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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

PYN for an opinion

2ndJan 13, 2022 by brightongal
from a random user on the site

thumper91 - The teddy bear of the site <3

~~Though you do need to work on talking more lol~~

funnehliner - uhm funneh, i think hes a pretty stand up guy. He has definitely matured a bunch (at least in my opinion) and isnt involved in much drama! I consider him a friend of mine

sosyomomma - Sosy baby n I have had ups n downs but that's a full king and he's sweet to so many on this website. I hope he's doing well :)

insanity - Steven is always someone that is around but I don't think we've ever spoken? Hopefully that changes now that we're in some chats together. He's insanity and I'm insane so

brayden_ - I have never heard of that username in my entire life
He's a basic cis white male, whose whole personality is based on him being straight

salmaan - Salman is kinda funny

survivor8 -

You鈥檙e pretty. Pretty ugly. (In my defense I almost never interact with you so I literally had to stalk your blogs to find something don鈥檛 hate me lol)

biminibonboulash - Still waiting for you to leave the Discord after you messed up counting hun. Other than that I guess you鈥檙e fun to be around :p

lucas_rfs - Oh he鈥檚 sweet ig, I never really interacted  w/ him but he does comment on pyn allot

thirteen - He's kinda funny, in the like could maybe be a school shooter but probably more of a troll kinda way? Way better than his brother

joey65409 - Absolutely the biggest brain dead sheep I've ever encountered on this site, and really should spend less time stalking the blogs page and more time washing that musty Walmart vest.

iigalaxyii - oh I think he鈥檚 a great person and has good qualities I just wished we talked more and built a friendship

dmann - Jamal said he's rly good at fortnite.

abstractjay - I do think it鈥檚 weird how you鈥檝e gone around lying about being a adult when you鈥檙e not especially with pedophilia claims surrounding the site, you are a nice person but it鈥檚 still very weird

johnpopper - JamalPopper, as exciting as uncooked rice

david2560 - David is such a cutie Idk him too well but we've played a lot of games together and he's always an amazing ally and person to talk to!! Hugs him

times_places - Times my favorite youngin, such a great user even tho he stays fighting half the tg populous. Ik hes gonna become such a great person the more he matures and I hope hes on tg so we can see tht!! I'm a proud mom 馃槀

mbarnish1 - barnold is such a kingums... we have had our history over the years but i've loved seeing him grow into such a good person and friend to those he hangs out with!! hes also a manola stan/hater and its what mrbird deserves.

shaniquajones - fucking euphoria queen. you do it for the gals and the gays. my favorite character is rue and she ate that like maddy. i luv ur aesthetic s贸 strut on bab.

maxi1234 - WAY back i had the biggest crush on you because you were and still are super hot and very down to earth then shit happened i forget what and we don't talk but like i see your blogs and ur hilarious Mrs Rita Ora would be proud lookin down on u as her SON. But anyways you seem like super fun super funny and i hope tis boosted ur ego a little BAHAHA.

yswimmer96 - I like Noah, he鈥檚 always fun to play codenames with. He seems like a blast at meetups

jenna2010 - Jenna is very sweet and always lets drama roll off her back

@J4ckw1lko - Jack is sooo sweet, joined my charity and we barely spoke, such a king will always save him in stars

Midiaw - Midiaw is nice and tries to keep the peace, he did great in his last stars

jessie_ - Jessie is adorable, one on my favs to have friendly banter with, I think he鈥檚 so funny!


sounds fun lol
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sure lol
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salmaan - Salman is kinda funny
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boyfriend they really gave me the absolute bare minimum word count
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tito :)))
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