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Random.org The Amazing Race 2 (Episode 8)

5 Tester, Sep 23, 2019

----------THE TEAMS----------
- AntonB and SeaViper
- Jameslu and Amnesia_
- FelipeS and iScotty
- RavenWhiteFeather and paul028
- Paralox and ColinCoco
- Kindred7 and woah
7th: #systrix and #Codyy
8th: #BlazeTitan and #skimmilk4
9th: #Logie56 and #J2999
10th: #purplebb4 and #iichaoskimmy
11th: #PorshaWilliams and #FaLaFolie
12th: #Tommy123 and #MudkipzFTW
Flight #1 to Copenhagen, Denmark:
- Kindred7 and Woah
- Paralox and ColinCoco
- FelipeS and iScotty
Flight #2 to Copenhagen, Denmark:
- Jameslu and Amnesia_
- RavenWhiteFeather and Paul028
Flight #3 to Copenhagen, Denmark:
- AntonB and SeaViper
- AntonB (of AntonB/SeaViper)
- Woah (of Kindred7/Woah)
- Amnesia_ (of Jameslu/Amnesia_)
- iScotty (of FelipeS/iScotty)
- RavenWhiteFeather (of RavenWhiteFeather/Paul028)
- Paralox (of Paralox/ColinCoco)
All Hopped Up:
- FelipeS and iScotty
- Jameslu and Amnesia_ [U-Turn]
- RavenWhiteFeather and Paul028 [U-Turn]
All Churned Out:
- Paralox and ColinCoco
- AntonB and SeaViper
- Jameslu and Amnesia_
- RavenWhiteFeather and Paul028
- Kindred7 and Woah
- Jameslu and Amnesia_ (U-Turned by FelipeS and iScotty)
- RavenWhiteFeather and Paul028 (U-Turned by Jameslu and Amnesia_)
Pit Stop
- FelipeS and iScotty, you are team number ONE!
- Paralox and ColinCoco, you are team number TWO!
- Jameslu and Amnesia_, you are team number THREE!
- Kindred7 and Woah, you are team number FOUR!
- AntonB and SeaViper, you are team number FIVE!
- RavenWhiteFeather and Paul028, unfortunately you are the last team to arrive and I'm sorry to tell you that you have been eliminated from the race :(
The Placements
1st: FelipeS and iScotty
2nd: Paralox and ColinCoco
3rd: Jameslu and Amnesia_
4th: Kindred7 and woah
5th: AntonB and SeaViper
6th [eliminated]: RavenWhiteFeather and paul028

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