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54 Halloween, Jul 24, 2018

and I will describe you in 1 word. Only doing this until I get bored.
#anthousai - queen
#Absol - boyfriend
#NotNicky333 - sheep
#SmoothStalker12 - king
#KrisStory - meh
#rellizuraddixion - nice
#SharonMaItems - idk
AlexaVonTrayne - it
BlueLagoon506 - LEGEND
Batya - weed
JonMcGillis - idk
BritishRomeo17 - british
GoodKaren - good
AshleyWhite - Kelsey
Kelly0412 - loco
Paige54 - girl
maturo - toontown
TrollingPenguin - raquel
Willie_ - hantz
WestTemp - dizzle
sjsoccer88 - trump
Hash - brown
MoneyNeil - threat
iYBF - edgy
Thumper91 - nice
MsTaylaT - interesting
BengalBoy - funny
MBG93 - ew
AdamLovesEverything - vile
dantezfire - WTF
AllieBoBallie - queen
heatherlum - heather


Post Your Name [PYN]

68 Lemjam6, Apr 12, 2018

for a 1-2 sentence honest opinion.
I almost never do PYN's and I'm stopping at like 30 (if I even get that many).
bengalboy - We're not super close or anything, but you are someone who I have always liked and respected. I don't make signs for just anyone's birthday, so you're welcome!
maxi1234 - I know I was like 15 at the time and now I'm about to be 20, but honestly I thank you for helping me accept myself and my sexuality. You were like a whore around this site I know that, but when we "t-dated" or whatever, you really helped me accept who I was and I thank you for that, we've been through a lot over the years but I'll always have a soft spot for you.
immaxyman - I feel like you target me whenever we're in games, but it's understandable we usually have our own groups of friends. Other than that, you've been nice to me and if you ever wanted to talk I'm open.
princessteepee - Truly one of my favorite people on this website even if we almost never talk. You are super fun to play games with because we're both competitive, but I'm glad that we can put games aside and get along well because I think you're amazing and hilarious.
m_davis1998 - From the one stars I played with you, I don't have a reason to like you. I think you were a sheep and that was by far my least favorite stars I've ever played, but I don't know you personally.
brxan - The thing is, everyone told me how horrible you were and I ignored them and tried to be your friend. Ultimately, they were right and you were so shitty to me when I just tried to be nice, that's on you, you message me now like everything is all good, but I don't forget.
nicolef - I really like you, I think we have a lot of the same interests and although we don't really talk on a personal level, I enjoy talking to you about like Grey's and the dolphins and stuff. I think you're really cool.
jourdanbabyxoxo - I think you're very attention seeking and you always come after me in games. I understand your jealousy because I'm amazing, but give me a break sometimes I can't help it.
#anthousai - Seriously, I don't think I know a thing about you.
florina - I tried being your friend and we went on call, but then you fucked me over in the first game we played. I freaked out at the time, but that was years ago and I've grown up, I still think it was dumb because I did want to be your friend.
cfff - Oh Brian, one of my closest and longest friends. You are one of my favorite people to talk to, I never get tired of our talks and calls about our shows, I think you're just great, but don't let this nice opinion get to your head.
robozoe - I used to not like you, I'm really not sure why, but that was years ago. Anytime we cross paths now I enjoy talking to you and I think you're funny, so yay you.
roshy - At one point, I..



44 Vlad21, Jan 18, 2018

Bored and cant sleep so PYN for a short opinion
Will update everyone before this expires :)
#anthousai - My bestfriend on this site, and the person that annoys me 24/7 , im still getting prepared to be annoyed full time ..joking..ily krista you hoe
#wade03 - have fun dating that hoe ^ , you are a cool guy even tho we never speak unless we are in the same frooks or something
#malachite05 - Ive saw you blogging around but i dont think we ever talked before , from what ive seen in ur blogs ur pretty funny
#tryandbeatme16 - One of the nicest guys on this site for sure, hope things are good in your life , wish you got to actually play that group game
#emmett4 - we played 2 stars together now and i can say your a nice guy, i also like some of your friend choices..maybe we will get to know eachother better sometime
#spicoli - i remember when you slayed my group game and we got kinda close afterwards, now we dont really talk but ur one of my fave guy users around
#question - we were kinda close before we played that stars , after that we stopped talking ..but ur okay i guess
brayden_ - i just remember you disliking me for god knows what reason , im glad you dont anymore and your a chill and good guy to play with, also your blogs are kinda funny
baileyboy1 - Shon your like one of the only org players i enjoy watching, i think we talked like once before but if you ever wanna talk hmu :)
roshy - i remember us playing that vivor together long time ago when we didnt like eachother, nowadays all we do is play frooks together sometimes but if you wanna talk more you know my skype :P i think your a good person , but sometimes you can take games too serious
lazeric - LAZE-RIC we arent as close as we used to be but i still love playing frooks with you, i remember you as a noob spamming for me haha :) i hope everything is well in ur life
eric_136 - one of my first friends on this site and up to this day we are still cool with eachother..i remember how we would make those finals in frooks almost everytime.. now we always have closer allies in games it looks like but still you are a great person to be around
marietori - i dont think we ever talked tbh, but i remember tito obsessing over you before you guys were like bffs..Im sorry you gotta be friends with that buritto :P
xxlovewakizaxx - i think you dislike me over that frooks now but your always a great ally in games and i hope you dont let one game ruin over friendship ..you are a really cool person and i wish we were closer
levonini - heey andrew, idk you that well, i sometimes see you in games and you are just there to troll or have fun..just like montana im sorry you gotta hear buritto being a mess 24/7
_finesse - I know you are brazilian and that you love spamming ahaha , you are a pretty loyal ally in games and good person to..

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