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[MOD] T$ Purchasing "Flash Sale"vote Jul 29, 2021
Hi Tengaged!

Over the course of the last couple of months, the pricing of T$ have come up time and time again as something that needs to be adjusted. As a moderation team, we completely agree and have forwarded these concerns to randomize on numerous occasions.

With that said, as a trial run, this weekend ONLY, we will be holding a "Flash Sale" on T$ purchases. Here's a little bit of how this will work. This will last until Sunday at midnight EST.

The prices will be as follows:

75T$ Purchase = 75T$ + 40% (30T$) = 105T$ for 4.99
150T$ Purchase = 150T$ + 50% (75T$) = 225T$ for 9.99
500T$ Purchase = 500T$ + 60% (300T$) = 800T$ for 29.99

I recognize that these prices still may not be IDEAL for some users, but it is a step in the right direction. I expect if this flash sale is successful, we may see some integrated changes to the regular pricing of T$ coming up soon *wink wink*. PLEASE NOTE: These are only temporary bonuses. The "bonus" T$ will need to be given to you manually by a moderator.

Here is how to get your bonus T$:
1. Ideally, contact me via Tengaged mails, Discord or Skype, prior to your purchase. If I'm not readily available, you can go forward with the purchase anyway.
2. You must provide me with proof of the purchase (a screen recording of your T$ purchase page on Tengaged). We'll discuss ways to prove the purchase.
3. You will receive your additional T$ within 24 hours (although if I'm there, it'll probably be immediate).

There will also be additional incentives for purchases:

After every 5 purchases, there will be a draw for a Stars ticket. 1 purchase = 1 entry into the draw (regardless of how much you spend). I'll keep a tally and hand these out accordingly.

There will also be a "BIG SPENDERS" prizes. Whoever spends the MOST (1st place) will receive 50% off the T$ purchase of their next colour level. This will be able to be redeemed before the end of the calendar year, meaning a moderator will give you half of the T$ for a colour level purchase between now and then. Whoever spends the SECOND MOST (2nd place), will receive 25% off the T$ purchase of their next colour level. The top 3 spenders will also all get Stars tickets... because why not?

1. Tengaged will limit the amount of times you can purchase T$ in 24 hours, so keep this in mind. I don't have control over this limit.
2. In the event of a "tie" in the amount that is spent, we'll figure something out. I don't have control over this limit.
3. The sale is limited to the budget that we have been given, so stay tuned for announcements throughout the weekend on when this will be ending, although I do not expect to encounter issues.

EDIT: This starts now.

Let me know if you have any questions! Happy almost August!
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[MOD] Stars: Dynamic Duos Enrollment Process Jul 23, 2021
Hi Tengaged!

I am here to provide you a little bit more information about how Stars enrollment will work tomorrow. Tomorrow (Saturday, July 24th), Stars: Dynamic Duos will enroll. As soon as enrollment opens, 16 users (8 duos) will be automatically enrolled into the game. THIS REQUIRES NO ENROLLMENT ON YOUR END. YOU WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE PLACED IN THE GAME IF YOU HAVE BEEN SELECTED AND IT IS COMPLETELY FREE.

Here is how it will work:

- The cast will be enrolled tomorrow at Stars enrollment. This will be the first time that the players are made aware that they have made it into the game. While I understand this creates some disappointment when people don't find out until then that they haven't made it, it's the best way to avoid premades. If we announce it in advance, the game would start right away.
- I will personally be contacting the frat seat winner and raffle winner to let them know how this will work. Because we will be putting 16 people into the cast, the raffle winner and the stars seat winner will automatically be carried over to next week. For an extra layer of precaution, both users will also be banned leading up to enrollment, but will be unbanned when the game has begun.
- In terms of identifying duos when the game starts, you can go to the first page of the game (where it says "Housemate X enrolled into Stars" and the price they paid). All duos will be enrolled right after each other. (AKA the first person enrolled and the second person enrolled are duos, so are the third/fourth person enrolled). Otherwise, the order of enrollment means nothing.
- PLEASE NOTE: If you did not make it into the cast, I am sorry and I understand that you are likely disappointed. The casting team will be willing to discuss our decision-making process (as we were with Winners at War), but this time around, there will be a 24-hour waiting rule in place for these discussions (at least for me personally). ANY MESSAGES I RECEIVE WITHIN THE FIRST 24 HOURS OF THE CAST ENROLLING WILL BE IGNORED COMPLETELY. After 24 hours, when any lack of level-headedness is restored, I will be ready to discuss.

THANK YOU to everybody who applied. We received applications from approximately 40 duos and the quality of the applications was very strong. A huge thank you to turney1805, sjsoccer88, and KrisStory for helping with cast selection for this special game!

                                                     Discord House Chat

The house chat will be able to be viewed publicly in the Official Tengaged Discord Server. This means that all people enrolled in the cast will be forced to use Discord for the house chat purposes (sorry Skype lovers!). You will all be assigned a special role in the server that will allow you to be able to speak on the House Call and type in the House chat. No viewer will be able to speak on call or type in the chat, but obviously they'll be able to see what you're saying in the chat or listen in on house calls for entertainment purposes.

As a reminder, the Tengaged Discord Server can be accessed here:


1st Place – An additional 1000T$.
2nd Place – An additional 600T$.
3rd Place – An additional 400T$.
4th Place – An additional 250T$.
5th Place – An additional 150T$.

If the additional prizes are not incentive enough to make it as far as you can with your duo, if any duo makes it to the final 3 together, their prizes will be doubled.

Good luck everybody!
Points: 1332 25 comments
[MOD] Hacked Users/Locked out of Accounts Jul 18, 2021
Are there users out there that are still struggling with gaining access to an old account of theirs because of password issues, email issues or if they were hacked? Mention them below and I can get in contact with them so I can do my best to try to resolve their issues now.
Points: 1235 83 comments
REMINDER - Stars: Dynamic Duos Jul 18, 2021
The application deadline for Stars: Dynamic Duos is tonight at 11:59PM. I will be sending out mails shortly to those who had a partner apply but did not submit a corresponding application.

Good luck to all those that applied!

EDIT: the application deadline has passed.
Points: 747 8 comments
Social Media Follower Giveaway Winners Jul 12, 2021
My apologies for the short delay in announcing the winners, I was away all weekend. I'd each prize, and you were only eligible to win one (the Grand Prize draw occurred first so you were all entered into that). You were required to have DM'd me to be entered, as the rules stated. One entry per Twitter follow and one entry per Instagram follow.

GRAND PRIZE (750T$ + Stars Ticket): Tryphena
500T$: teamclay
500T$: cwmoon
100T$: franzella
100T$: Lukesaur
100T$: mbarnish1
100T$: joaoricos
100T$: Rodmacario
50T$: MmabatlokoaMolefe
50T$: lexeyjane
50T$: Typhlosion37
50T$: TheDeceiver
50T$: Lemjam6
Stars Ticket: Marymba
Stars Ticket: Sam_Hamwich
Stars Ticket: tyleror
Stars Ticket: ColinCoco
Stars Ticket: Megan

Congratulations to all the winners! Your prizes will be handed out within the next day or so. If you have won a Stars Ticket, you have until August 14th to use the ticket. It cannot be used on the July 24th enrollment (Stars: Dynamic Duos is enrolling that week). You are required to mail me in advance of enrollment to get enrolled. It can be transferred, but the person you are using it on must agree to be enrolled on that week and must mail me indicating they agree to be enrolled.

Be sure to stay following the accounts for additional giveaways that we will be having shortly! :)

EDIT: Prizes have been given out.
Points: 978 38 comments
[MOD] Stars: Dynamic Duos Jul 9, 2021
Hi Tengaged!

It has been approximately 4 months since Stars: Winners at War and the time has finally come where another special Stars is in the works! We have heard your recommendations over the last couple of months on what special format you would like to see, and rest assured that this will not be the last. With that being said, we are finally ready to begin accepting applications for Stars: Dynamic Duos.

Dynamic Duos on Tengaged are notorious for the impact that they bring to every game they play, and Stars is no exception. Whether a well known duo becomes public enemy number one, used as a shield, or dominates a game like Stars, there are no doubts that unbreakable bonds between two players creates a dynamic unlike anything else on Tengaged. While we have seen duos formed in Stars games before, no Stars game has had a dynamic quite like this. For the first time ever, we will be enrolling 16 people into a Stars game who all have a partner who they have formed an “unbreakable” bond with throughout their time on Tengaged. Will they stick together and be able to navigate the competitive nature of the game or will the pressure cause cracks in their relationship? It’s time for Stars: Dynamic Duos!

We are casting 8 duos (16 players) to take part in Stars: Dynamic Duos. Whether it be your best friend, your romantic partner, your sibling, or your wife/husband, there are certainly a number of duos on here who will undoubtedly be ready to put their relationship to the test in this game. Stars: Dynamic Duos is set to enroll on Saturday, July 24th.

1st Place – An additional 1000T$.
2nd Place – An additional 600T$.
3rd Place – An additional 400T$.
4th Place – An additional 250T$.
5th Place – An additional 150T$.

If the additional prizes are not incentive enough to make it as far as you can with your duo, if any duo makes it to the final 3 together, their prizes will be doubled.

Who knows? There may be other incentives when the time comes. Stay tuned!

Application guidelines & requirements:
- You must submit your application IN MAILS to brandonpinzu, koolness234, and CheapCheep. The application can be found here:
- Applications will close on Sunday, July 18th.
- Users who are currently not active (are offline) and are looking to submit an application can do so by messaging me on Discord or Skype. My Discord is Brandon#3177 and my Skype is brandon-pinzu
- Applicants must apply separately. That is, every duo will have two UNIQUE applications submitted (one for each partner). Do not copy and paste your partner’s application verbatim, fill it out in your own words. If only one person out of the duo submits an application, you will be ineligible for selection.
- To have a chance at selection, duos must have some reasoning in their application indicating why they are seen as a duo.
- If you make the shortlist, your duo must be available for a potential interview.
- Stars: Winners at War PLAYERS are unable to apply for Stars: Dynamic Duos in the interest of fairness.
- Applications will be assessed by more users than just the moderation team.
- You may only apply with ONE duo.

NOTE: You do not have to have played Stars together in order to be considered a duo. In fact, it's probably more logical that it's somebody you are an OBVIOUS duo with, rather than a close Stars ally.

...Stay tuned for more very soon!
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