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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

PYN and i'll critique your tg profile

3rdDec 5, 2021 by boyfriend
ok i just saw perhaps one of the worst profiles i've ever seen on this site so as a public good PYN and i will tell you what, if anything, on your profile can be improved. obviously, my profile is top tier and i am qualified to be making these calls

#kindred7 - okay, so normally i think that compilations of user quotes and/or highly granular game details are CRINGE on a profile but ... i actually think you've curated a good selection here! they're mostly short and to the point and don't rely on inside jokes, and from a star studded selection of speakers no less. my one point of improvement would be i have no idea what the goal or 53/23 thing is about

#MrBird - if you're going to have a gif on your profile i'd like to thank you for keeping it to an abbreviated ONE gif. this profile doesn't tell me much about you, but it's not really that offensive either. so points for keeping it short and sweet and not having it be some obscure reality TV live feeds gif, but i'm also not getting much from this. show some personality!

#turkeylover - there's a lot that's good here but it's being bogged down by the bad. let me start with the most rude which is to say that this: (talian's drag race season 6 - top toot award) isn't really an accomplishment that you want to showcase on your profile. i would question the inclusion of the accomplishments section as a whole just because it adds a lot of vertical length to the profile (annoying) and i'm not sure we as the audience get that much from it --- in fact an editing eye as a whole might be of use here. while it shows a lot of personality i'd say it's almost too much to digest for the average user who's trying to quickly scroll through your profile to get somewhere else, so really honing in on the strongest aspects might really push it to transcendence.

#ParvatiS it's short and polished, which is a plus. this isn't necessarily my /style/ of profile, but it definitely speaks loudly and with purpose, well executed. my one critique would be if you're going to have a like fashion/glamour gif as the focus of the profile, make sure it's ICONIC, and not just some random BTS vertically shot on an iPhone story B-roll

#Marilise - I am personally of the opinion that we as a society need to let GO of mean girls references, so I would advocate that you lose one gif, preferably the burn book one, to help reduce some of the vertical length here. the song choice is by far more interesting to me than either of your gif choices, and i'd like to see you push more unexpected moments like that in the rest of your profile -- maybe a more underrated/less saturated moment from jennifer's body than that specific scene?

#BigBrotherDonny - donald this is garbage mama. i'm sorry there is WAY TOO MUCH going on here and i'm still yes girl getting nothing from it. honestly, pretty much all of the game related stuff can go (stars history, placements, hunger highlights, best rank, etc...) the only thing i'd maybe keep is goals. everything else belongs in a blog or in your notes app. at this point, i think we all know you're good at games on this site, so we don't need the 100 line reminder every time we click on your profile. moving on to the other content, the gift list also belongs in a blog, and your friends list exists for a reason. also WHY is there a tana mongeau gif here. i'm so upset i can't keep looking at this. do better

#Galaxies - is this a fucking joke to you? (EDIT: i suppose nothing is better than a bad something)

#Maxi1234 - the song is CRINGE but i suppose you don't jump cringe, you are the boom boom cringe, so what can we really do here.  delete your gift list nobody cares. damn ma can we get some TEXT in this profile tho???

#MichelleObama - in literally any other profile i would complain about the scroll length of your profile but this... this is art. and in art there are no rules. 10/10, no edits, actually delete that song at the top it ruins the effect

#VanitySmurf - the gif is a little expected but it also leaves me asking questions, like: What does it mean? Why would somebody organize their personality around the Smurfs of all things? delete the bit about this being your first account, whenever somebody says that it makes it seem like you're actually a multi (although you're high enough level that you're probably beating those allegations... but also that means most people probably aren't calling you a multi any more). edit down the group game placements, only include 1st places or games people care about (kiara's song contest)

#Hunty - the name is definitely the highlight of this profile. i never noticed you linking to that blog about that guys ex dying you're so fucking MESSYYYYYY. all in all, not a bad profile, but i have to dig a little too much to get to the best bits. as of now, if i was just passing through my eyes would be drawn instantly to the song and i probably wouldn't read the rest

#MarieTori - it's interesting. it's avant garde. normally i would find this kind of profile a little boring, like i don't really care about the quote or the image here, but paired together i have so many questions. no changes, kisses you back softly and tenderly

Slice - this is no "my designs are valued in BITCOIN"... honestly it's a little lackluster for you. the elements are good, the iconic Sarah Gatorade character, the cute furret gif, the relationship status is giving a little bit of camp, but i'm underwhelmed. as a business profile it works, but you're so much more than that to me baby

computer3000 - i think it's pretty obvious this profile hasn't been refreshed besides statistics in a LOOOONG time... while it once was endearing to have your friends write nice things about you for your profile, i find it's aged poorly and now reads kind of gauche. maybe move these quotes to a saved top blog or something and refresh with something that showcases a little more personality than "these are my friends and we're nice to each other" . drop the challenge records, save that for your notes app.

Insanity - GREAT gif selection. this is definitely a LOW EFFORT profile, but i'd say the PAYOFF is still great, so I don' have many critiques to offer. coconuts is a little TIMELY of a song to be featured on the profile, but i'm sure she'll be rotated out swiftly.

Absol - first of all i forgot about that band that everyone thought kylie jenner was the lead singer of so let me take a moment to listen to this song. wow they've really grown sonically anyways lets continue -- this is a really solid outing, a great writeup, the gif is kind of like a MOTR choice but it gets its job done. also i want to say having an archive of your blogs is a GENIUS idea and should be featured more prominently on your profile

christossss - yeah this is definitely the profile of a straight guy, but i feel it's like walking the line too much like the King star emoji and song are very BRASH expressions of heterosexuality but then those being the only two things on the profile makes it mysterious and unapproachable. don't know how i feel about it yet but it's definitely making me feel something, unintentional or not. personally i think you should lean into sex appeal a la bengal boy.

CutieAmy - carla is an icon and i don't feel this gif does her justice to the untrained eye... most people are going to miss her bfs making out in the background and just see pretty girl giving middle finger. there's not much to work with here, but i also feel like the brevity and mysteriousness of it reflects you well... your blogs are always very short and sweet and to the point but impactful, yet full of mysteries

joey65409 - okay so admittedly i don't watch big brother so i have no clue who this is but i feel like even if this guy is your lord and savior you could stand to drop one of the things dedicated to him, my vote would be for the random gif but i obviously don't know the context for that moment, maybe it's iconic, i wouldn't know. that being said, this profile could use some TEXT! what is your personality outside of dan gheesling?? let your freak flag fly

Pekka - PERSONALLY i find keeping track of color levels uninteresting unless your ascent is particularly rapid or you're doing like a race to (color level) thing. in your case yes the ascent is pretty fast, like damn bitch is everything okay you've played 168 games in less than half a year? that bit aside i actually think the selection of quotes here is well executed, and you get style points for the nice incorporation of emojis

Booyahhayoob - this profile is one of a kind, just like you ❀️ whether you read that as a compliment is up to user discretion. thanks for relegating the quotes nobody is going to read through to a separate page just linked on ur profile, honestly that's doing god's work. i refuse to read through all of these, but maybe find ONE or TWO of the most interesting selections from that doc and highlight them on your profile to convince people to click that link.

Malamente - this is so festive but unsustainable like what happens after christmas season or is this your profile year round? that being said in this particularly moment in time, i'm loving it. i actually think it would be very camp if you kept this as your profile year round, and would encourage you to do so

Brandonator - ok what is this obscurity thing i've seen it on both your and daniel's profiles now. keeping track of karma to reach a color level kind of CRINGE especially because you're like mad far and why are you trying to reach gay ass chromatica. good gif, as expected because i borrow from your iconic gifs blog regularly.

cheritaisdelicious - this teeters JUST on the edge of the amount i'd be annoyed at having to scroll through. i'm not sure what could be edited down though because i actually do think as a whole, this profile is very you, which is the most important thing, so i'll start with what i think is BEST here. top fashionista is perhaps the only "stat" related thing i'll permit tracking on your profile as it's the only thing that matters on this site. the acrostic with your name is just pitch perfect, A+. if anything i'd drop maybe one bulbasaur gif just to ever so slightly shorten the length of scroll here

Yaxha - WAY TOO MUCH SCROLLING but it's kind of camp because there's all this dead space. bonus points for including a quote from me and excellent usage of like old school forum kind of text formatting with the special font characters and symbol lines.this profile is both horrible and camp and the same time, no changes except heed benrys advice

biminibonboulash - LESS GIFS. icon but LESS GIFS this is so much to scroll through. pick one or MAYBE two truly iconic gifs, or maybe have a rotating selection like you could feature the holiday special gifs during the holiday season and then switch out the rest at your whim. great quote from jessica danielles, drop the gift list i personally have never understood the point of those

HowLovely - short and to the point, while still demonstrating range and showing personality. well executed if a little TOO brief, perhaps. knock knock open up!

Joee323 - i said this in an earlier critique but while having your friends say nice things about you for your profile was once endearing i find its a practice that's aged poorly and now looks kind of gauche... that and the quotes here are REAL FUCKING LONG ... very happy your friends support you and whatnot but if we could edit it down to the important stuff or more specifically the FUNNY stuff, that would really take this profile out of 2012 and into 2021. i'd also argue that stars placements should only be highlighted on your profile if you won, i would drop all of the non 1st placements here OR drop the percentages in the polls. if you want to represent you've played more stars MAYBE and i mean MAYBE a poll % that's particularly impressive or notable like if you stomped a poll at like 80% saved or something like that. points for the kate bush tho

Minie - ok actually like yax this is one profile that i don't actually MIND having to scroll through this much shit because it's just so balls to the wall and packed with good shit. the itachi obsession, the pronouns section, great quotes and accollades ... if anything i'd change at all i might drop the group games / game stats section, it seems out of character and/or out of place. all in all i think many people here could learn a thing or two from you that if you're going to make us scroll through a lot of fucking shit, show us some PERSONALITY!

salmaan - this is shit bad not good boring. a gift list? step it up

sosyomomma - i like the text art, obviously i'm very partial to text art. personally i think keeping track of hunger wins is a simpson of mental illness, so i'd maybe remove that. honestly i feel like just the "fuck you" text art is effective enough

Times_Places - this is like, the premier cringe tengaged profile, but at the same time it's iconic. "KING OF POSING. poses" like what does that even mean but also its impact is so big and wide like a LG refrigerator. also "I debate for lgbtq and trans rights, along with pro-choice and BLM. if you want to debate, feel free to pm me." LMAOOOOO its giving like... charlie kirk but make it leftist. this profile is like so awful but also don't change it because it's entered camp territory this is history... HERstory even.

suit - i like the usage of the emojis to create different sections it makes it a little less painful to scroll through all this shit. that being said -- it's a lot of shit! another profile teetering just on the edge of what i'd be mad about having to scroll through. a lot of the quotes here seem too like "inside jokey" like i'm sure this is hilarious to you and maybe one or two other people but for the rest of us it's inaccessible. also like lacroix's pokemon big brother two time winner is maybe not an accomplishment you need to be shouting from the rooftops with two separate sections and two big ass gifs. "mischief enjoyer but not a malice fan" probably the strongest aspect of this profile.

Singsongers - i think #Malamente definitely outdid you on the seasonal tengaged profile, but it's a good effort i guess. i feel like you haven't really committed ENOUGH to having a seasonal / holiday themed profile, like this would be the equivalent of putting up christmas lights on like, one of the four trees in front of your house. the neighborhood association is mad.

Lucas_RFS - okay not to be rude but when i see people keeping track of their game stats like this it just kind of makes me sad... like not only is it annoying to scroll through but these stats are like, not necessarily something you want to be advertising to the world LMAO. as i've said to other people, i don't get the point of gift lists and i wouldn't recommend keeping track of your color levels on your profile unless you're specifically doing a race to (color level) kind of thing or your ascent was particularly rapid. there's like... nothing on this profile that really tells me about YOU here either which feels like a missed opportunity. bring this back from your .br profile:


Whoa - this is kind of like a MOTR profile to me. it's pretty inoffensive, there isn't much to complain about and it isn't annoying to scroll through but also i'm not really getting all that much out of it. admittedly i don't watch survivor question mark i don't know what this connect 4 gif is from but i don't really get its inclusion on the profile, i would maybe drop that. the gif that name drops you is much more successful imo.

abstractjay - this is WAY TOO MUCH SHIT jay like this takes years to scroll through and somehow there are only 2 short images included. honestly like 80% of this can go i'll just give a quick rundown of things i've edited off of other peoples profiles: gift lists, keeping track of color levels unless you are actively involved in a race to a certain color level, game stats EXCEPT for the stars win (congratulations), karma milestones, group game history unless it's particularly impressive / a high profile game and (preferably)/or you won the game... as for the quotes, there are some good things in there but i think the list could stand to be edited down, i honestly agree with rowjone here... stick to the funny shit. like there's so much on this profile but it's giving me nothing besides you're good at games, which at this point i think we all kind of knew that

Danger - WAIT OMGGGGG you have a quote from me on your profile???? i'm so flattered and points for that because i'm a narcissist. "Danger - RJ I love u! And I think I follow u in snap. I love ur heart avatar and I love how blAck you are! You know what I mean" this also fucking killed me... the quotes selection here is top tier. as for the gifs and the songs it feels a little FLAT to me, like they're definitely giving me like moody teen girl which idk kind of a vibe but i don't know necessarily if that's how I would describe you. to keep the profile a little shorter and to the point i would say maybe drop ONE of the three gifs and ONE of the songs (i vote for getting rid of pinkpantheress because i personally hate that song)

Yawnha - this is actually pretty pitch perfect like it's simple and to the point but still shows some personality and humor... well done. normally i'd tell you to remove any stars placements that you didn't win, but i'll allow the inclusion of a stars that you placed 2nd from a tie in

MsKathryne - this is pretty good!!! my one complaint is that it's just on the edge of an acceptable scroll length, but i'm not really that mad at it because there isn't much dead air here... I'd MAYBE get rid of the willy wonka gif and i'd size the hooters gif down so it doesn't take up so much space. great quotes section, great selection of images, just could stand to be tightened up

ItsAlexia - there's not really a lot to work with here but i guess less is more when it comes to tengaged profiles, so i appreciate that it isn't too much and bad... but also give us SOMETHING. if anything i guess i'm glad you went with more of a (relatively) deep cut from T swift's discography

Jessie_ - is this a fucking joke to you jessie underscore?


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