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Hello, my name is Jake ^^

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27 years of age


Ahh my little Jakey, we;ve become close since we worked closely together in our stars! You're a younger male version of me, a typical Brit who calls dinner 'tea' and all that. You can waffle on for hours on Skype, I've no idea how you do it :P But you're just normal, and never big yourself up or anything...I friggin love you! (PrincessTeePee) :) (21.01.2011)
My First true allie On this site, you have been so amazing to me and helped me through my rookies games, Ive also enjoyed many of our skype convos they are both weird and funny. Im also glad the we shared stars 116 together even though we both got crap places lool! Your so amzing I hope You Know That! :D <33 (MoooCoww) (02.02.2011)
computer3000 - I remember being scared of you and MooCow when I was a noob. It seemed like yall always busted it out and killed the competition. We aligned for the first time and really did amazing, and it seems we do well every time now. You're a really awesome friend and ally. Let's continue this shall we? :) (sandizzle)
computer3000 - one of my protege's! still here 3 years later, still to win a stars though! :) (Jubbzy)(24.4.2011)
Computer3000 -> Haa we only started speaking recently but I trust you a lot ;) We know a lot of stuff about each other :P I can’t wait to get to know you even more =) (JJJJ) :)(24/05/2011)
Computer3000: Jakeyyyyy :D Lol. we went through a lot in just over a month. You're like a super great guy! We've had a really fun friendship so far and you got me obsessed with Doctor Who! It's "Fantastic!" Um, you're a hilarious drunk! I've found that out in the last two times you've been drunk :P And just a little about my thoughts on you: I think you are such an optimistic, positive guy and that you will go far in life. I truly believe that you'll have such a great time in uni and Im really excited for you!! :) Love you Jake! :) (Chels05) :) (14/07/2011)

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