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4th Hunger games Day 7

Dec 18, 2018 by aria_grande
District 4
Male Caspian Cascade 17 stunzer (8) (3 kills)

District 5
Female Claudia Pollux 16 slipperynoodle (6) (1 kill)

District 7
Female Juniper Spruce 17 jameslu (7) (1 kill)

District 8
Female Angora Polka 18 shadowman (7) (3 kills)
Male Rouche Wheel 16 tommyd (6) (1 kill)

District 10
Female Sierra Timmons 18 purplebb4 (6) (1 Kill)

District 11
Male Saigon Fowl 17 kuririn (6) (1 kill)

District 12
Female Raven Flint 18 fireblade (8) (3 kills)

==Day 7==
(A feast will be held at noon please be there aid will be there but come at your own risk)

*All tributes decide to go the feast*

As the table clicks in a nervous Saigon rushes to the table wanting to get the whole thing done quickly knowing the others will be close by. He gets to the table after the swim quite tired after it knowing he hasnt got long to grab and go. He gets a backpack on and starts to swim away from the metal sculpture but as he stops for air a bolt from a crossbow comes flying into Saigon's shoulder. He holds his shoulder while trying to propel himself away. He tries is hard but its not enough as more tributes come out the opening towards him. The first are Raven and Caspian who Saigon worries about knowing about what happened days before with Brooke.

Saigon tries to push away but Caspian leaps onto the boy while Raven is gathering supplies at the cornucopia not seeing Claudia behind her. Claudia grabs Raven's hair and uses her power to smash her head against the table. Seeing as more are coming, Claudia whips out her dagger and starts to stab Raven in her back while she is still recovering. Screams of pain are heard as the dagger pierces her skin. As claudia sees
the others coming she forgets about any supplies and dives straight into the water leaving a suffering Raven on the floor bleeding to death.

While Saigon is on the floor with Caspian pinning him down. Saigon shouts as Caspian yells back
"You killed her. My Brooke you killed her". Caspian gets his double bladed spear out and goes straight to injuring him slitting his wrists and ankles then leaves him to bleed as he gets the rest of his supplies then leaving with out raven. He looks behind him seeing her nearly dead bleeding all over. Not wanting to get killed himself he runs into the forest leaving the rest to die.


Caspian watches as he sees Raven still moving but Saigon not.

Seeing the others gone Juniper takes her chance running into the water splashing about until its deep enough to swim in. The girl reaches it to land and gives a clear knife to the head ending Raven's life.


She then grabs the body and starts to fling it around as if its a rag doll. She gets the weapons from her leaving everything else in the cornucopia. Seeing the others emerging to the ground, Juniper takes her chance using one of her specialist items a bow shooting one straight at Rouche.

Not seeing the arrow a shout is heard as Angora tries to get to Rouche trying to move him out the way. Constant shouting is heard as Rouche carries on running but as he just finds out the pressure of the arrow sends him back and lodges into his rib cage permanently disabling him.

Angora watches as Rouche tries to speak knowing that he isnt going to make it. Trying to hold it back Angora has to move seeing the girl from 10 running towards Juniper.

Angora is about to go for the girl until she sees juniper do the same to Sierra as she did to rouche. Also having the same affect. Angora is froze there as she watches her biggest threat run away with blood all over her hands.


Angora looks over seeing the bodies of Raven, Saigon and Sierra have been collected. Knowing rouche is the last to be gotten she swims out of the way knowing that she is the reason why  they havent collected his body yet

==Bloodbath== (started at 10AM)
24th: Marshall Falc 14 District 10 Male Killed by Raven *Lasted 1 minute 1 second* etitanic12
23rd: Cassidy Bishop 17 District 3 Female Killed by Mercedes *Lasted 1 minute 34 seconds* pikaplayer
22nd: Mercedes Anderson 18 District 6 Female Killed by Caspian *Lasted 1 minutes 39 seconds* latisha0987
21st: Brighton Pearce 18 District 2 Male Killed by Quinton *Lasted 1 minute 56 seconds* Macda27
20th: Quinton Spark 14 District 5 Male Killed by Juniper *Lasted 2 minutes 16 seconds* naegi_makoto
==Day 1==
19th: Victoria Ynx 16 District 2 Female Killed by Raven *Lasted 6 hours 20 minutes 12 seconds* foxy_piplup
18th: Robyn Fowl 12 District 11 Female Killed by Victoria *Lasted 6 hours 21 minutes 2 seconds* brainjak
==day 2==
17th: Brooke Hudson 16 District 4 Female Killed by Saigon *Lasted 1 day 6 hours 3 minutes 12 seconds* avstractiv
16th: Vulcan Bunder 18 District 3 Male Killed by Angora *Lasted 1 day 8 hours 5 minutes 45 seconds* novamax243
15th: Axel Pick 14 District 12 Male Killed by Claudia *Lasted 1 day 13 hours 7 minutes 6 seconds* tcold312
==Day 3==
14th: Bretid Omri 12 District 9 Male Killed by Sierra *Lasted 2 days 3 hours 4 minutes 12 seconds* atom1cevan
==Day 4==
13th: Magnolia Barric 13 District 9 Female Killed by Angora *Lasted 3 days 12 minutes 59 seconds*
12th: Jackson Hearse 14 District 6 Male Killed by Angora/Rouche *Lasted 3 days 13 minutes 14 seconds* c00ldude1000
==Day 6==
11th: Sterling Palace 16 District 1 Male Killed by Caspian *Lasted 4 days 22 hours 56 seconds* wyatt2001
10th: Milan Wreath 13 District 1 Female Killed by Caspian/Raven *Lasted 4 days 22 hours 2 minutes 1 second* nicolef
9th: Bradack Lindell 13 District 7 Male Fell off cliff *Lasted 4 days 22 hours 6 minutes 12 seconds*


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