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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Suzie438, real classy

1stFeb 20, 2012 by Emmaleigh
[10:57:20 PM] suzie438: y did u take me in
[10:57:20 PM] suzie438: huh answer me
[10:57:22 PM] suzie438: e
[10:57:23 PM | Edited 10:57:29 PM] suzie438: m
[10:57:29 PM] suzie438: i
[10:57:32 PM] suzie438: l
[10:57:32 PM] suzie438: y
[10:58:23 PM] *** Missed call from suzie438. ***
thanks for ruining my perfect in guitar so you could stay in the duel


lawl wow
Sent by Delarmes,Feb 20, 2012
some people just have no class
Sent by TheThomas,Feb 20, 2012
Sent by Savcodushe,Feb 20, 2012
Lol not gonna lie that is clever, dirty but clever :P
Sent by ShadowBaller000,Feb 20, 2012
she got you!
Sent by finklestein123,Feb 20, 2012
Sent by qwert2,Feb 20, 2012
suzies the biggest asshole ever. he removed me from skype because i woulnt gift him hair in shops..
Sent by Scrafty,Feb 20, 2012
Give your public opinion on Faygo being banned!
Sent by RobM,Feb 20, 2012
Go on DND for challenges
I don't trust people enough not to try and fuck me up
Sent by Scheuerman14,Feb 20, 2012
she got you!
Sent by Calculate,Feb 20, 2012
inb4 top blog
Sent by _ares_,Feb 20, 2012
Poor Emma

Vh1clown did that to me before, but I still beat that his ass
Sent by Runner430,Feb 20, 2012
Happened to me once, now every time I get guitar in duel I exit out of skype =]
Sent by Bridgette77,Feb 20, 2012
I'm sorry but she got you LOL
Sent by Kentuckyy,Feb 20, 2012
dirty tactics!
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Feb 20, 2012
wow, what trash
Sent by Alegeeter,Feb 20, 2012
suzie438 is T R A S H Emmaleigh. I'm not surprised about this, I'm glad you blogged it though because if I did no one would have taken it seriously. So thank you!
Sent by sandizzle,Feb 20, 2012
Definition of unclassy
Sent by Chemicalali,Feb 20, 2012
ily! Buffalo pride < 3
Sent by LiteCitrus,Feb 20, 2012
shes a fucking bitch.
Sent by Cheyshakeit,Feb 20, 2012
What class she has. :P
Sent by Insanity,Feb 20, 2012
ILY :/
Sent by davidfisher,Feb 20, 2012
thats why i always stay on "Do Not Disturb"

Sucks he did that, some people take games just a little too seriously.
Sent by turney1805,Feb 20, 2012
[2/12/12 5:16:39 PM] suzie438: duel ?
[2/12/12 6:19:43 PM] suzie438: duel ?
[2/12/12 6:21:57 PM] Alex: not right now huny
[2/12/12 9:14:03 PM] suzie438: hey would u like to join duel with me ?
[2/12/12 9:14:34 PM] Alex: no grammys  r on1
[2/15/12 5:47:28 PM] suzie438: wanna play frooks or duel with me ?
[2/15/12 6:33:02 PM] suzie438: i have ppl for duel would u like to play
[2/15/12 6:34:08 PM] Alex: no
[2/16/12 7:53:05 PM] suzie438: duel ?
[2/19/12 11:54:45 AM] suzie438: how many t$ do u have ?
[2/20/12 11:10:42 AM] suzie438: would u like to join duel ?
Sent by Alegeeter,Feb 20, 2012
Yea he always asks me to join a duel and i'm like i'm broke. SMH
Sent by Runner430,Feb 20, 2012
LOL alegeeter
it messaged me 100 times today also
Sent by Emmaleigh,Feb 20, 2012
LOOOOL that was a bitch move but real clever. That's why I always close Skype when I do challenges, especially guitar. I never have Skype open when I'm in a duel. :P
Sent by Etienne,Feb 20, 2012
wow thats not cool at all! they knew they couldnt beat you in the duel! what a pussy!
Sent by tharealmike,Feb 20, 2012
"it" lol, I'm always scared that someone will do that to me so I'm usually offline totally on skype when I play a duel on .es
Sent by tenj246,Feb 20, 2012
Sent by karim,Feb 20, 2012
I'm sorry emily :( but don't be mad! Remember its a GAME. And he played it. Just like Swetvela somehow played "dirty" taking out beth in r/l The Duel I when beth pulled the flag too hard when swetvela let go of the pole and it pushes beth foward.

But in this case he/she called you. Just be aware to log off next time! That was a DIRTY move but smart, i'd be scared to face you too. This is just like me saying my DOND didn't finish and asking for the other persons DOND score and they tell me and then I complete DOND and beat them :X
Sent by Timster,Feb 20, 2012
That sux, how underhanded :( just shows how cowardly she is that she has to play dirty to win
Sent by mantaray7,Feb 20, 2012
love yall but i didnt think u started yet
Sent by suzie438,Feb 20, 2012
suzie438 BS u saw it said I started the challenge
but word to the wise, stop rage skyping everyone for designs and alliances.
Sent by Emmaleigh,Feb 20, 2012
So what really?
That is why people usually turn off their skype when they do challenges....
Cant win them all
Sent by Popeye,Feb 20, 2012
Sent by Athena,Feb 20, 2012
who is suzie?
Sent by AntNikiaBonnie,Feb 20, 2012
some crazy shit right there
Sent by DCSooner,Feb 21, 2012
Go on Do Not Disturb and close the Skype window before every challenge...
Sent by ChipotleDude,Feb 21, 2012
Sent by andalarew_2231,Feb 21, 2012
Her always asking for alliances and play games is stupid, especially since she dumps the people she made them with half of the time.

But I consider her skype calling you during a challenge fair game, even if it is underhanded. It's like.. if you know you can't beat your opponent then use everything you have to try and win. So I can understand why she would do that... I wouldn't ever personally stoop to such a low to earn a win but it is part of competition.
Sent by Ghoul,Feb 21, 2012
Sent by Rafe,Feb 21, 2012
i'm tired
Sent by Scrafty,Feb 21, 2012
thats why you dont play with skype open...
i thought that was like dule rule #1
Sent by Rhino,Feb 21, 2012
Very clever
Lesson learned

But this has made my day. :)
Sent by Yoshitomi,Feb 21, 2012
So you have a trash bag like Suzie added on skype but not me?

Sent by Prince_Charming,Feb 21, 2012
[01/02/2012 7:05:00 AM] suzie438: Hi sshhsassysshh! I’d like to add you on Skype. suzie438
[01/02/2012 3:05:52 PM] Sassy< 3Jason =]: Sassy< 3Jason =] has shared contact details with suzie438.
[01/02/2012 3:06:14 PM] Sassy< 3Jason =]: hii
[01/02/2012 3:07:23 PM] *** suzie438 created a group conversation with sandizzle.
Show group conversation ***
[01/02/2012 4:14:28 PM] suzie438: u will enjoy 12 hrs
[01/02/2012 4:14:44 PM] Sassy< 3Jason =]: i didnt evict u
[01/02/2012 4:14:52 PM | Removed 4:15:02 PM] Sassy< 3Jason =]: This message has been removed.
[01/02/2012 4:14:53 PM] Sassy< 3Jason =]: btw
[01/02/2012 4:14:59 PM] suzie438: my pics?
[01/02/2012 4:15:02 PM] suzie438: thats my gf
[01/02/2012 4:15:03 PM] suzie438: dumbass
[01/02/2012 4:15:08 PM] Sassy< 3Jason =]: lmao
[01/02/2012 4:15:09 PM] Sassy< 3Jason =]: o ok
[01/02/2012 4:15:34 PM] Sassy< 3Jason =]: i kinda like
[01/02/2012 4:15:37 PM] Sassy< 3Jason =]: couldnt nom
[01/02/2012 4:15:39 PM] suzie438: see bich
[01/02/2012 4:15:43 PM] Sassy< 3Jason =]: tony or sandy (worry)
[01/02/2012 4:15:46 PM] suzie438: i dont matter u negged me the whole time
[01/02/2012 4:15:51 PM] Sassy< 3Jason =]: so im sorry that i nommed u
[01/02/2012 4:16:01 PM] suzie438: idc
[01/02/2012 4:16:02 PM] Sassy< 3Jason =]: i negged u the last round cuz i didnt want u to get hoh
[01/02/2012 4:16:11 PM] suzie438: u negged me every comment
[01/02/2012 4:16:16 PM] suzie438: im dumb for plussing u guys
[04/02/2012 5:51:46 PM] suzie438: hey frat member ! i was wonder if u could gift me ;( i REALLY WANT the giants hoodiee or the laser eyes
[04/02/2012 5:51:51 PM] suzie438: i will repay u after i buy silver
Sent by Sassy003,Feb 21, 2012
Lemme get this straight
She says he 'hates' you
Then he asks you for a gift? 0.0
Messed up
Sent by rapboy,Feb 21, 2012
LOLLLL he always messages me shit like this..
Sent by nasmay1,Feb 21, 2012
I'm pretty sure he's a multi. I remember throughout the summer being harrassed by a similar individual. Then a friend and I "may" have purposefully ruined his charity duel game bc he was so annoying....
Sent by sarahnva,Feb 21, 2012
Yeah I'd bet money it's this person: 20cheerleader16, emmaleigh.
Sent by sarahnva,Feb 21, 2012
haha i remember one time in my crookies he made alliances with everyone and promised and made a blog that promised people like 3 drawings in his gift giveaway (that never happened) if people helped him win.
Sent by bigupboy,Feb 21, 2012
Sent by Xbac5,Feb 21, 2012
She told me that jason_2_12 brittney and sandizzle were all in a premade because they were the highest levels LOL
Sent by TBIbetch,Feb 21, 2012
do yall remember modernairforce... meet suzie438
Sent by dannyjr0587,Feb 21, 2012
Sent by Pepper,Feb 21, 2012

One word. You're the better person. :)
Sent by _Aria,Feb 21, 2012

sucks to be you
Sent by Keitho44,Feb 21, 2012

But DANG at the amoutn of t's you must get from all your top blogs!
Sent by Zurks,Feb 21, 2012
go invisible on skype, then they won't know you're on :)
Sent by supergoten,Feb 21, 2012
LMFAO thats ded stupid
he always spammed the fuck out of my mail inbox to join frookies with him7
and you're not the only victim :/
Sent by sihz,Feb 21, 2012
[30/12/2011 7:45:00 PM] suzie438: frooks ?

[01/01/2012 1:51:01 PM] suzie438: frooks ?
[01/01/2012 1:52:22 PM] Bo_oM - Mike: i'm in one already, lol
[01/01/2012 6:05:22 PM] suzie438: frooks ?

[02/01/2012 12:43:15 AM] suzie438: fast castings ?
[02/01/2012 11:33:05 AM] suzie438: whi u have in frooks
[02/01/2012 11:37:37 AM] Bo_oM - Mike: it's a charity game
[02/01/2012 11:37:37 AM] Bo_oM - Mike: lol
[02/01/2012 12:15:08 PM] suzie438: hey wanna join survivor and have a power tribe ?

[04/01/2012 9:00:18 PM] suzie438: frooks ?

[07/01/2012 4:10:40 PM] suzie438: frookies ?
[07/01/2012 7:12:10 PM] suzie438: frooks ?
[08/01/2012 11:30:51 AM] suzie438: frookies or crookies ?

[16/01/2012 9:08:19 PM] suzie438: hey would u like to join frookies with me ?

[18/01/2012 5:13:28 PM] suzie438: frookies ?
[18/01/2012 9:32:54 PM] suzie438: frookies ?
[18/01/2012 9:33:50 PM] Bo_oM - Mike - Crotch Pocket: i'm stalled, lol

[23/01/2012 4:51:32 PM] suzie438: frookies ?

[25/01/2012 11:47:44 AM] suzie438: frookies ?

[30/01/2012 6:57:10 PM] suzie438: frooks ?

[04/02/2012 8:21:11 PM] suzie438: frooks ?

[04/02/2012 8:57:02 PM] suzie438: would u please gift me the giants hoodie ? im a HUGE FAN ! i will repay u when i buy silver !
[04/02/2012 8:57:19 PM] Bo_oM - Mike - Not Kellyt: lol, i have like no ts

[05/02/2012 7:49:41 PM] suzie438: will u join my silver charity game please ? its going to be slow rookies

[09/02/2012 8:36:00 PM] suzie438: wanna join duel with me ?

[11/02/2012 1:09:56 PM] suzie438: wanna join duel with me ?

[12/02/2012 3:02:29 PM] suzie438: would like to join frookies with me ?

[14/02/2012 1:35:11 PM] suzie438: duel or frooks?
[14/02/2012 1:36:53 PM] Bo_oM - Mike - Not Kellyt: lol, i can't

[15/02/2012 5:34:06 PM] suzie438: wanna play frooks or duel with me ?

[18/02/2012 1:05:36 PM] suzie438: duel ? im trying to get 10 karma where i can join stars today ! and they r mostly newbys in the game !

[20/02/2012 10:59:34 AM] suzie438: would u like to join duel ?
[20/02/2012 2:44:08 PM] suzie438: frooks ?
[20/02/2012 10:00:44 PM] suzie438: duel ?
[20/02/2012 10:01:08 PM] Bo_oM - Mike - Maybe Markb101: no, lol

Oh Suzie < 3
Sent by Bo_oM,Feb 21, 2012
Sent by BengalBoy,Feb 21, 2012
What a stupid bitch. I've done that before, but at least I admit to it, this bitch was trying to be sneaky "ANSWER MEEEEH" -calls as if she really does want an answer from you when in reality she just wants to ruin ur score-
Sent by WillyEx,Feb 21, 2012
[2/2/2012 8:59:39 PM] suzie438: tysm
[2/4/2012 8:22:59 PM] suzie438: frooks ?
[2/18/2012 11:24:33 PM] suzie438: frooks ?
[2/19/2012 1:22:06 AM] suzie438: how many t$ u have ?
[2/19/2012 9:54:27 PM] suzie438: duel ?
[2/20/2012 11:00:43 AM] suzie438: would u like to join duel ?
[2/20/2012 12:33:59 PM] suzie438: wanna join duel ?
[2/20/2012 2:45:32 PM] suzie438: frooks ?
[2/20/2012 8:43:00 PM] suzie438: duel ?
[2/20/2012 10:02:12 PM] suzie438: duel ?
Sent by WillyEx,Feb 21, 2012
lmfao yep rapboy
Sent by Sassy003,Feb 21, 2012
here is the last comment on ur game.
by Milkisgood 15 hours 17 min ago
*As suzie messages me on skype when i was in guitar*

to bad my computer isn't like that :D
Sent by Benron76,Feb 21, 2012
Does this show how out of the loop I am that I've complete never heard of this black level 'suzie' before?
Sent by cheznahuf,Feb 21, 2012
Sent by emilybug14,Feb 21, 2012
Sent by dexterie,Feb 21, 2012
it's why you get off skype or go on do not disturb every duel :P
Sent by SSHG,Feb 21, 2012
Sent by austinnn,Feb 21, 2012
lol crazy
Sent by AlanaDee,Feb 21, 2012
snoofle did that to me once
Sent by Piddu,Feb 21, 2012
why dont i understand that??
Sent by bibbles,Feb 21, 2012
LOL thats smart. But i agree bitch move.
Sent by umsinhan,Feb 21, 2012
put on do not disturb when u do challenges
Sent by smi9127,Feb 21, 2012
you're blog picture is sooooooooooo hot
meet me in NY
Sent by blogs,Feb 21, 2012
She is nuts! She forms alliances with everyone and then she gets pissed off when everyone compares notes and takes her out and holds the jury. Crazy, stupid person.
Sent by lgt1989,Feb 21, 2012
LOL at everyone pointing out how annoying she is.
Sent by _Aria,Feb 21, 2012
Emmaleigh, it's gone CRAZY
Sent by Alegeeter,Feb 21, 2012
Sent by loldude101,Feb 21, 2012
I never go on skype in duel -__-

Sent by capguy1,Mar 1, 2012
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Sent by mathboy9,Jan 26, 2022
she slayed btw
Sent by mathboy9,Sep 11, 2022

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