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friend shoutout

Jan 28, 2018 by aria_grande
I am shouting out all of my friends on the list of mine

brainjak Omg What cant I say about you king. We have had out breaks but we always come back together as amazing friends. You helped me in hard times several months ago and I respect you with that so much. Thanks

varlto What cant I say about you? Your amazing. You are so genuine and I think you should stay how you are because you are just too amazing. I actually love you

firex We have always been connected while I have been on this account we always was in the same games and now I am best friends with you is just too real.

paige5459 Your dad needs to give your account back. Straight

scooby0000 I love you but sometimes I don't know as we have so many stumbles in our friendship. Sometimes I wonder where your head is actually at

redfabfoxy We was there from the start #fow and there was a time when we distanced from each other but I am so glad we are friends again and I do love you when u get them good challenge scores for me

tj2807 & m_davis1998 You two are both the same with me. I love you both and sometimes we don't talk to each other much

lovelife thanks for the gifts

whateverthef I am so glad I met you

wwemrpeeps you are so genuine its unreal. You are an amazing friend and I think every charity I have had you was in it. Thank you

jameslu we don't talk much but I am thanked for being your friend

me2013 We haven't been friends for long but I already think I know you loads mel. I just hope we stay friends for ages

dj2722 What can I say? You just make me speechless

adeleadele we cannot not love you your adele for goodness sake

jackedgeakatheedge Wow jack if u ever need to talk I am here

goodkaren & parvatis your name just explains it all your both icons

lhooper902976 & starysky & thewolfman sloth_roman I don't know you all that much so I hope we can talk more



Awe ily
Sent by DJ2722,Jan 28, 2018
Sent by adeleadele,Jan 28, 2018
Aria_Grande I'm 11? lol
Sent by Lifeiscool,Jan 28, 2018
Tfw you're not on there :(
Sent by Bjorn,Jan 28, 2018
Aw thanks
Sent by me2013,Jan 28, 2018
yea lol we always have been friends. i am glad we have stayed friends and we still have so much more to go through together
Sent by FireX,Jan 29, 2018
Sent by FelipeS,Jan 29, 2018

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