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Was the OC talking about me?

1stOct 20, 2011 by Emmaleigh
I think as a whole, the OC does not like me... however I just got home to 2 really nice mails from 2 members of the OC. Was there a call or something going on that reminded you folks about me? Thanks for the sweet mails though :) 

In other news, Alegeeter and I auditioned for the Amazing Race the other week at an open call and it was a waste of our time.
Ok, ciao


inb4 top blog
Sent by TheGoodMan,Oct 20, 2011
hi emily
Sent by lemonface,Oct 20, 2011
Sent by best,Oct 20, 2011
Sent by Phenomanimal,Oct 20, 2011
Lmao I wasted my time today too
Sent by andychuck08,Oct 20, 2011
Oh, and your ATTENTION!!!!
Sent by dav_o_79,Oct 20, 2011
lol wutt was the maillll
Sent by Chemicalali,Oct 20, 2011
Sent by DCSooner,Oct 20, 2011
Sent by iScotty,Oct 20, 2011
LOL hi <3
Sent by titan24maniac,Oct 20, 2011
Sent by dmann,Oct 20, 2011
I don't think there was a call or anything.
Also, I have nothing against you :)
Sent by tonym101101,Oct 20, 2011
titan stop sucking up to emily
Sent by kimmal8,Oct 20, 2011
First of all, the oc is a group a pathetic no-life 'internet friends' who are somehow convinced that people care about/are jealous of them and their social placement is soo low that their opinions shouldn't even matter...
And secondly I LOVE the amazing race!!!
Sent by GA097,Oct 20, 2011
We in Etnal all love you, and really we are the only ones who matter <3
Sent by khart92,Oct 20, 2011
We in Etnal all love you, and really we are the only ones who matter <3
Sent by khart92,Oct 20, 2011
Sent by Nikutoku,Oct 20, 2011
i would have loved to see you two on tar, you two should have started drama =X
Sent by tenj246,Oct 20, 2011
Sent by sokerdude7,Oct 20, 2011
inb4 you get on
Sent by smi9127,Oct 20, 2011
Love you, Love OC, not picking sides but just sharing the love :*
Sent by DiNoM,Oct 20, 2011
You know that I have nothing against you, you know that for a fact, so Im kinda offended that your saying the OC as a whole doesnt like you, instead of SOME members of the OC :(
Sent by ShayyBayy,Oct 20, 2011
Calling ShayyBayy a whore offends her. Jk, everything offends Shayy.
Sent by WillyEx,Oct 20, 2011
You know I love you obv.
Sent by RObbyROb,Oct 20, 2011
Sent by MikeRORO,Oct 20, 2011
Sent by nelson1987911,Oct 20, 2011
Maybe if you weren't such an obnoxious bitch people wouldn't talk shit about you. And no we didn't say anything about you because i'm like the only one who hates you.
Sent by Kentuckyy,Oct 20, 2011
I don't think it was a waste of time.
Sent by Alegeeter,Oct 20, 2011
I didnt say they said anything bad!
I legit got 2 really sweet emails from 2 people in the OC. Once again kentucky you sound dumb.
and shayy, im saying as a whole, like if the OC had to answer do we like emily, the answer would be no when in reality I only prob dislike 3 to 4 ppl in that alliance.
Sent by Emmaleigh,Oct 20, 2011
i don't get the first part lol, must have missed something.
Sent by AlbieSweetheart,Oct 20, 2011
Sent by rdesch1,Oct 20, 2011
in after top blog
in during controversy

inb4 theres nothing like a first kiss
Sent by Abrogate,Oct 21, 2011
I love Emmaleigh <3 <3 <3
Sent by deathmetal29630,Oct 21, 2011
Sent by lonlee,Oct 21, 2011
leave the mountain climbing to me rdesch
Sent by blogs,Oct 21, 2011
Emily <3
Sent by Corena,Oct 21, 2011
lol <3
Sent by tannerandkaleb,Oct 21, 2011
The fuck is an OC?
Sent by Vindication,Oct 21, 2011
Emmaleigh, casting calls are not a waste of time

I went to 2 for survivor and had fun
Sent by capguy1,Oct 21, 2011

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