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Aug 24, 2018
and I will do my best to answer it 100% honestly. It can be about me personally or Tengaged-related.

I won't be answering any questions asking for my opinion on you. Ex: "What do you think of of me?" or "what is your opinion of me?" - no thanks!

#Jameslu - This is actually a difficult question to come up with an answer for. There wasn't much I particularly ENJOYED about being a moderator. People are relatively annoying and needy. I guess it was nice to have my ideas implemented or at least heard.

justopadu - Stars, for sure. I've always enjoyed playing it and its the game I've always tried the hardest in. Other than that, probably Survivor.

Crayadian - Folgers in your cup, obviously.

Lalisa - Really boring tbh. This summer, I have been working the most boring job ever (I literally basically sit there for 8 hours, hence the reason for this blog). Even though I do nothing all day, I'm still tired for some reason when I go home so I usually don't do much at night! I'm glad it's the weekend after today though!

NotNicky333 - Yes

m7md26 - I really like the way my life is right now. I did have a falling out with some close friends recently and I sort of do wish that didn't happen, though. Sometimes I miss them!

Minie - I'd make sure you kept your fiery personality, because I love that about you. You're a bad bitch xoxo

AshleyWhite - haw haw

maturo - I was born this good. :*

mikec51 - Keep it natural, hun. That's BlueLagoon506's motto.

ak73 - No, seems like too much work.

DanielKennedy111 - No. It was actually my original goal on the website, so it's nice to know that I completed it and no longer have anything left to achieve. <3

Christian_ - Hopefully fucking soon. The current hosts are just..... yikes. :|

Batya - As I type this, duh!

RoseMaria - Probably not

Thumper91 - I could name a few people who are worse ;*

Amnesia_ - I'm not doing honest opinions on this blog, but I will rate your avatar. It gives me vibes of the website that shall not be named (owned by Trishy), which I like. 7/10.

zakisaboss - That is a very good question and a problem that will likely never be solved. He needs Jesus.

purplebb4 - I'm Canadian. However, I consider myself more liberal-minded than conservative, so if I were American I would certainly be a Democrat.

Admir - DanielKennedy111 posted my nudes on Tengaged after a nasty break up. Kind of rude. :/

semajdude - Shut up.

jacksonjoseph99 - Good question xoxo. I'd say Liberation is probably my least favorite, I never really got into it. Some songs are good/okay but the album as a whole is eh. I actually LOVED Lotus, but I think it'd be a reach for me to say that was my fave. I'd go with Bionic cause my fave song of hers is on there (Not Myself Tonight).

zachbbs - 4.

Icarus_Mark - Alexa Bliss or Charlotte Flair. As of right now, they're very different characters so I find it too difficult to pick among them. Alexa is the best at promos in the women's division right now and Charlotte is easily one of the best (if not the best) wrestler the women's division has. If I had to choose a male, I'd go with The Miz or Samoa Joe.

Lemjam6 - I'd probably go with Donna Paulsen from Suits or Michaela from HTGAWM. They're both absolute queens in their own way. Olivia  is better than them both, though. My favorite Gaga songs are Paparazzi/Love Game and my least fave single is probably Hair. It's okay, I just couldn't pick any of the others. According to the list I used, "Your Song," is also one, and I don't like that.

PureEssence - Tbh I think the funniest thing was when jenzie used to hate the shit out of you. Ofc that wasn't a pleasant one but you guys fighting was always so funny to watch. LOVE Y'ALL BOTH THOUGH

M_Davis1998 - The one I went unnominated in ( ).

Arris - I'm not answering opinion questions sorry babe xoxo

AllieBoBallie - Fucking LOVE them.

Halloween - Getting FTM out of the CYA chat last summer.
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Aug 17, 2018
and I will give you my opinion of you. If I don't know you, don't expect much.

Lalisa - Queen of TTBB14. I haven't had a lot of convos with you but from what I remember of you in Turney's games, you were an icon and very entertaining.

Mattyc964 - I'll be honest, I don't think I know who you are. From your profile I see you're Canadian though and so am I soo Canada rep <3

BigBrotherDonny - I remember you, but I can't remember if we were friends or not. I truly remember you being somewhat annoying to play with in games, but who knows what you're like now, it's been at least a year since I've done anything on here.

Christian_ - A true loyal king. I've always enjoyed you as a person and you've always rooted for me in TTBB which means that you always root for the good side. I think that you're an absolute sweetheart and I genuinely wish we were closer.

zakisaboss - You are somebody I have always had a few mutual close friends with but have never really had the opportunity to get close to or speak much to. I've heard you're pretty cool though.

BlueLagoon506 - You're absolutely obsessed with me, but I can't blame you. We've been in the same friend group for years now so I'm sure we will always be relatively close even when I disappear for months at a time for school and all that jazz <3

AllieBoBallie - Queen. In all honesty, I don't even remember how we became friends but last summer you were one of my closest friends on here and we spoke every night for hours and hours. I left in November and just recently came back and it's nice to know that I can come back here and catch up and it's just as if nothing had changed. Love you!

ManniBoi - I vaguely remember you, but I have the worst memory ever. I actually laughed out loud at your last blog, though.

Lemjam6 - You are one of my oldest friends on the site and despite us having little disagreements here and there about random shit when we play games together (we're usually fucking around), I'll always appreciate you a ton. It's nice to see how much you've evolved over your time on here, and since I've been friends with you for so long, I can see the many stages of Jake! You're a really strong person and I can respect the hell out of that and you stand up for what you believe in. Psychotic or not, that's the way to be in life. Love ya!

Kandee_ - You mailed me upon my return, and I believe you were PMMGuy before? I believe we used to be ~friends~ per say and I've always enjoyed you.

Arris - I think I used to find you annoying, but I honestly can't remember. If that were the case, I don't think that now since I usually end up forgetting everything when I return from a break.

Jenna2010 - I don't think we've ever had a proper conversation that has lasted longer than a few mails or whatnot. I can't say that I know much about you, but I know we've been on opposite sides of a few dramatic eras on Tengaged. Of course, that was long ago and I am very well over that and Sue and I are on better terms now.

Minie - Absolute queen. I've always found you hilarious and iconic. I've always enjoyed you as a person and thought that you were super fun to talk to. We haven't spoken in a very long time, so we'll have to catch up soon! I hope all is well with you.

Batya - I've always thought you were funny. You were one of the only ones I actually stayed in touch with during my break because we had a Snap streak so we would talk every little bit. But you've always been an icon! Time to dump Vishaala if you haven't already. <3

Gasoline - Kiiiing. I remember being on calls with you way back in the Toadstool's Kingdom era, and you were one of my close friends at the time. We've since drifted apart for a few different reasons, mainly just different friend groups and us being "active" on the website at different times, with me barely ever being around but I will always consider you one of my friends on here! I hope life is treating you well.

Thumper91 - I love you! You've always treated me with such kindness and although we've never been SUPER close, I've always considered you a friend on here and I enjoy our conversations always. You have such a bright personality and nobody should ever tell you otherwise. <3

koolness234 - You were one of my very first friends on Tengaged. Honestly, one of my favorite memories on Tengaged was joining Frookies with you. I'd play POV on calls and the challenge would be like Endurance or Guitar and you'd purposely try to make me laugh so I'd fuck up and you would win it LMAO (strategic icon, obviously.) We were friends back in the Super 9/10/11/12/whatever days and also during the Toadstool's Kingdom days. I've always thought you were enjoyable!

Ethan000 - Honestly.. you are one of the nicest people on the website. Whether people are aware of that, I don't know. I don't think I've ever seen you get in open drama with people and if you ever have, then I'm pretty sure it's mostly you acting like the better person which I can def respect. I've always really liked you as a person and I genuinely do wish we were closer. Love ya even though you never maintain our streaks ;) <3

Typhlosion37 - I think my only memory of you was Stars games and I always thought you were annoying in there. Obviously a ton of time has passed since then and I don't know you as a person now, so truly, I don't know.

jacksonjoseph99 - We used to be really close, and I've always really liked you as a person. I feel like you're one of those people that I could personally never dislike and even though we haven't spoken in probably years, I'll always like you. :)

CopperTribe - I'd be lying if I said I knew who you were, sorry!

Thirteen - We used to have beef, that's for sure. But since then I have obviously gotten over that and I think that you're one of the most iconic tengagers! Never change xoxo

bamold1999 - I've always really enjoyed you. We've had our moments of times where we've argued and whatnot but I think we can generally always get along. We may not ALWAYS see eye to eye in games because usually that brings out the strategic side in me, but as a person, I really like talking to you. You're a loyal friend to many which is very impressive. :)

Halloween - An absolute hilarious queen who ain't scared of no bitch. We've certainly had our ups and our downs throughout our friendship but you never fail to crack me up when we're on calls. I'm #TeamWeen every fight from no on because everybody you fight with DESERVES IT! One of my fave people to play Stars with and a hungar de gamo queen.

Eoin - One of my longtime faves of CYA! When there were movements to get me ~REMOVED~ from the group and when I hated half of the chat, you were always one of my faves! You're rlly fun to talk to! I wish I popped into stars with you this week because this cast seems cancerous w/o me. gl! you have my support. Don't ever evict me in TTBB or ill message ur mom on facebook with Halloween
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Aug 1, 2018
Since I'm only here to check in for a few.. who wants a gift? :)
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Aug 1, 2018
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Oct 8, 2017
would you agree with them? :/
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Oct 7, 2017
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