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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

How cute

1stMay 21, 2011 by Emmaleigh
that your efforts went to waste!
A few people psyched the OT out that we would join survivor so the ¬¬' are back to their old tricks! They assembled a newb ot so they can be handed an easy win, which they have done throughout their streak. I believe JLF now owes 20 people gifts, you better start betting on a shop! We will come when you least expect it. Below are some of the tactics and the paranoia that JordanLloydFan went through.  From the looks of it he spent a solid 6 hours trying to solidify this... Yikes! Its great that we made you waste your time. Notice how none of us were on at 7 haha. 
by Ronnykuhh 5 hours 20 min ago
@Other Tribe

jordan sent me a mail that he would give me a gift...:

hiiiiiii May 21, 2011 03:41:34 to Ronnykuhh
''can you please join survivor? ill add you to my gift list if you do, or join a milestone game for you, essentially ill just owe you a favor if you do this for me ?''
and then this blog on es:

[12:29:03 AM] XXXXX: [Sunday, May 22, 2011 12:28 AM] jamie ¬¬' <3s Laura: <<< r u joining survivor against me =[
[12:29:15 AM] XXXX: [Sunday, May 22, 2011 12:29 AM] jamie ¬¬' <3s Laura: do you know who all is joining?
[12:31:39 AM] jamie ¬¬' <3s Laura: and once again she's joining to take us out lol
by aerothunder 4 hours 49 min ago
guys just found out
we got rickrolled
other tribe lured us into this match against them because they are too cowardly to take on a more experienced tribe
by Kellyt210 3 hours 54 min ago
LOL areo ... i knew tht, i just join to help them out


+6 <3
Sent by _Aria,May 21, 2011
Sent by The_Domany,May 21, 2011
ur hot!
Sent by talldude_1031,May 21, 2011
Sent by hobnobgpro,May 21, 2011
You can stop bashing us whenever.
Sent by Sass21,May 21, 2011
Oh you did your research :]
Sent by ShadowBaller000,May 21, 2011
Sent by Mikey04wp,May 21, 2011
Sent by Malibu,May 21, 2011
Sent by Brandonator,May 21, 2011
I don't like you. At all. But I dislike JLF more so I plussed this.
Sent by tbrown86,May 21, 2011
Sent by Ev32,May 21, 2011
lol, REAL cute! :)
Sent by AntNikiaBonnie,May 21, 2011
the 14 ppl u asked to join were ready to join at 8, dont be fake, and don't act like we got handed nething just because were probably gonna pass you. It's honestly really pathetic how serious your taking it, if you dont care about your hof spot, let it go, and calm down.
Sent by ryatur20,May 21, 2011
I dont care about hof spot, I am in for a challenge. Doesnt matter if you are at 80 merges, id have the same goal!
Sent by Emmaleigh,May 21, 2011
ive seen the chatlogs, dont try to fucking lie, all youve cared about is getting me and kez out, now that youve taken it this far, even if we pass you, you cant let it go cuz you feel like you failed, and you did, so just deal, and leave everyone alone, especially the ppl you used to call your friends.
Sent by ryatur20,May 21, 2011
ive seen the chatlogs, im really after you and jordan, not kez.
i dont feel like ive failed lol.. its on line, im not looking for love or a roommate.
If you would like to know what failure is, pm me on skype :)
Sent by Emmaleigh,May 21, 2011
lol cuz u know me so well, just move on, if its online, you shouldnt feel the need to attack ppl so personally. You care way more than you wanna let on, if you didnt, youd have left already.
Sent by ryatur20,May 21, 2011
Sent by Abrogate,May 21, 2011
ummmmmmm.....everyone knows you had a chat with people ready to join -_-
dont try take the high road on this one dude.
Sent by MintCokeify,May 21, 2011
I honestly dont get why they need a noob tribe, thats rly fucked up!!!
Sent by Savcodushe,May 21, 2011
sucks to be those dumb nooobssssssssssssssss lol
cept mint shes cayute
Sent by Savcodushe,May 21, 2011
:') hi sav
Sent by MintCokeify,May 21, 2011
I was almost a victim but chose not to join.
Sent by capguy1,May 21, 2011
:( I hope you all make up
Sent by Zurks,May 21, 2011
woow sav :O
i was very aware after jlf and dinom mailed me that i was joinin becos we were facin kez's tribe, but i saw mint and a few others in there that i loveee and i thought i might aswell join for a bitta fun :s
winning doesnt matter to me, so why not :s
so muchh drammaa
Sent by Kellyt210,May 21, 2011
get them emily +10
Sent by broncman789,May 21, 2011
Sent by MintCokeify,May 21, 2011
Sent by Xbac5,May 21, 2011
I remember getting that mail....
Sent by Keitho44,May 21, 2011
Excuse you? Each member of our tribe is pumping out 50k scores in match3! We are not a laughing matter!
Sent by Questionable,May 21, 2011
Sent by MintCokeify,May 21, 2011
+11 <33
Sent by gucci911,May 21, 2011

stupid drama queen
Sent by plor,May 21, 2011
if they want it so badly, let them have it. It means more to them for some weird reason, like it's a way to determine success in life.. LIFE LIFE, not tengaged life.
Sent by Alegeeter,May 22, 2011
who cares about a streak that isnt legit
Sent by randomkid22,May 22, 2011
^agrees with the guy about to get me evicted from duel bc i'm an idiot and brought him in xx
Sent by vikejk17,May 22, 2011
Sent by ksnyd2504,Sep 15, 2012
Sent by Yron,Mar 27, 2014

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