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Gift Giveaway #3 - Round 3 Results

3 JohnyB, Jan 11, 2018

So here we are at the sweet sixteen... I mean sweet fifteen. Just mentally getting ready for march madness. So this round I took the final 15 contestants and assigned them a number 1-15. Went to random.org to pick a number between those numbers and to advance your number had to be picked 5 times. The first 8 to make it will advance.
Below is the number you ended up being and how many times rando picked your number
1.) #yoshicoolman - II
2.) #robertguajardo - IIII
3.) misterpredaa - IIIII (1st to advance)
4.) #camell22 - II
5.) #nochildsupport - III
6.) mercedes415 - IIIII (8th to advance)
7.) trust - IIIII (6th to advance)
8.) bridgette77 - IIIII (7th to advance)
9.) #born2pizza - IIII
10.) drg2 - IIIII (4th to advance)
11.) unicorngoddess98 - IIIII (3rd to advance)
12.) melindamrskk - IIIII (2nd to advance)
13.) #silver09 - IIII
14.) redfabfoxy - IIIII (5th to advance)
15.) #yarn - III


PYN for an Opinion!

57 rellizuraddixion, Nov 26, 2017

Stole from TheACF12 & Rory17 & Paige5459
#yoshicoolman - I dont know u and i have to check my update on ur post ur name!! Depending on where im at i may change this comment
#DakotaCoons - Still love u! dont hate me for hunger u will be my love always and forever
#marrrss - my snachat buddy!!! I have the longest streak with u hope u keep that title love
#DJ2722 - Update ur blog! and tag me when u do!! people who dont update their PYN im weary of
#ninaboninacrown - Hey noob i like ur blogs dont have me loose interest
#Thirteen - Most unique name on this site and thats a lot coming from me! and the commitment! U my sir are a good person in my book! Keep up the work
#Hisoka - U are the purest of sunshines on this site!! thanks for shining down on me
#rory17 - I like ur blogs I think they are pretty creative! I would love to play a game with u!!
#con66 - Ur a Hoe! How old are u?
baileyboy1 - Ayeee ur black! so i like u already! I dont know u at all but congrats i voted u to win in stars so i think ur a winner for sure =]
hints - i log on skype just to make sure i didnt miss ur messages! thank u for putting me onto HQ! u changed my life and i mean it!! One of the best people on this whole site!!! #Promises
MJFJUNE - I comment and spam u a lot and i must say u post some original content better than these boring sheep we have on here! but idk and that pittys me
Vlad21 - i know nothing about u! but i do spam u and i hope its not annoying! reply to my spam sometime lets chat!
Streamxx - oh ur a female and pretty why arent u super main stream yet!! utilize those assets hun! but i havent really spoken to u so maybe we should change that?
pizzawithcookirs - Cookies! Cookies! Cookies! I type the wrong letter and post all the time but not my username!! but mad respect for the commitment!!! #TopNotch
#Paige5459 - My fellow spammer! i love u so much!! I know the struggle of these spam streets!! and awesome post so i had to follow suit
rfkfdr - I know u plus my spam! so off to a good start already! Hi!
Bambino - I love your presence on this site! witty and youthful hopefully a new age TGer to stay!
born2pizza - Ahhh another fellow black man!!! i cant wait to gift u from this shop!! my stock is lining up! And a fun person to talk to =]
christossss - Do u remember me from back in the day? It was in a game with Johneh (I think rooks) and u had me shook! but u were a blast to work with! but i fell off! But other than that idk u that well
LoveLife - I can devote an entire blog to u and never not have enough to say!! I rant and Rave about u to everyone! Best people on here! and Im happy TNNA brought us together
Ametrine - Another fun pop up in my life but making waves in it! I..


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