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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Nikia

July 10 2009-entrance
2011/12ish- off and on exit

I'm a mixture of sugarhoneyicetea #sweetpea
"CLASSY" is my motto :)


A PERFECT GAME-Unnommed/Winner☺☺☺

My Best/First Stars Game!!
Babii-leers Quick game Season3 BBUK- WINNER
Impax21 Tengager of the YEAR Award :D
Tengager of the month Mar 2010 - AntNikiaBonnie
Hottest Tengaged user 2009/2010- AntNikiaBonnie
Aqua's New BFF Game Season 1: Co-winner
Tengaged Awards 2010/Sexiest Female-AntNikiaBonnie
Tengaged Awards 2010/Best Personality-Runner Up

Words from fellow Tengaged Users ^_^

Nikia ♥ Our status is good!! we always have good mail chats periodically catchin up with each other, haven't done it in a while though

Like-Puts right where right is, rumors of her being genuine are true

Nikia ♥ i dont think anyone on tengaged can say anything bad about u. U are really a sweetheart and we use to talk a lot a while ago but we dont really do that anymore. We should catch up sometime :)

AntnikiaBonnie ♥ A fellow gifnor laydee.. Lovely girl, not got a bad word to say about you, you're loved cause you're nice to everyone, send cute thoughtful mails to your friends and you're pretty damm feirce too :)

AntiNikiaBonnie ♥ One of the better rolemodels on this site. you study, you go to school and remain ultra classy throughout. You're a great allie, and I imagine you actually being a nice girl.

Nikia ♥ I was in your first ever game, a castings!!! We haven't played in FOREVER but we talk in PMs and your a great girl. :) We need to play again soon and catch up!

AntNikiaBonnie ♥ We have only played 1 game together and that was a fail, but you were a great ally while it lasted! You are a sweetheart and I hope to play again soon! :)

Antnikiabonnie ♥ UMMM. You were probably my 4th online friend ever(Tori, Joey, Danitykane[R.I.P I LOVE U DANITY IF YOU SEE THIS] and then you aha). You were sugar, spice, and everything nice and you still are. I'm proud that no matter what community you move into, you don't let it change who you are. You're a strong person, with a huge heart. A lot of people look up to you, and I'm glad to say that you're one of my best friends :). Not just on this site..but just in general, any-time I need a talk you're there for me. I appreciate you a lot.

Nikia ♥ Ugh I love you so much gurl! We have never played a single game together but you've always been so sweet to me, any time I need a plus we are always there for each other haha. Thanks for being a sweetheart!

Antnikiabonnie ♥ This game just strengthened what was already there. You are a great girl who had never abandoned me. That cast really made some dumb moves and I hope you become a flavor and make it to the end. Kick some ass :*

Antnikiabonnie ♥ whenever i think of you i think of survivor :P i'll never forget that :P your one of the most easiest people to talk to on here because your just so friendly <3

Nikia ♥ By all around consensus, you are one of the sweetest people on Tengaged. You're nice to everyone, and it's not even fake nice lmfao. And from what I've talked to you about in the past, I assume you're fairly smart too haha. Miami Medical or whatever FTW?? Oh, and you're really hot. That's a plus too.

NIKIA ♥ soooooo hawt an fierce on tengaged and IRL

AntNikiaBonnie ♥ We've never actually had a conversation. ;[ But I know of you of course.. like everyone on this site! I remember your cute little blogs that always made top blogs because everyone loves you. LOL. You're like. Really pretty. (:

AntNikiaBonnie ♥ Hey gurl!!!!!!!!! We could be really close buds if we talked a bit. You plus my spam but ILY gurl. We should totes hang out and run this site.
- _Aria

Nikia ♥ You are really nice, though im not sure we've played a game together, but you have one of the cleanest reputation on here. Hope to play a game w/ you =]

AntNikiaBonnie ♥ This is definately my homegirl from back in the day! I love you so much...I miss talking girl talk and telling each other about our "stories". I will always have a place for you in my heart. I love you to death!

AntNikiaBonnie ♥ NIKIAAA <3 I remember when we were in Stars 49. We were never alligned but we made the final 3 together <3 After that we played in a Survivor together and we got so close! You are so nice <333 I love you :):)

AntNikiaBonnie ♥ the most beautiful, loving girl on tengaged, you are loved by everyone and you deserve it, i love how you also have a kick-ass social life as well as a respected tengaged life, you are very very humble, and is tengageds answer to beyonce, you have the booty and the class , maybe you have the voice too?? you deserve everything in the world, you really are a beautiful girl and i dont know anyone who could say anything bad about you, and your smoking hot!!!! when i move to san diego you and all your hot mates can come over for pool parties!!!!

AntNikiaBonnie ♥ Nikia!! You already know that I think you are one of the classiest ppl on here! You comment on my blogs from time to time with a cute comment and I appreciate it :). From your lovely blogs you def seem like a down to earth girl with the priorities straight and who you just wanna hang out with irl! <3 ya!


AntNikiaBonnie ♥ you look sooooooo pretty

Nikia ♥ Wow, do you remember 9003? LOL We met in your very first castings that you won and I got 3rd! We were super close and used to talk a lot in PMs. You are an amazing girl that lives in the same state as me :O Please don't leave again because I miss you when you do :( We need to play a game ASAP even though you don't play much now-a-days!

AntNikiaBonnie♥Nikia, I've talked to you a few times, and you're the sweetest girl I've ever met. You have such a fun and bubbly personality and you rarely find people like you. Stay the same, because you are one of the best people here. =]

nikia ♥(sun) welcome back come back more often,
Diva, Amazingly Beautiful, So Fucking amazing.
Enjoy life babe

AntNikiaBonnie=♥♥♥♥♥ We met in Aqua's BFF game! I wish you had skype becuase you are just a very interesting girl! Love reading your blogs!

AntNikiaBonnie ♥ haven't spoke in ages :O ik we've had a few differences before in the past, but i don't think it's ever affected mine and yours relationship tbh. We used to be really close and i remember first meeting you in rookies you was just as sweet then as you are now :) do'nt stay away too long :P but glad you're enjoying life :D


<3 Ing
Everybody :)

AntNikiaBonnie ♥ OMG, you're such a mystery...and I just love that about you...and your blogs are always so funny and cute! I remember we'd talk on Blackberry Messenger all the time, but you got a new phone and got rid of it, so we fell out of touch. I wish you'd get some other service so we can talk while I'm gone! I love you, honey <33333

AntNikiaBonnie ♥ You're gorgeous! Seriously, if I was straight LMAO! You seem to live your life to the max, and I can totally relate! You're not on Tengaged to bitch and be stupid, you just wanna chill out. You're a down to earth baby and ILY lots!

AntnikiaBonnie ♥ Haa You are the opposite of me..You are classy whereas I am trashy =( whoops! You are really pretty and your blogs make me laugh..=) Glad you are back on the site!

nikia ♥ i dont think ive ever played an actual game, but ofc everyone knows who you are. tengaged's classy lady. i like that you arent taken over by the games, just here to have fun. what i try hard to do myself.

Nikia ♥ You're so sexy Nikia. <3 And all of Tengaged agrees, that's why you get top blogs everytime you post an irl picture. xD

AntNikiaBonnie ♥ Your one of the nicest girls ever, i miss talking to you though! and im so proud that the only design of mine that has ever made auctions is in your possession!

nikia ♥ is like an ant small but has a big mouth. she keeps yapping and never shuts up. she says shes classy but thats because it means...
you are my bonnie and i am your clyde together we run rookies together
you are nikia which means

nikia ♥ identified as the sweetest person on tengaged, and I can show soooooo many examples of that. *diva looks at this and gets her title back* lol <3

AntNikiaBonnie♥i love you girl. We only started chatting recently but you are awesome and can werq it gurlll i love you and you are amazing. i really hope one day you get skype so we can chat more often cause you are pretty balla gurlllll ... love yaaaaaa

AntNikiaBonnie♥You are the reason that I'd go change my hormones and make my penis being able to erect with a vajay. You are one of the best persons I know! I wish I knew you in real life. :/

Nikia ♥ You are such a sweetheart and I absolutely adore you and our new friendship even if I can drop it lower than you and my booty outshines yours :P. Love you < 333

NikiaI♥I want to get to know this "fantana"
yes i remember when u used to say this.. u are a beautiful girl and i hope we get 2 talk some time cuz we never got to know each other that well...

AntNikiaBonnie♥you are just so fierce and amazing :D i always looked up to you, and still do! i mean, tengaged loves you, i love you, and i can see why. you're fab, you're sweet, you're great looking, you have it all :) and honestly, i miss us talking, and i know i'm to blame for this as well, BUT WE HAVE MAIL THAT WE CAN USE :D i'll use it more often to talk to you, i promise :) stay classy, i know you always will sweetie < 3

AntNikiaBonnie♥I don't think we've ever played, but I've seen you around the blog pages forsure! You say the one word that best describes you is classy, which is always super sexy in my mind, haha. Who doesn't like to be super classy ;) From all the love on your profile, seems like it's a true statement to yourself :) So keep on staying classy :D

Nikia♥"My Hot Miami Chickkkkk"
I have known you for SOOO long, you are classy and I love that about you, cause I'm a very classy gentleman! Lol
You know I'll always be here for you beautiful!! Your one person on Tengaged I would actually wanna meet IRL. Hopefully one day!!

AntNikiaBonnie♥ I think you're amazing! You're so bubbly and sweet and you're the only person who has that personality on here. Your accent audio blog thing was so great. I hope we get to be better friends in the future =]

AntNikiaBonnie♥Definitively a hero , you're one of the sweetest person i met on here ;) You're truly amazing !

AntNikiaBonnie♥never gotten to know u well but I miss your blogs, your sense of humor, your attitude towards life. you are one amazing person from what I have seen and hopefully I can get to know you one day because I have only heard good things about you :) Leaving you separate from all because you are a goddess who deserves it :)

antnikiabonnie♥your ma hunny boo boo, i absolutely love you chatting wiht you and everything, your an amzing freind and im glad i met someone like you :) loves you nikia :*

AntNikiaBonnie♥You are real and always a bundle of joy. I have never seen you upset before and you always bring joy and happiness to everywhere you go.

AntNikiaBonnie♥You're the classiest bitch i've ever met and I just love everything about you < 3 You're sooooooo kind to people without being fake or things like that, you're just a nice person and our chats are AMAZING.

AntNikiaBonnie♥I met you in a crookies. Haha that was actually a really fun game even though i got blindsided. You're very bubbly and nice and it was great listening to what you had to say, and you usually always had something to say which i liked

AntNikiaBonnie♥IWe've been friends for a ruddy well long time and had a lorra good times! You always make the effort to catch up too, and you're always making people smile round ere with your upbeat blogs and wAcKy slang. Glad you're still around hun!

AntNikiaBonnie♥INikia you’re sooo bubbly you make everyone happy when they’re around you. We played a game I think and we talked in mails a few times :P. You’re a super sweet gal, and a great addition to the very negative atmosphere of Tengaged :p.

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