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Hello, my name is Jeremy


ENGAGED to Kiera <3333 sexy bitch

OMG MY FAVORITE CANADIAN! :D Haha well hi there jeremy!
I HAVE A LOT TO SAY ABOUT YOU :D. Well when we meet in 2010 I was just a noob on my old account and just barely entered EW (lol remember that.) Haha well me and you really didn’t really talk at all but just like nominate each other in frookies -.-. I was like omg im slap this boy LOL. But eventually me and you sort of talked after a while. I used to think you were a girl lool tbh. You always had a girl pic on your profile and I was like uhhh. LOL Well me and you had many fun times in 2011. me and you played a lot of frookies lol. I loved our midnight chats and converstations we had with kiera, omg u were so preverted that time I was uhhh. LOL. Well there came a time when me and teresa got into a huge argument blah blah and had no one to talk to so I thought I talked to you.
To only realize that, this was the beginning of our friendship :D. we talked almost till 4 ur time talking about crazy and disturbing things looooool. You made so many nights for me that I couldn’t even count. Omg dude u are so shy I swear if I lived with you I will make you go out every single fucking night to get laid LOL. You have so many blonde moments I swear loool. For example tonight you didn’t fucking know what word count was -.-. LOL You my friend need help loool. Well continuing, you introduced me to a new friend aka Jenani aka Jamie <3. I will never forget that. You made me laugh my ass off almost everry night during summer. You my friend NEED TO GET ON CALL MORE OFTEN KTY. So like really you do cuz like im bored at times and your ass doesn’t want to go on call.
You never get on now. And it bugs me -.-. I swear im going to move to canada and hunt ur ass down until I find you and bring you back to california. Either way ik where you live :x. lool but seriously one day ima visit canada and hang out with you until we must communicate throught cheap ass technology. Btw you are whore omg you have so many woman that I couldn’t even keep track :O. And you think im a whore gosh rude!
Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend. A true friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be going down. You have always been there for me thick or thin. You always got my back and I always got yours. Btw you need to come to vegas again you need it. I love you whore, broski, Canadian bacon bits, my british friend even though you don’t think ur british smh.

You’re a great and wonderful friend and Im so glad I got to meet you and never want to lose you. You are great at games smart and intelligent and bro you gotta join Stars with me some day tbqh. Lol well I have lots more to say but im too lazy at this moment hey be happy this is almost 600 words or more. Loool well love you jeremy your great and hope to be one of your best friends for a long ass time :D.
Your wonderful and crazy ass friend drdevious/ulices :D
Remember don’t fall of the bed cuz theres monsters :x.
And im one of them muahahahhahaha LOOOOOL. Bye :D

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