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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


5thFeb 23, 2021 by JustMe
Haven鈥檛 done one in ages. May take a minute to remember you cus I鈥檓 old now 馃懙馃徎 (for real I have a child that will legally be an adult in like 4 months I don鈥檛 know where the time went) but enough about me let鈥檚 talk about you 馃榿 post your name

semajdude I know we've crossed paths but never really got close or anything.  Mainly just see you on blogs and such and you seem like a pretty nice guy, keep things lighthearted and out of drama as far as I can tell. We have probably played games together and talked way more than I can remember but hey old age does that to ya. Glad to see you're still around!

blahblahblahblah for an opinion, sorry old age will make you forget that kinda stuff LOL. But heeeey we been chatting a little lately and you seem like someone I have a lot in common with, we should really talk more.

pinkiepie512 I'm not sure we have ever spoken but I remember seeing you vlog when you were in stars and you seem to be a very strong woman.  Hold onto your strength, this world will eat you alive if you get weak.

No but for reeeallll what can I say that hasn't already been said. You hate cheese which means we can never share a pizza and that just doesn't sit right with me.  Get over it lad, cheese is delicious! LOL but all jokes aside, you've always been my rock, always been the person I can turn to when I need someone and you will never know how much that means to me. Remember the first time we talked and I treated you like you were some sort of celebrity lol yeah good times I was such a nerd back then (I know I still am but ya).  Love ya dru thank you for the years of friendship and laughs looking forward to our next decade of copypastas (is that the right word?)

Thumper91 you are literally the sweetest person in the world.  I love you so much even tho it's been years since we last chatted.  You have always been a light on this website and someone that didn't take anything from anyone, keep being you because this world could use more people like you <3

lexeyjane I don't think we've ever spoken but I've seen you around for a long time and you seem like a great girl.  I'm not that active so I could be way off but I haven't really seen you in drama and that is hard to do around here LOL. Hope to maybe one day play a game or something to get to know you!

washed_ravioli not sure we have met but I know I have seen you on my blogs and such.  Message me sometime if you wanna chat

Marilise same as ^

Petro ah sweet little petro who will knock you out in Hunger with 1 fight. I remember you as being so young but you're all grown up now making me feel even older. You've always been super nice to me and like the #1 comp beast on tengaged.  Hope your life is going well!

KingB24 you may be another user that I have talked to but just can't remember or maybe I just know who you are from being active on the blogs page. Either way glad to see you've stuck around.

Yonaka oh boy lovelife I see your name and flash back to the call with me you Johneh ShawnPat where we are all trying to figure out if you were still breathing because you were so drunk you fell off your bed and hit your head LOL. Good times. Haven't talked to you in ages but we had some fun times back in the day. Hope life is going well for you.

brookie_cookie oh brookie we have certainly had some times together.  Good times. Bad times. Hard times. Sad times. But the best of times nonetheless. I miss Owen and his sweet little baby smile. I miss hearing his little giggle on call. Oh WAIT THATS RIGHT YOU LIED TO ME. J/K ILYSM you are one of my favorite people on this website, always coming up with some goofy blogs. I do miss talking to you, we should do that more and catch up love you <3

Jessie_ not sure we have met, but you seem like a nice person.  Message me sometime if you wanna chat :)

Lemjam6 OMG I CAN'T WAIT FOR GREY'S TO COME BACK! I swear I think about you every time I watch it and wonder what you are saying about each episode lol you need to bring back your Grey's blogs.  ANYWAY, I have always seen you as a friend, maybe we don't talk much, or play games, but you've always been someone I enjoy seeing on this site.  Love you <3 we should have a watch party when Grey's comes back :)

jason_2_12 I think you may be one of the first people I met on this site.  You have always been so kind and stayed out of drama. We never really got close but I have always considered you a friend.  Glad to see you're still hanging around these parts <3

3pi14159 Not sure if I know you or not, rumor has it you are a certain person but I never believe rumors.  Message me if you ever want to chat.

Galaxies I think we've known each other for years but never really been close friends.  you've always been nice to me and seem to keep things lighthearted.  Glad to see you still around

gagaluv The monster everyone loves to hate... I love you and I love that you are always trying to start drama and everyone just falls for it LOL. You would think most of the people on this site would realize by now that the drama you start is your entertainment when you're bored but nah they fall for it every time. I love your funny crazy self as long as you don't make me walk around the town at 2am when I am 17 to go to an under 21 dance club cus we both know I can't dance. LOL Love you aunty gaga <3

Hisoka heyyyy if its the same user I miss you! We always had fun in games, miss playing them with you and carolyn LOL. Hope life is treating you well <3

brandonpinzu BPINZ. We had a rocky start, then some good times, then more rocky times, but despite all the rough times, you're one of my favorite people. I'm glad we became friends after all that we went through and hope that your life turns out fabulous because all the hard work you have put in you deserve nothing less than the best.  Love you pinz.

smi9127 ok so I want to say we used to play a lot of games together but I am not positive on that.  What I am positive about is that you have always been kind to me.  I also think we used to be in a chat together on Skype but LOL old age makes me forget things.....anyway hope your life is going well <3

Insanity. You鈥檝e been here probably as long as I have and I don鈥檛 know for sure that we鈥檝e ever had a full conversation but I do find it rather curious that you have gagaluv on your profile LOL kinda strange tbh.

Jaxon I know I鈥檝e seen you around but not sure we鈥檝e ever talked. You seem nice if you ever wanna join a game to chat let me know!

skyler1822 I haven鈥檛 spoken to you in years but you鈥檙e such a genuine sweet girl I don鈥檛 think I鈥檝e ever heard a bad word spoken about you. Hope life is going wonderfully for you 鉂わ笍

Allison my fave realtor ilysm. We don鈥檛 talk like we used to but when we do it鈥檚 like we never stopped you鈥檙e one of those genuine friends that I can always trust and turn to if I need someone. I hope everything works out for you and your boyfriend with the house cus you deserve a lifetime of happiness. I love you 鉂わ笍馃槝

ChrisParker13 not sure if we've ever met. Let me know if you want to join a game sometime

Sihz always been a nice guy, aside from that one time we aren't talking about I really like you.


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