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I do not get it

5 Eilish, Apr 17, 2019

Bitches are out here trying to expose me for hacking when everyone knew i was a hacker on #Brxan? NotNicky333 do not act as if you have done NOTHING you constantly support racists and hackers like let us not look at your friends list to see that someone on the front row OWNS a frat full of HACKED accounts? Let us drop the innocent act sweetheart.
Evict the bitch Nicky who will do anything to get saves ----> https://tengaged.com/poll/bigbrother-game-192208


ohh just saying

3 Eilish, Apr 6, 2019

if Halloween does not get banned i will be waiting for #Brxan to be unbanned


Conspiracy Fact.

3 CiTy, Jan 20, 2019

#Brxan was Cakelikeevv.
and he gave it to Bryce after he got banned and Brxan made Eilish.
In other words.
#Brxan = Eilish
#BryceKeesh = Cakelikeevv



2 spartagow, Dec 30, 2018

Wow I haven’t rlly been on that many accounts tbh but there could be more I’m forgetting


I have a confession

0 CiTy, Dec 12, 2018

I'm probably the one that triggered #Brxan into being the hacker he is today because way back when he let me on his fireandice101 account and I facebook connected it and held it over his head.
Then he hacked FrozenShadow and started hating my guts.


I dont understand

1 aj111, Dec 11, 2018

why #Brxan was even banned admin kandee_ It's not like I hacked any accounts


Ban this hacker!

5 Religion, Dec 11, 2018

admin, please ban aj111 / #Brxan.


Schedule for TeaTv tonight

2 purplebb4, Oct 11, 2018

7:00 - 7:30 - Beyonce vs Brittney
7:40 - 8:00 - Too Drag Queen?
8:00 - 8:30 - The Raini Rodriguez Show
8:30 - 9:00 - Can You Snatch that Weave?
9:00 - 9:30 - The BengalBoy Comedy Half Hour
9:30 - 10:00 - Multi Tutorial by #Brxan
10:00 - 10:30 - Half Finished Reality Show by levonini
10:30 - 11:00 - How to make a Premade
11:00 - 11:30 - Generic PYN that is never finished
11:30 - 12:00 - New Diss Tracks ( EyooMarcus Feature)


Skype game results tonight - Black Box Season..

7 Danger, Sep 24, 2018

Season 1 Winner: Batya
Runner up: Halloween
Season 2 Winner: Bigbrotherlover7
Runner up: Snails
Season 3 Winners: Rozlyn Coreyants Holder Snails Eyoomarcus (Silver team)
Runner ups: Eliortiz1234 Itsalexia (Black team)
Season 4 Winner: Redskanto
Runner up: 2388
Season 5 Winners: Coreyants Vegasboy94 #Brxan (Blue team)
Runner ups: 2388 Redskanto Myiel (Gray team)
Blue team originally had 7 members.
Gray team originally had 8 members.
Coreyants is the first person to win two seasons.


Black Box Skype game series

5 Danger, Sep 23, 2018

Season 1 Winner: Batya
Runner up: Halloween
Season 2 Winner: Bigbrotherlover7
Runner up: Snails
Season 3 Winners: Rozlyn Coreyants Holder Snails Eyoomarcus (Silver team)
Runner ups: Eliortiz1234 Itsalexia (Black team)
Season 4 Winner: Redskanto
Runner up: 2388
Season 5 Winners: Coreyants Vegasboy94 #Brxan
Runner ups: 2388 Redskanto Myiel


What's your fave TG feud/scandal?

27 mastropola, Sep 22, 2018

I'm not talking about any of the stupid bandwagon hate posts bc #Brxan has no life, I mean some REAL juicy TG gossip that was actually tantalizing to read and follow up on..
Off the top of my head;
1. Tartra vs Stokes2009
We've all had our fair share of a waste of a goddamn frookies, but this former power duo's blowup was one of my FAVORITE things. I don't remember what started the whole chaos, but I do know one of them posted the other's facebook photos of when they were strung out on meth? I believe. It was two grown women not holding back and 14 year old me died watching it
2. The classic Bengalboy and Genevere
This was even before my era but it's a tale that's been told from the beginning of time. Genevere was some old married hag and Bnglby was nice and jailbaity (I don't know if he was 18 l0l) and long story short they cammed or sent nudes or something illicit of the sort and Geneveres marriage fell apart and she was ran off the site.
3. The People's Republic of Tengaged vs #JoshGotti
This one really hits home for me because I joined the site right as this was coming to a close. JoshGotti is the Linda Evangelista of sexual predators that have been on this site. He used fake cams, lied through his teeth, had #Piviko as his henchman to find him prey (or was Piviko at one point, Idr) and the most delicious nail in his coffin, went to the measures of feigning a birth certificate. Its been years since I've seen the pic of it but it was very obviously fraudulent and he (for whatever reason) went with saying he was born in some African country, as if that was more believable? Either way he was permed and Rebelman2227 & co made a rendition of "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark" titled "JoshGotti Knows How To Play In The Dark" and it was the #1 most downloaded song off of Frostwire for 5 straight weeks.
4.  #Biodork vs Emotional Stability
This king banned everyone who was ranked higher than him one day for reasons I STILL don't know, but it was kind of like the serial killer in movies fixates on the "final girl" , who in this case was Kavalle I believe? because he made sure they were #1 and #2 in the HoF..
Either way everyone was banned for like 36 hours so people who were non-entities to the site (me) raced into frooks ASAP to try to win without all the gamebots online. The funniest part is that he still isn't the worst mod we've ever had and Rando logged on and was like "lol whoops sorry" and never brought it up again.
5. #Fighterman vs His Sexuality ( DanielleDonato )
Probably my favorite TG couple ever? This one is recent-ish...er? It gets brought up all the time on his blogs (by me) so I might be timewarping this a bit but yeah they dated for the better part of a year until Ahmed found out that Danielle was actually Daniel, and then the blogs page had to act shocked..


Elimination Roulette S1-4 record

0 Danger, Sep 13, 2018

Elimination Roulette Season 1 Winners: #Brxan/ Kelly0412
Runner ups: Eliortiz1234/ Wildboy12
Elimination Roulette Season 2 Winner: #Meowth.
Runner ups: Coreyants & Glen5544
Side note: Smallest cast (9 people). Only individual final
Elimination Roulette Season 3 Winners: Marietori/ Mattybb9
Runner ups: #JoshuaFelix/ Rozlyn
Side note: Marietori is the first and currently only mercenary in all 4 seasons, who came in during round 4. This is the only season that had all players start off with 2 lives (except Marietori, who started off with 1)
Elimination Roulette Season 4 Winners: Halloween/ Holder
Runner ups: Coreyants/ Itsalexia
Side note: Only season that involved players voting for who entered elimination.


free mod points (report minie)

2 Pizza4256, Sep 1, 2018

GIF to prove it's real: https://gyazo.com/02e6c73a1ebbbca7e5e94cc9772c7e5e
soccercooldude17 (#Brxan's multi) was saying my screenshot was fake. Minie sent me death threats and I was told you'd get mod points if you sent that to Admin :)


nice to see

6 mathboy9, Aug 28, 2018

#brxan and #maybelline premading frooks lol


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