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The war is over

4thMar 22, 2021 by JustMe
And I’ve survived with just a few bumps and bruises.

Just want to take a minute to first off thank the production team for this amazing game brandonpinzu sjsoccer88 koolness234 cheapcheep and also konohavillage1 for the exit interviews. Y’all really did an amazing job putting this all together, the cast was really lit 🔥

I believe Carolyn & I did a great job in the game with the obvious duo but I know I fell very short on the public side, anyone that knows me knows I’m not one that even likes attention so I didn’t expect to see so much public participation when I applied to this game and that is the 1 aspect of stars I have always fallen short. PureEssence played a very well rounded game and definitely deserved her win so I have no regrets and I am very happy for her.

To the rest of the people in this game y’all really put this “hag” through a battle LOL. Every single one of you deserved to be in finals and I will never not say that. Y’all worked hard to make moves but I think you just fell a little short because you underestimated me (even though I warned y’all day 1 that I know how to play oop)

At the end of the day this game brought some excitement back to this site and we saw activity that hasn’t been seen in many years and I am honored that I was able to be a part of that. Thank you all for the support I received this week, the people on this website have a very special place in my heart and you are what keeps me coming back. I love you all.

Great game y’all my stars hat may have fell in the burn book pile I’m really not sure where it went 🤷🏻‍♀️



Sent by Hisoka,Mar 22, 2021
The best!
Sent by KrisStory,Mar 22, 2021
Sent by brandonpinzu,Mar 22, 2021
My winner ❤️
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,Mar 22, 2021
queen u did amazing even if u got 2nd
Sent by alexclow345,Mar 22, 2021
You have a good heart and this stars will go down as entertaining and memorable! ❤️
Sent by dorkishbarbi,Mar 22, 2021
hugs you sm!!!!! you killed it!!! so glad i have a new friend <3
Sent by PureEssence,Mar 22, 2021
You killed it
Sent by Lemjam6,Mar 22, 2021
SO PROUD OF YOU SUE. You really proved us all wrong and you and Carolyn will be one of the big success stories on this site

Don’t be shocked when people bring up how you made it with your aunt in like 5 months
Sent by konohavillage1,Mar 22, 2021
LOL konohavillage1 I was shocked at how many people brought up the OCYA game from 2015 I thought me and brandonpinzu were the only ones that still remembered
Sent by JustMe,Mar 22, 2021
Glad we got to reconnect and play together 😊 2nd in a game like this is very impressive, so congrats again!
Sent by ZEEnon,Mar 22, 2021
You were amazing
Sent by JonoB,Mar 22, 2021
You’re my mom
Sent by Allison,Mar 22, 2021
Queen stays Queen.
Sent by CutieAmy,Mar 23, 2021

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