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PYN-Back to Basics

1stDec 1, 2017 by JustMe
For an opinion. I haven’t done a classic PYN in a while (If you’re on a newer account please mail me ur old account lol)

#useamint I’ve seen you around forever but I don’t know that we’ve ever had a conversation outside of commenting on blogs. You seem like a chill dude and always willing to lend a charitable hand. We should chat sometime.

#hisoka you’re so cute. I can’t say much cus carolyn will kill me but I always enjoy games with you, even the ones where I forget that you’re you ROFL. I remember when we met you were a little noob and fell in love with carolyn right away and then called me a bonus as if I’m anything but the main event 😒 jk ILYSM stay just the way you are ❤️

#mastropola another person that I’ve seen around for ages and haven’t really talked to outside of the blogs page. You’re always pretty level headed about everything and pretty much stay out of all the crazy drama which makes you cool in my book. You’ve also been brown level forever and I don’t think I’d recognize you if you changed it lol. We should chat sometime!

#Question I think you had an old account but can’t think of who it is even tho I’m sure you told me. But you’re a nice guy always willing to lend a helping hand and stick up for friends. Hit me up sometime when ur gonna do a charity game so we can chat :)

#path I think you’re another one with an old account but I don’t think I know who it is. You seem alright we don’t talk much but from what I know you’re a nice kid.

#rellizuraddixion awe I remember when we met in that chat with Johneh you’ve always been really sweet since I’ve known you and def don’t get the credit you deserve. But I also feel like we should be closer friends. Hit me up sometime to chat ❤️

#Arris we haven’t talked in years but you were always fun in Aaron’s chat. You’re a really nice kid and have a great sense of humor we should chat more ❤️

#Philip13 I don’t really know you well but your blog titles remind me of 90s songs so that’s always a good day lol.  For some reason I feel like you’re really good at games idek but I feel like I would target you if we were in a game together cus you’re a threat lol maybe I’m wrong I really have no clue

#spartagow You seem like you could be a really nice kid but you get caught up in thinking this site is only for drama and you can't make friends here.  Hopefully you have seen the error in your ways and you start actually chatting with people instead of assuming everyone is out for blood ;)

#livvieboo12 well we had a nice chat once and I thought you were a pretty cool person but then you got into a fight and called me old and immature cus I didn't intervene so idrk what to think about you. Also, I am still trying to figure out what part of you that you said you were is true LOL but yeah we can chat sometime, I am always open to friendships :D

#born2pizza I dont think we have ever actually talked but I always see you with that huge tongue on your avatar and it cracks me up LOL IDEK why! You seem pretty cool, but a little on the quieter side compared to others, we should chat sometime!

#brxan ILYSM you are such a sweet kid and always have something nice to say to me, even when you randomly message me after like 2 years and I have no idea who you are ROFL. Hope you win that hunger! And also, I love your bf keep him around ok thanks ;)

#sihz ugh it seems like we havent talked in years, actually I dont think we have, but ILY you are so sweet. We should chat sometime add me on skype

#totaldramalover1234 I dont think we have ever had a real convo, just spam basically, maybe im wrong but I have seen you around for a few years now and you seem like a nice kid with a good head on your shoulders.  Hit me up if you ever wanna chat :)

#AllieBoBallie ILYSM I remember back in the day someone told me you hated me and talked so much about me on some call and I was like WHAT I thought we were cool, but then you were like uh IDEK if I know you so they were just lying LOL but anyway, you're a really great girl and I enjoy chatting with you <3

#Fighterman LOL I will give you your opinion when you give me my hunger win that you OWE me ok thx bye.

#_Aria ok for some reason I always thought you HATED me, then one day you commented on my blog and I was like wait maybe not? You are a sweetheart and we should probably be much better friends, message me or skype me

#DrG2 idek who you are, this may be the first time I have seen your name, but hey.

#anthousai ok im not sure how long you have been here but for some reason until you Vlogged yesterday I never even seen you, but your vlog is hilarious, I love how you answer the random questions ROFL and you seem like a very sweet girl, message me if you wanna chat :)

#broncman789 you've been around forever but idt we ever talked until recently, you're a great guy and I enjoy chatting with you, stay sweet <3

#con66 again, someone I have only seen in blogs, idk much about you but you seem alright, unless you have an old account that I should know about?

#mickiejames22 LOL I could give the basic comment about Charlie Day, but nah I am gonna talk about you. This is about Mickie James 22. You seem like a sweet kid and aren't afraid to speak your mind when you don't appreciate people not appreciating the hard work you put into your blogs, I like that quality about you, it's rare to find people that stick up for themselves in this day and age.  You aren't the typical kid that just goes on about the day ignoring the hate, you call them out, if you're goin down, you're goin down swinging.  Keep it up <3

#AdamLovesEverything LOL ILY you are hilarious and I don't think you get enough appreciation for your humor.  People take some things too serious.

#Robbster1313 OMG ILYSM one of my all time faves <3 I miss chatting with you and playing games, you were always one of the most loyal friends to have and honestly just a great guy. You have a heart of gold <3

Obstreperous LOL ILY you were the 1 that named me as dru's leading lady and you will forever be my fave for that ROFL. I am so glad we played stars together even tho we nommed you like 1000 times and you still kept coming for us and never gave up hope that you would eventually be the 1 to make that power move that everyone wanted! But honestly, you are a great kid and absolutely hilarious, I can see you going far in life cus you have a great head on your shoulders <3

#baileyboy1 awe I remember when you were just a little noob and we took you under our wing cus you had our last name <3 now look at you, all grown up and slaying stars like the rest of em.  You're such a sweet guy, we should chat more cus ILY <3

bengalboy We will never ever be friends after this game! No way!
JK ugh what can I say that I haven't already said? Definitely the best guy on this site hands down. Ok, so I haven't done a PYN since stars so I guess I will start there.  First of all, it only took 7 years for you to FINALLY agree to play a game with me, and I don't think there will ever be a game that tops that one.  I guess the best part was actually being able to trust someone 100% because I knew you had my back just as much as I had yours.  But, I feel like we became even closer friends that week, if that's possible. Anyway, I was referred to as your leading lady in that stars game and that was probably the most flattering compliment I ever received on this site even tho I was just as much in charge as you were LOL but whatever I will gladly be your leading lady anyday :* Don't ever change cus 1 day you will make a lucky girl very happy, if you ever decide to settle down that is ;)

gagaluv don't we all! ILY tho

#oliviaxoxo you are one of the sweetest girls here, we have only chatted a little bit but I always feel like we are good friends LOL. ILY and hopefully we can play a game soon or something like we have talked about for AGES LOL.

#LuckyLefty awe ILY! You've always been very sweet to me and tend to stay out of drama and you are actually really funny, that kinda took me by surprise lol but we should chat more cus I miss you <3

FelipeS you are the sweetest kid here I swear, you always send me such nice gifs in the morning to say good morning and you're probably one of the most loyal allies to have in a game.  I wish you nothing but the best for your future because you deserve so much happiness ILY <3

#diogojsgomes I dont think we have ever spoken and I see you are from .br but hey nice to meet you :)

#banjoooo we just recently met and you seem like a pretty cool guy and probably someone I can see becoming a close friend <3

EliotWhi ILYSM you are one of my faves here, and you are always good for a laugh.  idk why people take you the wrong way LOL but you're such a sweetheart <3 dont ever change who you are for anyone, they aren't worth it <3

#dropkickmurphysfan we just met recently and you're fun in rookies.  LOL don't forget to ROOT FOR THE SOX!

marrrss ILY OMG and if you dont win stars it will be the BIGGEST robbery ever. You are so fun to chat with, and I'm so glad Mike added me to that chat where we met cus you are quickly becoming one of my bff's here. <33

#Music I miss your random music questions :( I also miss playing games with you, you're probably one of the most underrated people on this site, you should be like a 10 x stars winner or somethin cus ur that amazing ILYSM

#Thumper91 Awe Lauren ILY even tho we have never really had a conversation you're one of the sweetest girls here <3

#Paul028 I dont really think we have ever met, hit me up if you wanna join a castings some time or something :)


#brookie_cookie your random blogs crack me up girl but I am still angry at you over the hours I spent counseling you on your baby and your baby daddy. :@

#bigmamat I always enjoy our coffee conversation about random motherhood problems LOL I am sure the rest of the chat gets annoyed with it but it's nice to have someone that gets me there LOL ILY

#Katherinee_ I don't think we have ever spoken, but I am always open to new friendships, mail me if you ever wanna chat :)

#dwipeouts im not sure if I know you but your name is very familiar. Message me or something to remind me if we've met LOL

#yoshicoolman you always blame me for banning you when I was the one that unbanned you and i find it very annoying tbh but you were always kinda the annoying kid that ran around cheating and yelling at people, you seem to have grown out of that phase which is good, but we haven't crossed paths much since then.

#sosyomomma you've always been so much fun to chat with and I hope you didnt take anything serious from our stars cus of course its a game ILY <3

zachbbs drama drama drama. idek what happened with you and my family and I wish yall would reconcile cus I hate the drama tbh <3

melindaMrskk im not really sure I know you or that we have ever actually talked, message me some time.

katherinePierce i dont really know you but I've seen you around the blogs page and you usually make me giggle LOL

paige5459 you're a sweet kid, and pretty active on the blogs page and also close to Felipe which means you're alright in my book, one day we will join a game together and chat lol

bigbrotherlover7 im not really too sure i can remember which bigbrotherlover you are but I think you are one that I've played some games with and you're very nice. or you're the one I have only spoken to through blogs/mails lol either way youre a nice guy.

Eva1 I dont think we have ever spoken. Message me sometime

mikec51 I think we have played games before but it's been a while. You're a nice guy from what I know.

Vlad21 I’ve heard a lot about you but I don’t think I’ve ever actually met you. We should chat sometime 😁

levvy another person I don’t think I’ve ever met. Message me sometime 😁

funnehliner I always remember drus blog when I see your username and giggle and think about you being late for dinner lol. We’ve talked a lot more recently and I still love you to death you’re a lot of fun and also really sweet. ❤️❤️

gkg0718 I don’t really know you other than your 3 letter name dru talked about in the stars assessment last week lol

pizzawithcookirs your name always makes me think cookies lol but we’ve only chatted once when we were gifting for Joey and you seem really sweet. We should join a castings or something soon 😁

levonini I saw your name and giggled lol. You’re really a nice guy once you get past all the trolling and silly talk. I miss chatting with you and you making me uncomfortable then calling me grandma lol

Jenna2010 I love you sis. You haven’t been very active lately which is making me sad cus I’ve actually been active again but I get it babies are adorable lol. Hopefully soon you’ll have time to play some games again ❤️❤️❤️

jflora18 awe we met recently in a chat and you’re a sweet kid. Then we played a game together and you’re pretty fun to chat with 😁 we should play some more or chat more ❤️

lemjam6 omg Jake ILYSM! One of my fave people in here but you’re never around anymore. I miss games with you and chats and talking about grey’s and omg that stars game lol I miss you stay sweet ❤️❤️❤️

crayadian ROFL I LOVE WHEN YOU SING TO ME. you’re really hilarious tbh and I always laugh when you randomly mail me. Stay funny 😂

jujubee i don’t really know you but I’ve seen you around. Mail me if you wanna chat

steel I only know you from the blogs page a few years ago and you were funny but idek anything else

wade03 I really don’t know you but you do seem to be in a lot of drama.

lazeric you’re always really sweet when I see you and we should def talk more! ❤️❤️

iggy ugh I miss you. We used to be pretty close but I rarely see you anymore! Message me sometime!❤️

malachite05 I’ve seen you around but not sure we’ve ever had a conversation. HMU if you wanna chat

whoa I’m not sure we’ve met! Message me if you wanna chat


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