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Happy Birthday Jimmy 馃帀

20thJul 8, 2021 by JustMe

Well its July 8 and time to celebrate!
Happy Birthday HeavyRain!
We have been friends for a few months and in that short time you have easily become one of my best friends.  I hope that your day is wonderful and that you get everything you wish for because you deserve nothing but the best! Happy Birthday!

And what is a birthday without a party?  I have gathered a few of your friends together to help celebrate!

Happy birthday jimmy! I just want to say I love how open and honest you are about your struggles. I respect that and admire your bravery. Your new dog is also honestly really cute and awesome and I鈥檓 glad you made a new friend. I really love playing league with you because you are always really chill and a blast to play with. Happy 23rd birthday my dude
~ alexclow345

Happy Birthday Jimmay! We have known each other for like 10  years now? Can u believe it? You are really funny and I enjoy talking to you even though I dont message u nearly enough anymore. We have been through so much together and when you lost your legs it was the worst of it  but I think we have gotten past that ordeal now. I hope you have a great day and many more to come! Love ya <3
~ bluelagoon506

Happy birthday jimmy
~ lemonface

Jimmy, I hope you have an amazing birthday. I have only gotten to know you recently but you are such a kind and caring person. You deserve to have the best day and I hope you do. Enjoy your day to the fullest.
~ Jenna2010

Happy birthday Jimmy!!! We may not chat a whole lot but when we do I really enjoy it. I hope things have been going well for you. Let鈥檚 get to gaming together more!!! Have an amazing birthday, you deserve it <3
~ kingb24

ok I will
~ gagaluv

Happy Birthday Jimmy! Hope it's a fantastic one!


Happy birthday Jimbo !
Sent by AmandaBynes,Jul 8, 2021
Happy birthday jimmy
Sent by alexclow345,Jul 8, 2021
Happy Birthday Jimmmmy!
Sent by dorkishbarbi,Jul 8, 2021
Few? this sounds like all of them.
Sent by HeavyRain,Jul 8, 2021
Lol HeavyRain is right! This is all his friends 馃槬
Sent by BlueLagoon506,Jul 8, 2021
So sorry! I was late to the party but she did ask me!

Happy birthday!
Sent by Blahblahblahblah,Jul 8, 2021

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