he still thinks

3 peterya, Sep 7, 2014

i have a previous account lmao
#Peterya Uhh I still don't know why you won't come out and admit having a previous account :S It's pretty obvious. But I understand why you don't like me. I always call out people who lie about their history on here.



37 PaulaDeen, Aug 31, 2014

and i'll tell you the reason that you died and you can make a blog  about it and spam it for attention
#peterya - bitten by a rattlesnake
#cotbey - thrown out of a window from the 18th floor of a building
#dryerfish - you were killed by the mafia
#tadd - you died from the AIDS
#orlando652 - you are riding your bike in the park and you get struck by lightning
bryjow123 - car crash
drdevious - you are stabbed by a person who has escaped from an insane asylum
jasminetdpi - you fell down the stairs and broke your neck
lemjam6 - heart disease
potatosalad - you eat some really bad potato salad, get food poisoning, and die
zachbbs - freddy krueger kills you in your sleep
joeker - your throat is slashed by a crazy ex girlfriend/boyfriend
owlb0ned - your hair catches on fire, and eventually its spreads to your entire body and you burn to death
micklepickle20 - you choke to death on a pickle
nathan132 - you fall off the top of the empire state building
jakep82 - you died in columbine with mexash =[
koin - you get an envelope filled with anthrax from a mysterious sender
noraw6842 - liver disease :/
saftronbtr999 - you die in your sleep
mikey_elite - you get strangled too hard during sex and die from lack of oxygen
tanarexix - an angry mob kills you after you made them unhappy with your terrible singing
crimsonteer - you fell, and couldnt get up. unfortunately you did not have life alert
@labobble - you were killed by t_mod for being a bad boy
ali123francesca - You are on a bridge when suddenly it collapses and you die somewhere at the bottom of the rubble
@gloss123 - you wake up and find yourself with a saw trap / beartrap like device on your head. you sadly are not able to get it off before the time runs out
bengalboy - cocaine overdose
rowan22 - you are impaled in the heart because some psycho thinks that youre a vampire
thesexiestdude990 - you are in a train wreck in which there were only 6 survivors. unfortunately, you were not one of those 6
frozenshadow09 - you got attacked by a shark
goodplay - you got attacked in a dark alleyway and was shot by a gangster
timberlie - you die of old age
thumper91 - you were too nice for your own good...
awesome233 - you get hit by a truck
thanos - you get attacked by a pack of rabid dogs



3 Conjow, Jul 21, 2014

#peterya edition
I swear 3 of them are true
A. He is 13 years old
B. He has bought $150 IRL dollars of ts
C. His Moms cousin is best friends with Kathy from BB12
D. His Instagram is also "Peterya"
Guess which one is the lie, at 7pm EST I will revile the lie


~ Annual Hunger Games Day 3 ~

12 CheapCheep, Jun 3, 2014

• Roughly 5-10 people can comment (In-Game or Spectators)
• Comment either HEALTH or ATTACK followed by the tributes username (ex. HEALTH CheapCheep or ATTACK Randomize). Only one post per day.
Day 2 Results:
#peterya sponsored #SmoothStalker12 with 25 health
#rawr121 found a first-aid kit with 25 health
#_Adidas_ found a first-aid kit with 25 health.
#Maxi1234 attacked #CDeal causing -69 damage.
#SmoothStalker12 attacked #Sarah48 causing -41 damage.
#XavierR82 found a first-aid kit with 25 health.
#bigdizzleyomama attacked #Sarah48 causing -99 damage. #Sarah48 is killed.
#Icarus_Mark sponsored #Carlisle with 25 health.
1. Lynette // Health: 125
2. MariahAnn // Health: 100
3. Maxi1234 // Health: 125
4. EyooMarcus // Health: 100
5. Typhlosion37 // Health: 100
6. DaveLooney // Health: 100
7. austino15fffan // Health: 125
8. SmoothStalker12 // Health: 125
9. jbshafer // Health: 100
10. blakejenkins14 // Health: 100
11. Qwertyioup // Health: 125
12. #Sarah48 // KILLED: 24TH
13. rawr121 // Health: 125
14. bigdizzleyomama // Health: 100
15. _Adidas_ // Health: 125
16. tdan13 // Health: 100
17. XavierR83 // Health: 81
18. Dalagninja // Health: 74
19. CDeal // Health: 31
20. Carlisle // Health: 125
21. sahmosean // Health: 100
22. Donutdude556 // Health: 100
23. StaRfReSh33 // Health: 100
24. MrPokeguy9 // Health: 100
Death List:
24th ~ #Sarah48 was killed in a fight with #bigdizzleyomama.

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