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2ndDec 17, 2015 by brandonpinzu
People that are in the chat are:

#jenzie, #brandonpinzu, #ElectraViv, #Icing, #tofutime, #Lucinda, #karim, #TrollingPenguin, #smuguy2012, #BengalBoy, #FRONTIERW/E and few extras.

PYN huns!

#Delete2544 - annoying 12 yr old who makes cartoon wigs out of playdoh

#tyboy618 - I love him he is so sweet and has always been my bb boy even from the Toxics days

#Arcaninemaster - Piece of shit who thinks he's straight but is actually a closeted dick loving bitch

#koolness234 - reposting the same vlog everyday LOL how didnt anyone notice this yet?

#LittleBrother123 - Lmao fucking stalker. Stop talking to little 16 year old girls and find a wife you ***

#SashaBaby2010 - Probably a disgusting fatty irl who thinks he's important

#Streams - Hey bitch u need to stop being mean to ***** and owlb0ned u freak. Go fuck Haylee boo in the ass will ya!

#sjsoccer88 - I remember him making out in a tree house with his ex fling Amartin but now hes swapping saliva w/ Turney

#peterya - So fucking stuck up the click's asshole over the summer when all they did was use him in League of Legends when the other more important click members were soliciting nudes or committing suicide

#gloss13 - annoying 12 year old who hacks other people. stop stalking essence she talks shit about you all the time!

#DumbGinger - hey joel lol its been a while, I didn't like how u changed when u dated jenz, but u made it up by buying me gifts with ur first paycheck

#Thumper91 - I feel like you would have huge feet sticking out of the bed and use 2 hands while jacking a guy off but still keep it classy at work

#Fatbelly - WHO?

#Jameslu - Why were you begging at Viv's perfectly polished toes for weaves but then you go running over to iscotty's dick and asking for permissions? Fake ass

#PureEssence - fucking cunt who thinks Eli is straight LOL

#mradamman12 - 12 year old f***** n***** go grow a pair of balls you yoshicoolman fuck

#Brandt69 - wtf are you and yoshicoolman twins u fucktwat LOL

#EliOrtiz1234 - Queer. That's all I have to say ya retard

#jojo7784 -

#bomberv - sadly wasnt there to hold lucindas hand in pain while he got his new tattoo but instead paid for it via paypal in exchange of gemma wigs and some lips #lifegoals

#Fighterman - I heard u dated danielledonato, then left tg for a week when u found out its a horny gay guy. Anyway hun no worries everyone makes mistakes, add me on skype ''itsjenzie''

#KingGeek - Wanna suck my giant dick u fat fuck.

#joaquint561 - You got 13th in Stars bc you logged on for 2 hours a day and expected noob support to carry your ass too bad you're a gold level now and best you're getting in your next Stars is 16th

#xGirlyBlondex - wait im confused LOL why is ur name girlyblonde but ur profile says kevin?

#MoooHades - LOL hey molly, u still bffs with Vitamin and look like a dinosaur?

#SmoothStalker12 -  step daddy stop supporting gays u fucking SINNER

#_Aria - Hey thanks for the gift Ria. I hope I can clap to fake cheeks of yours ;)

#SurvivorRocks - n*g*a ben

Gardenia - one of my fave eli's line of ex gal pals. very sweet and polite girl always there to help a friend in need! :)

LucyX3Jean - hey hun its shaybay they added me 2 their chat just so I can write this LOL. anyway hun ur disguting and I always hated ur dumb ass. Can't wait to spam ur ass outta stars faster than jonob posts his next selfie :)

Justin_Hicks - Hey bro I heard u and Eli were hooking up. Don't cum over him he has a girlfriend u know

Kelly0412 - disgusting piece of shit who thinks he's cool but has parents who are brother and sister

boogie23 - ur too irrelevant for one hun

splozojames50 - LOL you think you're smart cause you hang around with 12 year old retards but you must have a hint of autism and think you're younger than you are. its kinda worrying that ur in love with kids nation and are you smarter than a 5th grader. What is it about kids shows u love so much?

Lachie227 - whenever you speak i get a whiff of holly's ass LOL kidding you are a very nice dude with potential :)

GoodAllan - YAS A FORMER GIANTS FAN GET IT HUN but pls dont lift ur arms up during a game LOL heard from Monomial that they reek of cabbage

PieGuy555 - You talk really slow on calls and it kinda makes me think you have some form of retardation LOL must be from talking to tigger and imthtawesom for so long.. get a brain u mindless cunt

Petro - I know ugly people have feelings too but damn I bet your ex's Bryce and Bowkane didn't have a hard time rebounding from you!

Ashleybabyx3 - F***** queer who whines about online games get a reality check u hoe

Guigi - probably the only shemale to give littlebrother1234 the time of day

Crayadian - ain't nobody give a fuck about you or anything that you do

HipposUnite - Selena Gomez: Highest paid singer of the century. Demi Lovato: Highest weighing singer of the century. Hippos: Unite

@Galaxies - U weigh as much as a galaxy

neathery - LOL somebody showed me a picture of you and let's just say.. hit up corey1, he's a a manager at jenny craig

Don_Draper probably the biggest P!MP on tengaged but not much of an OG if hes skype-banging "girls" like joseline and robozoe

NotAfraid - Hey babe I'm totally notafraid of anything but your massive boob job

_Teemo_ - Perm banned urself on andytracy and decided to make another return? pathetic like the rest of them

@NerdBird44 - Instead of being on tengaged all day u geek go invent a new type of marijuana

@Rizzo - How about you roll up like a rizlas and roll your ass on Outta here u desperate ass bitch rizzo

GiGi10 - omg congrats on your 3 yr anniversary on t-dating jaden from croatia hope all goes well and ur ball sweat smell will stick on the christmas card by the time it gets to croatia

Tyler93 - hey hun I heard u shouted at karim for ruining som1's 100 karma charity. LOL whats the big deal didn't know these exist. Then u shouted at him for posting in a 13 post once lol do u rly have google alert every time he breaks a tengaged law? Anyway can't say who I am but I rhyme with winzu

mrcool - Who

JasonXtreme - Im sorry hun but it looks like Gigi stole your girl :/


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lmao wonder what mines gonna be
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sure xo
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Mine is from eliortiz1234 obviously.
Sent by LittleBrother123,Dec 17, 2015
****** Ben
Sent by SurvivorRocks,Dec 17, 2015
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LucyX3Jean wants one
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god me
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me bitch
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round 2
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I was told I didnt have the balls to comment

so I had to comment
Sent by Don_Draper,Dec 17, 2015
Gabbie < 3
Sent by NotAfraid,Dec 17, 2015
I bet they haven't even heard of me but hey!
Sent by _Teemo_,Dec 17, 2015
Sent by NerdBird44,Dec 17, 2015
Oh man, Not again.
Sent by Rizzo,Dec 17, 2015
Shemale the fuck?
Sent by Guigi,Dec 17, 2015
Not sure who did my opinion but I've only been on call with Brandon and Tofu and I've never had a problem with either of them, so unless they secretly hate me, someone in that chat is hating on poor me for no reason ! :(
Sent by Pieguy555,Dec 17, 2015
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the world revolves around me cunts
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Do me next!
Sent by ElectraViv,Dec 17, 2015
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aww jadennator1 how cute is this :$
Sent by GiGi10,Dec 17, 2015
Sent by rawr25,Dec 17, 2015
hello :)
Sent by k4r4k,Dec 17, 2015
Sent by canadiankid,Dec 17, 2015
Sent by tharealmike,Dec 17, 2015
me :)
Sent by danielleloves2000,Dec 17, 2015
gigi10 em not cute
Sent by jadennator1,Dec 17, 2015
Sure :)
Sent by Vanili,Dec 18, 2015
Sent by suzycroatia,Dec 18, 2015
I'll dabble
Sent by Brayden_,Dec 18, 2015
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What the heck why not
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do me
Sent by AmandaBynes,Dec 18, 2015
Sent by smi9127,Dec 18, 2015
i just figured out that y'all call yourself the millz

I thought you were talking about Millzipede or whatever
Sent by Common,Dec 18, 2015
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ok then
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hi boo ;-*
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